The Jaylynn Chronicles: The Neighbors Naughty Secret

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My father was the type of guy who loved having cookouts, and inviting the entire neighborhood. While the adults played dominoes and drank beer, us kids would swim in the pool. It was a nice neighborhood and there wasent any fear of being harmed there. Everyone was so nice, it was like we were all one big family.

Our neighbor Mr. Eddison, was in his mid to late fifties. Wore glasses and was balding on top of his cherry colored head, which was from sitting out in the sun to long. He was a very nice man, once retrieving a kite that I had accidentally gotten stuck in a tree for me, he even rescued our dog after being hit by a car, wrapped his shattered leg and brought him home to us. Him and my father talked of football, and baseball, and he even helped Mr. Eddison do some handy work at his house.

One day I was out back swimming in the pool. It was a warm day, and I needed a little sun so I slipped on this cute little bikini that my father would chap my hide if he knew I had. He was at work so I was in the clear, my mom drank to much then to worry about what I wore. Im sure that had alot to do with there divorse later, but any way, after a few laps in the pool I got out and headed to the diving board, water dripping from my small A cup breast. I could feel my bottoms wedged up in my soaked ass, so I ran my fingers down the sides releasing the clutched grasp my cheeks had on them. Thats when I saw Mr Eddison at the corner of his yard staring over the fence at me. I waved, but he kinda jumped and fixed his glasses heading inside his house without a wave back. That's weird I thought, I guess he dident notice I saw him watching me.

After that anytime I saw Mr. Eddison I noticed that he looked at me differently then before. He would gaze at me like a hungry lion staring at a baby fawn. It kinda creeped me out, but in a way it made me feel like a movie star. The way people stared at them with amazement.

Two weeks after my eighteenth birthday, it was november so it was starting to get quite cold outside, I was walking home from school. As I approched Mr. Eddisons house I noticed him sitting on his porch swing. The entire neighborhood was quiet, no one was anywhere to be seen only the two of us. I guess the chilly air had keeped everyone inside today. I waved saying, "hi Mr. Eddison!" He spoke back saying, "hello Jaylynn, I understand your birthday just passed." "Yes sir," I said, "two weeks ago." He told me that was nice and asked if id like some hot cocoa he had just made? That sounded so delicious on this chilly day so I headed up to his porch. He stood towering over my 4'11" frame and walked in holding the door open for me. I was a little reluctant at first, remembering how he had been acting around me for the past few months, but I blew it off and headed in.

Standing in his living room wearing a pair of blue jeans, a tee shirt, jacket and my pink scarf, he returned with the cocoa, as promised and said,"why don't you have a seat, warm up a bit before heading home?" I felt kinda weird because I lived just next door and it wasent that cold outside but he ushered me over to the couch locking the door as he did so.

He took my jacket from my shoulders and drapped it over the arm of the couch sitting next to me. We conversated about my day at school, and I sipped my cocoa when he said, "Jaylynn, you know you are a very beautiful girl." Shyly I thanked him and said, "I need to get home Mr. Eddison, my moms gonna worry," even though I knew she was probably so drunk that she dident even know the time of day, much less if I was home or not.

I stood to leave when he said, "before you go would you like to see the work your dad did for me in my basement? Its got a pool table and dart board and a bar its really cool." Going against my better judgement I said sure and followed him down to the basement. The stairs were long and dark and when he opened the door he moved to the side to let me walk in. Entering I coulldent see because the lights were out. I heard the door close and lock and for just a moment I thought he had left me in here alone. "Mr. Eddison," I spoke wondering where the light was when it lit up inside. I looked around. There wasent a pool table or anything of the sort just an old couch, a recliner, and a throw rug on the floor. Puzzled I asked, "where's the pool table," and that's when I felt his hands on my shoulders. He said, "well it hasent made it here yet, but ill have it soon enough." Feeling frightened now I turned and said, "I really gotta be getting home, but thanks for the cocoa." Heading for the door he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him with a quick thrust. Gasping I looked up at him, not knowing what to say. He broke the silence saying, "but dont you want your birthday present?" Not knowing what to do, I pulled my arm from his grasp and headed towards the door.

Upon making it to the door I felt him crash into me pushing me up against the wall, wedging me against it with his weight. I dident know what to do. He sniffed my hair deeply, and I could feel his hands reaching around to my small tender breast. Completly silent from the shock I stood completly still as he said, "I can't do this anymore Jaylynn, I watch you flirting and shaking your lil ass at me. I know you want this as much as I do. You feel that? That's what you do to me," when I felt his errectt penis inside his pants push up to my ass.

He rapidly turned me around and stuck his tongue down my throte fondling me all over. I thought to myself he's a mad man, maybe he's drunk. Not wanting to make him mad at me I stood there and took it. Him kissing and rubbing me, pressing his hardness against me, I started feeling a rush inside. Nothing can explain how I felt. It was like a complete 360 degrees. One minute I wanted to go home the next, I dident want him to stop. Id never felt like this before, scared, with no control of what was happening, but I kinda liked it.

Still frightened I tried moving towards the couch kissing him back. Stunned he released his grip and watched as I walked by. All of a sudden he grabbed me slamming my 100 pound body to the floor and climbing atop of me saying, "im not falling for no tricks, ur gonna take this dick little girl." With one hand pressing my head into the floor, he unbuckled my pants with the other from underneath. The zipper stuck a little so he tugged it ripping my pants. He climbed up and strattled me, holding me down with his weight, and schemed my pants down to my ankles. Underneath I wore a pair of green thongs with pink lining. "Naughty naughty girl Jaylynn, what would your mother think?" And he pulled at them breaking the elastic and tearing them away from my body.

He spread my petite legs and spit on his hand rubbing it on my young pussy. Laying on my stomach I coulent see him, or his cock, all I could see were my torn panties dangling from the hand he held me down with. I dident fight, actually I was excited and scared, I dident know why then, all I knew was for some reason I wanted him to do this to me. I felt his cock enter me and it was really large. He pushed hard breaking into my once delicate tunnel, ripping his way inside me. Moaning and thrusting he bucked into me with incredable strenth. I sceamed out in pain and pleasure, id never felt this combination of emotions and feelings before.

Pulling his man meat from inside me he quickly jumped up. I thought to myself, was that it? Is he really done? But as I thought this he lifted my leg and drug me across the floor over to were the throw rug was on the floor. He rolled me to my back and stared at me for a second before collapsing to his knees strattling me again, only from the front this time. Taking a remote in his hand he said, "the other girls put up more of a fight, but they also got it worse, so you keep being a good girl for me you hear?" "Yes sir," I answered as he hit a button on the remote and the tv came on. I looked back and could see us on the tv. He hit another button zooming in on me, layed down the remote he ripped my tee shirt like an old rag. I gasped and jumped, startled by his quick movement. He took my bra with both enormous hands and ripped it apart exposing my teen tits. He rubbed them tweeking the puffy nipples, looking at the tv saying, "o yeah, your gonna be a star." Not knowing what exactly he ment by this, and not wanting to upset him I layed still.

He reached behind himself with one hand stroking my tender pussy, and rubbing his cock with the other. I could finally see it. The enormously large head, the long brownish shaft, and the course black hair. I had never seen anything like it. No guy I had ever been with had one that looked like that.

What did you actually think I was a virgin?

Anyway he moved up my body and pressed his cock to my lips saying, "kiss it for me," and I did again, and again, while he zoomed in with the remote. Taking his member in the other hand he started slapping my lips with it. I opened my mouth and released my tongue. His cock kept slapping my tongue, the head hitting my lips and face, he smiled saying, "I knew you would be the best one, I can tell already." He got the angle that he wanted on the screen and slid down my body, spreading my legs wide and moving up in between them.

He forced his cock inside me again, pumping hard against my swollen pussy lips. I could hear the loud smacking sounds as his hip thrusts collided into me. He was arched above me, sweat dripping from his face onto mine. I looked into his eyes, seeing his true nature, seeing his addiction to small young girls, seeing his obsession, he dident want to look at me.with his hard poundng thrust tearing into me, I reached up to his face and guided his eyes to mine. Suddenly a soft glow rushed over him and I recognized the Mr.Eddison that I've always known. We moaned together, his violent thrust, slowed to a steady pump, and we stared at each other for a while.

Looking back up he realized he was still recording, and had a job to do. He said, "so you like it huh you little fucking cunt, well I got a surprise for you." With that being said he flipped me over and threw me to the couch like a rag doll. I balled up like a scared wounded animal, as he stood and approved me. He grabbed my legs and pulled me down to the floor hard on my knees, slamming my face down into the couch. He crouched behind me, spreading my ass cheeks and spitting on my untapped brown hole saying, "let me know how much you like this." Pulling my hips towards him and shoving his cock into my ass he slowly ripped my tightly sealed butt tunnel wide. Once inside, over my screams I heard him say, "GOD DAMN, your lil butthole is tight. Fuck! Now brace yourself, its gonna get a little bumpy." That's when he started plowing my teenage butthole like an oil rig pumping for oil. Long hard fast plunges ripping into my shit canal. It hurt bad, but there was nothing I could do but take it. He would pump into my ass several times, roll my ass cheeks as if tring to get it wider, then slam deeper into me. I was screaming in pain, but inside I felt a rush building up. I was enjoying being handled this way. He pulled his cock out and spread my little teen gape hole wide for the camera to see saying, "boy look at that lil shitter right there. My god its tight. Don't close up on me now we aren't finished yet." And as my young demolished stretched shit pipe tried subsiding he flipped me over to my back, spread my legs wide and rammed his mammoth pole into my asshole again. Slamming down with all his weight, collapsing my teen anal walls, he pumped deep inside of me, pulverizing my small body.

He grabbed my breast with his hands squeezing them as he violently fucked my ass, talking to himself, "feel them little baby titties, that tight asshole, im gonna break this little whore open. Is that what you are? You a little whore?" Not knowing what to say I replied, "yes," he stopped abruptly grabbed me by the face and said, "you're my whore you got that? For now on no one gets this but me you understand me little girl?" Faintly I said, "yes sir, I understand, I belong to you." Smiling, and still inside of me, he stood up pushing me to my shoulders with my knees next to my head, stepped up on the couch over me and started ramming my asshole again repeatedly.I could feel the width of his cock spread my no longer tightened hole over and over when he pulled out and spread my cheeks wide again exposing my gaping teen hole again. He began ramming his fingers in my ass, then licking them. He placed his monster back in and started plunging deep.

The aching feeling of demolished anal tissue started working up and I thought, if he doesent finish soon he's gonna kill me. Over and over he slammed into my ass ignoring my pussy focusing all attention on my butthole. The louder I screamed the harder he slammed.

I felt him increase speed and start pulsating inside me when he said, "its coming its coming, o, o shit," and he quickly pulled his cock from its compound, making a hollow thumping sound as it exited, pinching the head of his dick and quickly moving me to the floor. He released his hold and a rocket of warm jizz exploded into my face. "Open your mouth, hurry," he said as I widely opened catching the second blast in my throte. I almost choked and attempted to move away, but he grabbed my head pinning me there as the third splattered my baby face. Milking his manhood like a cow utter he pressed it against my lips. I dident open at first but when he started slapping my lips with it I opened wide and he shoved his cock deep in my mouth filling my jaws with cum, and sliding his shaft down my throte. My lips were against his balls and pubes, and I was choking, I couldent breath. Almost to the point of choking out he pulled out making me gag. He grabbed the back of my head and ran his snake down my wind tunnel again stopping air flow and choking me when I felt one last shot of man juice escape his cock head and into my stomach, right below it. "There it is," he said as he extracted his slowly subsiding cock.

I sat back taking enormous gasps looking at him staring at my cum soaked face and said, "wow, I've never been done like that before." Shocked I guess from my choice of words he said, "well no one else can do it like me, and this tape will sell on the black market for alot of money." "Really?" I said, "well I guess its a good thing I belong to you now, we can make more videos together." With a puzzled look he asked,"what do you mean you belong to me?" I responded, "you told me I was yours and no one else for now on, and after that beating I wouldent think of disobeying you." Confused he said, "you're serious aren't you?" "Yes, you marked your territory, claimed your prize, and ill do anything for you ANYTHING, for now on." He walked out of the room coming back with some cloths and a wash cloth. "These should fit you, they belonged to another girl from before." Not asking why she left them I cleaned up and put them on. As I limped to the door he said, "Jaylynn, tomorrow when you get out of school you come here before you go home you understand me?" "Yes sir," I replied. "And wear a cute little dress with some white stockings, o and Jaylynn, don't tell a soul about what we do, in everyone elses eyes we're still just friendly neighbors." Smiling I gave a wink and said, "ok", walked out and made my way home.

Me and Mr. Eddison made alot more videos, did alot more strange sex acts. He taught me so much, until he passed away last year from a heart attack. I was sad, but I understand things happen. No one ever knew of our secret, or of the demons that haunted Mr. Eddison, and how I became the medicine that calmed theses monsters and helped Mr. Eddison live a normal life taking out his inner evil on me, but we all have our little secrets now don't we?

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