The Jaylynn Chronicles : My first time with black men

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My boyfriend and I had been together about a year now, and my feelings for him were strong, I loved being with him but our sex life hadent changed much. Im a small town girl, dark red hair and royal blue eyes, sitting on a 4' 11" inch petite frame. 18 years old with a little bubble butt.

I love my butt!

Anyway I was just getting out of school and Eric picked me up. I was wearing a short pink skirt, and a black rockstar shirt. My white socks went up passed my knees and I had on black buckle shoes. Eric loved when I dressed this way, I think it was because it made me look younger.

Well upon picking me up, Eric tells me that we are running to some friends of his for a while, because he had some buisness to take care of. I was ok with it so I decided to do homework when we get there to occupy my time.

Pulling in I realized this was not at all what I was expecting. The house was dead center in the middle of the hood. Gangsters chillin on the street corner, condemned houses, and everyone stared at us cause face it, we were completely out of place.

Getting out I grabbed my back pack and quickly cought up with Eric who was heading towards the front door.I was a little worried, but at the same time I felt a little rush inside which was turning me on. I mean I mmay be from a small town but im a freak like a big city girl.

A couple of guys who were sitting on the porch gave Eric some dap and conversated with him as if they've known each other a while, so that helped wiith the fear some. One of the men who was an obvious gang member from the cloths he wore spoke up and said, "say, what's up lil momma? Who are you?" Eric spoke up for me and introduced me as his girlfriend as we moved on into the house. As we were walking in, Eric leading of course, I heard one of the guys on the porch say,"damn son, shorty got a nice lil ass on her." I dident look back, but just hearing him say that had all kinds of dirty thoughts running through my head. I told you I was a freak!

When we got inside there were two more men in there, and both staired at me with the hungriest eyes and I knew they were imagining fucking my child like body with there monster black cocks. This made me blush a little, and I could feel butterflies in my stomach.

Eric introduced me and I sat down at a table in the corner of the room and started doing homework while the men "handled buisness." After about thirty minutes of math I glanced up at the guys and I noticed one of them stairing at me so hard he dident even realize I saw him. Our eyes connected and he grinned the simplest little grin, and turned back to the issue at hand. After a moment I realized he kept looking under the table, and not knowing it I had my legs open enough that he could see the hello kitty white cotton panties I had on under my skirt. As wet as I was becoming im surprised he couldent smell my sweet nector.

After about an hour Eric came up to me and said, "baby there's a problem, baby J and I have to make a run, and we won't have time to take you home, so you'll have to chill here until I get back, sorry baby." I kissed him with a passionate kiss and told him that it was fine, I would just finish my homework until he gets back its all good. Of course I had something else in mind.

I sit back at the table and started doing more homework when Eric and baby J left. Moments later the two guys from the front porch came in and joined me and the guy who was stairing earlier,sitting down on the couch. The one who spoke to me earlier said, "hey, shorty, why don't you come join us on the couch? You're sitting way over there like you're scared or something."

Now I'm not sure if you know it or not, but I hate being called scared or weak, I may look innocent, but I've always been tough. That's what my daddy taught me.

I arose from the table and with the most innocent stroll ever, made my way over to the couch and sat down. "Yeah, see I won't bite u babygirl, unless u ask me too," he said smiling at me. I gave him my baby grin, as the other guy passed me a joint. I reached for the jay and he pulled back saying, "how old are you? You old enough to be smoking this shit?" Tickled at the route he took to find out my age, I took the weed, and told them yes, I'm eighteen, a senior top ten percent of my class, gonna graduate in a couple of months. The guy who was stairing earlier from across the room spoke up saying, "top ten percent huh? Well lil momma that's something to be proud of, I got a graduation present for you in the back, why don't you follow me and we'll go get it." I was shocked at how easy I obeyed, it was like my body was working without my mind.

I stood passing the joint to my and follow him into the back. We passed through a room that had a beat up mattress on the floor, and he led me into the small bathroom. Once inside he locked the door then walked up real close to me, backing me up against the wall. Of course my head only reached his chest, and he was the shortest of the bunch. With a lost look I staired up into his eyes when he said, "I seen you checking me out earlier and I was wondering if you liked what you seen?" I responded only with a simple nod, and he stepped back a bit unzipping his pants saying, "well shit tell me what you think about this then momma." The look on his face showed me that he knew I was in shock when he released this mammoth monster he had hiding in his pants. The biggest I had ever seen it resembled a pringles can with a boxing glove on the end. He told me to touch it don't be scared, and like I said before, I don't like being called scared, so I took it in my hands and started stroking it. It was enormous, longer then my fore arm, and bigger around too. Hell my little hand wouldent even make it completely around it. There was at least a good inch between my thumb and fingers.

Using two hands I worked this radiator hose back and forth keeping eye contact the entire time. Several times he would smile and lick his lips like he wanted to devour my petite body, until he put his hands atop my head and pushed me down. Staring into his eyes I couldent believe he was expecting me to give him head. There was no possible way I was fitting that elephant trunk into my tiny mouth, but I was a little eager to try.

Looking now at the challenge before me I started by kissing the tip, running my tongue around it like an ice crream cone. Building up saliva in my mouth and still double fisting it I started licking from the base,his heavy black dick resting on my head, and workend my wet tongue all the way back up to the tip kissing it once again. "Open up your mouth little momma, real wide!" I did as commanded and he slowly started attempting to work his sausage into my tiny mouth. Finally the entire head was in and he pulled back, a gasp for air escaped my body and before I knew it he was going for it again. This time a small bit of the shaft made it in and I heard a slight moan from him.

He then placed his hands back on my head and slowly started thrusting himself into my overly streched jaws. Alli could do was hold my mouth wide, enduring the gaging I was receiving from the throte fucking he was giving me. Eyes watering I thought tio myself, I can't take much more of this,I was engulfed in lust and wanting this but I could hardly catch my breatb. There were a few harder thrust and a few moans when he picked up his rhythm saying, "here it come shorty, oh, shit here it comes," and eith that he thrust hard ramming this colossal beast intto my thriote.

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