The Jaylynn Chronicles : My first time with black men. The conclussion

(Part 1 from 1)

 My throat filled with the warm jizz exploding from his cock, his pee hole passed my tonsells and unloaded a flood of semen that my eager teen body craved. Extracting his manhood from my gaping mouth, he said, "fuck you got some good head, I bet you donít suck your boyfrinds dick like that do you?" I just smiled and stood to leave the room.

Upon exiting, I ran into the other two guys who were listening to us at the door. I attempted to move passed them but they blocked the way saying, "hold up now babygirl we're you wondering off to? The funs just starting." With that being said I was lifted up off my feet by the other guy and carried like a small animal to the dengy mattress on the floor. Both men caressed my small eager teen body, slipping fingers under panties and tapping into secret orfices.

Leaning back on my elbows, I raised my legs high into the sky giving the men an easy access to my honey pot. One guy fondled my under developed teen tits and shoved his tongue in my mouth, while the other removed the hello kitty panties that covered my eighteen year old shaved pussy.

With two fingers he spread my vaginal lips and slid his tongue into my slit. Probing around my almost completely closed tunnel. While this was going on his other hand released the middle finger and started pushing slightly on my back door. I moved my mouth away from the man who was kissing me and connected eyes with the one between my legs. He looked up pushing his now wet finger slowly into my asshole, just slightly breaking the threshold. Already engulfed in lust I opened my little mouth saying, "is that what you want daddy?" Without a second thought he started working his finger further and further in, spitting on his fingers to help with the tightness and watching my innocent, unexperianced facial expressions I was giving him knowing it was making him wanna ravage my miniature body.

He sat up pulling me to him by my legs with the greatest of ease, and from his knees in front of me he started unzipping and releasing his cock. I decided to remove the skirt I was wearing and as I did I cought a glimpse of the enlarged member that would soon be used to accommodate my inner walls. The girth alone was unbelieveable. It was similar to a full sized baseball bat, largest at the tip. He slid his dark muscular self over my pale petite body, and alined his over grown manhood with my almost untapped young pleasure hole and bucked his hips sending it sailing into my cave, but my fleshy walls could not accommodate the amount of dick he was attempting to serve.

Over and over he tried pushing it in, only parting my tiny opening slightly, but not enough that he was getting pleasure. Raising my legs to his shoulders he reached down and spread my teeny bopper bubble butt tring to pry his way in, tring to slam harder and faster with hopes of breaking open my entrance but it dident work, which I was at the point were I wish it would, or he would stop tring cause I dident know how much more I could take.

I looked over at the other guy who had moved over and started watching and masterbating to the images of my shaved pink teen pussy getting punched at by this unearthly monster of a cock. Watching the expressions shower my innocent face with unbelief. Almost ready to give up I felt myself lifted into the air, and into the arms of the guy who couldent get it in. My legs strattling his body just above his dick, and holding me up by my ass he says to me, "goddamnit we gonna get it in there, if I gotta rip this whitegirl into to make it happen." Lining up once again his cock with my small tunnel, which was easily two times smaller then this giant meat that was no way intended for my exceptionally small body, he spread my ass checks far apart and raised me up where my legs could lay over his arms. He started thrusting himself into my unopen flesh pocket. Harder and harder he bucked until we felt a slight break and his cock partially shot deep and wide into my secret place. I screeched in pain, but felt a rush of ecstasy fill my body. Still inside he said, "there we go, yeah, you feel that girl? Just busted your little pussy open, now hold on while I work it all in." I wrapped my small tender arms around his neck as he started pulling me down onto his enormous tree trunk, widening me to a point that was unimaginable. I felt for a minute that it was a little to wide and to deep, when finally his entire cock was filling every inch of my streched to compacity vaginal cavity.

He started bucking me up and down slamming into me with all his strength. The sound of his hips colliding with my ass checks, mixed with the screams escaping my mouth caused from the total pussy beat down I was receiving were all you could hear. He slammed his monster cock into me harder and harder, ravaging my small tender body for what seemed an hour. Drenched in sweat, sore from the massacre taking place between my legs, worn to a pulp, he rode me down to the bed placing his arms behind my legs, that's when he started dropping dick bombs deep in my pussy. I swear he was slamming into my spinal cord. I raised my head enough to look down and see this massive black spear deeply distroying my young untampered orfice. Going in, it almost completely disappear inside of me, but coming out I could see the tight grip my fleshy underdeveloped teen tunnel had on him from the sleeve that it pulled out and shoved back in. The juices from inside me moistened his cock just enough to help it let go of my internal walls. I felt a heat growing inside of me and to my surprise I could feel myself about to cum.

Still screaching I pouted my lips as my body started vibrating, which told him exactly what was going on. He yelled out, "cum on my dick baby, do it cum all over this big black dick." That was all it took I screamed out in ecstasy, creaming his cock with my juices, but not slowing him down at all. Matter of fact he placed his hand around my neck, raised up and started slamming with all his might. He said,"oh shit girl here it comes, goddamn it you tight fucking bitch," and with that a river of hot cum shot deep into me spraying my entire vaginal opening with stream after stream of milky white spunk. He yelled out with delight, "ahhhh ahh ah ah" leaving behind so much baby badder that I felt I was over flowing with cum. He collapsed ontop of me, cock still pulsating deep in my petite extra small boby. He raised up to look into my face as he pulled at his still extremely large dick tring to release it from the confinement that moments earlier it tore and forced its way into. He smiled as he watched the facial expressions I made from having his dark meat extracted from my still shivering body. Once he got it completely out, all but the head, he kissed my schoolgirl lips, drenched in spit, sweat, and a still lingering hint of cum.

Looking deep into my eyes he rammed his still semi hard cock back into my distroyed girl hole. This time it slammed deep opening up with no problem at all. I yelped, and he stayed there completely emerged in my fleshy warm, cum bucket, studying my little body he said, "that was unbelievable, I've never had any pussy that tight before, I could just stay up in your shit all day, but I'm gonna move over and give my boy a shot at that tight little ass," And at that moment I remembered there was another giant cock completely rested up and ready to spear my already streached girl cave.

Panting, body shaking, drenched, and completely spent I layed back on the bed and thought, I can't take anymore, I've more then fulfilled my fantasy, this is going further then I ever imagined. But I never quit anything and I wasent bout to start now.

The last guy walked up and got down on his knees next to me. I pulled my knees up to my chest and looked up at him. Smells of semen, sweat, sex, and marajuanna filled the room. With my mind made up that I wasent going to quit I decided to make a move, to maybe get him over and done with quick. I grabbed my top ass cheek and spread it wide. Looking innocently up at him I asked, "u got something for me too daddy?" "You're a tough little bitch aren't you momma," he asked as he stroked his gradually expanding cock. Smiling I managed enough energy to get to my hands and knees. I grabbed his throbbing member, also to large for one hand and slid my lips and tongue up and down it, praying he would get a quick one and I wouldent have to encounter another monster.

No such luck!

He grabbed me by the hips and spun me around in the doggystyle position, spreading my knees far apart and pushing my head down to the mattress so that all that was in the air was my bubble ass. He slapped one ass cheek watching it wiggle, then slapped the other, doing the same thing. Pulling me by my hips to him he took the extra large over developed cock in one hand, pulling back the skin. He eased it in my pussy about a quarter of the way then slid back out, repeating the process. As this was happening I thought to myself this is crazy, how has my pussy tightened back up already? But I then realized that it hadn't tightened back up, it was swollen all the way up, and that's when I understood why he stopped with only a quarter of the cock in, he had no choice the puffy swollen flesh was preventing him from going deeper.

So I thought!

He took ahold of me by my ass spreading the cheeks and exposing my little light brown butthole and eased back up into my puffed up pussy again, and when it got to that spot were it couldent go any farther he spit on his cock and said to me, "you know I'm gonna have to beat that little pussy up girl, so bite down and hold on," and with that he pulled my ass towards his hips bucking towards me at the same time tearing through the swollen tissue like a tractor cutting throught some thick grass.

His dick shot completely into me, pulling back and kicking in until my ass bounced against his hips. He kept repeating this action, getting faster as he did, when I realized he was still getting harder and he was going way to deep. Moving a hand back to his bucking hips I said, "o shit, its to deep, its to deep," but he acted as if he dident hear me cause he moved my hand, grabbed tightly and started ramming cock in me harder and harder. My body was vibrating back and forth at top speed, and all I could do was bite down on the sheet and take it. Worry started to take over when I noticed he was still getting harder and he was reaching depts untouched by anything, uncharted territory, the faster he hit the deeper it seemed to go.

At this point I was screaming louder then I've ever screamed, everytime the tip of his cock slammed into the bottom of my girl hole it sent a shockwave throughout my entire 105 pound body. As I tried my hardest to slow down the top speed dick cramming he was doing to me I felt his fingers working the rim of my butthole, which I hadent realized before because I was to busy concentrating on the pain my underdeveloped pussy was enveloped in. Fingers working in and out of my ass, huge cock tearing through the swollen teen tissue,inside my now 12 inch deep fuck hole, and all I could do is bite the sheets and scream through my teeth.
He suddenly stopped still fully inside of me, breathing hard and holding my bubble ass wide open, sweat and spit moistening the brown area his finger was still probing between my cheeks. All of a sudden he slid out and started jabbing his tongue down into my ass as he stretched it with his fingers loosening the tension that was built up in my kiddy hole. The amazing thing is I was loving the tonguing so much that the pain from him stretching the rim of my volcano, and the soar swollen distroyed canyon I once called a vagina dident even register to me. I had never had anyone lick my butthole before, and he was diving in like a professional scuba diver. All of a sudden those butterflies came again and I knew I was about to cum, who knew you could have an orgasm through your butthole. It was a first for me but here I was moments away from blowing lady juice all over his face. I started grinding my ass into his face moaning, and thats when he stopped devouring my anal cavity. Fuck I was almost there, how awsome would that be, cumming from an ass licking.

I could feel him raise back up and through my overwelming body shakes I could hear him say to one of the other men, "man I gotta get that little asshole homeboy. I just got to bro, its to cute all smooth and untapped." "Shit bro, bust that little bitch up," was the response he got and at that point I realized that I had bitten off a little more then I could chew.

Before I could protest he had me by the hips working his king kong cock into my exit hole. Biting down again I felt my butthole spread wide as the gurth of his shaft pushed in. Unbelieving the width my tiny shitter was expanded to, I was shocked to realize that the pain that accompanied the breach of my anal threshold had subsided and his slow back and forth motion was actually starting to feel rather awsome. I heard him spit on his dick again as he spread my young tunnel wider sliding his thumbs in on the sides to help the entrance open more. He took hold of my ass like a cowboy taking the reigns, and started punching cock deep and hard into me. SLAM, SLAM, SLAM, SLAM, my body rocking so hard u would think I was being ridden like a wild animal. He was exploding dick bombs so hard and deep in my ass that the bottom half of me was rising up off the bed, he had pushed so far up in me that he was holding me up cracking me wide open.

Slowing to a stop he said, "shorty baby you gotta do one thang for me, I need you to straddle me and ride on that dick baby. Can you do that for me?" Completely spent, soar, drenched in sweet and cum, stretched out to the max in all holes, I don't know how I did it, but I never give up. So as he moved to his back, with this enormous piece of lumber laying on his stomach, I spread my tiny legs across his well built body. He spit in his hand and rubbed it in my pussy moistening my girl spotm so I guided him back up my once again swollen tunnel, working my self down on it easily. About half way down his shaft the tightnessand swollen tissue stopped the entrance process just as before, except he grabbed my hips and with one hard thrust, slammed my limber body down on his cock. I felt my inner vaginal wall crumble as if I tore open inside, but it dident hurt as bad as before. His manhood was completely burried in my teen poon, and I looked down in disbelief. How is it possible to fit an eleven inch fat cock inside the pussy of a four foot eleven inch girl? But it happened, I not only saw it but I also felt it.

He started working me up and down until I pushed him back and started popping my little bopper butt up and down, quickly sliding on his pole like a professional stripper. Our juices were mixing and it made the friction and tightness loosen.

I looked down at the man underneath me. Dark as night, glistening from sweat, treating me like his on personal little white girl, doing things to me that I would have said were impossible a day earlier. I rode him long and hard, making faces like a scared little innocent child, and he was eatting it up. Loving every second that his cock was invading my young pink pussy.

He reached up and guided my head down to his sweaty chest and then placed his hands on my bouncing butt, helping with the rhythm, and at the same time opening my butthole by spreading me wide again. All of a sudden I felt a wet glob of saliva fall on my butthole, and I glanced back to see the guy that I gave head to, who's dick wouldn't even fit in my mouth, standing behind me. His massive rock hard cock tring to stand at attention but being weighed down by the bulky girth. He raised his monster up with his hand and guided it to my wide, awaiting butthole. Now I know why he pulled me down and spread my cheeks open. But these guys were insane! There was no possible way that giant godzilla cock was gonna fit in my ass, especially when my lady hole already has a monster in it taking up most of the space left in my tiny body. But as the guy on bottom, who was accommodating what little space my pussy had, held me down, the fattest cock ever was slowly working its way into my rectum. My asshole started widening, and widening, and all that was going through my mind, besides the soreness that was building up, was the fact that I would never be able to shit right again. These three black men were distroying my tiny highschool pussy and asshole and I was taking it like a champ, fullfilling another fantasy, to the max.

All of a sudden I felt the inside of my pussy release and his enormous cock pushed the rest of the way in. It felt as if my extremely small insides threw in the towel and surrendered to these elephant sized cocks. They were both tring to move back and forth, but there cocks were both completely engulfed by my little fuck cavities, which were now stretched as far as the elastic would give. If anything else tried to pry its way in, im sure my asshole would start ripping open.the guy behind me grabbed my tiny framed body by the shoulders and said, "say bro check it out, you just chill with your dick up in this little bitch, while I drive down on this little ass back here, and I bet one of us bust a nutt quick like." The other agreed, and with his hands on my shoulders he started slamming his hips into my ass. Driving them way back, them slamming, over and over. It was so overwhelming, the entire ordeal but my ass was so stuffed that the pain was no where to be found.

I started feeling myself getting wet, from an orgasm that was slowly making its way to the surface. As the inside of my hollowed out tubes started moistening up, he started moving faster and harder in and out of my butthole. BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM, I could only stare at the guy under me with this, on the verge of tears, look on my face and scream with ecstasy. It felt like hours that this hard as steel black monster pipe was plowing into my white teenage poop shoot, when I heard him say, "there it is bitch,here that mother fucking shit comes," and with that another high velocity stream of cum exploded in my asshole, spreading throughout the entire tunnel, coating the now pulsating cock that was fully emerged.

He quickly pulled his dick from my butthole and spread it wide open to see the enormous gapeing fuck tunnel that I once called my little shitter. He spoke up saying, "man damn, this little bitch got some good ass booty hole. I bet its gone be swollen and bruised up tomorrow though." He let go of my ass at the same time I hear another voice say, "I see that, guess I showed up a little to early?" I looked back and my boyfriend Eric was standing in the doorway looking at me straddling this enormous cock and had a line drive view of the distruction that had already taken place inside my slowly returning to shape asshole. There was nothing I could do or say. Of course I felt bad, but this is my life and I'm gonna get what I want. Suddenly Eric said, "you know what, fuck the bitch I don't care, can't trust a hoe anyway." And with that he stormed out.

I felt bad for doing him that way but there was no time to worry about it now cause the guy who's dick was still inside of me stood up and turned me around to my back, thank god, my body was extremely worn out. He raised my child like legs, which still had white stockings and black shoes with buckles on them, up to my chin. And with a little bit of work, he slid his masive meat into my soar, abused ass.

He started slamming his weight down on top of me, cramming his dick to the fullest, then pulling it almost all the way out. Huge, long, wide, hard, fast, strokes that were hollowing what little bit of an asshole I had left out. He pounded me with such force that a couple of pictures feel from the wall. I know my high velocity screams could be heard throughout the neighborhood, but I dident care, this was so much more then I believed it would be.

I started feeling a rumble in my stomach, accompanied by the butterflies, followed by this highly intense orgasm that had me creaming all over his dick from my ass, and leaking lady juice out of my pussy. I screamed with such an enormous eruption going off inside of me,while he was still slamming through the bottom of the cum bucket which was my butthole. I heard him start growling pound, after pound, building up more and more until he spoke up saying, "GOD DAMN IT! Ahhhhh." And as I felt his elephant trunk start to increase and pump along with the pounding, he pulled out of my ass, rolled me down to my knees, grabbed me by the top of the head and aimed his cock at my teen face.

Only thing I could do fast enough was open my mouth, and the first massave shot of cum sprayed the inside of my mouth, coating the back of my throte with baby badder. I tried to move back out of the line of fire, but his large black hand had a firm grip on my head, and his other hand was aiming his dick. The second blast hit my cheek and covered my nose, quickly followed by another enormous gush of cum blasting across my chin and spraying all the way up to my forehead. It strung from my nose and chin, and to stop from choking I swallowed what got in my mouth. Not ever getting a facial before I really thought it was gonna be nasty, but actually, I kinda enjoyed it. Gives you that dominated feeling, something I think I could definitely get into.

We were the only two left in the room, and while he slipped his cloths back on I attempted to get up and go to the restroom to wash up, but my body was done. I tried standing and my legs just shook wildly. I could feel my worn out asshole swelling up, and my poor little pussy was so sore I could feel it ache all the way up in my chest. But I have no regrets about what I did, just wish Eric found out another way.

One of the guys helped me into the restroom and even helped clean me up. I got myself decent and he gave me a ride home. Limping inside my dad asked what happened to his little angel? I lied and said that I twisted my knee playing basketball. Good thing he dident know the truth, that his little angel got completely demolished by three huge black cocks. Jaylynn Nichole

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