The Jaylynn Chronicles : My B.F.F's daddy

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My bestfriend and I have been friends our whole lives, we were in kindergarten together, cheerleading in school, we were like sisters. We always had sleep overs because we were like family.

One saturday night I was having a sleep over at my bff's house. We did the norm, you know rented some movies, made popcorn gossiped, really just hung out.

Well it started getting late and we both were dozing off so we decided to retire to the bed. Now don't think this is a lesbian story, no way, like I said we were like sisters.

A few hours after we fell asleep I was awoken by a crash in the kitchen. Startled I got up and went into the kitchen, my friend sound asleep, to check out the noise. There I found my friends dad, just getting home from the bar drunk and making a sandwich. I realized that the crashing sound was the bottle of mayo he had dropped.

He looked over at me wearing a pair of black panties, a light pink tee shirt, and pink socks, and says, " hey, Jay Jay I dident wake you did I?" Jay Jay is what he has called me since I was little. I told him I was just getting something to drink, and made my way to the fridge. Grabbing a cola and opening it I turned and noticed Mr. Thompson checking out my butt. A little shocked, I walked over and leaned against the counter next to him, reaching only chest high I asked, "so why are you up?" Swollowing a bite of his sandwich he replied,"I'm just getting home. Think I had to much to drink, im a little drunk." Seeing the smile on his face I grinned and kinda looked down a little bashful like, but I have no clue why.

He started into the living room and stumbled into the wall. I quickly made my way to him to help him to the couch. I try sitting him down but he pulls me down on top of him landing on the couch. Laughing at our clumsiness out of no where I move up and press my lips against his. He ran his hand through my hair opening his mouth and slipping his tongue inside my mouth. I felt his hand slide down and grasp my young tender ass and all of a sudden he pushes me off saying, "Jay Jay darling I am so sorry," standing to his feet quickly. He made his way over to the recliner, sitting and still apologizing when I spoke up saying, "Mr. Thompson its ok, I did it I made the first move, I've always had a thing for you." His sudden, stillness, and blank stare caused me too lean back raising my legs high over my head. I stared into his eyes while I rubbed my little pink bald love tunnel underneath my panties. Obviously noticeable wetness started showing through the black underwear, when Mr. Thompson stood still staring and slowly made his way towards me.

I was completely shocked by my boldness but I had always wanted him. Im completely atracted to older men and he was my biggest crush.

As he made it to me I quickly took off my panties and dropped them to the floor. He sat down next to me, and just watched as I caressed my clit, staring into his eyes. I raised my arm and he grabbed my wrist with such force I thought he was mad at me, at first, but he moved my hand to his face and sniffed my fingers. He then placed them in his mouth, tasting my teen nectar.

He moved his mouth to mine kissing me roughly and rubbing my pussy with his grown man digits. He leaned back, and looked at my teen snatch as his fingers invaded my shaved lips. I was focused on the look on his face. In and out he fingered me deeper and deeper when he spit on my butthole and started rubbing my brown circle. He slowly broke the opening of my anal threshold and worked a finger in.

I moaned the sweetest little moan, loving the reaction on his face, knowing he had never experienced something as small as me. I only stand at 4'11".

He stood unzipping his pants, looking back as if he was scared his daugter was gonna walk in, so I reached forward and started helping him release his snake. I reached into his pants and took ahold of this purple vein elephant trunk, as he slid his pants and boxers to the floor.

I had never seen anything like it before ever. He wasent circumcised, and it looked like another arm growing between his leggs. I held it with both hands and could tell he was getting hard. His penis wanted to stand up, but the massave weight of it ancored it down. He reached down placing his hands on mine ans said, "here like this," and started moving my hands back and forth stroking his monster cock. I could tell he enjoyed believing that I needed him to show me, so I acted as if I was copletely new to this.

The purple mushroom shaped head poked in and out of the foreskin, and I leaned forward and kissed the tip. He spoke saying, "that a girl, kiss it for me. Lick it like an ice cream cone." I did as told licking around the head holding the skin back with my childlike hands. I placed just the tip in my mouth and sucked it like a milkshake and I cound feel tne pulsing bulge that was arising inside his shaft.

He pushed me back on the couch, pulling my bottom half forwad so my ass hung off the couch. Pushing my legs back to were my knees touched my ears and my butt rose up. I held my legs back as he nelt down placing himself in front of me. He aligned his cock with my teen hole and started slowly pushing it in. The feeling was incredable, his shaft was so fat and bulky that it widened my small pink socket to unbelievable width.

Inch by inch he took his time strething me out until I felt his pubic hair tickling my split bare pink teen lips. As he pulled back I looked down to see this monster playing tug a war with my pussy. He picked up the pace moving in and out at a faster rate. He grabbed my legs behind the knees and braced himself up. With his body weight holding me down, and my legs stretched back as far as possible, he started slamming his mammoth chunk of beef into me with full force. The first blow shot through my body like lightning. I felt my insides spread to the sides making way for the massive invasion, but before it even registered that he just hit the deepest region ever touched inside me, he was retracting it and slamming into me again. Over and over, he drove deep and hard panting loudly. My screaches started growing louder, and louder,and I knew he was worried we would wake my friend so he slid out of me, lifted me, and placed me on the floor.

Laying his 6'2" hairy body on top of me he fumbled with his penis getting it back in place. I wrapped my tiny teen legs around him and felt as his manhood eased into my tightly swollen girl hole.

As his hips bucked I felt himexpanding inside of me still, like he was getting harder. My moans became loader, and he covered my mouth with his hands. Muting my kiddy noise maker he started slamming down hard on top of me. His cock was diving so deep, and he had me in a position were I couldent argue, move, or anything. I was completely his to do with as he pleased.

Slowing to a stop he raised up to his knees and retracted his cock. Pushing my legs as far back as he could he spit on my little brown hairless butthole saying, "ill be easy Jay Jay, daddy just needs you to reach down and spread your lil cheeks for me ok?" I couldent believe he called himself daddy but I did as I was told as he slowly started working this extra large monster into my child like asshole. The rim of my shit tunnel cracked open and allowed him entrance as I stared at it moving in and out. Deeper and deeper his cock plunged into me drawing out my anal sleeve as he pulled back and in until he was all the way to the bottom, stopping his cock at least an inch from being all the way in. Spitting on his cock once again he picked up his pace moving in and out at rapid speeds. He took both of my legs and put them together laying me on my side, and still from his knees he crammed dick in my ass like a wild man. I could feel my insides starting to break open a little wider offering him a little more depth each time he slammed into me until it was all the way in. The rapid bucking was sliding my small frame across the floor. I could feel the carpet rubbing my bottom side everytime he plunged down, dropping enormous dick bombs in me.

With his cock completely inside, he lifted me to my hands and knees, not even missing a beat and began ramming me doggystyle. My head on the floor, ass in the air, spread wide from the invasion he was delivering I couldent hold it in any longer. Screams of ecstasy escaped my young mouth, but it dident slow his rhythm one bit. Actually it increased. Dropping bomb after bomb I felt his balls slapping my clit. He said, "you like that don't you baby? You like daddys dick." And with that he slapped my ass, continuing with the ramming. "Tell daddy you like it," he said as I responded, " I like it, o shit I like it." He slammed harder telling me to call him daddy, "say fuck me daddy," so I did as told, "fuck me daddy, fuck me, fuck my little ass daddy harder daddy harder." That was all it took. He stood to his feet, crouching down and holding me by the hips he plunged into with all his strenth. Like a radio guided missile me treated my ass like ground zero, bombing my girl cave, widening me more and more.

I turned my head straight forward and he grabbed hild of my hair pulling my head back like the reigns on a horse. I opened my eyes and standing in the corner of the hallway was my BFF watching what her fathers porn performance right there in the same living room her and I shared earlier watching videos. The shocked look on her face also had a hint of curiosity as she watched him dig deep into my asshole. Sweat rolled from our bodies, the slapping of our skins grew louder along with my screams. Letting go of my hair I looked back at him and he was staring into his daughters eyes, not slowing rhythm at all. Speaking up I said, "you gonna cum for me daddy? cum in my ass daddy, please cum in my ass." Looking down at me he picked up pace, slapping my little booty about every four dives inside. Pushing down on my hips spreading my legs wide he said, "here it comes baby o shit here it comes." Diving deep I looked up at my friend as her fathers milky warm baby batter squirted deep inside my butthole coating my tunnel walls. Together we let out an enormously long moan and he quickly pulled his cock out spreading my gaped teen hole and watched as his cream leaked out and my widened now retracting asshole. He pushed a finger in and out in and out, and I noticed he was looking back at his daughter, who was staring at him.

He stood getting dressed as I rolled over sliding my panties back on he said, "you don't know how long I've wanted to do that. Ever since you were a little girl I've fantasied about fucking you." I looked back seeing that my friend had left and said, "I've wanted you too, but I dident know how to approach you, im just a girl and your a grown man." He smiled saying, "no Jay Jay you're all women baby, and ill do this to you anytime you want. Just let me know."

I smiled, we kissed, and I snuck back into my friends room sure she was going to be highly upset with me. Shocked to see her in bed asleep I crept in and slid up next to her, falling asleep.

Shortly after I felt the bed move so I opened my eys to see my friend leaving the room, probably getting a drink, or useing the restroom, I thought I fell back asleep. What seemed like moments later I heard the steady rhythm of a thumping on the wall. Louder and louder, it grew. I turned to wake my BFF and she wasent there. Realizing now what the thumping was, the headboard hitting the wall from her dads room, I thought to myself, hold on tight, your daddys got a big dick.

Smiling I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep...

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