The Jaylynn Chronicles: Dream a lil' Dream

(Part 1 from 1)

It was getting dark out. My father and i had just returned from attending a highschool playoff football game that i was a cheerleader at. Our team had won so my dad took me and some of the girls out for pizza. Upon arriving home i was to tired to shower or anything i just wanted to get in bed and go to sleep.

I stripped down to my hello kitty panties and a short tee shirt and climbed into bed hugging my fluffy brown teddy bear. My eyes dozed as i thought of the wonderful time i had at the game, how our team had defeated the other team in a muddy cold 4th quarter come from behind victory, and how hot i felt watching them play. Getting dirty and sweating. It was extremely arousing.

Moments later i slipped out of my sweaty cheerleaders uniform, letting it fall to the floor. Releasing my hair from the scrunchie it was in i stepped into the eight man shower and turned on the hot water. The steam rolled around like a fog rolling in on sleepy hollow, like a white warm mist rolling in with the morning tide. The heat felt wonderful on my petite teen body. I felt the hot droplets of water splashing against my bare pink nippled A cup breast, and sliding down across my shaved vagina. The feeling of ecstasy developing inside my young teenage tunnel, and i was in heaven.

As i showered in the dark barely lit area i felt a hand slide across my ass. I turned quickly seeing the starting quarterback standing in front of me. Fully nude, and slightly hard. The water from the shower trickled down his tone tanned body as he stared at me standing there naked. He towered over my small 4'11" frame at 6'1" and had this lustful look in his eyes. "Hi jaylynn," he said, "you lost?" I wasent sure why he asked this. Im not lost im taking a shower in the girls shower area. If anyone was lost it was him.

He reached forward and took me by the arm and pulled me to him. I could feel the cut hardness of his masculine body press against mine as we pressed our lips together kissing passionately. Cupping one small brest in his hand he tongued my mouth, probing in and out. I reached down with both hands and took his fully errect member stroking it. I could feel the hard ridges develope on the sides as it grew larger with every stroke. Looking up into his eyes he guided my head down until i was on my knees in the shower, face to face with his enormous white cock. I opened my mouth and placed the head inside sucking on it like a popcycle. The wave of ecstasy that spread throughout my body was almost to overwhelming. Just earlier i was watching him play football, and was completely aroused by this, and now im in the shower with his dick moving in and out of my mouth.

He took me by the head and started bucking his hips into me running his fat cock down my tiny throte. Running extremely deep i would loose my breath and gag as he would pull back out letting air rush back into my lungs. Strings of saliva would run from my mouth stringing to his penis and hanging from my chin. Pushing it back in deep, engulfing my teen throte again i heard him speak up saying,"hey guys come on in." That's when i saw the rest of the football team start fileing into the shower area. There must have been 30 of them, all nude, all hard and throbing, all with that same lustful look in there eyes.

The quarterback told me to turn around and put my ass in the air and i did as i was told, scared of what may happen if i dident i quickly turned sticking my baby bubble butt high up. He got to his knees and grabbed me by my ass cheeks and lining up with my pussy. I could feel my teen tunnel spread as he pushed in slightly pulling my hips towards him. The second thrust went much deeper ripping me open as he started thrusting into me deeply and rapidly, slapping my lil ass with his hips. I cried out as he pulverized my pussy gripping my hips and ass pulling me into his plunges. I looked around and noticed all these men naked staring at my young body being used as a tool of pleasure, waiting for there chances to inhabit my insides. The commotion was loud and jumbled mixed with the rhythm of this pussy pounding i was receiving and the sounds of the water spraying from the shower. My knees grinded into the tile floor painfully with every thrust.

My insides wanted to explode. I glanced up and there was another player above and in front of me with his enormous elephant trunk pointed at my face. I opened my mouth and he guided it into my throte moving in and out with the same motion the quarterback was using from behind. Holding me up by my chin he pulled out and slapped my cheek and lips with his monster then guided it back into my mouth. The quarterbacks thrusting got faster, and he pounded harder and harder ripping my vaginal walls wider as his cock shot deep into me. I tried to scream out but it was no use with a cock envading my mouth and throte. He yelled out, "I'M CUMMING, SHIT I'M CUMMMMINGG!" And a load of jizz blasted the inside of my womenhood coating my walls with white milky cream deep inside my body. I felt him slide out of me and move away when the guy in my mouth said, "turn around and lay on your back baby."

Doing as i was ordered he knelt down in front of me pulling my knees up to him and crammed his giant cock deep inside of me. With every thrust i slid across the wet floor feeling the shower rain down on my nude body. As i scooted away he would grab my legs and pull me back into position starting the process over and over holding my small legs wide for everyone to see his member spreading my childlike bald pussy wide.

Another guy this one black got on his knees beside my head and worked his monster meat into my mouth, fucking my throte as the other fucked my pussy. There rhythm was on tap with each other like a marching band. I could feel a long cylinder shaft placed into one hand and then one also in the other which were two other guys bent down ordering a hand job. I stroked and sucked and got pounded over and over. I could hardly believe i had cock in my pussy mouth and both hands. Opening my eyes i could still see an ocean of men standing around stroking there cocks awaiting there turn. I thought to myself this can't be. There isent anyway ill be able to fuck all of these men.

The one in my mouth traded places with the one in my pussy, ramming his massive pole into me with so much force i could literally feel my insides being ripped and spread apart. The guys all shifted around with a new dick invading my throte and hands. I was lifted up into the black guy that i dident recognizes arms and holding my ass cheeks he started slamming me up and down on his cock splitting me wide, as i held on around his neck. Another guy walked up behind me and started fingering my baby butthole. I looked back and saw him lining his cock up to plunge into my ass. Expanded high in the air one cock deep in my pussy i felt the other cock try to penetrate my brown girl hole, but the seal was to tight to break. He spat on it a few times pulled the skin tight on his penis and tried again. Pain rushed through my body but nothing happened.

The guy holding me up with his cock in my pussy pulled out slightly and relived some of the tension as the other guy worked one, then two fingers all the way into my asshole. Circling them around inside tickling my rectum. Pulling his fingers out he spread my but cheeks wide and stuffed a portion of his cock in. The sides of my butthole streatched and ached with every pump. He coated his cock with saliva as the two men worked together breaking into my delicate holes with there elephant trunk cocks until both were fully submerged and i was floating in the air between the both of them holding me up.

One after the other they took turns cramming cock into me. One deep in the pussy and as he pulled back the other deep in my ass, continuing the distruction. I could hear the other men in the shower hooping and hallering, making comments about how small i was taking those enormous ball bat cocks. The fluffy tissue inside my pussy and anal cavities was tearing away from the demolishing power of the fucking i was receiving. Faster and faster they rammed my insides. I could feel the tubular sleeve that i called an asshole being streached out with every plunge. Both men reached climax together and retracting from inside me they lowered me to my knees and together sprayed gallons of cumm all over my face. I opened my mouth to catch it but it was a failed mission. Gobbs of spunk dripped from my chin and nose, my eyes were full of milky cream, i could feel the white paint coating my cheeks as it strung down to the floor.

Gasping for my breath i had only a second before the next man was pushing me down to the floor spreading my legs and taking my butthole from behind. He must have gotten quite a thrill watching cause he was slamming into me full force. Clapping our bodies together with each pulverizing thrust. Another guy layed down next to me so i started sucking his massive dick while my asshole was learning the leason of pain. His bucking slowed and as he pulled his cock from my butt a load shot across my back hitting me also in the back of the head. He stroked the last few drops from his snake and spent them on my back. As he moved over i strattled the cock i was sucking taking it to new depts of my pussy. Sitting reverse cowgirl on top of him he took me by the hips and started slamming meat rockets into me. I could feel a rush wave over me and i knew i was gonna cum soon.

Another guy stood in front of me so i took him into my mouth. Two more cocks in my hands i thought here we go again, completely filled up with cock, when i felt a pressure on my back door. Glancing back i could see another guy slipping into my ass. It was much easier then before but still tight. Once inside the guys all moved to the rhythm of our skins slapping together. This was two intense, i could barely control myself. Tring to stroke two cocks while my pussy asshole and mouth were being streached beyond there limits, i felt the cock in my throte pulsate and the man scream out, "I'M CUMMINGGGG!" And pulled me close shooting his seed deep into my throte. Not able to breath i gaged as the bucking in my ass and pussy continued. I knew i would sufficate if he dident pull out soon and just as i thought i was gonna black out he released my head and pulled out of my throte. A rush of warm air expanded my lungs but before i could even exhale another cock was in my mouth so i carried on with my new job, the whore of the football team. I knew at this point they would not be finished with my little ass until every man had cum in or on my body. This was turning out to be more then i could have ever expected.

Round after round they took turns pounding my inexperienced teen body demolishing my young insides. I knew that id never be able to shit right again. At one point i was laying on top of one guy while he bucked into my pussy and another was on my back fucking my now loose asshole like a jaylynn sandwich. I couldent move. Every muscle in my body ached, id taken at least 15 shots of jizz in the last hour and a half of non stop fucking i was receiving. And even though i was spent they kept cumming and kept cumming.

I felt myself lifted and turned over to my back, rolled up to my shoulders and the guy over me started dropping dick bombs in my asshole while his friend strattled my face and held my legs back. His balls rested on the bridge of my nose and the sweaty aroma of lust escaped his pores engulfing my nostrils with grown man musk. He slid his cock into my mouth and fucked my throte while holding my legs wide for the other guys butthole invasion. With one hand he stroked my clit and fingered my pussy and i started feeling a rush come on. My vibrating legs started shaking dramatically and i squilled loud as my girl juices released from inside and squirted out, spraying across my small pink nipples. I was blocked from seeing it because the guy who's cock was traveling in and out of my throte was on top of my face. The cock in my ass was fully plunged when i felt his load shoot deep inside me,pulling out and spreading my teen butthole gape wide to show the rest.

I was spun around and looking up i saw the guy who's musky balls were on my face and thick cock was in my mouth and i recognized him as the head coach. Laying on top of me he said, "I'm gonna cum in ur mouth when im done with your asshole, don't swallow it cause these other guys are gonna do the same." I glanced around and there were at least ten more guys standing around jacking off to the gang bang occuring in the boys shower area. I could read the sign, "BOYS SHOWER," how did i end up in the boys shower? Its located on the other side of the school. There's no way i accidentally took a shower in the boys shower.

Tring to figure this out i felt a sharp pain as the coach rammed his mammoth rod into me tearing away at the swollen flesh of my butt cave. He pumped and pumped crushing his large body onto mine, streatching my tiny legs to the floor beside my body. My bare feet dangled beside my ears. Thrust after thrust he tore into me, moaning and grinding deeper then anyone had up to this point. I screamed as his pounding increased busting me wider. His hands moved to my throte and he started choking me as he shot cock bombs into me. The feeling was scary and painful which really turned me on. Crash after crash into my worn demolished anal cavity brought a wave of ecstasy and without warning i came again only this time it flowed from my asshole lubing the cock that was still pounding into it. I tried to scream out in pleasure but his continued choking enabled the sound from escaping.

Then as i thought i was gonna either blackout from lack of oxygen, or split into from the multiple jabs i heard him say, "open your mouth bitch, its cumming," and pulling me up to my knees he sprayed loads of spunk into my mouth. He told me to hold it in my mouth until the others were done, when another guy stepped up grabbed my head and shot his load into my mouth. I sat there mouth wide, looking around at all the massive cocks being jacked right above me. Ready to blast off any minute. I felt a tap on my head and i turned just in time to catch a load across the cheek and into my mouth. Still pumping loads of cumm out i spread my lips widing my mouth. As he stepped back two came at the same time exploding my jaws with cum. My mouth was full but there was more coming. I bet the cum in my mouth would already fill a 20 oz soda bottle. Another cock was ready and as he filled my mouth even more i could fill it spilling out over my jaws a little. As he stepped back a last shot skeeted from his dick hitting me in the eye. Coach said, " hold on baby there's one more, don't swallow yet."

The smell and taste of semen engulfed my beaten body the last guy stroked and stroked but still nothing. Sitting with my legs spread and my head held high i played with my pussy, fingering the gaping worn out baby hole tring to arouse him enough to get his nutt. I rubbed and spread my pussy, as he stared and stroked for what seemed like forever. I could see his eyes widen as he stepped forward and took me by the head and sprayed into my mouth like a water hose. Cum spilled out running down my face. But for every ounce spilt his cock pumped that same amount in. When he was done he stepped back and i sat there mouth wide full of man juice. Looking around at the croud of men crowded into the shower area, i took a deep breath through my nose and swallowed. Three enormous gulps was the amount of cum that i washed down. The salty taste sored through my body as i licked my lips and fell back to the hard cold floor.

I layed down on the cool tile bathroom floor unable to move. The muscles in my body were worn and sore. My teen pussy and asshole were stretched out beyond repair, and the smell of semen engulfed my nostrils.

The sounds of the men talking faded and the shower quit when i opened my eyes realizing it was completely dark, pitch black in the shower area. I tried getting up but it was hard. I made it to my feet and limped over to the entrance. Hitting the light switch i noticed my bed and dresser sitting in my quiet, room. Confussed i looked around and realized i was in my bed room. I walked over to my bed and sat down, noticing my panties were wet. I pulled them off and realized i came on myself from a wet dream i was having. I was never in the boys shower and i hadent gotten viciously fucked out of my mind. I touched my small teen pussy which was still tight and fingered my butthole some to find it was still completely in tact. A knock came at my door. It was my father. Coming in he said, "jaylynn, i heard some noises, are you ok?" Smiling i replied, "yes dad, it was just a nightmare but im good now." Kissing my head he left the room and i layed back down.

Before dozing i thought to myself how lucky of a girl i would be if that had really happen, but it always can, as long as i dream a lil dream......

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