The Jaylynn Chronicles: Daddy's Bestfriend

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My dad and I live together in a small east Texas town, been that way since I was twelve when him and my mom divorced. My father had only a few friends that he would call his friends truly and sitting at the top of the list was uncle Lex. He wasn't really my uncle, but he might as well been he has been friends with my dad every since they were kids.

He was at the hospital when I was born, he was at every single birthday party I had. Uncle Lex was arrested on drug charges and got 5 years in prison, I never say him again until he was released.

I was at home alone, wearing only a tight tee shirt and black boy shorts, when I say my father's truck pull in the driveway, the moment I had been waiting for because I knew Uncle Lex was with him. I sprinted out the door running full speed for the truck, seeing him get out standing 6'4" and solid muscle from head to toe covered in tattoos with a shaved head I lept into his arms squeezing him tight as he held me with ease laughing and saying, "baby Jay, my little girl how are you?"

 I pulled back still in his arms my tiny teen legs wrapped around him I stared into his eyes saying, "uncle lex, I missed you so much." I wrapped my arms around him again feeling his hard tone body caress me back. Putting me down I looked up at him barely reaching his chest and smiling real big I turned and skipped back into the house happy my uncle lex was finally home.

As the night rolled in I sat and listened to him and my father carry on, drinking beer and talking about the good old days. I was sitting across from them wearing my night shirt which barely covered my little teen butt, and my white hello Kitty panties. My dad was tossing his head back finishing the last of his beer when I noticed my uncle lex looking down between my legs that were slightly open.

He saw me watching him and quickly turned away back to laughing and talking to my dad. Standing I walked over to my dad, gave him a kiss and said, "it's time for me to go to bed," walking around to uncle lex's side I gave him a big hug and whispered I'll see you in a little while, rubbing my tiny leg between his legs out of my father's view as I hugged him. He gave me a confused look as I strolled out of the room and into my bedroom.

It wasnt long before I heard the door from the guest room open and close and I knew lex was in his room which meant my father was all the way on the other side of the house in his room, and when my father has been drinking he could sleep through an earthquake. I waited a while before I got up and started to head for the door when I heard lex's door open. I quickly ran back to my bed and jumped in covering up and closing my eyes. Moments later my door opened slightly and Lex looked in saying, "baby Jay, you awake? " I didn't answer, just layed there waiting, wondering, anticipating, his next move.

He came in closing and locking the door, slowly walking over to the edge of the bed. The light from the street light shined in brightening the room enough that he could see my young fragile body laying on the bed. Sliding the blanket down off me I lay steel as his hand worked back up my leg pulling my shirt up enough he could see my white panties.

Sliding his fingers across my tiny girl mound I jumped a little causing him to retract his hand. I rolled over to my stomach showing my little butt. Moments later he moved back over to me, grabbed the top of my panties and slowly pulled them down to the bottom of my butt, sliding his finger up the crack of my ass. moving a little as he did this I rolled to my side and pulled my knees to my chest, laying in the fetal position with my tiny ass sticking out wide open, thinking to myself, what an I getting myself into.

Feeling him rub my teenybopper ass with his strong hand, a wet finger from the other hand slid across my tight pink butt hole lathering it up with spit. Spreading my cheeks wide, the tip of his middle finger entered slightly breaking the threshold of my rectum, and exiting back out I could hear a smacking sound as he sucked his finger lathering it up once again.

The tip slid back in but this time he kept pushing up to the knuckle, pulling back slightly, then pushing it hard and deep into my tightly closed asshole, entering his entire finger into me. I screached in shock, and spun my head around looking at him but neither of us moving.

He slowly pulled his finger from my ass and stood up straight, sniffing his finger, and sticking it into his mouth sucking the taste of my asshole off of it. I rolled to my back and pulled my panties off and opened my legs wide holding them in the air as he unzipped his pants dropping them to the floor. I looked down and his semi hard cock hung down his leg and was maybe an inch from reaching his knee.

It was darker then he was with a sleeve of foreskin covering his mushroom head on the end, with dark pubes. Letting my legs fall down I stood and walked up to him, having to look up from the bottom of his chest to see his smiling face looking down at me. I grabbed his boa with both hands, and started stroking it,holding the massive weight of it as I did and seeing the giant mushroom head start peeking out just under my chin.

Pulling the skin completely down and the head popping out I smiled and kissed it. Lex moaned slightly as I repeated the process this time attempting to push it into my mouth, but in No way was I able to spread my baby lips wide enough to allow entrance. Kissing it again, stroking it as I did I tried again but with No avail, so I licked and sucked the tip feeling it increase in size, hardening more with every stroke.

Lex reached down lifting me into his arms with a quick tug, wrapping my arms around him as he held me close pushing his tongue into my mouth, holding me by my ass cheeks spreading them wide open. Pulling his mouth back he said, " Damn baby Jay, when I saw you today I wasn't expecting you to be this beautiful. You sure do know how to welcome a man home."

As I smiled at this he lowered me just a little and I felt the tip of his man cannon line up with the closed elastic confines of my tiny pink shitter. Looking me in the eyes he bucked slightly, opening enough that the tip of the head broke through. An innocent child like worry covered my face as he growled a little, smiled, and bucked again pushing a tad bit more in. I whimpered a little as he started pulling of up and down trying to break into my underdeveloped asshole but it just wouldn't give.

Laying me down on the bed he pushed my legs back to my head, slobbered an enormous amount of spit onto his fingers and wiped it on my little butthole taking aim once again and with one hand pushing my knees to my chest and the other one pushing and guiding his beer can sized shaft into my asshole, the head tore in with a plop. "There we go," he said as he placed both hands on my legs pushing me down and thrust into me with the strength of a bucking horse, his cock ripping open my tightly closed teenage butthole. I screamed out, but it was muffled by his enormous hand drowning the sound as he bucked over and over.

I could feel my young ass gape wide and pull out with every thrust. Over and over he plunged deeper and deeper. Laying his tatted muscle bound body on top of me putting both hands over my mouth, pushing me hard into the bed, my tiny body and legs crushed beneath him I slid my hands down to my butt cheeks and spread them wide.

He thrust harder and harder pushing as deep as my tiny tunnel would go. The tip of the head crashing into the bottom and stopping with a hard thud, then sliding out and back in over and over. His growls became louder as he slammed harder and harder, my muffled crys escaping slightly around his fingers, he raised up over me stairing into my eyes as he pushed down on my face and demolished my asshole.

Pulling his cock from me with a plop, and standing, me still spreading my gaping asshole wide as air escaped like a wind tunnel, he grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed, rolled me over, and with me slouched over the bed he climbed on top of me, wrapped his arms around my head and thrust his cock back inside my rapidly swelling asshole saying, "ummm baby Jay that ass feels so good baby."

He started bucking hard cramming as much cock as he could into my baby pooper slamming hard into it grunting with every thrust over and over tightening his choke hold as I screamed out with every plunge that collided with the bottom wall. Slamming as deep as he could he raised up taking me by the shoulders he pushed with everything he had at the hips trying to force more of his elephant trunk into me. Feeling my insides start to give I screamed as the bottom tore open and his monster ripped through my gutts, pushing deeper into me inch by inch he didn't let up until his manhood was completely engulfed by my now widely spread kid tunnel.

Panting loudly I felt tears feeling my eyes as he started slamming his 225 pound body in and out of me. With every retraction I could feel the sleeve I once called an asshole pull out then slam back in stretching tightly deep to the depths of my inner sanctum over and over, spreading me wider then a full sized baseball bat with every plunge.

Over the Sounds of his grunts, and the crys escaping my young mouth, mixed with the Sounds of our body's colliding as his hips slammed into my worn tender butt I turned my head to the side,still in a choke hold, seeing the shadows on the wall of his massive body hovering over and into me over and over, caught a glimpse of someone standing in the doorway watching the distraction of my anal cavity.

Upon closer examination I realized it was my father. Fearing the worse I tried getting up saying, "wait please stop," but the thrust became more intense and faster as lex whispered, "just a little more baby Jay I'm almost there just hold on." Crying out with every plunge I glanced back at my father and noticed he had his cock in hand fully errect stroking it.

Shocked by this but aroused at the same time I reached down spreading my ass cheeks once again saying, "That's it, fuck my little asshole,Yes,Yes,Yes, fuck me," as he dove harder and deeper. With every plunge air pushed in making a deep hollow swooshing sound and as I cried out," I'm cumming, "Lex pulled out spun me around to my knees on the floor and sprayed my babyface with his milky white semen... "ahhhhhhhhhh," escaped his mouth as he covered me from head to chin with shot after shot of man milk. Looking down and wiping my eyes I glanced back over at the door but wasn't anyone there.

Uncle lex collapsed onto the bed. My legs shaky I tried to join him but fell back to the floor. Lex sat up and said, "God Damn baby, that was amazing. Never had any asshole that good before". Standing he lifted me into his arms, carried me into the bathroom, turned on the shower and sat me in the tub, and as he walked out he looked back, red swollen cock subsiding but reaching the top of his knee he said,"our little secret?" I smiled and said, "I'd never tell on you Uncle Lex. " he walked out as I felt the warm water splash the top of my head and roll down my face washing the white manly paint that splattered it earlier.

I looked down into the tub seeing a slight stream of blood swimming out from my engulfed swollen teenage anal sleeve. I washed my self clean and exited the tub covering myself with a towel.

Leaving the bathroom I limped towards my room. Aches enveloping my body with every step. I stopped and looked in uncle Lex's room, he was passed out cold in his bed. Smiling and still limping I made my way into my room, dropped the towel and climbed my nude beaten teen body into bed. Moments later my door opened and I thought, he can't be returning for more, I can't in any way take anymore in my ass.

The male figure standing in the doorway moved over to the bed. Eyes closed pretending to be asleep I felt the covers slid down. Feeling a little scared cause I knew if he went for round two he would kill me I heard a voice say, "babygirl you awake?" It was my father standing over my nude body. Scared to say anything I layed steal.

His hand groped my child like a cup breast fondling the puffy nipple. Peeking out I could see him massaging the pipe confined to his pants. He pulled his hand back, turned to walk out when I said, "daddy?" He turned back and I sat up looking at him from my bed. He started to explain when I spread my legs and reached down rubbing my bald pussy entering it with my fingers.

"It's ok daddy, don't be shy," I said as he walked up close, grabbed me by the arm and pulled my hand up to his nose smelling my fingers. Licking them he said, "what if someone finds out?" Smiling I grabbed his belt buckle releasing it, unbuttoning his pants I looked up at him with a big innocent smile and said, "I love you daddy," sliding my small hands into his pants.....


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