The Jaylynn Chronicles: Ain't nuttin but a Gangsta Party

(Part 1 from 1)

Living in a small town you're limited to the amounts of exposure you come in contact with. Anything and everything seems new. Before I was friends with this black girl named Keisha, who at the time was my best friend. We did everything together,sleepovers, junior high cheerleading. She was the one who talked me into tring out for volleyball, which she was an expert at. She led our team to the semi finals her last year here. When I heard the news that she was moving to Dallas it was heart breaking. The team never was the same again, hell we dident even make the playoffs after that, and I felt lost without my friend.

Keisha and I kept in touch over the last five years sending each other pictures and letters. She played volleyball for her highschool there and they even won the state championship there her junior year. I was so happy for her. But still I missed my friend so much.

One evening my father told me he was taking a trip to Dallas for the weekend and asked if I wanted to join him? I was estatic. "Maybe I can visit keisha while we're there?" "Sure," my father said, "why don't you give her a call and let her know we are coming." I was so excited I ran to my room and called Keisha. We talked for an hour, both of us thrilled that we will get to spend the whole weekend together. I told her that I would be there friday and she said that she couldent wait. Hanging up I fell asleep hoping that friday would get here faster.

The weekend came and we arrived in dallas at 3:00 that evening. I called Keisha from our hotel room and she was there in an instant. Seeing her again brought back so many memories, we hugged and laughed. She said high to my father who has known Keisha as long as I have. We sat and talked for over an hour and then Keisha said," there's a party tonight you wanna go?" My father was a little worried but Keisha knew how to play her cards. "Its only gonna be us and some of my volleyball friends. We're gonna watch some movies and chill, if you don't mind? I promise ill take extra special care of her, she's my girl." My dad smiled and said, "sure, why not. Im gonna be busy tring to close this buisness deal, why don't you just stay with Keisha and we'll talk on the phone until sunday when we leave. You're a big girl now." I was shocked, the whole weekend and no dad. This was gonna be awsome.

"Thanks dad," I said kissing his cheek as me and Keisha grabbed my things and headed to her car. We drove for at least thirty minutes making left and right turns until we were at Keishas house. It was a nice house just not a very nice neighboehood. We passed houses that groups of black men stood on the porch hanging out ,drinking forties, smoking, and all of them called out as we passed. Keisha dident pay any attention just drove straight on to her house.

We got out and went inside. There was music blaring from the living room, and smoke filled the room. Keishas little brother Anthony, Ant for short, was playing playstation 3 with some much older friends getting high. Anthony was eleven last time I saw him. And he was not much taller then me. Now me still at 4'11" and him well over 6' I could say he had definitely hit a growth spurt. Sitting the controller down he ran up and lifted me out of the air hugging me and saying, "oh, shit, my mutha fuckin white sista is up in this bitch." He held me tight in his 18 year old arms laughing and carring on. "If there's anythang you need baby just give me a holla, you know Ant here fo you girl," he said releasing me from his grasp. I noticed his friends who were in there late twenties early thirties eyeballing me. They were dressed in blue and white and looked like gang members. One spoke up saying,"damn nigga, you ain't got no manners? Introduce us dog." Ant spoke up and introduced me to lil Lazy and Yung Killa. By there names I could tell they were indeed gang members or either inspiring rap stars, and I hadent seen any mic booths anywhere.

Keisha said, "come on girl, you don't want to hang around these clowns," as we headed to her room. I looked back and yung killa blew me a kiss with a smile, which made me blush a little.

We started going through our stuff tring to find the perfect outfits for the party. I ended up wearing a blue and white skirt with a white spaghetti string tee shirt and long white calf high stockings. Keisha kinda laughed a little and said, "girl we going to a real party not some junior high dance," as she took my skirt by the waist and pulled it up to where it barely covered my plump white ass. Smiling Keisha said, "damn girl, you got a little junk in your trunk since the last time I seen you. I knew you had some nigga in you." We both laughed and headed down stairs to smoke with Ant. When we got there him and his friends stared in amazement. Keisha broke the silence saying, "damn yall fools act like yall ain't ever seen a white girl before." Ant spoke up and said,"damn jay, you done grown up huh? Well any niggas try fucking wit you tonight you let me know and that shit will be handled, heard me?" I smiled and the blunt was passed to me. I hit it as the music played and we got high.

We left a while later headed to the party. It was deep in the hood. There were cars parked all the way down the street. I asked Keisha if this was a good idea, the cops might get called with all these people here. Keisha laughed and said, "ain't no cops coming here unless someone gets shot, and it will be long over with by the time they show up. Its cool girl, you wit me." We walk up and everyone is staring at me. The musics blaring people are playing dominoes at a table in the front yard. Beer and blunts are being passed everywhere. Everyone was dressed in blue which gave me a sorta sense of releif since I wore blue also. An older man walked up putting his arms around each of us and said, "how's it going wonder bread, you lost baby?" Keisha pulled his arms down and said, "uh, uh, nigga move around, this my girl and yall fools gonna leave her the fuck alone ok?" Smiling he raised his hands backing away.

We walked in and Ant ran up saying, "say baby Jay, come have a seat, I gotta drink for ya," and he handed me a forty ounce bottle. I took a drink saying, "I can't drink all this." "We can share it," he said as he grabbed the bottle turning it up and swallowing a huge gulp. Every guy in the room was staring at me like hungry wolves staring at a baby dear. I was introduced to people left and right. The night moved on and I started feeling a buzz coming on strong. I was high and drunk and needed some fresh air. Keisha was sitting with her boyfriend who seemed really nice so instead of bothering her I went outside to give her some alone time with him.

Once outside I felt a little better. It was dark but not quiet as crowded as inside. An older guy in his forties who the younger people called OG walked up and asked if I was enjoying myself. I told him yeah, I was having a blast. He asked if I wanted to smoke out his SUV with him and some friends and I felt a little uneasy so I replied no thank you. He tried guiding me towards the automobile and for a moment I was scared I pulled away from him and headed back inside. Keisha was no where to be found. I walked around looking for her when I saw Ant as I walked outside. He was getting out of the SUV with a cloud of smoke around him heading my direction. I asked were Keisha was and he said, "prolly off trickin wit that nigga she wit, why don't you come kick it with your boy. Ill get ya high as shit?" Smiling I said ok and we headed to the SUV. The side door opened as Ant and myself crawled inside the darkness.

The door slammed shut.

The SUV was tricked out with a badass sound system and neon lights. The only seat was a couch like plush blue seat in the back and one the exact same turned facing the rear behind the front seats. Five black men in there thirties were packed in there with Ant and myself. One spoke up saying, "well what tha fuck we got here." Ant spoke up introducing me to the guys one by one when I recognized the guy who spoke to me from Keishas house earlier. He asked me to have a seat next to him as he handed me a blunt, which I really dident need cause there was so much smoke I was already getting a contact high.

Conversating we drank and smoked for a while when I started feeling really intoxicated. I couldent really understand the conversation anymore just the sounds of talking and music playing. I felt a hand rubbing the inside of my thigh but I couldent figureout how long it had been there. I felt a little scared but also a little excited at the same time. The hand moved up farther rubbing the fabric of my white cotton panties covering my bald vagina. I heard my name said and looked over to my right and the guy next to me started kissing me, so I kissed him back. Running his big black hands through my hair he stuck his tongue in my mouth. His lips covering mine. I could feel the other guys fingers make there way passed my panties and start breaking the vaginal seal that was tightly shut. A wetness sprung up inside of me as his fingers pushed in and out. All of a sudden I thought, what am I doing? I need to get out of here. I pushed away and said, "I'm sorry I've got to go," and tried making my way to the door but Ant stopped me saying, "jay you can't leave. These guys are my boys and they wanted to meet you. If you leave they will feel insulted and I will have to pay the consequences. You don't wanna do me like that do you?" I replied, "no, but I'm a little scared. I've never done this before." Ant said, "you're a virgin?" "No but I've never had more then one black guy at a time." He told me if I stayed he would see that everything is ok. Seeing his puppy dogs eyes that I remember he had from childhood, and not wanting to get him in trouble I agreed. Smiling he kissed my lips pushing me back onto the floor.

Crawling onto of me I could feel his cock growing inside his pants when he grinded on top of me. I looked to the side and a guy started blowing me a charge with a blunt he called a wet stick while Ant pulled my panties off and unbuckled his releasing his monster dick. The size of it was enormous. I exhaled the smoke as he lined himself up with my va jay jay. He thrust cramming his extra large meat pole into my delicate teen tunnel. I screeched as he tore into me saying, "damn girl yo shit warm, and tight as fuck," he worked himself in and out when I felt a tap on my forehead. I looked up and an even larger cock was staring me in the face. A voice said, "open your mouth up girl," and I felt him shove it in filling my white mouth with a ton of black cock. My lips stretched, (both sets above and below) and I could feel the head rubbing against my tonsules. I couldent breath so I gaged a little and he released his monster from my mouth. Saliva strung like silly string from his dick conecting with my lips and nose. At the same time Ant had picked up pace slamming his dark cock deep into my kid like vagina, I could feel him tunneling through my intestines. Gave new meaning to the phrase digging them guts out. One guy fucking my pussy the other fucking my throat I know there were four more guys looking on, amazed at what they were seeing. I could feel a wave of excitment run through me, building up inside. Ant yelled out as his thrusts sped up harder and faster, "im bout to cum" I could hear the clapping sound as his hips slammed into my teen thighs, and as it was coming the cock in my mouth was pulled out and I was raised up into a sitting possion. Ant jumped up quickly holding his dick and squirted hot stringy jizz into my mouth. I kept my mouth wide and spray after spray shot into my mouth overflowing and stringing from my mouth and chin. The guy behind me said, "swallow that shit and turn around." I did as told and from my hands and knees he ran his cock back into my mouth. It was the one I saw earlier the one they called OG. He had been the guy fucking my throte. He put his hands behind his head and I grabbed his beast with both hands tring hard to get as much as I could into my mouth. Looking up at him as I did so I could tell he was loving it. I stroked and sucked his dick as well as I could. At the same time I could feel someone raising up behind me. His cock eased into my pussy until he was at the bottom. His cock was long. At least a foot and my small body couldent take it all, that doesent mean he dident try to make it fit.

Slapping my ass I felt him start thrusting deep into me. I tried to screech but the dick in my mouth kinda muffled the sound. OG said, "take it ease nigga, you gonna make this bitch bite my dick off damn. That pussy ain't going nowhere take yo time." He slowed down and started giving me long deep thrust as I kept working on the cock in front of me. I felt a SLAP across my left ass cheek then another across my right. Then another and another. They started to sting some but I was so fucked up I could barely realize the pain.

I layed my head in OGs lap still stroking his cock but giving my jaws a break. When the guy behind me saw this he started slamming into my pussy with everything he had. I could feel my inner walls tearing open as his footlong sausage pushed deeper and deeper. I screamed in ecstasy as his bucking subsided and he ran deep saying, "im fucking cumming im cumming," and shot his load deep into my pussy walls coating them with his white baby batter. As he pulled out OG said, "be a good lil gurl for me and ride my niggas dick when he lays down." Another guy layed down on his back and I mounted him slidding his cock inside my tunneled out vagina. He pulled my knees in close and started bucking his hips into me. He wasent as long as the guy before him so it was something I could work with. I looked at him, light skin, tear drop tattoos on his face, a 5 2 tattooed on ths neck. His stomach said killa and I knew this was the guy from Keishas house earlier. I looked down to see his dick going in and out of me. Over and over. I spread my shaved pussy lips open revealing the sleave going in and out with his cock. He started tickling my clit with one hand and rimming my butthole with the other. I felt the tip of his finger slip into my baby butt when my head was raised and a guy standing over me slid his cock into my mouth.

Bouncing up and down the rhythm of our fucking caused his dick to slide in and out of my mouth. We dident have to do anything but sit there. His cock jabbed in and out down my throte, I just kept my mouth wide. The guy below me took me ass cheeks with both hands and started slamming me down on his cock hard. A sorness started building up inside of me. I dident know how much more I could take. One last slam and I could feel his load letting off round after round inside of me.

The guy standing pulled out of my mouth, lifted me up off the dick cumming inside of me and placed me on my back. I could feel cum running out of me and onto the floor. He raised both of my legs together placing them on his shoulder and from his knees he stuffed me with cock. Faster and faster deeper and deeper he plunged into my tiny teen hole busting the lining out of my once tender tunnel. His balls slapped against my butthole as he drove faster and faster. OG got down on his knees next to me and started feeding me cock again. Sliding down my throte till I couldent breath then pulling out as I gasped to catch my breath. My throte and pussy were being stretched and stuffed at the same time. One stocking still up the other sagging halfway. My shirt was up to my neck exposing my A cup tiny tits. OG fondled them, caressing my puffy pink nipples, while I worked my jaws around his cock stroking it fully and feeling the distruction his friend was causing between my legs.

All of a sudden I was raised up and placed on another guys thick cock that seemed to spread me wider then ever. I was reverse cowgirl so the guy that was fucking me slid his cock into my mouth and started fucking my throte rapidly. In a matter of seconds he grabbed me by the head with both hands and shot cock juice down my throte. While this was going on the guy I was riding started sticking his fingers in and out of my asshole. It was real real tight, but I couldent protest, my entire throte and mouth were filled up.

Swallowing as much as I could he released me. I colapsed to the floor gasping for my breath. The guy under me kept slamming into me when I felt a slight pressure on my asshole. I glanced back and OG was standing above the other guy behind me trying to fit his dick in my ass. It was no use there just wasent enough room for the both of them. The guy below me pulled out and OG was able to get his head in my ass. Before I had a chance to scream out the other guy slammed into my pussy again tearing my teen flesh open.

I heard a voice speak up saying, "god damn she felt that one, OG tring to kill this little white bitch." OG just sat there cock head stretching my anal cavity, while the other guy slammed into me harder and harder. Leaning forward OG whispered, "you'll have to forgive me, but I like it rough." And he thrust moving in deeper and spreading me wider. He rolled my ass cheeks open, spit on his cock and thrust again harder tearing away at my fleshy ass walls, and plunging a little deeper. "Still not there yet," when another blow came and ripped me open, his mammoth cock plunging all the way in. A scream escaped my throte as both men took turns bucking in and out of my pussy and baby butthole together. I could feel there cocks slamming against each other with only the thin layer of skin dividing the two. My insides were being distroyed as they slammed harder and harder. I screamed in pain which only made them buck harder, but at the same time I could feel my juices building up inside. As the intense feeling approached I started slamming back making the cock in my asshole dig deeper, my legs started shaking and a rush of girl juice slimmed the cock in my pussy. I guessing this turned him on more cause he yelled out, "I'M CUMMING GOD DAMN IT I FUCKING CUMMINGGGG!" And a load shot deep into my wornout teenage pussy. The bucking stopped and OG pulled out of my ass spreading it wide for everyone to see. "Look at that little asshole gaping open, that mutha fucka is tore up." Another voice spoke up with a chuckle saying, "this bitch ain't gonna be able to shit right for a month."

My body still shaking OG lifted me up, laying me on my back on the couch and lifting my legs high he threw his cock back into my asshole. I screamed out but to know avail. He slammed over and over. His body weight crushing my 90 pound body. The smell of sweat, cum, smoke, and alcohol feeled the vehicle. When he told me he liked it rough he wasent kidding one bit. Grabbing me by the neck he thrust into me harder and harder slamming my tiny body into the seat. I could feel the walls of my ass pocket start tring to swell from the tearing into it was receiving but the more it swoll the harder he plunged ripping it wider and wider. I was screaming in pain, which seemed to turn him on more. Spreading my legs wider and useing the back of my knees to prop his hands up on he stood slamming with complete force into my swollen ass. I felt like I was being drop kicked by a steel rod the width of a pringles can. Over and over he dove into me, over my screams I heard only complete silence. Even the radio was low. I looked over. Him and saw the guys staring in shock and amazement. Sweat dripping from his nose splashed on my forehead and ran down to my lips.

I was spent. The only thing holding me up was OG I felt his speed increase and he said, "here it comes bitch here it cumms," and he pulled out of asshole leaving a sleave hanging out and stuck his elephant trunk in my face blasting me with his semen. Three mighty squirts covered my face stringing down from my chin and nose, and still I could feel it running from my pussy.

The men stared in shock. I couldent move. I layed there as they made there way out of the SUV moments later I could here Keisha yelling at Ant saying, "why yall do that to her? Huh stupid mutha fuckas." She climbed in the SUV and started cleaning me up and helping me dress. Still screaming at Ant I managed to say, "Keisha its not his fault, let's just go." She helped me in the car and we headed to her house. She asked if I wanted her to call my dad and I said no that I don't want him knowing. Helping me walk we went in and she put my drunk beaten body to bed.

I spent most of the next day in bed unable to move. I talked to my dad, he asked about the get together and I lied saying it was me keisha and her vollyball friends and we were going to get a pizza again tonight and watch more movies. He laughed happy that his little girl was getting to spend some time with an old friend, unknowing of what his little girl had been exposed too. I told Keisha it wasent Ants fault, that I agreed, it just got out of hand. That night we hungout like old times watching movies not speaking of the night before. Sunday I was moving around good enough that I could hide it from my dad. Me and Keisha hugged promising to do it again real soon, and as we got back on I 20 headed home my dad asked, "did you have fun?" Smiling I said,"I had the time of my life. Thanks dad."

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