The Hen Weekend

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When she first got invited on the Hen Weekend, Sophie had some serious doubts about whether she should go or not. She had been friends with Helen for a long time, but she was a bit of a home bird, and didn’t much fancy the drunken revelry that she anticipated would take place. And now she was actually on it she realised that she had been right to have doubts. Helen had decided on a school uniform theme for their Saturday night on the town, and now she was in her hotel room, short tartan skirt, tight white blouse and tie laid out ready on the bed, waiting for Helen to finish in the bathroom.

Sitting there in her dressing gown, she thought how strange it was that they got on so well, when in many ways their personalities were so different. Helen was much more self confident and outgoing than she was. She was also much more open about her sexual exploits over the years, and often made Sophie blush when recounting them. By contrast Sophie’s sex life had been much more conventional, and while she had no regrets about this, she did find some of Helen’s stories exciting in what she felt were inappropriate ways.

Finally the bathroom door opened, and Helen marched out completely naked. Sophie tried her best not to look, but couldn’t help noticing how lean and fit she looked with her toned legs and abs, and her small firm breasts. In an effort to hide the blush that she could feel rising to her face, she raced into the bathroom and locked the door. She was a little perturbed as she showered to feel her nipples harden as she washed her breasts. It wasn’t that she thought there was anything wrong in principle with touching herself, it was just that she didn’t feel comfortable doing it. In this regard she felt a victim of her sheltered upbringing.

The shower eventually calmed her down and, donning her dressing gown once again, she went back into the bedroom. She was appalled to see Helen laying on the bed, still naked, two fingers frantically pumping in and out of her pussy. As Sophie struggled to avert her gaze Helen’s back arched as she reached her climax with a shudder.
Sophie’s face was a very bright red as she said “Do you have to?”

“What’s the point of a hen weekend if I can’t enjoy myself?” grinned Helen, not in the least self conscious about having been discovered bringing herself to a sexual climax.
Turning her back Sophie started to get dressed. She finished her outfit off with a pair of white panties and white knee length socks. As she bent over to pull her socks up she heard Helen wolf whistle her. “Stop teasing. You are so bad” she laughed.
“Well you do look very sexy” said Helen with a wink.
“So do you” thought Sophie, but she didn’t dare say it.
“Right let’s hit the town” said Helen as she finished buttoning her blouse up.

The rest of the group were already in the hotel bar when they got down there. And they were attracting plenty of attention, with more than one man getting a look or word of reproach from his wife. After a quick drink they set off for the bars of the city centre.
By the time they got to the nightclub Sophie had lost count of the number of times they had all been propositioned. While some of the girls had enjoyed a bit of a flirt and maybe a quick snog or two, she had remained aloof, although she had quite enjoyed the attention.
After yet another drink they hit the dance floor. It wasn’t long before they were getting asked to dance by any number of blokes. And one by one the girls succumbed to the advances, until only Sophie and Helen were left dancing together. When a guy came and asked Helen to dance, she looked apologetically at Sophie, waiting for her blessing. Sophie duly gave it, saying she would give her feet a rest.

Sitting alone with her drink she watched Helen and the man dancing. He was good looking and slim, and took every opportunity to make physical contact with Helen. Far from resisting, Helen’s hands were also doing their own share of wandering. By the time the inevitable couple of smoochies were played at the end they were grinding their hips together, and he actually hitched her skirt up to grab her bare buttocks. Sophie’s eyes widened with amazement as she watched, not least because it appeared that Helen was not wearing any knickers.
The last song finished and Helen came bounding across, still full of energy “I’ve invited Dave back to the hotel for a quick drink. Do you mind if he shares a taxi with us?”

“Are you sure you should be doing this? You don’t know anything about him”
“Oh, shush. Last weekend of freedom and all that! In any case what harm is there in a small drink?”
“Ok, but just one drink”

With that Dave arrived back from the gents, and smiled at them both when he was told the good news. They walked out to get a taxi with Helen’s arm hooked through his. The three of them all climbed into the back with Helen in the middle. It wasn’t long before Sophie spotted Dave’s hand on Helen’s thigh. This wasn’t a total surprise given the tone of the rest of the evening. What was a huge surprise was the feel of Helen’s hand on her thigh. At first she thought she must be imagining it, or that Helen’s hand had just slipped. Any such thoughts were dispelled the moment Helen’s fingers started stroking up and down her leg.

Sophie sat rigid, not wanting to draw attention to what was happening, and not knowing how to respond. Stealing another sideways glance she saw that Helen’s other hand had slipped inside the fly of Dave’s trousers and was working away inside there. She stole several more glances before they got back to the hotel, and though she would never have admitted it, she was feeling very turned on. Her intention was to go straight up to the room and leave them to it, but Helen insisted she join them for a drink first.
This plan was thwarted at the first stage as the hotel bar had already closed. “No problem” said Helen “The mini-bar will be open in the room.”

Not for the first time that evening Sophie looked at her aghast. She was actually inviting this stranger back to their room. After a short whispered conversation she realised that there was no point arguing. At least she would be there to ensure that things didn’t get too out of hand. A short ride in the lift and they were at the door to the room. Sophie unlocked it and the others tumbled in after her.

Helen made straight for the mini-bar, leaving Sophie and Dave to take a seat on the beds, one of them on each. Soon Helen was passing them both a drink before getting her own and perching on the bed next to Dave. As they drank his hand returned to her thigh, running up the inside to the bottom of her skirt. Almost involuntarily Helen’s legs parted allowing Dave’s hand to continue up under her skirt. Sophie wanted to look away, but couldn’t quite make herself.

For a moment she thought the other two had forgotten her, as their kissing became more passionate and his fingers continued to probe up Helen’s skirt, drawing lots of moans and groans from her lips. Although she still hadn’t quite admitted it to herself, Sophie was now hugely turned on. She could feel the hardness of her nipples poking through her white blouse, and she could feel the wetness between her legs. She was also very curious about what was going to happen next. She didn’t have to wait long to find out, as Helen broke off her kiss with Dave, and stood up, dragging him to his feet.

Looking across at Sophie she beckoned her to come and join them. Sophie declined at first but Helen was very insistent and it didn’t take her long to give in. When she got close enough Helen whispered in her ear that she wanted her to help her to undress Dave. Sophie knew that this was a dreadful idea, but such was the degree of her arousal that she consented.

They started with his shirt, both of them undoing the buttons, and Helen sliding her hands inside as soon as it fell open. Sophie moved round behind him and pulled the shirt down off his shoulders, carrying on until his arms had pulled clear of the sleeves. She threw his discarded shirt onto the bed, and turned to see that Helen was already working at the waistband of his trousers. Not really sure what to do now, she knelt down and started to undo his shoe laces, before pulling them off, along with his socks for good measure. Meanwhile Helen had his trousers and boxers down round his waist and was rubbing his shaft with slow firm strokes. Without taking her eyes off Helen’s actions Sophie eased Dave’s remaining clothes down his legs and helped him to step out of them. He was now totally naked, and both women cast admiring glances at his body.

Getting to her feet Helen guided him back towards the bed, until he was sitting on the end of it.. She then bent to help Sophie, who had remained rooted on her knees, to her feet. Yet again Sophie was taken aback as Helen started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Figuring that there was no point in trying to resist Sophie just stood there and let her undo all of the buttons, before pulling the blouse out of the waistband of her skirt.

Sophie wasn’t wearing a bra, and her firm pert breasts were now revealed to both Helen and Dave, whose erection seemed to be getting even bigger and harder. Sophie was distracted by the twitching of his cock, and didn’t see Helen lowering her head until the moment she took one of her breasts into her mouth. Once she had sucked and teased her nipple to total hardness she transferred her attention to the other one. Sophie had never even considered doing something like this, let alone actually tried it, but the effect was overwhelming. Her actions were almost trance like as she obeyed Helen’s instructions to undo her blouse.

Like Sophie, Helen was braless, and as her blouse fell open Sophie reached out to touch her breasts. Earlier that evening she had been feeling uncomfortable about touching her own, and now here she was running her palms over her friend’s. Gaining in confidence she took Helen’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger and teased and pinched them until they became as hard as hers.

Helen responded by putting her arms around Sophie and pulling her towards her so that their bodies were pressed against each other, their firm breasts rubbing together. Helen went to kiss Sophie, but she turned her head away as some of her old doubts resurfaced. Not offended in the least Helen started planting delicate little kisses on her neck and cheeks, and nibbled gently at her earlobes. Once again arousal took over from judgement and she felt Helen’s lips soft and warm on hers, followed by the probing of her tongue. Sophie responded in kind and they kissed passionately, momentarily forgetting about Dave.

As they finally broke off from their kiss, Helen at least remembered him, turning her head to see him sporting a massive grin as he sat there playing with himself. On her instructions he moved up the bed, allowing her to crawl up between his legs and take his hard cock in her mouth. He gasped with pleasure as she took almost his whole length, before slowly bringing her head back up to tease him with her tongue. She kept this treatment up until he was on the verge of coming then stopped as she clearly had other plans for him.

She positioned herself so that she was lying on her side with him behind her, and he needed no second invitation to slide into her, enjoying the feel of her wet pussy walls gripping his cock. This time Sophie didn’t wait to be told what to do, but on her own initiative laid in front of Helen so she could watch as Dave moved his cock in and out of her. A couple of times Dave actually slipped all the way out. The second time, rather than just slip back inside her he started to tease between her buttocks with his cock, pressing against her anus with the tip.

Helen’s breathing, which was already laboured, got more and more urgent as she felt him press against her. Dave took this as a sign that he was alright to carry on, and he pressed his cock harder against the tight opening. He was well lubricated from her pussy juices, and slowly he started to enter her. As he slid further inside her she grabbed Sophie’s hand and guided it down to her pussy. At first she slid her fingers slowly up and down between the lips, feeling the moistness, but then she inserted two of her fingers and started to fuck Helen with them.
Helen’s hips were now bucking back and forwards, alternating the pressure between Dave’s cock and Sophie’s fingers. In no time at all Sophie felt her pussy tighten on her fingers as Helen started to come.

As her climax hit her she screamed with the pleasure of it as her body tensed. This was too much for Dave who pulled his cock out of Helen as he started to come and wanked furiously as he shot spurt after spurt of cum on her arse and pussy. Sophie had never seen anything like this, and marvelled at just how much he produced.

Helen wasn’t finished playing yet, pointing out that Sophie hadn’t yet reached her own climax. This was soon to change however as Helen’s mouth worked on her breasts and Dave settled down between her legs to lick at her clit. As she got more worked up he slid his fingers inside her pussy, increasing the stimulation further. Her heightened state of arousal, coupled with this dual onslaught meant that soon she was experiencing the most amazing orgasm she had ever had.

As her shudders started to die down Sophie thought that whatever regrets she may feel in the morning she had none about accepting the invitation to the hen weekend.

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