The Hart family at a Nigerian retreat

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Part 1 :

As I mentioned in my previous story, I worked in several African countries from 1971 to 1981 as an engineer and advisor in energy exploration, primarily oil and gas. Although I had traveled in other African countries in the mid 60’s and early 90’s, most of my hands on experience came from work in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Saudi Arabia.

Due to my expertise and reputation, my services were courted by a number of wealthy and ruling African leaders. I witnessed many things during my tenure there because I had access to places that almost no white man was allowed to see. This continent is rich in numerous cultures and history but there is a very dark side that the international press has been negligent or afraid to report on. European and American technicians were drawn to Africa due to rich contracts and with a number of them their families were invited to follow…..especially the young white wives and daughters.

This story is based on a similar event in Nigeria around 1980. I was not present at this retreat but had worked in the area and personally knew some of the African men involved along with the Hart family that fell victim to this bizarre event. It was almost a year later before T. Hart, a close friend, and his second oldest daughter confessed to me just what really happened during that retreat. Both were unaware but I also taped over two hours of the conversation during that evening at my home. I was surprised at how mature and descriptive Candy, his daughter, was in her sexual accounts and in relaying the actual descriptive experiences of her sisters, brother and other white girls that attended the retreat.

There is not time now to explain but the entire Hart family was truly “Africanized” during their time in Nigeria. I was unsure if I would share this bizarre story but it reveals little known aspects of just how some white families were preyed upon in several African countries. Ever since the violent killings and molestation of Belgium and other European white nationals in the Congo during the early 1960’s, the stage was set to avenge the white man’s bungling of dividing African territories.

As oil, gas and precious metals became a mainstay of exploration in Africa….black African rulers now began to realize wealth and more power which was followed by greed and corruption. Now the black rulers sought the return of white engineers and tradesmen along with their families accompanying them. What the white families did not know was that a number of them would be sexually exploited.

Using my literary license I wanted to share this story due to it’s revealing aspects of African lust. The descriptive nature of my relaying this event may be appalling to some readers while being interesting and titillating to those who have experienced interracial sex. Although some names are real, others have been changed to protect the individuals involved.

It always amazed me as to why white families coming to Africa were so ignorant of the possible dangers that afforded them in a land they did not know. They were at first naive to the cultural differences but more alarmingly did not do research to know about black African lust for their wives, daughters and sons. This was a fact and many families eventually found themselves trapped in a situation they could never imagine. Too bad that the internet was not available years ago.

During this time Nigeria was controlled by a man known as Shehu Shagari, who like many African rulers, had short terms in and out of power. He ruled strictly but kept favor with other African power brokers and tribal leaders by supplying them with sexual favors. The most prized were white ex-pat’s wives and daughters who were either blackmailed into submission or taken by force.

Many wives, daughter and yes, even sons were seduced by the domestics that they hired to work in their homes. It was common to have black African teachers in the township colleges / schools prey on their African students as well as the white ones also. Many white girls were fed a black cock after school hours or had their legs split by African cock in a secluded area of the school grounds. Some were submitted to “tutoring” after school at their teacher’s home then escorted back to their own home late at night…..or early in the morning. One can only imagine the helplessness and fear of a white father seeing a couple of black Africans return his daughter home as she enters the house with wrinkled clothes and a teary despondent look on her face.

Whether for grades, blackmail or from fear, a number of these white darlings were black seduced. Yet, either they or the families kept it secret in order to maintain the father’s job security. Some fathers were even jailed if they snitched or created problems. Even more disgusting, a number of fathers eventually found themselves surrendering their wives, daughters and sometimes son to African lust for six and seven figure contracts. It was black African control and the whites knew it.

One little known secret of African lust encounters was that of the church and special occasion retreats. These campground events were practiced by a number of African countries that stemmed from early colonization. There were some that had changed from their earlier intent and beginning in the 1960’s provided a more dark approach to bonding black and white cultures. True, most of them practiced a respectful itinerary but there was one, perhaps two, controlled by local authorities that expanded their agenda to exploiting white families. As one African counselor once privately admitted to me, “ these retreats are not just for bonding various cultures, they are also for breeding white wives and daughters with black African seed.” Shamefully, this was indeed true and the following event was witness to that.

T. Hart and his family lived in a villa just north of town and I worked with him back in late 1979 for a few months just before his family moved there. He had three young daughters and a son. The son was a twin to the youngest daughter…both blonde, innocent and 18 years old. His oldest daughter, Dana, was 20 years old and in her second year of college. She had dated since the 12th grade but her father was unaware of her occasional sex life. Candy at 19, was a small girl and a year behind her older sister. She had only dated sparingly but was not a virgin. Her college boyfriend in Scotland had been her only lover.

T. Hart had only been in Nigeria for six months. In January of 1980 his family left Scotland and moved in with him. It was on a Monday that Hart received a notice from his boss, Buhari, that there would be a summer outing for four days and that all sons and daughters over 18 years of age from ex-pats would be expected to attend. It was as in his words “a way to experience the country’s heritage and to bond to their new host country.” Little did the Hart family know just what type of bond the some of the Africans had in mind .

Hart and his wife were only too grateful to comply with the outing and prepared their family for the event. It was going to be in a camping retreat next to the waterfall about sixty kilometers from their home. When Hart returned from work that afternoon, they loaded the van and took their daughters and son to the campground. Once there, the black African guards let them in and guided them to the main center. Hart was surprised as to why armed guards were at the gate but after they informed him that they were there to secure the safety of foreign citizens he felt more at ease. Several black women and men came out smiling and friendly to meet them and introduce themselves as counselors.

The Harts felt more comfortable and followed as they were escorted to help their daughters and son place their bags in the welcome center. The counselors would later place them in their respective lodgings. The large camp was segregated into two inclusive sections. The younger children were housed in nice cabins while the older teens and young adults were housed in tents. Both areas had their own programs and activities. There was much more stricter supervision for safety in the younger area. T. Hart and his wife finally left after the dinner that was provided for the families knowing that he had to travel early in the morning to another providence to work on a new project.

After the camp dinner and introduction services Dana and Candy were led to their tents while the twins were escorted to their cabins. Dana, the oldest of the Hart daughters, had wanted her sister Candy to be her tent mate but due to odd camp rules only one person to a tent was permitted. That seemed strange since this was a stand up 8 x 8 foot tent with only one 3 x 6 foot air mattress on the ground. The tents were not even close to one another, perhaps 30 to 40 meters apart along a wide path amongst the trees and large plants with oil lamps giving lamplight after dark. Must be their ways she thought… although a bit scary. It was about nightfall when she heard the camp intercom system announce the beginning of the African dance program being held in the outdoor theater. She dressed in her colorful sunflower dress and put her make up on. Dana was excited being away from her parents and anticipating this adventure.

Dana was surprised by a tapping sound outside the tent. “Who’s there,” she nervously asked.” An accented deep voice replied, “Miss Dana, are you ready for the festivities tonight?” “Who are you,” she questioned. “ I am Abiola,” answered the African. “I am your personal counselor and I am here to escort you to the festivities tonight. Have you had time to get ready?”

“Yea…sure, I am ready,” she said. Before Dana could walk outside the tent flap pulled back and this very dark and tall African entered the tent. He must have been over six and a half feet tall bending over not to scrape the tent top. Dana was a bit nervous in that all of a sudden she was alone with a very big and black man in her tent. She felt more at ease as he smiled along with his demeanor seemingly friendly. He politely asked her to follow him. His big black hand reached out and softly held hers as he guided her along the path with the oil lamps giving assisted light to the path. “How long have you been in our country,” he asked. “Only a month,” she replied. “You are going to enjoy my land and it’s heritage. That is what this retreat is about. To introduce young visitors to the joys and customs of Africa.”

“Where are you from?” Dana inquired. The African let out a warm laugh. “ I am from the northern part of this country. My mother was of Yoruba heritage and my father was of the Maasia tribe that lived in Kenya. Rather an unusual mixture and frowned on between tribes but they met during one of my father’s business trips and settled here in Nigeria. He is a very successful man and I was blessed with being raised in a loving family along with four brothers and two sisters. I will tell you more later on and would also be honored to know about your family."

Abiola was clad in white shorts and a shirt that tightly adorned his muscular body. Dana, as a woman could not help but notice his towering frame including the bulge in his shorts as they walked the path. She was denying the strange feeling she was having. No way could she be feeling excitement in the presence of a black African….no way. She had only had sex with her white college boyfriend. Why then was she feeling excited being led down a path with a man in his mid thirties, not to mention, a very black man. Black men were never appealing to her, especially these African tribesmen as she called them.

Dana’s father worked for a black owned company but her family had mostly been segregated from blacks living in Scotland. She had never even been in school with blacks until recently here in Nigeria. Perhaps it was due to the feeling that she was on her own and her parents no longer around or that she felt liberated as a young woman. Reassuring herself, she was convinced that being a grown lady of twenty she would be able to take care of her self.

They arrived at the outdoor camp theater and the show was beginning. Dana looked around for her sisters and brother but did not see them. Abiola suggested that they seat themselves in the very far rear on the knoll amongst the trees where they could view the dancers yet enjoy the cool African breeze.

As the show began, Abiola pulled a rolled cigarette from his pocket and lit it up. He deeply inhaled it and looked over to Dana. “Please share this with me, it is an African custom that helps to enjoy festivities.” Dana, although surprised, had smoked pot several times before so not wanting to offend her counselor she placed it to her lips. This herb tasted much different from what she had experienced before and she inhaled the sweet aroma with him sharing it.

After only a few minutes into the program the stage lights seemed to glow more colorful and the area they were in became darker. Abiola positioned himself behind her and asked her to lean back against his knees for comfort. It was cooler and she felt a chill so she let her back lean against his knees while they felt comfortable. Slowly his black hands held her shoulders and he guided her to the melodic sounds of the steel drums. Dana was absorbed in the sounds yet somewhat stimulated in that this older black African was touching her. She thought to herself, my father would really be appalled that a black African was even touching me like this. Yet he was well spoken and polite. Still, she felt safe and at ease along with enjoying the show.

Shocking at first, she felt his black lips kiss her neck while his hand softly brushed against her breast as he placed his left arm around her. Abiola knew that this young white maiden was high on smoke as he whispered into her ear. “Are you feeling good and enjoying the show?” he asked. “Yes, but I feel strange and cannot explain it,” She replied. Dana was certainly high and enamored with being a woman in the presence of a mature man that seemed to respect her but she was also experiencing a an excitement in her body that alarmed her and she was not sure how to cope with it. She quickly thought to herself…Oh gosh, this is getting serious and I hope I have not teased this black man into thinking I want to be with him. “Dana, just relax and let your mind wonder to the sounds of the music and pretend you are an African maiden,” Abiola softly said.

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