The Goddess of Passion

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Jenna, at eighteen, had started her freshman year at Idaho State in the fall on full academic and athletic scholarships. Dell was extremely proud of her. In high school she had been an exemplary student, a cheerleader for the football team and a striker on the soccer team. At Idaho State she went right into both these same activities, devoting the rest of her time to her studies. She planned to become a medical doctor, specializing in sports injuries. 

Dell mused; “She’s so pretty. Takes after her momma, bless her soul.” Dell’s wife, Sarah, and Jenna’s mom, had died two years ago in an automobile accident. Skidded off the road during a blinding snow storm and bounced over the guard rail, landing upside down a hundred feet below. The car was a pancake.

Jenna took it very hard and almost went into a deep depression, but Dell was able to comfort her and worked very hard to be both mom and dad for her. Dell and Jenna got very close during this time and the neighbors all remarked at how well the two were doing, considering...

Now, it was Jenna’s Christmas Vacation from the university and she and Dell were sitting in their kitchen thinking about what they’d do that coming weekend. They always did things together, now that Sarah was gone. And the things they did often were more slanted toward Dell’s interests, but that suited Jenna just fine. She liked to do the things that her dad liked! In this regard, given that Dell was only thirty-eight, the two of them found it relatively easy to share mutual interests. And this time, it seemed to Jenna that it would be such great fun!

Dell had suggested they go cross-country skiing. They both loved to ski and were both very proficient at it. Dell had been an athlete in high school and had skied since he was a young boy, living here in Idaho all his life. He was a logger by profession and, thus, was in excellent physical condition. Jenna, too, was an excellent skier. The soccer season had recently ended, so she, too, was in excellent physical condition. Some might say - ‘luscious’ condition, but that’s another matter.

They got up early on Saturday morning. As she soaped over her lovely, high, firm, round breasts in the shower, she could picture some man doing this for her, caressing her firm athletic body, making love to her with his slippery fingers, softly cupping her breasts, kneading them gently and swirling round her engorged nipples. She could feel her arousal growing, her juices beginning to flow from her nether mouth. Her soapy fingers slid across her tight tummy down to the top of her thighs, swirled around her hips to her firmly muscled buttocks. She moaned as her hands returned their stroking to her thighs. She spread them and brought her fingers up to her pussy. She came, squirming her whole body around; her hands pressed tightly against her sex, the breathtaking feeling washing over her entire being. She moaned again, her chest heaving as she came back to present time. She smiled dreamily and finished her shower, washing away the last vestiges of her encounter with her own emotions, except for places she didn’t reach, places she didn’t want to expunge of their residual feeling.

After Dell and Jenna dressed, they wolfed down a breakfast of hot cereal (microwave Instant Quaker Oats) and coffee and were ready to go. They had packed their ‘survival’ gear the night before. They dressed in their ‘mountain skiing’ garb (down pants, down parkas, woolen face masks, their custom ski boots and thick warm gloves). They put their parkas in the back with their packs and tossed their goggles on top. Dell kept a snow shovel in the SUV all winter, just in case. He had clamped their cross-country skis and poles on the roof rack of his SUV the night before, so all they had to do now was get to the trail head and start skiing.

Dell had verified with the weather service that all would be well for the next two days - no new snow expected partly cloudy and light winds from the northwest. These were perfect conditions for a perfect day with his lovely daughter, of whom he was so proud. Dell doted on Jenna. She was so full of life today, chattering and laughing about things she was telling Dell about her life at Idaho State. Every so often they would happen to look at each other at the same moment and both broke into wide grins. They were so happy to be with each other again for a while before Jenna had to leave and go back to school. But, because of Dell and how he had nurtured her at a critical time in her young life, she was able to do that, leave him for a while, and come out stronger in the end. Their love for each other was limitless.

They drove northwest out of Ketchum into the Sawtooth National Recreational Area to a point where one of their favorite cross-country ski trails crossed the main road. Dell was glad he’d tossed an extra set of chains in the back of the SUV as the road conditions definitely required chains and he couldn’t be certain one set would be enough - sometimes they broke and without a second set, one might be stranded for some time. Cell phones were nice in a lot of situations but there were areas up here in the mountains, especially in the more remote spots where there really was no effective service - couldn’t get one bar! It was awesome country! Mostly pine covered in summer and snow covered in winter, but in winter the smell of the pines was still strong, if it wasn’t too cold that one’s sense of smell was muted.

Once in a while there’d be a big break in the trees indicating a meadow in summer, where cattle would graze on the open range leased from the forestry service. Now, in winter, such open spots made for easy travel, crossing over on their long skis. Dell found the trail crossing the road by the tall sign which posted the trail, sticking up about a foot above the snow bank left by the plows some days earlier. It hadn’t snowed for about four days, but it had been windy and cold, so there had been a lot of drifting in spots as they’d ascended into the Sawtooth area. It looked to Dell like the plows hadn’t been up this way for a number of days, but his 4X4 with chains on all four wheels had handled the road easily.

Because of the wind, the snow had been cleared from a small spot just in front of a rock outcropping on the right hand side of the road about fifty yards up from the trail crossing. The wind had also reduced the level of the berm left by the plow almost to road level, so Dell could easily back into the clear area far enough to be off the road by a good ten feet and still leave them access to the back of the SUV to unload. Perfect!

Outside, the weather was exactly like the weather service said it would be, except that the wind direction had changed. The wind, what there was of it, was now coming from the southwest. Dell made a mental note that this was the wind direction from which many of their worst storms emanated. An alarm flag went up; but, they’d only be there for the day and he was confident they wouldn’t have any problem they couldn’t handle. He felt they were prepared for any eventuality. He had even given Jenna an extra set of car keys should she come to the car and he wasn’t there - heaven forbid! She was a licensed driver and was a good driver, he felt. But, he thought, better safe than sorry! Especially where his Jenna was concerned! A broad smile came across his face as he looked at her unloading their gear from the back of the SUV. She handed him his parka before putting on her own.

Jenna looked at Dell and thought, “Oh, how much I love you, daddy! You certainly are my best friend!” “What would I do without you?” she pondered and then shivered, perhaps from fear, perhaps from memory of loss.

They were smiling at each other as they dressed for their trek, helping each other into their big, thick, down parkas. Dell had unclamped their skis and poles from the roof rack and handed Jenna’s to her when she had put on her gloves. They picked up their skis and walked back to the south side of the trail head. 

There they put on their skis, pulled down their goggles and Jenna cried out, laughing, “Last one to the trees is a rotten egg!” and shoved off, taking long, sinuous strides with her legs and thrusting hard with her ski poles.

They had been on this trail before and knew it lead across the open meadow where they’d parked the SUV, to the west, where it threaded its way between a stand of tall fir trees coming out on another meadow just below a ridge to the north. Some of this area had been logged in the past (Dell estimated about twenty to twenty-five years ago, judging by the re-growth that had occurred). They had to be careful not to run into or over stumps that might be only lightly covered with snow.

However, the area they were traversing now was an open meadow, not a logged off area, so Jenna tore out as fast as she could, with Dell very close behind her. He admired her athleticism very much. He and Sarah had only her and he was grateful she enjoyed doing so many things with him that girls often didn’t care to do at all, let alone with their dads! But now, she had challenged him and he had to give her a good race for the trees! After all, what fun was a challenge if nobody took you up on it? And he wanted her to have fun!
She glanced over her shoulder, seeing her dad coming on strong. She cranked up the length and rate of her stride, using her long, strong legs as hard as she could. She was laughing and screaming with happiness! Her leg action coordinated with her arm strokes with the poles was a thing of beauty! She was masterful! Dell marveled at how she sped along the trail, staying in front of him despite his best effort to overtake her. While he was fit, his work didn’t require any running, so her soccer fitness was now proving the difference in who was going to get to the trees first and not be the ‘rotten egg’. Besides, she had started out first whilst throwing down the challenge. She had an advantage from the start.

Dell grinned. He loved her so; her childlike innocence about so many things in life, in contrast with her brilliance in her studies and her athleticism - she was certainly going to be a catch for some guy! But, so far, she had avoided dating, preferring her sports activities and studies instead. He had often wondered about that when they were doing something like this, skiing together, but had not considered that it was a problem. She had plenty of time for all that boy stuff, he thought. Besides, it had made it easier for him - he didn’t have to worry about some idiot youngster taking advantage of her and either hurting her and/or frightening her, or worse, ‘spoiling’ her, cruelly taking her innocence from her. To date, her choice of life-style had been a blessing to him and to her, he thought. She was one smart lady, he mused.

Wow, then it struck him! She is a lady! She’s grown up! She’s a woman now! He hadn’t had to deal with all that ‘period’ stuff and other ‘girl things’. Sarah had done all that before she died.

Jenna reached the edge of the tree line a stride in front of Dell and jammed her poles into the snow in front of her as she wishboned her skies, coming to a stop. He almost crashed into her but threw himself off to the side, ending up in a snow bank. Jenna shrieked in joy! She held her tummy, bent over, laughing and laughing. Dell stood, dusting the snow off him and then started to slowly laugh himself until he finally was laughing as heartily as Jenna was. They took off their skis, turned toward each other, reached out their arms to each other and embraced tightly, both of them marveling in the warmth they felt for each other.

“Oh, daddy! I love you so!” Jenna crooned, her face flushed with the recent exertion and her chest heaving with her deep breathing. “You make such a wonderful ‘rotten egg’!” she laughed. 

Dell beamed back at her and said, “And you are one helluva fine skier! Wow, you can finally beat your old man!”

Jenna feigned indignation, stamping her foot, and said, “Daddy, one thing you are not is old! Why, you’re better looking and in better shape than any boy my age. I wouldn’t trade any of them for you! For anything!” hugging him tightly.

Well, Dell just beamed!! He was so happy to see her so happy. All was well in the mountains. Or was it?

They both noticed that it was clouding up a bit and the ‘partly cloudy’ statement from the weather service seemed to be changing to ‘cloudy’, as the sun disappeared. “Not to worry,” thought Dell. “We’ll just go on a bit further and see what happens. We can always double back and get the hell outa Dodge,” he thought. Besides, Jenna was having so much fun; he didn’t want to see her joy dampened by something as uncontrollable as the weather. They put their skis back on and continued over the winding path through the stand of trees to the next open area beneath the northern ridge. Jenna led.

Dell watched her extremely graceful, athletic strides in wonder. God, she was a beauty. His fatherly instincts welled up and he began to be concerned about her safety in this crazy world. No question about it, Jenna must be attracting boys like bees to honey at Idaho State, yet she hadn’t said anything about it at all, only chattering about her studies and soccer. Still, that spark of concern glowed in Dell. He loved his daughter so much.

They glided smoothly across, just beneath the crest of the ridge, where the re-growth from logging was least and the snow was the deepest. Jenna certainly knew what she was doing in the path she selected. Every so often, a deeper drift would cause them to slow, but aside from that, they moved rapidly for some miles. They both were getting a bit hungry from their exertion. When they came to a new stand of tall trees, down the slope a bit, where the upper slope to the top of the ridge was too steep to traverse easily, they stopped.
Jenna turned to Dell and said, “Gee, daddy! I’m starving! Let’s eat something.” 

Dell responded, “Yeah, and I could use a drink, too.” They had packed more food than they would ever have expected to need, so they had their choice of goodies - Power Bars, trail mixes of several varieties, sandwiches, you name it. They also each had a quart thermos of hot chocolate and under the current conditions that seemed yummy to both of them as they stepped out of their skis and helped each other lift their packs off their backs. 

“Interesting,” mused Dell, Jenna came to me first to help take my pack off my back. She had her mother’s trait of usually thinking about the other person first. Yes, no doubt of it, she’d make some lucky guy a very fine wife. He was extremely proud of that in her.

As they ate and drank, they noticed that tiny flurries of snow were beginning to float about them - nothing heavy, just tiny little flakes. Every now and then, the sun would vaguely be apparent, and then disappear again. The wind hadn’t picked up at all, but remained steadily from the southwest. Dell wasn’t alarmed but he did note the changing conditions and remained alert to any necessary change in their plans for the day. He looked to the southwest and observed that the cloud cover seemed to be tiny bit heavier in that direction. OK, keep a ‘weather eye open.’

Jenna was smiling at him and chattering on about a term paper she’d written for her Biology class on which she’d gotten an ‘A’. She was so excited about the prospects of eventually studying microbiology and, oh, so many things! She was ravenous for knowledge. Dell told her she’d need to explain some of those things to him when the time came, ‘cause he ‘didn’t have a clue.’ 

“Daddy, you know a lot more than you let on, but I’ll be sure to answer any of your questions as best I can, any time,” she laughed. 

God, she’s so full of life - she’s an inspiration! he thought.

Having sated their hunger and thirst for the moment, they packed up and continued down the trail. After a few more miles, the trail cut up over the north ridge and continued down the other side, running roughly parallel with the ridge, but down far enough from the crest that the weather approaching from the southwest was cut off from their observation. Moving swiftly as they were the increase in the rate of snow falling was somewhat obscured and it was not until they came to another point where the trail crossed back over the top of the ridge to the south that they were fully aware of the danger in their situation. The wind had picked up considerably, while they had been sheltered from it by the ridge top and the snow was now coming down with blizzard force.

Coming up to the crest of the ridge, Jenna slowed and finally stopped, blinded by the driving snow and wind. Dell caught up with her and shouted over the wind, “Honey, we’ve got to go back to the car and get home. This doesn’t look good at all.” 

He knew that much of their way back would be in the face of the obvious storm descending rapidly on them. She nodded her agreement. Dell flopped his skis, turning around, back the way they’d come. He led the way now, following the path their skis had made getting there. The force of the storm seemed to increase, in spite of the fact they were on the leeward side of the ridge. Now, he was definitely getting concerned!

True, they had enough food with them to last for a couple of days or longer if they rationed it out, but where would they find shelter if they needed it? If they did manage to get back to the SUV, he felt they could get out of harm’s way. But, if they couldn’t get that far, where could they hole up? Oh, yeah, he brightened! A few miles back there was a cabin, used by cattle hands to stay overnight if they needed to during the summer months when their cattle were on the open range leased from the forestry service. It was just to the north, slightly downhill from the trail. Well, they’d just have to take a reading when they got back to that point and make a judgment as to what they should do, hole up and wait out the storm, or continue on in hopes they could make it all the way out.

Going back was more difficult skiing, because the earlier surface was often harder with a crust caused by sunshine, but now, with new snow driving down, the surface was softer and sometimes driven into drifts which hadn’t been there before. This was easily seen when their incoming tracks were obliterated by the new snowfall and wind. They plugged on, doing their best to keep up a fast pace in return to the SUV parked by the main road.

Fortunately, they both were well dressed for this weather, but they still had miles to go and the intensity of the storm was building. When the trail took them onto the southern side of the ridge, the blizzard was often blinding and they had to slow down, and in some cases, almost stop, to be sure they stayed on the return trail. Jenna just pushed ahead behind Dell, being alert to not run up his back when he slowed or stopped momentarily to check his bearings. She said nothing, just following Dell wherever he led. She trusted in him in every respect, knowing implicitly, that if anyone could get them out safely, it was her daddy. Even so, she began to have niggling concerns as the storm blew harder and the visibility dropped down to only a few yards.

Again, the trail took them over to the north side of the ridge and Dell began to search for the cattle rover’s cabin, because if they plunged on past it and the storm kept up as it was or got worse, he didn’t like their odds of making it out before nightfall - with blinding snow and no moonlight or starlight - well, forget it! Too dangerous. The cabin might very well be their only chance at this point, he thought.

Suddenly, below him on the left, Dell spotted what looked like part of a wall of logs; else everything was covered with snow. He couldn’t really make out the roof and much of the side wall was also covered with deep snow. But, yes, there was the cabin. He slowed down and motioned for Jenna to stop so he could talk with her.

Over the roar of the wind he pointed to the cabin and shouted, “We’re going to hole up here ‘til this storm lets up! Come on.”

The door to the cabin faced to the north, the leeward side of the storm, yet the amount of snow in front of it was such as to block its opening. Dell knew the door would open out - they were all built that way here ‘cause if you had a fire inside, you’d sure want that door to open out! As well, snow could get real heavy and you wouldn’t want the only force keeping it out of the cabin to be a lock. You’d want the strength of the door frame to keep the door in place. 

Dell slipped off his skis while Jenna stepped out of hers and huddled down to get out of the wind. Dell saw that the cabin door had no lock - commonly done in these parts in order that the likes of Dell and Jenna might find shelter in an emergency - just a thoughtful courtesy among the mountain folk. Dell pushed at the snow piled in front of the door with the side of his ski boot. He soon realized that the old snow, which had iced over, was still too high to allow the door to open, so he began to attack that with pointed tip of his ski pole. Yep, that was getting it. He glanced over at Jenna, huddled against the wall. She nodded her head she was all right.

Dell finally got enough snow cleared away that he could try to open the door. It opened about six inches and then ground on higher iced snow, so he got busy with the ski pole again. Very soon he was able to open the door about a foot and a half. He motioned for Jenna to go inside. She’d know what to look for - a kerosene lamp, matches, a wood stove, firewood, etc. He continued to clear the door so that he was able to swing it wide open. Made no sense to just get in, they’d have to get out when the storm let up and he didn’t want to have to deal with ice at that point. Better to do it now.

The only light in the cabin came from the open door and the lower left hand corner of a window on the left wall, toward the front of the cabin. On the right were two bunk beds, one atop the other. There were straw ticks on them overtop of woven-rope frames. On the left below the window was a sink, but she knew there’d be no water at this time of year. In the middle of the cabin was a small potbellied stove, with a stack of firewood against the back wall. Depending on, there was enough wood to last a few days. She knew she shouldn’t try to start a fire yet, as Dell would have to be sure the flue was clear and not blocked by drifted snow on the roof.

She looked in the storage space below the sink to see what almost nothing was there -. Oh, some pots and pans, a few dishes, but only a half dozen cans of pork and beans, otherwise, no food. There was a drawer below the counter next to the sink and it contained some eating and cooking utensils - knives, forks, spoons, ladles, can opener, etc. She saw there were some blankets folded and stacked on the bunk beds. It looked like there were two per bed. Again it was too sparse, but still a whole lot better than nothing. She put her ‘survival pack’ on top of the counter next to the sink.

Jenna could hear Dell on the roof and soon heard him clearing snow away from the tin pipe chimney. He shouted down to her with his mouth close to the chimney, “OK, honey, you can start a fire now - I hope!” He hadn’t been inside the cabin yet, but he had noticed the stove and fire wood.

Jenna noted there were some old magazines piled on the stack of firewood which she could use to help start a fire in the stove. There was a small hatchet there, too, which she could use to make some kindling from one of the pieces of firewood. Whoever had been there last had not renewed the kindling pile. Hanging on a hook above the firewood was an old kerosene lamp - she prayed there was enough wick and that the lamp had some kerosene in it. She picked it off the hook. It appeared to be full and yes, there was a usable wick. She got a match from her pack, swiped it across the top of the stove and lit the lamp wick. Lowering the glass shield, she adjusted the height of the wick to provide the minimum amount of light, so as to use as little kerosene as possible. Then she went hunting for a can of kerosene.

In the meantime, Dell, stamping the snow off his boots outside the cabin first, came through the door carrying their skis and poles. He leaned them up in the back, left corner of the cabin, behind one of the two chairs placed by a small table. The kerosene lamp was on the table, glowing softly. He noted to himself that most people would have had that lamp burning as brightly as possible, but not his daughter - she knew they needed to conserve all their resources in the situation they were in. 

Jenna was splitting some kindling from one of the split pieces of firewood using the hatchet. When she had a half dozen pieces or so, she tore off some pages of one the magazines she’d found and prepared the starter stack inside the open door of the stove. Then, she opened the flue. She was concerned that it might be very difficult to get the fire going, if the wind was pushing down the flue, but fortunately, Dell had thought of that and had pushed snow up behind the chimney on the roof on the windward side, so as to minimize the effect of the wind on the chimney.

When Jenna struck the match, she carefully made sure the wood match stick was burning before reaching inside the stove to light the paper in the starter stack. She could feel the wind and the match flame flickered, but held. Fortunately, it was all dry. She was prepared to add a larger piece of firewood to the burning stack in the stove. Dell looked at what she was doing and smiled with pride. This gal knows how to handle things, he thought. Here was an intelligent, sensible, well brought up young lady, he mused. And she was his daughter!

They could hear the wind still howling outside and when Dell looked out the corner of the one window, he wasn’t able to see more than a few yards - the snow was still coming down very hard. At that point they both took off their goggles, ski masks and hats and looked at each other. 

Dell smiled warmly at Jenna and asked her, “How’re ya doin’ sweetheart?” 

She grinned back, “I’m doin’ just fine, daddy! How’re you doin’?” 
“Fine, too,” he acknowledged. “Say,” he said, “which bunk do you want, top or bottom?” 
“I’ll take the top. I’m not sure you’d be able to climb up there very easily,” she teased. They both also knew the top bunk would be the warmest.

“You know we’re going to be here overnight,” he stated. 

“Yeah,” she said, we couldn’t see in the dark, with it overcast and still snowing as hard as it is.” 

“Did you find any food in here? he asked. 

“Not a whole lot, some cans of beans and that’s about it. Oh, there’s also some coffee, I think. I saw a can.” 

Dell surveyed the small stack of firewood and estimated it might last for a couple of days, but that would be about it. This storm better not last longer than that or it’s going to get a bit uncomfortable around here, he thought.

“Honey, the best thing for us to do would be to get the place warmed up well, get a good bed of coals there, bank the fire and get to bed. Assuming this blow ends sometime during the night, we’ll want to get a good start in the morning. But, come to think of it, I’m starving. What should we have for dinner?” 

“I could open a couple of those cans of beans,” she said, “so we have a hot meal. What do you think?” 

“I think that’s a good idea,” he said, “unless you’re concerned about the after effects.” 

Jenna giggled. “Daddy, that’s the nature of beans. Just don’t forget we’re in a confined space and there’s a fire going,” she chuckled, as she grabbed the can opener.

She put the pan of beans on the top of the stove to heat up and placed a couple of plates and two spoons on the small table. By this time the little stove was putting out a fair amount of heat. Dell and Jenna took their parkas off, but kept their pants and boots on. They both had wool sweaters on, over cotton flannel shirts. And next, as it got warmer, the sweaters came off. 

Jenna remarked that, “It’s getting cozy in here.”

The beans were bubbling, so Jenna stirred them to be sure the heat was evenly spread. Then she pulled the pan off the stove holding the hot handle of the pot with a folded hand towel she found by the sink. She spooned out some of the beans on each of their plates while Dell sat down at the table, taking the chair farthest from the stove. He wanted her to have the benefit of all the heat that could be had. Who really knew how long they would be stuck here - he thought much later about whether his thoughts at that time were a prophesy of some kind.

After Dell had a second serving of beans, they pushed back from the table and Jenna suggested they have a Power Bar for dessert. Wow, thought Dell, she is a woman - she thinks of a man’s stomach! 

He said, “Great idea.” and stepped over to his pack, rummaged around a bit and withdrew two Power Bars, wrapped in different colored foil. “Which flavor do you want?” knowing she’d choose the peanut butter. 

“Which flavor do you want, daddy?” she responded. He handed her the peanut butter bar. 

“Are you sure?” she said, using her teeth to break the wrapper open. 

“I made my choice,” he said, grinning at her. 

She laughed, “Daddy, you always give me my choice, even if I ask you to choose. Because you know what I would choose.” 
“Yes, honey,” he said. “It’s probably something like that, but daddies have the right to do that with their little girls, don’t they?”

“Daddy! I’m not a little girl!” she said with feigned petulance, pushing out her lower lip. 

“Tell me about it,” he said. “Look at you. You’ve grown into a woman in just a couple of months.” 

He beamed at her, so proud of his daughter, so proud of her abilities, good sense and beauty. Oh my God, he thought, I have been blind. She‘s gorgeous, realizing he’d never looked at her that way, that is, as a woman. She’d always been ‘daddy’s little girl’, but that could never be said again - she was a woman, in full bloom. And, a looker! he thought. This little trip of theirs was turning into a life-changing experience. He was seeing her in a totally new light, and it showed a wonderful girl, of whom he was so proud.

She glowed with her daddy’s praise. He was her life. With mom gone, daddy had been everything and still was, she realized. He was so good to her, so loving, yet so thoughtful, allowing her to grow and mature in her own way, allowing her to make her own decisions in life, because, he said, she was responsible for the outcome and he totally trusted her to make it come out right, in the long run. He had told her it was her life, he cared very much about what she did with it, but in the last analysis, she would make the choices. He wouldn’t force his on her. And he never did.

She knew she’d find some other man someday, one she’d marry and they’d raise a family together. She felt strongly that her parents, both her mom and dad, had shown her, with infinite love, just how one should raise a family and continue the ‘love line’. Yes, she knew she’d be a good mother and a loving, supporting wife, but she was in no hurry for that. She had a ton of things she wanted to do before that day came.

Dell noted the storm continued to howl. He suggested they get to bed, to preserve their strength and the wood. At least, in bed, their bodies, relaxed, would burn the fewest of calories with the blankets forming insulation against the cold. They both kept their shirts and pants on, but changed into dry socks. The socks they’d worn all day were hung off the cross piece of the bottom of the top bunk where they’d be most likely to dry. After Jenna was snuggled under the covers, Dell brought the kerosene lamp with him, putting it on the floor next to the lower bunk. He slipped under the blankets, reached over to the lamp, raised the glass shield and lowering the wick, blew the flame out. It was black as ink. The wind was still blowing strongly.

“Good night, daddy,” Jenna said softly, beginning to drift off to sleep. 

“Sleep well, pumpkin,” Dell responded and immediately began maundering about their situation. While he felt they had things under control, he still had a tiny flame of concern - they weren’t out of it yet.

In the middle of the night, Dell awakened. Something was different. He pressed the light on his G-Shock to see the time - 3:41. Then, it dawned on him that the wind was not blowing. It was quiet - that’s what was different. Jenna was breathing softly and deeply, sound asleep. No reason to waken her, he thought. Once daylight came, they’d dig out as necessary and get back home. Might just as well go back to sleep, he thought, and he drifted back to sleep, confident they were all right.

When next Dell awakened, again he realized something was different. Oh my God! The wind was howling again, but from a different direction this time. It was driving against the side of the cabin where the bunks were. Fortunately, there was no window on this side of the cabin, nothing but solid log wall. He felt no drafts. He checked the time again - 7:09. 

Well, he was wide awake so he might as well get up, he thought. Dell pulled the blankets off him toward the wall and rolled his feet to the floor. He felt for his ski boots and put them on, snapping the clasps home. Then, he felt for the lamp, placing it on the floor between his feet. He unscrewed the top on his match cylinder, drew a match and scratched it against the base of the lamp. It flared and he raised the wick slightly, touching the flame to it. He closed the glass shield and adjusted the wick to the appropriate level to give them light while using the least amount of fuel possible. He shook the lamp base - still plenty of kerosene. Good thing! It should be light outside by now, but the refreshed storm blocked out any light there might have been.

Jenna got up on an elbow and leaning over, asked, “Daddy, what’s happening? Seems the storm is just continuing. Are we still stuck here?”

“Well, for the moment,” Dell said, “but I’m gonna check it outside and see what’s up.” 

He put on his parka, pulled the hood up over his head, fitted his goggles over the hood and thrust his hands into his gloves. The wind direction, fortunately, had blown any new snow accumulated in front of the door to one side. Dell was able to shove the door open and quickly closed it behind him as he stepped out into the blizzard. He pulled his goggles down. Damn, this storm just seems to go on and on, he thought. He hiked up the slope toward the crest of the ridge. The snow sure was a lot deeper than it was when they arrived here, and it was already deep then.

Dell got to the top of the ridge and looked back down the trail in the direction they needed to go to get out of there. It was harder to pick out the trail with many of the ‘milestones’ obscured or distorted by the deepened snow. With the wind blowing from the west, he was able to look in the right direction with the wind to his back. 

OK, he thought, I think its best if we just stay put for a while longer. Hopefully, the storm will abate enough for us to push on later in the day. I’ll come out to monitor conditions every hour or so, or sooner if the wind drops. Then, Dell took his gloves off, opened his fly, pulled his cock out and peed, trying to write his name in the snow, but the wind blew it all over the place. When done, he closed up and started back to the cabin.

As he lifted his feet high in the deep snow, placing his boots back in the tracks he’d made coming up the ridge, he noted a puff of smoke coming from the cabin’s chimney. Jenna had got the stove going again, he grinned. She sure was competent, he mused. He reached the door, opened it only enough to allow him to enter, trying to keep the cold out all he could. Jenna was at the stove, putting a larger piece of wood atop the kindling she’d got burning earlier. She quickly closed the stove door and turned to Dell. 

“OK, daddy. What’s the scene out there?” 

Dell told her what he’d observed, explaining his intention to check out the conditions every so often. He said, “Worse come to worst, we can stay here again tonight. Surely this blow won’t last longer than that.”

Jenna seemed to accept his judgment of their situation and went about straightening up the blankets on their bunks. Then, turning back to her dad, said, “Daddy, want something to eat? You were a good daddy last night and didn’t trumpet your approval of dinner.”

“Oh, come on,” he said, “Do I always fart a lot when I eat beans?” 

“Yeah, usually, but not always,” she stated, grinning. Their ease with each other was very pleasing to both of them - they really enjoyed being together again after their brief separation when she went to university in September. 

“Well,” he asked, “what have you got in mind? Certainly not beans again.” 

“No,” she said, “we should save those for dinner. Yuh know,” she blurted, “I’ve gotta pee really badly.” 

Dell certainly could understand that, ‘cause he had already handled his own need. “OK. Why don’t you get one of the pans we’re not using. I’ll go outside and you let me know when you’re done.” Dell went to the door again and stepped outside, but staying close to the door. The storm continued unabated.

The door opened enough for Jenna to hand Dell the pan. He handled it carefully - didn’t want to spill on himself. It was steaming in the cold. He tossed it downwind and then dipped the pan in the snow a few times to wash it out. When he came back into the cabin, Jenna was digging into her pack. Her hands emerged with two bags of trail mix for their meal. It was about 11 in the morning, so they decided not to eat again until about 6 that evening, depending on the weather, trying to stretch their food as far as possible. 

In order to further conserve their resources, they both got back in their bunks, pulling the blankets around them to eat their meal. They actually had plenty of matches and magazine paper, but the firewood supply was dwindling, too fast it seemed. Dell figured they could last it out in reasonable comfort for another twenty four hours, but after that...well, he’d cross that bridge when he came to it. They still had a good ten miles to go to get back to the car, most of it uphill. Sure, they could do that in a few hours, but they needed light to avoid going off the trail and getting lost.

Jenna was wondering if her daddy had been aware of her servicing herself with her fingers last night while they were in their bunks. She had banked on the noise of the howling wind to drown out the sounds of her movements and soft moaning. She tried very carefully not to shake the bunk, knowing that would be a dead giveaway. Since he had not mentioned anything, she took that to mean he hadn’t noticed. She was beginning to get wet again, just thinking about it.

The world of sex, arousal and satisfaction was a new world for her. Until she went off to the university and a dorm mate introduced her to the joys of masturbation, she had never paid much attention to the occasional subtle stirrings in her groin. But now, she was becoming addicted. She took every opportunity to satisfy her ever burgeoning craving, learning to tease herself, to prolong the duration of her explosions, and also to increase their intensity. As the weeks went by at school, she began to ponder what it would be like to have a man’s penis inside her, but could not bring herself to encourage any of her schoolmates to show her. None of them seemed worthy of the privilege of taking her virginity, so she just put the thought behind her.

Dell heard his daughter shake the last vestiges of her bag of trail mix into her mouth and pull the covers up over her as she lay down and sighed. “Everything OK up there, sweetie?” he queried. 

She leaned over the edge of the bunk and grinned at him. “Yeah, daddy. I’m fine. I sure wish this darn storm would stop so we could go home.”

“Daddy, why don’t you date anybody?” she asked. “Haven’t found anybody I’d care to be with more than you, sweetie,” he said.


“Yes, pumpkin?” 

“Don’t you ever feel the need for a woman, I mean, like, er, stuff, like sex?” she asked openly, simply curious. “Mom told me you were a fabulous lover and that you guys had a very active sex life.”

Dell had to admit that at thirty-eight, he still had lots of sexual capacity and interest, so he said, “Well, yeah, sweetie. I do sometimes. But,” he hesitated, not sure where this was going, “right now I’ve got enough to do to keep us going, bills to pay and the job. You know, it takes a lot of time and money to date. Anyhow, I’m sure the time will come when I want to, but I still think of your mom a lot and really don’t have any interest in it right now.”

“I understand, daddy,” she sighed, satisfied with his answer. After all, she thought of her mom a lot, too.

“Honey, is it OK if I turn the light out for now? Dell asked. “I’d like to conserve the kerosene if we don’t really need it.” 
“Yeah, sure,” she said, and pulled her blankets around her and rolled over on her side, trying to find that depression in the straw tick that fit her hip more comfortably. Gee, she wished she were home in her own bed. They could hear the wind, still blowing strongly.

Dell wondered if it was still snowing. The wind could still blow, but if it weren’t snowing, they could carefully work their way out of here. In the semi-lit room he picked his way to the door and opened it a crack. Damn! Still snowing. Not as hard, but still hard enough to be risky he thought. He looked at his watch - 2:40. OK, he thought, we’ll be here until tomorrow morning - too late to even try to get out today. Since they didn’t plan to have dinner until 6, he thought he’d go back to his bunk. As he sat, Jenna leaned over from above and tousled his hair. 

“Hey, daddy, can we leave yet?” 

“No, honey, damn storm is still dumpin’ too much snow for us to try - too risky.” 

“Got it,” she said.

A flicker of uncertainty went through her. What was happening? Were they going to be trapped here forever and die here? Fear crept in. This wasn’t like her. Life for her had been clear. She knew what she was about. Her parents had raised her to be confident in her own abilities to make life good and rewarding. Now, something was happening beyond her control that could actually terminate her life, or so she thought. Out of her control was just not something she’d experienced. 

She began to maunder over the things she felt she still had to do in this life, the things she still wanted to do, the things she knew she must do. As these thoughts swept over her, almost in a chaotic frenzy, she grabbed onto one thought, recently important to her. Oh my God! I’ve never been made love to. I’ve never known a man. Here, now, my life could be ending, and I’m still a virgin. I’ve never experienced the joy of coupling with a man, a man I love, deeply. It’s not fair! She protested. Tears welled up and began to slowly course down her nose, dripping on the blanket.

Slowly, she began to gently sob, as the sense of grief overwhelmed her - actually rooted in the loss of her mother. No! she thought, it’s just not fair! Dell became aware that something was not right above him. Jenna was crying?! 

“Honey?” he asked, rolling his feet to the floor, pushing out and turning to stand toward her. “What’s happening?” He saw she was shaking with her emotion and he reached over to cuddle her as best he could, his arm across her back. He could feel her sobbing and kissed her gently on her wet cheek. “Jenna, speak to me. What’s going on?” 

Since her mom had died, whenever Jenna had appeared to be experiencing grief, Dell had insisted they get it out on top of the table and handle it - never letting her just sit in it. This had always proved to be the right thing, because it was not long before the moments of grief dwindled to nil. Jenna was at peace with her mom’s passing, or so it seemed.

Dell insisted again, “Sweetheart, what’s happening? Tell me about it.” She sobbed even louder and then, abruptly, reached out for him and wrapping her hands around the back of his head, pulled him to her face. 

“Oh, daddy,” she blurted out, “What if we die here? I haven’t ever been with a man...that I love. I’m a virgin!” she choked. 

Her hands were running through his hair, caressing him, stroking the back of his head, neck and shoulders. “Oh, daddy, it’s just not fair,” she blubbered. “I’m not really a woman yet. I’m old enough, but I’ve not experienced that one thing which seals it. It wasn’t important to me before, but now, with the possibility that my life might end here, now...” 

He stroked her back and shoulders, kissed the tears on her cheeks and hugged his head beside hers. “Oh, Jenna, my sweet darling. We’re going to get out of here. You’re not going to die here. I won’t let it happen,” he asserted firmly, but tenderly. 

She seemed to quiet with his soothing touches and words. Her sobbing stopped; she caught her breath and sighed deeply. “Oh, daddy, I love you so much,” she said softly and they both caressed each other tenderly, lovingly, but with no signs of arousal of any sort.

“OK, honey,” he said, “let’s get dressed and take a little walk outside, just to check out the scene.” He wanted to refocus her attention on something else, other than her grief. 

She kissed him on the forehead and said, “OK, let’s.” She smiled, weakly. They separated and he sat down again to pull on his boots in the semi-gloom. She rolled off her bunk and sat beside him to pull on her boots. They stood together, helped each other into their parkas and prepared to go outside to face the storm, still howling.

Dell opened the door and held it against the wind while Jenna pulled her goggles into place and stepped out. Closing the door securely, he grabbed her arm and shouted for her to follow him. He found his earlier path up the ridge, stepping again in the same spots, knowing it was firm ground. She followed exactly in his footsteps - it was easier going that way.
They got to the crest of the ridge and he directed her gaze to the path out, standing with their backs to the wind. They had to shout over the wind to talk to each other. 

Leaning close to Dell, Jenna asked, “Can you make out the trail back to where we started?” 

“Yeah,” he said. “See that stand of trees?” pointing with his left hand, “just south of the ridge we’re on?” 


“Well, the trail enters that stand on the left side nearest us.” Jenna was comforted by his certainty. She needed something certain to pull out of the chaos she had recently been experiencing, something she could ‘hang her hat on’, so to speak.

She couldn’t really see much beyond the trees where the trail went, because they were looking uphill, but she was beginning to feel Dell would recognize the path once they were through the trees and could take a fresh sighting when the right time came. She recalled that the path through the trees was marked by the cleared space, the open ground of the trail, so she was sure that part of their path out would be pretty easy to follow. It was the larger open areas, the logged off areas and meadows, which presented her with uncertainty, or so she thought at that moment.

Dell motioned for her to follow him. Without their skis, the going was work. The snow was deep, even on the crest of the ridge, now that the wind was coursing parallel to it. He took them about fifty yards up the ridge, frequently turning back to ensure Jenna was still with him. He knew they could follow their own tracks back to the cabin, not having been out long enough for the drifting snow and wind to wipe them out. 

He reached a point where he could see uphill to a trail landmark he recognized, another stand of trees, where the trail, across a logged off area behind the first stand, ended. He pointed at it and leaning close to Jenna, shouted, “That’s where the trail goes when we get to the other side of that first stand I just showed you. The trail continues in about the center of those trees, looking from here.” 

She stood there, orienting herself to the entire scene, noting the basic direction they would have to take over the open area behind the first stand of trees. She was beginning to feel better, certainty returning. She reached her arms out and hugged Dell. “Thanks, daddy! I’m OK now.” 

He hugged her and patted her on the back. “good girl. Let’s go back to the cabin, start a fire and eat something - I’m hungry!” 

“Me, too!” she shouted. 

This was good, Dell thought. She always responded to him, his attention and his caring. He just had to get her attention off her thoughts and onto what was going on right now. She was one, fine gal!

They backtracked, leaning against the wind and blinding snow. When they got to the door, they stamped their feet to get the snow off their boots. Dell opened the door for Jenna then closed it behind them once inside.

“Oh, boy! What’s for dinner?” Dell asked as he went over and picked up the lamp. He lit it and put it on the table. In its soft glow, they helped each other out of their parkas. 

“How about some hot beans,” Jenna suggested. 

“Now, that’s a great idea,” Dell said, rubbing his hands together to warm them up as he went to the stove to put in another piece of firewood. 

It was a little chilly in the cabin, the fire having been banked for some hours. Still, there were coals glowing and the new piece of wood would start to burn easily as he opened the flue control slightly more. He noted that there were only four pieces of wood left, aside from a small stack of kindling which Jenna had split. Things were getting a little tenuous, he thought. For the first time, a flicker of concern touched him. Well, he thought, this damn storm just can’t last much longer, this is really weird.

Jenna dumped the beans in the pan and scooped out the remainder with a small spoon, working to get every drop she could. Then she put the pan on top of the stove. She could feel the heat growing from the new wood Dell had put in the stove. 

“Well’ I’m guessing dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes. Do you want me to see if I can make some coffee, daddy? There’s no cream, but I did find a little sugar. There’s an old coffee percolator here,” pointing toward the shelf where the pans were stored. 

“That would be a treat, sweetheart!” Jenna loved to serve her daddy, glowing in his response. He deserved it. He was so good to her, so loving. And, with mom gone, it made her feel more feminine, playing the role of the woman of the house.

She poured about three pints of water from the kettle of water Dell had prepared from melted snow and spooned four tablespoons of coffee grounds into the top of the percolator’s basket. She put the top with the little glass center on the coffee pot and placed it on top of the stove, next to the pan of beans. Then, she stirred the beans to make sure they were heating evenly and didn’t burn on the bottom. The degree of heat on the top of the stove couldn’t really be controlled very well - at least, not like at home, she thought. 

Yes, home, she thought. I sure am anxious to get there. Dell had gone outside to refill the water kettle with water. Better to do it now, he thought, while they were heating up the cabin and the snow would melt. Couldn’t do without water and all the better if it were warm. He’d put the kettle on the stove after the coffee was done and they were relaxing at the table.

When he came back into the cabin, Jenna was setting the table, now including old cream-colored mugs which had little spider web-like cracks all over their surfaces. She had put a few sugar cubes on a small plate in the middle of the table. Dell walked up to Jenna and spreading his arms wide reached out and hugged her. 

“Honey, you’re one helluva tough gal. I just love doin’ things with you. For sure, you carry your own weight. Most girls your age would be sittin’ around expecting to be taken care of, but not you. You just pitch in without a word said and do your share. Someday, some guy’s gonna marry a wonderful wife and mother,” he said appreciatively. 

She glowed with his praise. He was the only man in the world whose opinion and praise she cared about. It felt so good to just hold onto him, feeling his love and his strength. She nestled her face against his hard chest and mewed her pleasure at his words and actions.

“Thank you, daddy,” she said, accepting his complements, “but, I’m only trying to keep even with you. You give me so much and I’d feel like a cheat if I didn’t try to give something back to you.” Dell mused to himself, she’ll go far in life with that kind of attitude.

Then, she said, “Oops, better check the beans!” She’d smelled something. 

Oh, good, she thought, the beans are done, stirring them thoroughly. She grabbed the dishtowel and folding it a few times, wrapped it around the hot handle of the pan of beans and took them over to the table. She spooned out portions for Dell and herself and put the pan on the table - wouldn’t really hurt anything, she thought, noticing the numerous other signs on the table top showing that had been done plenty of times before by previous occupants of the cabin. They both ate ravenously, thoroughly enjoying the warmth of the meal and the full feeling which came from eating the starchy legumes. 

Jenna, when she’d finished, looked across at Dell, wolfing his second portion. “Daddy, you’re going to be a good boy and not boisterously exhibit your digestion of dinner, aren’t you...” 

She grinned and so did he. They both began to laugh. They both were feeling pretty good right then, in spite of their circumstances. The little cabin was cozy and they’d satisfied their hunger.

Dell got up carrying their plates to the sink. “Hey, how about some coffee?” he said. Jenna started to get up and he checked her with, “Now sit, sweetheart, I can get it.” 

He used the same dish towel to grasp the handle of the coffee pot. It seemed to be in the last throes of perking, so he said, “Well, just a darn minute. I’ll let it drain down through for a sec.” 

He stood there, by the stove, smiling at her. She grinned back, feeling safe and cozy for the moment. She noted that the wind seemed to be dying down and took heart that the storm might be abating. But, it was already too dark for them to venture out that day, she knew.

After a few minutes, Dell said, “It must be done now.” 

He came over to the table and poured her a mug of coffee and then filled his own mug. She handed him the little plate of sugar cubes, he took two and handed it back to her. She put three cubes in her mug. She liked her coffee sweet. Besides, she usually put milk in her coffee and there wasn’t any, so some extra sugar might dull the bitterness a little. 

Wow, it was strong! Maybe not such a good idea to be drinking this before they retired for the night. Might keep her awake all night and that wouldn’t be fun. Sleeping at least passed the time in an otherwise uneventful situation. Oh, well, she felt tired, so maybe it wouldn’t really matter. 

She sipped at the hot coffee carefully, not wishing to burn her lips or tongue. Dell was stirring his coffee to try to cool it a little and then began to slurp at it, drawing the hot fluid across the edge of the mug, which seemed to help cool it even more. 

Jenna smiled at him. “I know it isn’t lady-like, but I’m gonna do that, too,” she said. “This stuff is hot!” 

“Just like eatin’ hot soup, ain’t it.” he teased, as he raised a spoon of coffee to his lips and slurped the coffee off into his mouth. She snickered at him, and then laughed out loud. 

“Sweetheart, it surely makes me happy to see you laugh. You have a delightful laugh, so bright and sparkly.” 

“Oh, daddy.” and mimicking Scarlet O’Hara from ‘Gone with the Wind’, she wiggled her fingers at him, batted her eyelashes and said, “How you do run on! Dell Anderson,” looking down in mock shyness, but with a sly grin on her face. Whenever she did that, she looked so cute. He grinned from ear to ear. She was her good old self again, he sighed.

They both noticed the wind had virtually stopped. “Hey, honey,” Dell said, “looks like our worries are over. If it holds like this we’ll be outta here first thing in the morning and headin’ home.” 

“Yeah,” Jenna said. “I sure could use a change of underwear and a nice hot soak in the tub,” she giggled. 

“Join the crowd, precious,” he responded. They just sat there for a bit, reveling in the thoughts their recent communication had evoked.

By this time the snow in the big kettle had melted and actually had warmed, so Jenna got up and washed off their dishes and such, putting everything back where she’d found it. She was not only just a neat person, she wanted to know where things were if she needed them in a hurry. Now, who would need a cooking pot in a hurry? Well, never can tell, could be useful in a fire. 

She left the undrunk coffee in the pot, took the basket out and tossed the used grounds out the front door and returned to the sink to rinse it out. She left it on the counter next to the sink. She’d put it all away in the morning, after they’d had a cup before shoving off, if they used the last piece of firewood to heat up the place. Otherwise, if they decided to just get up and leave, she’d toss the coffee out and rinse out the pot. Not really important, she thought, I just like things in order. Life sure goes better that way.

They both returned to the table, sitting across from each other, smiling warmly. Dell reached his hands across to her and she put hers in his big, rough hands, comforted by their obvious strength. 

“Gee, sweetheart, this little one-day excursion didn’t turn out the way we expected, but you’ve been marvelous. I don’t know what I would have done without you,” he said softly, his affection for her bursting across his face in a wide grin, while squeezing her hands gently. 

She returned his squeeze and grin. “Daddy, you’re the best daddy in the whole world.” 

She was his ‘little girl’ again for just that moment. He was very happy with her, but also knew, that such moments would diminish in frequency, now that she was all grown up and off to school on her own. He reveled in the moment and vowed to keep it secure in his memory, available for recall when he needed it, and he knew he would, until the day he died.

They were surrounded with quiet. The wind had stopped. Dell went to the door and opened it a crack. Snow was still falling, but softly, tiny flakes floated down and stuck where they landed. “Honey, it’s still fully overcast, but snowing very lightly. We can still get out, even if it’s snowing. It’s only blizzard conditions, such as those we’ve been experiencing these last two days, that could make it difficult for us to get out in the morning,” he stated. 

That said, they both prepared to secure for the night, Dell picking up the lantern from the table and bringing it over next to the corner of his bunk. As he pulled off his boots, Jenna leaned over the edge of her bunk and said, “Sleep well, daddy. See you in the morning.” 

“You bet, sweetheart,” he returned. “Sleep like a log, yourself.”

She was tired. The day had been a disturbing one for her and had it not been for her daddy, she might still be feeling really grief-stricken. Since mom had died, she had been pretty much alone regarding certain things. She and her mom used to spend hours together, both of them chattering excitedly about girl things, and life and love. Dell had done all and then some that she could ever have hoped for from a father, but however he tried, and surely he did, he couldn’t really be a mother. It was different. She loved him so. He was the only man in the world she really trusted, she breathed as she drifted off to sleep, peacefully.

Dell felt their ordeal was over. The wind had died down and the snowfall was very light. They’d clean up the cabin; leave a note for the owners that they’d replace everything they’d used up and then some. He’d leave his name, address and phone number so they could contact him. He had an all-terrain vehicle so he could bring in food and wood, when the snow melted in the spring. Thinking of all these things, he too, drifted off to sleep.

They both woke with a start.

The wind was howling again, only blowing harder, if that was possible, blowing from the north, against the door of the cabin. Dell, rolled his feet to the floor and got up, padding over to the door in his socks. He pushed hard on the door, the wind pushing it back at him. It opened a crack and he peered out. Cold air and snow whirled in the crack and he could see the rate of snowfall had picked up to blizzard conditions again. 

“Oh, no!” he groaned aloud.

Jenna seemed stunned. “No!” she shouted out. “It’s not fair. No, it can’t be. It’s not fair. I’m going to die here and I’ve never known the feel of a man in me. I’ve never had a man make love to me. I’m a virgin! It’s just not fair!” she blurted out, her feet over the side of her bunk, her head in her hands, sobs wracking her body. 

“I’m not even a woman yet,” she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks. “I’ve never made love to a man.” she choked and her body shook with her grief.

Dell’s heart melted. Oh, my sweet darling, he thought. What can I say? What can I do for you? I’m your daddy, not your lover. Oh God, please tell me how I can help her. Tell me, Lord, what to do, he pled silently as he strode over to take her in his arms. 

He reached out with his arms around the back of her bottom, his head thrust between her thighs. He was just trying to hug her where she was, not realizing his position was one that could evoke other, more sensuous feelings in her and him. She clutched at her daddy’s shoulders, stroked his head and neck, pulling him hard into her groin. Dell soon became aware she was humping his face.

She was determined not to die a virgin - she was demanding he take her, demanding he make love to her. Her grief had changed to unbridled passion. His sweet Jenna, his loving daughter, was demanding he take her virginity. Confusing thoughts raced though him. It was wrong! It was incest! The world didn’t accept that, but he’d be damned if he would deny her, in her wretched grief.

Slowly, he began to respond to her, stroking her bottom and reaching around in front of her, he undid the fasteners holding her pants on. She lifted her butt so he could slide her pants down over her legs. Then, he pushed his face into her warm crotch and began to nuzzle her wetness through her panties. 

She moaned, “Yes, daddy, please make love to me. Make me a woman before it’s too late.” 

She lifted her butt again and pushed her panties down to the top of her thighs. Dell took them off the rest of the way, tossing them on top of her pants on his bunk. His mouth shot back to her mound. She smelled wonderful. She tasted even better, he thought, as his tongue snaked over her outer labia. If he was to really do this right, he had to prepare her thoroughly for his entrance into her. He wanted this to be the most wonderful experience of her young life, especially if she was right, that they were trapped there and wouldn’t survive their situation.

Dell noticed Jenna’s body shiver. He wasn’t sure whether it was from the cold or from his ministrations. She only had a bra and a cotton flannel shirt on. He told her to put her blankets around her shoulders and then dove back into her sopping, sweet pussy. She was squirming; her motions centered directly on his active, warm tongue, as if that were the center of all feeling, the center of her universe. Her moaning increased in intensity and volume. 

Suddenly, her body jerked, her hips thrust forward hard into his face and she screamed out, orgasming, her body jerking and shaking, her legs jerking up and down with the intensity of her explosion. 

“Ohhh, daddy. Ohhhh, daddy. Ohh, yesss, oh God.” she screamed out, her eyes rolling up above her eyelids. Her breathing seemed to stop, than she gulped air in huge gasps, her chest heaving.

She wrapped her hands around Dell’s head, pulling him into her and roving her fingertips through his hair. He thought she’d be about ready now to accept him, so he told her, “I’m coming up there now, sweetheart. Loosen your bra so I can make love to your gorgeous breasts, but don’t take your shirt off it you don’t have to.”

He went over to the banked stove, putting the last piece of wood in the stove and opened the flue enough to get the stove heating up the room. Then he returned to Jenna, still breathing deeply, laying with her two blankets over her. As he stripped down himself, he suggested she put one of the blankets under her. He held up the dish towel to her and told her to put it under her crotch. There might be a bloody mess so he wanted to protect the bedding all he could. 

Well, actually, that wasn’t necessary at all. Her sports activities had virtually dispensed with her hymen years ago. But, he didn’t know that and was approaching her deflowering with the utmost consideration and tenderness.

Naked, he pulled himself up next to her. She looked down, wide-eyed, at his penis. It seemed enormous to her! A flicker of fear crept over her. How could she get anything that large into her? Then, she remembered that it had been in her mom and mom said it was wonderful. She relaxed. Her bra snapped in the front, so she had undone it and pulled the cups back from her beautiful, firm round breasts. Her pointy nipples were hard and sensitive. She wondered what her daddy was going to do now.

Dell wanted to continue her preparation. Besides, he loved foreplay and Jenna’s mom had always praised him for it. She had especially liked the way he made love to her breasts. Jenna’s were a duplicate of her mom’s when her mom was the same age. He slid under the blanket and lay next to Jenna, lying flat on her back. He could feel by the placement of her thigh nearest him that her thighs were spread, inviting him to her dripping pussy. But that was not his target for the moment. 

He leaned over and kissed her softly on the forehead, then her closed eyelids. His lips gently touched the tip of her nose and then brushed over her slightly parted lips. She moved her head toward him and tried to kiss his lips more aggressively. He raised his free right hand to her cheek and guided their lips together, holding back their mutual passion. He tenderly brushed her lips with his again and then sensing her urgency, brought his mouth back more firmly to hers and thrust the tip of his tongue lightly between her hot, moist lips.

Jenna moaned into his kiss as her tongue sought his. Their tongues lashed at each other, twisting and twining round each other. She tried to draw him into all she could. She wanted him inside her, any part of him. She desperately wanted him inside her, filling her emptiness, comforting every loss she’d ever experienced.

He stroked her left ear, running his fingertips down to her neck, out to the edge of her shoulder and back across her clavicle. He shifted his body so his fingers could begin their exploration of her breasts, then trailed his fingertips lightly down around the outer edge of her left breast where it thrust up from her ribs, evoking a gasp from her. 

He pulled his tongue from her mouth and trailed the tip of his tongue slowly down over her chin and throat. He slowed when he got to her throat and with his lips, gently sucked on the lower right area of her throat. Her reaction was to grip his head in her hands and pull him hard into her and moan again, louder this time. 

“Oh, daddy!” “Oh, yes. Oh, yess, oh how I love you!” Her hips and legs thrashed about. Then, he felt her body stiffen and she arched her back, thrusting her breasts into him, again in the throes of orgasm.

He noted how taught her body was, not an ounce of baby fat, indeed, not an ounce of fat anywhere. Her breasts were firm and up thrust, her nipples hard, yet soft. As her breathing indicated she was coming down from her orgasm, he continued his playing with her breasts. She squirmed under his touch, inviting it, demanding it. His fingers trailed around the base of her left breast and up between her breasts, continuing over the top of her lovely globe. The circle scribed by his feather-light touch narrowed continuously until the center of the mound was reached - her nipple. He did not touch it with his fingers, but lowered his wet lips to it, surrounding it, lowering his lips over it as if he were drawing a sucker into his mouth to suck on. Jenna shuddered and screamed out in orgasm yet again. She mashed his mouth to her breast and her hips bucked and jerked uncontrollably. Dell knew with certainty she had never been touched as he was touching her - it was all new to her and supremely stimulating.

Her body relaxed a bit and the force of her hands on the back of his head diminished, allowing him to continue his ministrations to her breasts. He laved his tongue around her nipple, running out from it to the edges of the sharply tipped mound and then back again to worship at her nipple again. He sucked it in between his lips and bathed the tip with his tongue. 

She gasped and moaned and twisted her body around this new center of her passion. He slowly opened wider and sucked more of her breast into his eager mouth, while swirling his tongue around her nipple. Then, he pulled his lips back up to surround her nipple and pulled on it gently with his teeth. Jenna exploded with another orgasm, more gently this time, but still, an orgasm. Her fingers were softly twisting in his hair and her breathing was thrusting her chest upward, her back arching. 

“Oh...Oh, daddy...Oh, yesss”

Now Dell turned his attention to her right breast, nearest him. Again he shifted his body so he could properly address this beauteous, pointy-tipped mound. Again, he slowly circled her breast with his fingertips, ever narrowing the circle until he was immediately around her nipple. Lowering his mouth to her, he slowly drew her nipple into his mouth and sucked on it gently, while, at the same time, swirling his tongue around the firm staff.

Jenna reveled in the shift to a new passion center. Her body was so alive, more so than ever before. She could not imagine anyone other than her daddy awakening her so wonderfully to her own sensuous self. She realized she was a sexual being, one who would thrive on the joys of sexual passion. Up to this point, her body had been a tool, used to accomplish her athletic goals, her goals to win. Now, she knew her body to be the receptacle of her passion, her passion for pleasure. And now her daddy was pleasuring her to heights of passion she’d never dreamed were possible.

Dell gently kneaded her left breast and then her right breast as he continued to nuzzle her right nipple. He could sense her body beginning to stiffen again as she approached yet another orgasm. He shifted his body down hers and trailed his fingertips down over her taught tummy, circling her belly button and softly pressing a fingertip into it. The tip of his tongue licked down over her tummy to her belly button and he thrust it in. At the same time, his right hand stroked her left side and his fingertips, spread out widely, played along her hip and down over the outside of her left thigh. When he reached as far as he could, he drew his fingers over her thigh to the inside. She immediately spread her thighs widely, openly demanding he touch her there, at the center of her sex.

As he slowly drew his fingertips up the inside of her left thigh, she moaned and thrust her hips up and spread her legs even wider, her right leg shifting over his body. Her knees were bent tightly and her feet were pressed down hard against the blanket under her.

Dell slipped down under her, pulling her buttocks to him as he shifted his head and shoulders in between her wide spread legs. He could feel her gluteus maximums tense and thrust her sex toward his approaching mouth. Her scent was intoxicating! Sweet! Musky! He had to know it again, thrusting his tongue between the lips of her pussy, tasting her, drinking in her flowing juices. T

his was one aspect of making love that he enjoyed most. It almost seemed that sometimes his cock was somewhat detached, like an appendage, not really part of him, but his tongue... now, that was another matter. It was part of his very beingness, a part of his sensual entity, a part that loved to love, to excite, to draw his partner to wild passionate, explosions of lust. 

And now, he was going to use this to pleasure his wonderful, loving, sexy daughter! He had had no idea he could do this and feel the passion he now felt for Jenna. Perhaps his passion was fueled to some extent by the ‘wrongness’ of what he was doing, he briefly thought, but he no longer felt that as an inhibition. He could not allow his sweet Jenna to dwell in the emptiness of her grief, of her possible loss of this life before she had fully lived it. No, he no longer felt there was anything wrong in what he was doing, even if they survived their ordeal.

His tongue licked at her pussy, running up and down her outer lips, her inner lips and lightly touching on the hood of her clit, but not actually touching her clit. She, in turn, was constantly shifting herself to try to place her clit on his tongue, wherever it was. After a short bit though, she seemed to accept that he was in charge and simply allowed him to pleasure her. And, indeed, she was being pleasured! 

This time, the passion his tongue was exciting was infinitely better than the previous time with her sitting on the edge of the bed. This time he had total access to every part of her without strain. He lifted her buttocks slightly and licked down and back to her tight sphincter. As the tip of his tongue nudged her nut-brown bud, she jerked and moaned, loudly. He could feel her tensing toward orgasm again and as before, he relaxed his intensity and returned to teasing her, pleasuring her, building her to an even more explosive release.

His mouth returned to her pussy, spreading out as widely as he could open it and pushing down over her. He then drew up on her, sucking her whole pussy into his mouth, while his tongue swiftly stroked up and down her pinched, warm, juicy slit. 

“Aaaaauuuugggghhhhhhh! Oh, daddy, daddy, daddy! Aaagghh! Yes! Eat me! Take me into you with your mouth! Oh God, I’m...I’m...aaaaauuugggghhhhhhhhh,” her whole body tensed around his mouth, contracting around his tongue. 

He touched the tip of her clit with the tip of his tongue and wiggled it lightly. She exploded! Her hips thrust up and down rapidly, her whole body rigid with passion. Her arms flopped at her sides and her head thrashed from side to side. She had never known such ecstasy! She wasn’t sure where she was - floating somewhere in space, warm, soft, pink space...

When she gradually returned, she felt her daddy softly licking the juices from between her legs, cleaning her for the next cycle of his making love to her. No wonder, she thought, that mom had said daddy was a fantastic lover. Her hands stroked his hair, the back of his head and his shoulders. She loved him so. He was making her into a woman, and no matter what happened afterwards, he had responded to her, loving her. She’d be ever grateful.

Dell rose up on his elbows, then his hands, then pulled himself up on his knees. He placed her legs up over his shoulders and pointed his rigid cock at her opening. She was watching this, but no longer had any fear whatsoever. Instead, she was anticipating this to be the penultimate pleasure. She totally trusted him to incite only pleasure within her and never pain. She so wanted him inside her, to fill her with a feeling of fullness, exciting her motherly instincts, satisfying the procreation needs of her species. 

“Daddy,” she whispered, “this is not my fertile period, so you needn’t be afraid I’ll get pregnant. You can do anything with me you want to.”

This knowledge freed Dell to proceed with abandon. He moved closer to her and slowly bathed the purple head of his cock with her pussy juices, spreading them down over the entire length of his shaft. He pressed the tip of his cock softly against the opening of her vagina. He expected her to be very tight and didn’t want to hurt her in any way. He wanted this to be the most wonderful experience of her young life, an experience she would only treasure, never anything she would look upon with discomfort of any kind.

Slowly he increased the pressure of his entry. The head was in, bathed in the warmth and softness of her slick tunnel. He could feel her muscles gripping his cock as it moved ever so slowly deeper into her. It was as if he were entering a mouth which had ‘teeth’ which were slanted backward, only allowing him to move more deeply into her and would not allow his withdrawal. So far, he had not encountered any obstruction to his entry and she did not evidence any sign of discomfort. 

On the contrary, after about four inches of his eight were in, her body tensed and she orgasmed again, her juices squirting around his cock and balls. She was gasping for breath, her breasts heaving and her hands grasping tightly on his forearms. 

“Oh God!” she cried. “Oh God!” 

Her hips thrust upward and another two inches were pressed into her. Dell was holding himself still, but firmly in position. Her orgasmic movements were inserting him further and further into her. When her orgasm subsided, he was fully in her, their pelvic bones resting against each other. He then realized he’d not had to force her hymen - there was none, long ago rendered by her sports activities, he realized. Now he knew he could go about pleasuring her with the full knowledge he would only create pleasure - the pain consideration was nonexistant.

Her vaginal muscles were contracting rhythmically around his stiff shaft, milking him, sucking on him, drawing him further into her. He recognized another element of her athleticism - she had excellent control of every muscle of her body and was very well in communication with all parts of her body. This would be an experience which both of them would remember with joy the rest of their lives!

He gently began to withdraw from her a tiny bit, only to stroke back in fully. Her legs tightened their grip around his hips and he realized just how strong she really was. He’d have to take this very slowly so she’d accept the stroking he knew would bring her the greatest pleasure. He rocked his pelvic bone and the base of his cock against her mound, exciting her clit. She began to take up the motion and thrust back at him. He withdrew a bit more with each stroke, returning to press against her mound firmly. 

She was tight, but that, was because she was deliberately contracting her vaginal muscles around him with the intention of pleasuring him. She was certainly succeeding! He sensed his penis expanding even more, getting thicker and longer as her muscles worked on him. He’d never experienced anything like this before. He had always been the one doing the pleasuring, now it was happening to him at the same time - she was awesome, a natural, better even than her mom. Fortunately, he knew how to control himself so that he could ensure her ultimate pleasure.

His strokes began to increase in length and frequency. He pulled her hips up and thrust straight down into her, moving faster and faster. She began to gasp and moan loudly, gripping his arms tightly and locking her legs around his hips. The frantic pace of his ‘attack’ translated to peaking passion in her. 

Suddenly she bucked her hips rapidly against his deeply thrusting shaft. Her loud moans crescendoed into loud screams as she gushed clear juices from her vagina, squirting out all over his cock, balls and their thighs. Her pelvis rocked rapidly up and down. Her whole body stiffened and her pussy was the fulcrum of all her movements. Her body shuddered in her ecstasy. Then, she seemed to pass out, her eyes rising out of sight above her eyelids. Her breathing was heavy, her nubile body heaving with her passionate release.

Slowly her breathing returned to normal and she opened her eyes, languidly. “Oh, daddy,” she breathed, “I love you so,” wrapping her arms around his back and folding her legs around his hips, pulling him even closer to her. “I want you in me forever. Don’t ever leave me. Keep me. Love me for all time,” she intoned softly and tenderly. 

Dell was mesmerized. He had never seen a woman gush. He had brought this about in her, an ultimate passionate release of sexuality and sensuousness. It was humbling. He wondered if she knew they were not done - he was not done. 

But, this question was soon answered when Jenna said, “But, daddy? Did you cum?” He didn’t know she knew the word. 

“Not yet, sweetheart,” he whispered. 

“Come on, lover,” she said, “we’re going to handle that.” 

He immediately felt her vaginal muscles begin their rhythmic contractions around his still rigid cock, buried fully into her. Now the attention was on him. He could feel her slick, velvet-smooth walls gripping him, stroking him. And he hadn’t even begun to stroke in and out of her!

She seemed to know that just below the underside of the head of his cock was the most sensitive. Her muscles were contracting in spasms around the head of his cock, bringing him to orgasm without his having to move at all. This was mind-blowing! He’d never experienced anything like it before. He was buried to the hilt in her and she was jerking him off! And, oh, it felt so good. When he tried to withdraw to thrust, she held him in a vice-like grip, intensifying her vaginal muscle activity. She was the Goddess of Passion and he knew it.

He could feel his cock begin to twitch and grow within her. He was about to burst. A flood of passion was rising up through his balls, flooding throughout his body as he began to spurt his seed deeply into her womb, flooding past her cervix. Spurt after spurt splashed up out of his balls. She continued to milk him until, with a long sigh, he collapsed onto her, but still held up on his elbows. She did not release her grip on him, only loosening it softly. They both were breathing in gasps, she having orgasmed herself at the peak of his flooding into her.

Slowly they both came back to full consciousness and simultaneously realized that the wind had stopped blowing and the sun was shining.

Jenna looked at Dell lazily and sighed. “Daddy, that was sooooo goooood! Let’s do it again.” As usual, he could not deny his dear, sweet Jenna, anything...

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