The Gardener

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Bailey surveyed the landscape he had tended for some 37 years. He had wandered into the Henderson Estate, a 18 year old black kid going nowhere in particular, and asked for a job. Mr. Henderson put him to work with old Rawlings, the gardener, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When Rawlings retired, Bailey just carried on by himself. He discovered he had a natural talent for, ‘things natural.’ He loved working the soil and seeing the results of his hard labour in flower blossoms from early Spring to late Fall. His favourites were the rhododendrons and he spent many hours nurturing them through a tough winter or a dry Spring….he had a special reason for doing so.

He was twenty-two when he met Rosy…or ‘My Rosy’…as he always called her. They married after a whirlwind courtship and she came to live with him in the small house on the estate. They never did have kids, though they tried very hard. They enjoyed being naked together and Bailey had been blessed with far more than his fair share in the endowment department. Rosy liked that a lot and something of a sexual nature took place almost every night. They had thirty good years together and just before she died she made him promise to sprinkle her ashes among his beloved rhododendrons, that way, she knew they would always be close. Bailey kept his promise and spent most of his free time sitting amid his prized shrubs, taking in their unique fragrance, surrounded by a sea of colours when they bloomed and knowing Rosy was a part of it. He found comfort there and it helped him cope with the tremendous loss he felt.

It was about a year later that Mrs. Henderson died and things around the estate changed. Mr. Henderson remarried and his new, ‘trophy wife,’ came to live on the estate. The new Mrs. Henderson was only 32 years old and too young for Mr. Henderson as far as Bailey was concerned, although he had no say in the matter any which way. She had the right pedigree and was awful pretty but the new Mr. and Mrs. Henderson were almost never together except for special business parties at the house or country club. It flummoxed Bailey; he realised Mr. Henderson was 76 years old and his health wasn’t the best but surely he would like to be naked with this beautiful young woman. He could just enjoy the view and his tongue and fingers still worked. Bailey thought if he had a young wife like that he would be naked every night, just like he used to be with Rosy. Of course he was still fit and strong, his job ensured that and he wouldn’t change it for a million dollars but if the truth were told his loins hadn’t stirred since Rosy left him….and that bothered him.

As time went on he saw less of Mr. Henderson who preferred his house in Tucson. He had business interests there and the climate was kinder to him than the humid air of Georgia summers. Bailey kept busy with his gardens and Mrs. Henderson represented the Henderson name at various charities, the country club and hosted a bridge game at the house twice a week. A maid came in for a few hours on Tuesday and Friday afternoons but for the most part there was just the two of them on the estate.

July came in hot and muggy. Bailey was in the tool shed sharpening his shears and happened to look out the window. He saw Mrs. Henderson walking to the pool in a bikini. She sure looked good in that tiny thing and Bailey felt a twitch in his groin. Was it real or did he just imagine it? After her swim she lay back in one of the chairs, her tanned body all wet and opened a book. After a while she brushed a hand over her large breasts and Bailey thought it seemed deliberate rather than accidental. As Bailey watched she put her hand between her legs and began moving it up and down, letting her legs fall on either side of the chair. Bailey felt another twinge, he was sure this time, and he felt his crotch. Through his pants he felt his cock growing as Mrs. Henderson’s movements became more animated. He unzipped his work pants and his huge endowment sprang out. It hadn’t been hard since he was naked with Rosy but as he watched Mrs. Henderson bring her legs up and arch her back he masturbated frantically and sprayed a heavy load of cum over the window.

Mrs. Henderson sashayed out to the pool in her tiny bikini every afternoon at about the same time, except for Wednesdays and Sundays when she played bridge. Bailey would be in the tool shed stroking his cock in anticipation of the forthcoming entertainment, his libido had returned as strong as it ever was. They masturbated together yet separately and the window pane received the outcome, as it were. Bailey was pleased that his erection had come back and was able to ejaculate daily but oh how he wished it would splash inside Mrs. Henderson rather than onto a piece of glass.

It had been a busy day for Bailey in the humid heat; he spent all day breaking off the spent flower heads of his beloved rhododendrons ensuring a multitude of blossoms the following Spring to share with Rosy. It was dark by the time he finished and the estate was quiet, he had seen no one all day. He was tired and sweaty and the pool looked real inviting. Should he or shouldn’t he pondered and decided why not. He stood at the side of the pool for a moment and looked about. Nothing stirred so he undressed and slipped into the cool water. It felt good and his weary body began to relax, he thought of Rosy and Mrs. Henderson and his cock stiffened. He toyed with it for a while then decided against going further and climbed out. His huge erection bobbed up and down as he stood beside the pool for a while. Feeling the warm air on his wet body, particularly his cock, was arousing and before donning his clothes, he stroked it lazily then headed home. Maybe he would relieve himself in the tool shed tomorrow if his lady boss kept to her routine.

Mrs. Henderson peered out of her bedroom window and saw her gardener standing naked beside the pool with the biggest erection she had ever seen. Her hand clamped over her open mouth and she tried to move away but was fixed to the spot. She stared as the gardener stroked along its tremendous length and turned away only when Bailey was clothed and on his way home. She lay on the bed and masturbated furiously until she climaxed over her fingers.

During the flowering season one of Bailey’s tasks was to deliver fresh-cut flowers to the house two, sometimes three times a week at precisely midday. Mrs. Henderson always met him at the door and thanked him curtly. It was two days after his foray into the pool that he knocked on the door with flowers across his arm. Instead of taking them, Mrs. Henderson asked him to bring them through to the kitchen. He watched her lovely ass sway in her tight pants as he followed her down the hall. With a sweep of her arm she asked him to put the flowers on the counter beside the sink. He was about to leave when she said she had a special job for him tonight and he was to meet her by the pool at nine o’clock. He thought it unusual but said he would be there and inquired if he should bring along any tools. She blushed deeply and said no, that would not be necessary. Bailey took his leave and wondered what on earth could need doing in the garden after dark, especially with no tools.

He arrived at the pool a few minutes before nine and sat on the edge of one of the chairs. Mrs. Henderson joined him a little after nine wearing a long, white bathrobe. Bailey said he was ready to go to work on whatever she wanted doing.

“Good!” she replied and removed her robe. She was as naked as a newborn. Bailey stared at her large, firm breasts then down to the neat triangle of pubic hair above a pink gash then she jumped into the pool. She came to the side directly below his feet and looked up at him. “I saw you by the pool the other night and I want to see it. I mean…er…your dick, I want you to show me” she stammered.

“Mrs. Henderson, Mam, you shouldn’t be saying things like that, Mr. Hender…”

“Mr. Henderson is in Tucson and you are here, I want to see your cock,” she interrupted.

Bailey protested again but could feel his cock growing beneath his pants and agreed to her demands for him to undress. He stood naked above her; she gazed up at his big dick, still not fully hard, and asked him to join her. He hesitated before his cock took control of his brain then jumped in beside her. She immediately grabbed his cock, rubbing, squeezing and exploring its entire length. One hand caressed his balls, the other jerked him as they stood waist-high in the water. He felt her big, natural tits and pinched the already-hard nipples then bent his head and flicked them with his tongue while Mrs. Henderson used both hands on his massive erection. She was breathing heavily and saying to herself rather than Bailey, “Oh my god it’s so big, it’s so big!” He grabbed her ass and pulled her close, his balls rubbed against her pubic hair and his cock reached almost to her tits. “It’s so big, so hard!” she said repeatedly, “sit up on the side.”

The gardener heaved himself onto the side of the pool and Mrs. Henderson stood between his legs. She held his cock, just staring in disbelief for a while then began to explore it with her hands then her mouth. Her tongue flicked around the head then along the underside of its shaft before taking as much of it as she could handle into her mouth. Bailey lay back and enjoyed the feeling, it had been a long while since lips were around his cock and he thought what Rosy would think. He banished the thought from his mind, sat up and put both hands around Mrs. Henderson’s head and helped her pump her sweet mouth onto his cock. She mouthed and licked his cock and balls until he slipped back into the pool and hoisted her onto the edge. He opened her legs and liked what he saw. Her dark pubic hair proved she wasn’t a natural blonde and as he spread her labia and inserted a couple of fingers he discovered her vagina was wet but tight. It was the first white pussy he had ever seen save for pictures in magazines and it sure looked sweet. This is going to be interesting he thought and wondered how his thick erection that pulsed beneath the water was going to fit in that little hole but he knew he was going try. He bent forward and excited her clit with his tongue and fingers. She responded quickly and became very wet and he was able to fuck her with three fingers as she relaxed her vaginal muscles. His hands reached up and fondled her big tits and he mouthed her clitoris until a climax overtook her. Bailey could wait no longer; he rose out of the pool and helped Mrs. Henderson to her feet. He took her over to the grass in front of the rhododendrons and she lay down. He knelt between her open legs and rubbed his huge penis up and down over her pussy then slowly forced his way in. It was tight but she was creaming and that made it easier. In less than a minute he had ten inches of hard, black cock inside her and began a smooth, deliberate pumping. He felt her juices lubricating his cock and her hole and he fucked his first white pussy harder and harder. She was noisy; crying out and screaming, “Yes, ahh, oh god,” over and over and urged him to, “Fuck me, fuck me, it’s so big, yes, ooh, yes, ahhhh!” and it aroused him more, Rosy was always kinda quiet. He rolled over and she sat on the huge pole and he held her ass and sucked on her nipples as she squealed and bounced on top of him. His cock made slurping sounds as it drove inside her and he felt her cream running down his penis and onto his balls. I need to see her pussy taking my cock he thought and positioned her on her hands and knees. He looked down at her lovely white ass and her wet, open pussy and saw her juices had spread over her inner thighs and butt cheeks. As he lined up his massive hard-on she was already moving back and forth, anxious to have him inside her again. His cock slid into her and began a steady drilling, deeper and deeper. The rhododendrons were just a few feet in front of him, he could smell them and it mixed perfectly with the smell of Mrs. Henderson and he found it highly erotic. He sensed that Rosy was there, watching him, smiling and happy for him. This spurred him on and he shot a big load of hot cum deep inside his employer.

To say there was an awkward silence when their passions abated would be an understatement. Neither knew quite what to say and after dressing, Mrs. Henderson smiled and said, “Thank you Mr. Bailey….that was….wonderful….just….wonderful.”

“Yes Mam,” he replied, I enjoyed it too,” then they went their separate ways in the darkness.

It was two days later, early in the morning when Bailey’s cell phone rang. Mrs. Henderson wanted some roses for the games room as soon as possible. He wondered why so early? The ladies always arrived for their bridge game at one-thirty and Mrs Henderson always wanted the flowers at noon. The front door would be open and should bring them to the kitchen she had told him and this was unusual also.

Bailey selected a dozen blooms and made his way to the main house. He opened the front door, strode down the spacious hall and turned left into the kitchen. What he saw almost made him drop the roses. Mrs. Henderson was sitting on the table rubbing her hand over her pussy. She was not naked though, she was wearing a little black bustier that pushed her tits up and out. Black nylon stockings were held up by garter straps attached to the bustier and her shoes had very high heels. Bailey liked what he saw and his cock pressed against his shorts.

“Fuck me Mr. Bailey!” she opened he legs wide and spread her pussy lips apart with two fingers

He was only too happy to oblige and he drilled her right there on the table. First as she lay on her back then she stood and spread her body over the table and held on to the edge. Bailey stepped back and looked at her in this position and felt blood surge through his shaft and it pulsed uncontrollably. He fondled her ass and gave it a few smacks which Mrs. Henderson seemed to enjoy then he fingered her wet pussy before filling it with his giant cock. As he fucked her he told her how much he liked the way she was dressed and how horny it made him. She panted that most men liked women dressed the way she way and she would do it again for him but this was said with many interruptions as she squealed and cried out in sexual arousal. He came inside her then she went down on her knees and sucked his cock. He was still semi-hard and she lay back on the table and he pumped her until his dick was soft. Again an awkward silence followed but it was easier than the first time.

“I must thank you once again, Mr. Bailey. You certainly….fill a need, in more ways than one, thank you for bringing the roses, they’re lovely”

“My pleasure, Mam, I’ll be getting back to my gardening if that’s alright with you?”

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