The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 7 Busted (rev 1)

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*** Please read the chapters leading up to this point in the story.

From the previous story, Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and I planned to spend every day of our holiday vacation from school together, but Donna's aunt, uncle, and cousin are visiting her parents for a couple of days next week, so Donna won't be able to see us. That’s not the entire problem. Her cousin, Donnie, is staying in her house too. They fucked each other for years until his parents moved to another state her freshman year. He may want to do it with Donna when he visits, but Donna is now with Marcus, my best friend.

It is Thursday afternoon, a day before Christmas vacation. Donna came to my house earlier, unexpectedly, to talk about Donnie’s visit. I had just showered and didn't have time to dress, so I flung a towel around my waist when Donna arrived. She confided in me about her dilemma. She loves Marcus, but doesn't know if she can resist having sex with Donnie, if he asks. It’s not like she has to dump Marcus just because Donnie is visiting with her for a couple of days, she thinks it may be difficult to resist the urge to fuck him and doesn’t want Marcus to know.

The resolution to the problem is for her to do whatever feels right at the time and not discuss it with anyone afterwards, not even with me. During our conversation Donna reflected back to when she lost her virginity with Donnie. Her description of the event aroused me immensely. Donna is not a tease. If she arouses you, you will get sucked or fucked. If she gets you hot, she finishes the job. Consequently, at the end of our talk, Donna sucked me off. For Donna, it was just a natural thing to do between friends especially since she was on her period, and it was her story gave me a hard on. So, that's the problem. With Donnie visiting, he will not have to beg for it, and she doesn't want Marcus to know.

We had just finished, and Donna announced that she was going to Marcus' house and suck him off too. She isn't going to suck his dick because she feels guilty, but rather, she honestly loves Marcus, and besides, she is highly aroused after sucking me.

As Donna is leaving my house, she looks up at me in my boxers from the bottom of the stairs to say goodbye, and the doorbell rings. Donna opens the door. It’s Marcus.

It isn’t unusual for Marcus to pop over. He has an open invitation to my house any time he wants to come. This is his second home, and he is my best friend. Hell, he took my old girl friend, and I didn't even mind. Well, she took him, whatever. Nothing he could do would bother me.

"Donna,” he says smiling as he walks into the foyer.

“Marcus,” she whispers as he stands up on his toes to give her a deep tongue kiss. She responds, and they roll their tongues together.

“I saw your car in the drive," Marcus says excitedly. Marcus hugs her with both hands holding her butt from behind. He hasn’t gotten his full adult height yet, so he is a little shorter than Donna. Her pussy comes to his stomach. Once again, He kisses her deeply by shoving his tongue around the inside of her mouth for several seconds.

Marcus is so glad to see Donna that he is oblivious to me on the stairs until I said, "Hey Marcus, how's it going?"

He looks up and sees me standing in the middle of the stairs wearing only my boxers. Since Donna opened the door so quickly, I didn’t have time to run back to my room and put my clothes on.

Now, I should feel awkward wearing only my underwear, but between Marcus being my best friend along with his innocent behavior, I know Marcus won’t think anything about it.

He answers, "It's going great. I'm not going to school tomorrow. It's going to be a wasted day with parties and stuff. No sense going the day before a long holiday.”

“I can’t skip. I have a test,” Donna laments as she blows in his ear.

"I'm not going to school either." I add, “We had our tests on Wednesday and Thursday.”

Marcus is through with the small talk and asks Donna, “Am I missing something here?"

She continued holding Marcus, "No. I was on my way to your house."

"Really? I didn't think we would see you until tomorrow night," he says.

Looking up at me, she confesses, "We had to talk alone."

"Are you sure I'm not interrupting?" Marcus questions diplomatically.

"No, we're finished," Donna says. "I was coming for you."

“I would like to cum for you.” The little waif is getting good at one-liners.

Looking up at me Donna asks, "I think we can manage that if we can go upstairs?"

I love it when Donna makes a question out of a statement.

"Of course," I nod. Now, this could be awkward. I know she wants to suck Marcus' dick. Am I supposed to excuse myself and go downstairs in my boxers and watch a movie or what?

"Come on, Marcus. We have something to discuss,” Donna playfully commands as she takes Marcus' hand and leads him up the stairs.

"I'll leave you guys alone," I respond politely.

Donna says, "No. Come with us. It’s your bedroom."

When we walk into my bedroom, my shoes and clothes are piled in front of my bathroom door. I open my closet and quickly slip on a pair of Y-3 Lux pants and a t-shirt in front of Marcus. Then I quickly grab the pile of clothes and throw them in my hamper inside the closet. In my haste, I my shoes end up in the hamper too.

Marcus doesn't have a jealous bone in his barely post-pubescent body, but doesn't ignore the obvious. "I repeat, did I miss something," he smiles. Well, he's my best friend, so it was a tease to try to make us feel guilty, and but I don't let him make me admit that Donna had just sucked me off.

Donna replies, "No. You aren't going to miss a thing." Damn, she is so good with words, never deceiving, and always thoughtful.

Donna reaches under Marcus' pants and feels his dick. True to Marcus, he is hard by the time her fingers reach his dick. I sit in a chair across the room.

"Are you sure I shouldn’t leave?" I don't know why I am asking. We had been fucking and sucking for nearly four months together, but I feel obligated to give them the option of being alone. If she is going to suck him, I hope they don’t throw me out. Gawd, I love watching Donna work on Marcus.

Marcus is quick to reply, "You don't have to leave for me."

"Or me either." Then Donna commands Marcus, "Lay down big guy."

"Please be gentle," Marcus feigns fear and covers his eyes with his forearm.

“You had no complaints the first time,” she laughs. “Or all of the times after that.”

“You beat me, you whipped me, and you pounced on me. My dick was never the same. It keeps cumming every time we are together,” he laughs.

Looking toward me she asks, “So this is the guy that I said fucked like a rock star in your dream?”

Marcus and I smile. Marcus loves that part of the dream and does a quick air guitar motion while pumping the neck of the guitar like he is beating his meat. So much for maturity when your girl friend is trying to be romantic, but Donna helps him focus.

"OK, Mr. Rockstar, let's see what you got," she says as she grasps his dick through his pants and then pulls the banded waist out to look down his pants.

“Anything down there?” I ask.

“Not sure. Let me see. Yes, it has potential,” Donna says in a suggestive voice.

There is more than potential. Marcus’ dick could pass as Archimedes’ lever at this point. It was hard after the first kiss in the foyer.

Donna lays Marcus sideways on my bed with his feet hanging over the side in a submissive position. Donna puts my pillows and shams under his head and shoulders to prop him up at an angle.

From my vantage point, I am on Marcus’ left side and watch Donna in full pursuit mode.

Donna bent over Marcus to blow in his ear and whispers, "I can't fuck you this weekend.”

Marcus whispers, “I know.”

Donna is a bit surprised. “So, then you know what happens next," she teased.

Marcus is now fully focused and manages to nod his head as his he feels the palpitations in his chest pound from an adrenaline rush. He swallows and licks his lips as his excitement elevates. His voice is completely gone now. He is in full arousal mode. I see his chest moving as he breathes fast and shallow.

Donna never tells him how to dress, but his mom has good taste when she picks his stuff, and sometimes he copies me, but today he is wearing long Perry Ellis drawstring cargo pants. The little pipsqueak is finally wearing stuff that is easy to pull off, and Donna takes advantage of it. Donna runs both hands down his pants at his hips and gently lowers them to his ankles. He is wearing emerald Nike 6.0 Braata sneakers. The little fucker copied me because I had just bought some gray Nike 6.0 Mavrk sneakers.

Sure, she could have pulled them off his feet, but leaving his sneakers on with his pants hanging at his ankles is more interesting than simply getting him naked. She’s seen this kid completely naked before, but leaving him half undressed is very erotic.

“You have powder on,” Donna observes.

“… playground last period at school, … showered at home,” he says in a breathy voice. He didn’t want to talk.

Well, so the little nutcracker is showered and ready to go. Good for him. Always be ready. We are Donna’s honor students.

Marcus’ dick makes a sixty degree angle and is as solid as an after-market stick shift installed in a 70’s muscle car. He has little body hair but does have a nice sample extending out a couple of inches in a circle around the base of his dick. Donna pulls the sleeves of his hoodie over his arms and lifts it up leaving it wrapped around his neck exposing his slick, hairless chest. She licks his erect nipples while Marcus runs his fingers through her full silky dark mane. After opening her blouse, she pushes one of her nipples to his lips. He licks and sucks her erected nipple with one arm around her shoulder and the other at his side.

Her tongue moves down to the center of his chest, but she reverses direction and goes up to his left nipple. About a minute passes, Donna sits up and runs her fingernails all over his chest and stomach. She makes a straight line to the edge of his pubic hair. Then she works her way back up using a circular motion back and forth across his stomach. She barely rakes her nails on his sides tickling his ribs. Marcus flinches, and she moves her fingers down to his nuts. She bends over and licks each nut back and forth with the tip of her tongue.

Gawd, I know he’s in pleasurable agony. I would be thinking, ‘touch my dick now,’ but Donna wants to make him to beg for relief. She won’t allow him the luxury of having his dick touched before she explores every sensation that she can conjure out of the rest of his body. This is just short of a blue-ball treatment.

Donna pulls Marcus’ underwear and pants off feet so he can spread his legs. She leaves his sneakers on his feet. Even though they have laces, he could have kicked them off. But if Donna didn’t remove them, he knows to leave them on. This is her show, and Marcus lets her perform.

Marcus clasps his hands behind his head showing a few hairs under each underarm, and resigns himself to being a slave to Donna’s tortuous foreplay. If this is torture, sign me up. Precum is dripping on his stomach, and Donna uses the very tip of her tongue to touch it ever so very delicately before sucking it up.

She still hasn’t touched his dick. Marcus uses his Kegel muscles to make his dick throb and pulse signaling a silent plea to touch it, but Donna sadistically prolongs the foreplay as precum continues to drip on his stomach. Marcus curls his toes and his sneakers point upward.

What a contrast between Donna’s sucking my dick 30 minutes ago and what I see now. I thought I had it good until I watched her work on Marcus. That is the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. Donna is in love with Marcus. Love brings out our best qualities, and Donna has many. I get similar treatments from Tonya, but it’s arousing to watch Donna doting on Marcus.

Donna draws her fingernails up Marcus’ legs, across his thighs, and then to the base of his dick. His precum never stops. Without warning, she opens her mouth and moves downward on his dick. After the prolonged foreplay, I see chills on Marcus. He has to feel absolutely spectacular. I could feel it all the way across the room.

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