The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 6 -The Real Peter Pan

(Part 1 from 2)

Recapping the story, what began as a dull afternoon with my parents visiting their friends changes when I meet Donna and lose my virginity. In chapter two, a year and a half later, Donna introduced me to her virgin friend Tonya while Donna had her eye on my younger friend Marcus. While Tonya was in my basement feeling me slide my dick through her delicate, fragile, dainty virgin tissues, Donna was in my upstairs bedroom squatting on my friend Marcus giving him his first experience. That was about three months ago.

Donna is the only one who is old enough to have a license and drives us everywhere. She takes the lead in everything we do, but she is not condescending or bossy. She is simply older and wiser. As fall continues our new foursome becomes a real team. We are falling in love with our partners. In chapter 3, Tonya is out of town, so Donna has a surprise encounter with Marcus and me and shows us something new to do together. In chapter 4, we are confronted by my mom who grills us about having safe sex. I am mortally embarrassed to the nth degree, but we all have great sex afterward. In chapter 5, there is a surprise twist in the story that won't be revealed in case it hasn't been read yet. Please read the stories in order for the maximum impact on your fantasies and bonding with the characters, my friends.

From the feedback received asking for more details, there are hints in the story about what we look like, how we dress, and some references from the web that may portray other things about us. We are quite normal school kids going about our daily business except for our extraordinary interaction with each other. Donna, in particular, is a very nice person but insists on privacy, and I have portrayed her to the best of my amateur writing abilities. All three have no idea I am writing about us. The story is tracking about 6 months behind real time.

Now part 5. Our days in school pass slowly after Thanksgiving. Donna, Tonya, Marcus, and I anxiously wait for the weekends when we get together. It’s a long distance for the girls to drive to pick us up, so we don’t see each other except on the weekdays. The prolonged waiting during the week heightens our desires to be together. As we crave each other, our passions become an obsession, but why not?

We have our youth only once. You know, teen today, twenty tomorrow? When I look at older couples in their twenties and thirties, it makes me want to cram every bit of time into our relationship while we still have our naivety and spontaneity. The simplicity of our love will be lost to a more complicated life soon enough. My grandfather got cancer and my mom had a lot of worries until he passed away, and she remains sad. Both of my parents work all day and get home in the early evening. After a week of pressures in their professions, they seem mentally exhausted as they push themselves to cram in a little recreation during the weekends.

Is there any escape from adulthood? Sure there is, at least for a while. For example, Peter Pan retained his youth. He fucked Wendy after she gave him his first kiss. Oh come on. Grow up. Of course that wasn’t written in the official story, but that’s what happened. Wendy’s father notices that she is maturing and announces that she needs to be in her own bedroom separate from her brothers.

Wendy watches Peter Pan hanging around listening to bedtime stories thinking he isn’t noticed, but Wendy notices him and wants Peter. She is at the age that she craves peter. One night as soon as the parents leave the room, Peter flies in Wendy's window to find his “shadow.” Nice word for pussy. Wendy is as aggressive as Peter. She gives Peter his first kiss, and then they “fly” together.

Peter Pan taught her to fly? Yeah, right. That’s a sanitized way of saying she pulled her long nightgown up to her chest while he stuck his peter in her pan. The song about them flying is just a way to describe their wonderful first time fucking as Wendy loses her virginity. The lyrics that Peter Pan sings to Wendy as they cum together express their climax perfectly.

Flying! Like an owl, like a bat, Or the prowl, It's so satisfying!
I'm whizzing, Through a cloud, Past a star, I'm so proud,

Look how far I've risen
High over the moon
Higher I fly…

He saw a virgin and took her to new heights. She wanted it. Every time I envision Wendy in her long nightgown hiked up so that Peter can stick his peter into her tender, delicate, virgin tissues, I get hard just like Peter Pan when he says, “Look how far I’ve risen.” Even the ‘lost boys’ call Wendy their mother. They accept Peter and Wendy as a couple and know that they are fucking each other.

When I found out about sex in the 2nd grade, the Peter Pan story hit me like a lightning bolt. It was so clear to me. I remember coming to the conclusion, “Damn, Peter Pan fucked Wendy in her bedroom.” I’m sure Wendy didn’t wear panties under that long nightgown. All she had to do hike it up for Peter.

The first time I beat off I was fantasizing about Wendy. Then seeing girls’ legs at school made me fantasize about flying into their rooms at night, lifting up their nightgowns, and sticking my dick into their pussies. What a great story it is for a kid to use as a sexual fantasy. In my mind I had sex with Wendy hundreds of times. Every time it was our first.

Peter Pan delays his adulthood to keep his innocence and shirk his responsibilities. Just like Peter Pan, Donna entices Tonya, Marcus, and me to enjoy our freedom while we still have our innocence. I’m not sure that we avoid responsibilities because we are good students.

How long can we be considered naive as we learn more and more from Donna? Well, each time I push my dick into Tonya, it seems like a new adventure just like Peter Pan and Wendy. Tonya is my Wendy, and I think of her as new, fresh, and pure. Tonya is more exciting to me that any fantasy that I can conjure up. Marcus and Donna are completely focused on each other, and each others' dick and pussy, so no fantasy they have could top what they got.

If it is any indication of the level of our affection for each other, Tonya tells me that she fantasizes about me during the first time I fucked her. Heck, being a sophisticated lover seems to not be a disadvantage if as the new wears off. The newer the love, the more exciting it is, and the love between Tonya and me is as new as Peter Pan and Wendy’s love.

Take Charlie Sheen. He fucked Denise Richards, for gawd’s sake. Who could be more beautiful in bed? Yet, he requires continuous, new supply of pussy until she left him. He is a sophisticated lover, but he has to have new pussy in order to keep from feeling routine sex. The public hates him, but I understand him. The trick is to keep the person you are with fresh and exciting. If it takes fantasies, games, exhibitionism, or other couples, do it and stay with the one you love.

Donna makes sure that all of us savor every moment with each other. How lucky can we be to have such a goddess in our midst? Looking at other students who are bound within their moral hang-ups and entwined in drama induced relationships, I am keenly aware of the lost years they are accumulating. How can that valuable time ever be recovered?

Is it luck, or is it fate? Could it be in my karma, and I was predestined to meet Donna? Whatever force expanded our relationship to include Tonya and Marcus, it resulted in a perfect circle of openness and simplicity for all four of us. Whether it was a supernatural outside force or just an inward desire that brought us together, I am glad it happened before the pressures of life interfered with our naďve innocence.

A few weeks pass after Thanksgiving. Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and I enjoy riding around in Donna’s Kia Soul and end up in a secluded area. We listen to music, joke, talk, and, most importantly, fuck. Donna hates the words 'making love.' We love each other, and we fuck. One doesn't necessarily have to include the other according to her, but in our case it does. It's that simple. Donna taught us to be smart not conventional.

Donna doesn’t mind being in the front seat. I think she likes watching me suck and fuck Tonya as she squats on Marcus’ dick in the front seat while peering over the inclined seat. Sometimes we trade in order to let Marcus and Donna have more room in the back seat.

Similarly, I like watching Marcus and Donna from the front seat as I fuck Tonya. It’s not too hard to fuck Tonya in the front seat. The seat lowers down, and we manage it well. I am so fortunate to experience so many stimulating moments. Some people would never let someone watch them fuck each other. Donna says that such restrictions result in wasted opportunities. It limits the heights that can be attained while reaching that exhilarating, numb, tingling feeling at the height of our orgasm climax.

It is Thursday, and our holiday break from school lasting through New Year's Day starts tomorrow. I haven’t seen Tonya since last Sunday night, but Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and I have the coming weekend to see each other. We plan to spend the days together all of next week at my house before my parents get home in the evening.

Donna called me right after school. “I have to see you. I’ll be over in a few minutes.”

“What’s going on,” I usually didn’t ask, but Donna’s voice sounded frantic.

“I want to talk with you without Marcus,” she said. “I’ll explain when I get there.”

My heart raced. Is there a problem? This doesn’t sound good. Is she moving away? Did she find another guy? Did any of our parents find out about us? Is Donna pregnant? Does she have an STD? No, that couldn’t be unless she was with someone else. Had she been with someone else? Does Donna have an incurable disease? Is there something that would end our paradise? Is there anything wrong with Tonya? Has Tonya found another guy? Damn, is Tonya pregnant? Is Tonya hurt?

A million possibilities raced through my mind. After the bazaar dream that I had at Thanksgiving, I didn’t want any crazy things happening in real life. Maybe I’m just conjuring stuff up and being overly sensitive as a result of my bazaar dream. That dream was so real that I continue to worry about the bad events in the dream coming true. You remember, I dreamed that my mom talked to all of us about our having safe sex, and I was mortally embarrassed throughout the entire dream.

Although I showered in the morning before school, it had been a long day, so I took another shower in record time. Did she say Tonya was coming too? Gawd, I can’t wait. It’s been four days since we sucked and fucked each other. I tried not to beat off, but damn, between the girls legs at school and my endless thoughts of Tonya’s pussy, it’s hard to resist, but this week I made it to Thursday, and I can’t wait to see her.

When I resist beating off for a whole week, which isn’t always possible, I shoot loads of cum into Tonya’s pussy. Geez, a week’s worth of cum accumulates like flood water behind a dam making for a spectacular eruption. Tonya tells me that she can feel when I shoot extra, hot spurts into her. She enjoys the sensation of one wave after another pulsing like a cannon shooting paint balls in her pussy. There is plenty built up for her this weekend, and I can’t wait, but something is wrong if Donna is coming on a weekday. I am worried.

As I was applying some powder on my balls, I saw Donna drive up and walk briskly to the door. I threw a towel around my waist and ran downstairs.

Before Donna rang the doorbell, I opened the door and asked, “Is Tonya with you?”

“No. I need to talk with you alone. Were you expecting someone?” she coyly asked as she looked at the towel around my waist. She lifted it up playfully with her finger.

“Yes, You.” I laugh to ease the tension as Donna walked into the foyer.

“You mean Tonya,” she smiles. “You asked about her first, but I have something important to talk about.”

My heart pounded, and I got tight in my stomach. I worried about the important message Donna was holding from me.

“Gosh, what’s wrong?” I am anxious to find out the mystery.

Donna’s voice sounds anxious, “We have a problem. Let’s go upstairs to talk.”

I grasped the towel tightly around my waist, and Donna followed me upstairs to my bedroom. We sat on the edge of my bed, and I am a nervous wreck.

“Geez, what is it?” My palpitations increase.

“I have some bad news,” she says.

“Oh gawd, are you pregnant?” I ask.

“Pregnant? How could I be pregnant?” she asks incredulously.

“Gawd, I don’t know. You sound so desperate and said you wanted to talk to me alone,” I explained.

“Well, it could happen even if you are on the pill,” she instructed, “if you skip a few doses or you start your pills after your period on the wrong day. So you would have to make a mistake and then have sex too."

“That’s good to know,” I said relieved.

“Well, Tonya is a bit haphazard with taking her pills, and she is the one who’s pregnant,” Donna said matter-of-factly.

“Geezus fucking Christ,” I exclaimed. “Are you kidding me?”

“Yes. The game. Gotcha,” Donna laughed. “Tonya is very careful. She’s not going to get pregnant.”

“Geezus, holy shit,” I laughed easing the tension but still had a lump in my throat.

“It’s not that bad. My aunt and uncle are staying with us for two nights next week, and we won't be able to get together on those days,” she said.

“Well, damn," I say and feel the disappointment.

"That's not the problem," she said.

"What is the problem?" I ask.

“It's my cousin. He's coming too. You know the one …”

I interrupted as I remembered, “I know. He was the guy you fucked before me.”

“Yes. He’s the one. His name is Donnie. He’s on leave from his base for two weeks for the Christmas holidays, and my aunt and uncle are coming to our house on Tuesday with him,” she said.

“Do you think Donnie will want to go out with you?” I asked while thinking about Marcus. “Or maybe he will sneak into your room after everyone is asleep and fuck you there.”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in over two years or more. You know, he moved away about a year before I met you.”

“If he asks you, are you gonna do it?” I cut to the chase.

“I don’t plan to, but it’s hard to say no,” she predicted. “He was my first.”

I couldn’t contain my curiosity, “How old is he?”

Donna said, “He about 2 years older than me.”

“Gosh, that makes him a lot older than Marcus,” I calculated. “So you don’t want Marcus to know?”

“That’s right. Marcus may feel bad. I don’t want to hurt Marcus. Marcus is still innocent and naive, and I want him to stay that way. Marcus doesn’t have a bad thought in his body. I don’t want him to feel competitive or give him any reason to feel jealous,” she said.

“You said you played a game with your cousin the first time but never elaborated,” I recalled.

“Yeah. It was in the same bushy thicket behind my house where you and I, well, where you lost your virginity,” she said.

“I remember it well,” I said as a leaned over and kissed her cheek while gripping the towel around my waist.

“It was soon after my aunt and uncle moved here and the first time I remember meeting them. It was a Sunday afternoon just like when I met you. Our parents, Donnie, and I ate at a restaurant, and they stopped by our house afterwards. Donnie and I went behind our house to play. After a while, Donnie said he had a secret game and asked if I wanted to play. We went to the thicket my house."

I interrupted and smiled, "I know those bushes."

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