The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 22 - The High Sierra Music Festival

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Please read chapters 1 - 21 to get to get acquainted with my friends and me and to get immersed in the story. Use the search feature and type "The Game," to find all of the previous chapters. From the feedback that I receive, you won't regret reading the previous chapters. A recap of the story appears in the last several chapters, so I will change the introduction this time. For those who like details this chapter is packed and the most revealing to date. For those who do not, there is plenty of action if you fast forward to the middle.

I recall with each chapter that Donna's first game with me ended my virginity. A year and a half later, she also ended Marcus' virginity on my bed on the same day that she introduced me to Tonya. It was Tonya's first time too. We have been an exceptionally close foursome for the last ten months. I continue to reflect on the uniqueness of the relationship between the four of us which continues to elevate.

Since last September, Donna, Tonya, Marcus, and I have been together nearly every weekend. Recapping a few events without spoiling the many surprises, last December we met Donna's cousin, Donnie, who was the guy who took her virginity. Donna looked forward to seeing him again. Although it was a tense meeting for the rest of us, it ended with a nice surprise. On New Year's Eve we met Donna's new friends, Tamara and Jadon, which ended in another memorable night. In February during the three-day Valentine's Day weekend we experienced more "firsts" and a more surprises. In late spring, the four of us flew to Las Vegas for a wedding, and Donna came up with yet another new game for us to play. That's a brief summary because additional details will spoil the story, but I promise that your time will be well spent reading the previous chapters if you haven't already.

The school year is nearly over and to cope with the pressures of finals, I let my mind drift backward over the many months since I met Donna. Today is the anniversary marking two years since I met Donna, and I find it hard to concentrate on my work. Reflecting over our relationship, I am still in awe how Donna continues to engage us in spontaneous erotic activities, planned games, and calculated surprises. Donna provides the spark that enables the intimacy within our group to remain fresh. Unanticipated, unexpected, and unpredictable are the ingredients that keep the relationship within our group exciting.

Our experience far exceeds what may be expected of others our age. Our love includes a mature element yet has room to grow. We take advantage of our naive youth not knowing when it will end exactly. It is said that time is slow in youth, but as it speeds up in later years. In the future, the good memories that we build today can be replayed as if they just happened. My memories evoke warm feelings that can be recalled in the future. Nothing needs to be left behind. In the past two years since I met Donna, all of the memories have been perfect. They are recorded and filed away for a lifetime of use.

My fantasies and reflections get me through my exams, and finally the school year is over. By mid June we're all free for the summer. Donna, Tonya, and Marcus are at my house, and Donna wants us to go to High Sierra Music Festival at the end of June. After briefly talking about the plans, Donna revealed Tonya's fantasy to Marcus and me. Consequently, we stopped talking about the festival and became involved with turning her fantasy into reality. In case you haven't read about Tonya's fantasy in the previous chapter, I won't spoil the story by providing any details.

We leave my house and Donna drives us around for the rest of the evening. It's our favorite activity. The scenery day or night is always great. We listen to music and talk about the festival. She always plays at least one song, if not more, with lyrics specifically chosen for us. This evening her choice is one that we have listened to many times before, and we know the words well by now.

"Stay With You" by the Goo Goo Dolls has so much meaning for us and reflects our relationship perfectly with its powerful lines. With some bands, the lyrics are lost because they are overpowered by the music, but the words in this Goo Goo Dolls' song are easy to understand and have become our anthem. It's easy to write a story, but hard to condense it into a few sentences to provide the lyrics for a meaningful song. The words in this song are as powerful as all of the chapters in a book. We sing together.

I'll stay with you
The walls will fall before we do

As the chorus continues, I squeeze Tonya's hand and look into her eyes. I repeat the words that we have listened to over the months.
Without missing a word, Tonya repeats the words back to me as they are sung. Clothes may tease the senses, candles may calm and fears, incense may heighten the emotions, and gentle touches may elevate urges, but lyrics within a song send messages directly to the heart. The lyrics to this song are embedded inside all of us.

With every song purchased, a message is also sent to the writers and performers that their talents and efforts are appreciated and supported. While listening to more music, our conversation returns to the upcoming festival. It's fitting that we go to a festival since we enjoy music so much, and music has become an integral part of us as we drive around. It's my dream that the four of us to hear a live performance of every band whose music that we have listened to during the past nine months that we have been together. It's a dream, but not a goal since there are so many groups that we like. Thank gawd for youtube.

We start talking about Donna's plans. There is no problem for Donna and Tonya to be away five days at a music festival. With Donna's take-charge personality along with both of their parents' trust in Donna, all that Tonya and Donna have to do is simply tell them where the High Sierra Music Festival is located. They don't have to ask for permission to attend. It's not so easy for Marcus and me. I mean, we don't think we'll have a problem, but first we'll have to ask permission and then provide details. It's the details that are embarrassing.

I want to avoid explaining anything to my parents. We'll be gone for five days, stay in a tent, and sleep together. Sleeping together is the part that I don't want to discuss with my parents, and neither does Marcus. As my anxiety builds up when thinking about asking my parents to go to the festival, I can't think of any other details.

"Look, we need two tents," I blurt out.

"Why two?" asks Donna.

"I'm just not gonna tell my mom that we'll be sleeping together," I explain.

"Fuuuck. Me either," says Marcus.

"Your mom loves Donna," Tonya says to Marcus trying to console him.

"But she doesn't think he's fucking her," I laugh.

"She knows," says Tonya.

"Fuuuck, why do you say that?" Marcus asks with a bit of fear.

"Just a feeling I get when I see her talk to Donna," explains Tonya.

"I know that look," admits Donna.

"Fuuuck. You never said that before," Marcus says with a bit of terror building up inside.

"Well, maybe it's just that she likes Donna so much and is just accepting her so well since Marcus found a nice Jewish girl to bring home to his mommy," I laugh.

"Fuuuck you," laughs Marcus.

"Just saying, she doesn't know we're fucking, does she?" I ask with an obvious lack of confidence showing.

"Look. I'll take care of your parents. Let me do the explaining," Donna inserts.

"Great. I think. Like, how are you going to explain it to mine?" I ask expecting a serious answer.

"I'll have Tonya at my side and simply tell them that you fuck like a vampire werewolf, and Tonya will be your prey at the festival," says Donna.

"Geezus, I'm doomed," I say while being entertained by Donna's characterization of my performance.

Then Donna offers a simple solution, "Look. Why not simply tell them that we're going to be together with Jadon and Tamara just like we were on New Years Eve and like the Saturday night before Valentines Day?"

"It's the truth, so you won't be telling a lie," says Tonya wisely.

"OK. OK. That sounds great. I don't want to lie," I say feeling relieved that I don't have to explain any sleeping arrangements.

"That will work with my mom too," says Marcus.

"No. Your mom's a different case. I'll take care of her," says Donna.

"What do you mean?" asks Marcus being set up for the kill.

"I don't lie either. I'll just have to tell her that you fuck like a rock star, and you'll be sleeping with me," laughs Donna.

"Fuuuuck. Don't even kid me that way," says Marcus with terror returning to his face.

"What? You don't fuck like a rock star?" asks Donna sucking him into the conversation.

"Of course I fuck like a rock star. Just don't tell her I'm sleeping with you," says Marcus in a serious tone.

"OK. I'll say you fuck like a rock star, but you won't be sleeping with me?" ask Donna.

"Fuuuck. You're not talking to my mom before we go, period," laughs Marcus finally taking the joke.

"You guys are so uptight about your moms," laughs Tonya.

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