The Game : First Time Sex : Part 21 - Tonya's Fantasy

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The Game ... first time sex: Part 21 - Tonya's Fantasy

Please read chapters 1 - 20 to get to get acquainted with my friends and me and to get immersed in the story. This is a long chapter, so if you aren't into details, jump to the last half of this story to pick up our usual action. The intro to chapter 18 has the most expanded synopsis to date. The following is a brief history of our group.

It's been nearly two years since I met Donna on a Sunday afternoon when I was forced to tag along with my parents while they visited friends. The conversations of the adults weren't interesting to me after awhile, so to ease my boredom I walked outside to pass the time. In the next yard I saw Donna. We met and talked. It didn't take long for her to invite me to play a game in a brushy thicket behind her house. The game was rigged, so that there were no losers. The only thing that I lost during the game was my virginity. Donna was my first.

About a year and a half later, Donna introduced me to Tonya who is now the focus of my life. Donna was interested in a friend of mine named Marcus, and now they are devoted to each other. The four of us have experienced nine months together at this point. Once again, I invite you to read the previous chapters to understand the unique, fanciful, robust, and naive love that we share with each other. The first chapter of my diary is titled simply, "The Game ... First Time Sex" and there is also a revised version posted. Either one will do to start the story. I didn't label it "part 1" because I never thought I would continue writing about all of us.

The weekends after the four of us attended Donnie and Trish's wedding in Las Vegas continue being magical, and our time together is never dull or repetitious, but what can be revealed about us that hasn't already been written? Well, there is more, much more. As the end of the school year nears, we are experiencing a lot of pressure. School is full of demands because of deadlines and finals. Stress is part of the process of education, but the weekends with Donna, Tonya, and Marcus provide carefree moments with no stress. When we are together our fun enables us to forget about school.

We don't live in a Disney sit-com. Nothing against Disney studios because they turned out some hot girls who really like to fuck such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Keri Russell, Miley Cyrus, and Brenda Song. How do I know they like to fuck? Well, geezus, since my first orgasm I have been fucking them, in my mind of course, and they love it. That is the way every teenage guy thinks. Teenage guys dream about taking the clothes off those characters and fucking them naked in their beds each night while teenage girls watch those shows and fantasize about the clothes and relationships. That is a sexist remark, and I apologize. Female viewers fantasize too. I'm sure they let Zac Efrom, the Jonas Brothers, Mitch Musso, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, and Kyle Massey shove their dicks inside their pussies each night in their dreams too. So Disney provides the best fantasies for both males and females.

If you are acquainted with our story, it is apparent that Marcus and I play out our fantasies and elevate them into realities each weekend when Donna and Tonya pick us up. I stopped fucking the Disney girls since I met Donna. Later, when I met Tonya I don't even think about the Disney girls, and I'm certain that the Disney girls miss me each night. I don't feel bad for leaving them since thousands of guys are fucking them in their dreams each night. Riding around with Donna, Marcus, and Tonya while listening to music, then finding a secluded spot to watch the stars, and fucking for a couple of hours is better than any Disney fantasy for sure.

What better way to relax from pressures of school each week? After all of these months you know that we don't rush to climax, but rather we engage in a lot of foreplay ranging form slow, sensually random activities such as listening to music, and light banter to touching and caressing to elevate our senses all the way to a slow climax. That is how we relax.

The pressure of school and being away from Tonya all week may actually have a benefit. As I've said before, you appreciate the top of the mountain only if you've been in the valley all week. So not being with Tonya all week increases my anticipation of seeing her. It makes being with her on the weekends that much better.

What we experience from each other comes mostly from Donna's direct instruction, some from practice, and some from our naive, natural instinct to make our partners feel good. I've stated before that one of the prime indicators of love is placing your partner's feelings above your own. It excites me when I know that I'm making Tonya feel good. Guys don't need much help getting aroused, so we need to make sure our energy is directed toward our partners in order to make them feel the best every time we are with them. Right? It's not a relationship if you are only thinking about your feelings and disregard your partners.

We don't have to wait for weekends any longer to get together because now it's the end of the school year. We can see each other on weekdays, and I am thinking about all of our free time in the summer. What will we do all summer that we haven't already done before? Any fears that our group will peak out and lose it's spontaneous and naive naughtiness are unfounded because of Donna's natural ability to find interesting things for us to do. Donna's creativity for providing us with ever-changing excitement has no bounds. For example, her plans for the Valentine's weekend a few months ago provided us with several surprises, and also, how about the body painting during the Christmas holidays? How many people of any age get to body paint in a group and then eat it off for foreplay? It's been like that since the first day that I met her. Donna will never allow our time together be dull or mundane, so I anticipate the summer to be full of new experiences and "firsts."

As I write about us, I wonder if I'm manipulating my friends in order to create memorable events that I can record later. Since Donna's leadership sets the stage, it's difficult change any events let alone initiate them. Still, I try to be careful that I don't suggest stuff just so I can write about it later. I'm also careful that I'm not exaggerating when I recall our time together.

I don't want to create a reality that doesn't exist. A reality that doesn't exist? That's an oxymoron, or maybe it's not since reality is based on our personal perceptions. Personal perception? What other kinds of perceptions do we have except personal ones? Well, I guess we can create our own realities even if they don't exist, but that sounds a bit too psychotic for me. I will just write about what happens and vow not to add or exaggerate anything.

So far nothing we have done needs exaggeration or amplification, and my personal accounting of situations is within the bounds of logic. If anything, I have had to condense the events and dialog. For example, we had a memorable Memorial Day Weekend, but I am leaving it out of the published story. Also, I didn't write about Saturday night during out time in Las Vegas. If I wrote everything that we did, there would be volumes instead of chapters in my diary, but the notes exist if the need ever arises to fill in the blanks.

As I interact with my friends and keep a diary, it feels like I'm in one of those sci-fi movies where people go back in time and try not to change anything that would affect the future, however, I am part of the events in the present, and the future hasn't been recorded. I am increasingly aware that I am a character as well as a recorder of the events.

As I worry about suggesting anything for us to do or even saying anything that would change what we would do if I weren't writing, I feel like I'm in a play. It is a very strange position to occupy. In order to make sure that I'm a friend and lover and not an actor and writer when I am with Donna, Tonya, and Marcus, I try avoid thinking about how to write what we do, but I still find myself highly engaged in listening to the conversations between us with increased precision. Long before we left for Las Vegas, and for the coming summer events, I took copious notes. Shame on me. Anyway, it's the end of school I have been writing about us for three months with stories that date back two years, and the summer is full of material to share.

It's June, and school is finally out. We have my house to ourselves every day until my parents get home. Consequently, we don't have to wait for the weekends to get together. Oh my gosh, we can't get enough of ourselves during our first full week off from school.

Remember, Donna introduced me to Tonya last September, so this is the first summer that all four of us have been together. Last fall and then continuing through the winter, I sometimes wished to be with Tonya alone, but now all of us want to be together from foreplay until climax. I have no way of knowing if this is unique, abnormal, or downright kinky, but using Donna's philosophy, if we enjoy it and no one gets hurt, it's alright.

Still, it's not something that I would discuss except in the story. We just don't have any inhibitions with each other. I think it's healthy, but I just can't figure out if it's normal. Well, geezus, Einstein wasn't normal and neither was Gandhi, Buddha, Noah, Mohammed, or Jesus. They turned out OK, so I guess everything doesn't have to be normal to work out.

Out of the abnormal guys that I mention, Noah fascinates me. He built a gawd damn boat in the middle of the dessert and kept it in dry dock for years. Then the flood came. The term "better late than never" didn't apply to the people who were late getting on the boat when the water rose. They were late and they drowned. Noah brought two of every creature, male and female, and they spent 40 days fucking. Oh come on, what the hell else could they do. It's not like it was a cruise ship with satellite T.V. and internet service. There was a curious situation. It seems that the two seahorses were lesbians, but one was pregnant with a male before they got on the boat, so the species survives. Female seahorses rule though because after that time they make the male carry the babies from that point on. That's abnormal for some, but it's normal for seahorses.

Then back to Adam and Eve, if you don't mind continuing a discussion on what's normal. I think God must have been amused after he created Adam and Eve. I have previously written about Adam and Eve, but I left out the part in which God found out about what's normal for humans. During one of God's other creations sometime after ours, he is engaged in a conversation with his angels.

"Hey God, you're changing stuff in this creation. Like, what's with the fence around your fucking apple tree in the Garden of Eden?" asks an archangel.

"Don't you remember the last creation and what happened on Earth?" asks God.

"Oh yeah. That went well," laughs the devil who has been reinstated in the council.

"Well, you didn't help much," God says to the Devil.

"Who knew that you would create humans whose normal activities are fucking each other and killing each other?" asks an archangel.

"Yeah, and they're still killing each other over you as we speak," laughs the Devil.

"Not to mention that they were created in your image, not ours," laughs the archangel.

"Don't remind me. My mistake," says God.

"And they still blame everything on me," the Devil says somewhat annoyed.

"They sure didn't need any help acting the way you created them," laughs the archangel.

"OK. OK. Don't rub it in," says God.

"So, how high do you need to build the fence in order to keep your next human creations from acting like you," laughs the Devil.

"Maybe I won't even plant an apple tree during this next creation," laughs God.

"So you're going to create heaven on earth without a fucking apple tree?" asks the archangel.

"What fun is that?" asks the devil.

"Good point," says God.

"So just let the humans act normal and piss you off," the Devil teases.

"Fuck you," says God.

"See? What's normal for God is normal for humans. You might as well feed them the apples yourself in the next creation and save yourself the time and headache," laughs the archangel.

"Humans need more than apples," says God trying to defend himself.

"I think you should tell them to eat all they want. By calling apples the forbidden fruit, you cause the humans to be curious, and eating them becomes very tempting," says the Devil somewhat wisely.

"Well, you wouldn't have a job if I didn't create temptation," says God to the devil.

"Good point. We all like to be needed," says the Devil.

"Yeah, you got the best job. Look at what we get saddled with," says an angel.

"Well, you guys get to pamper, console, and watch over people," says the Devil to the angels in the council chamber.

"Boring," says an archangel.

"I still say just plant an orchard of apple trees and let them go at it," says the Devil to God.

"Yes, yes. You stated it well. Just make it normal, and then it won't be a sin," says God reflectively.

"Oh gawd, did you just create moral relevance?" asks the Devil.

"I create everything, so it's all normal," laughs God triumphantly.

"I'm absolutely certain that what's normal changes with each of your creations. You make my job so fucking hard," says the Devil.

"You're always hard," says the archangel looking at the Devil's job.

"OK, you two. Get to that later. We have a new creation to work out," admonishes God.

"See you after happy hour?" the archangel asks.

"Sure. I'll bring the apples," laughs the Devil.

"I'm gonna omit all of the guilt in this creation, so heaven on earth will be possible this time," says God.

"Whatever, someone help me with this load of apples," says the Devil.

Since the last 14 billion years, we can only speculate how many creations have taken place. I'm sure God gets better with each creation, and maybe we were an improvement over the creations that occurred before us in other universes. Who cares? All I know is that "normal" for us was established in our Garden of Eden in our universe, and "normal" is based on God's own image.

So I ask the question again. Is what Donna, Tonya, Marcus and I do normal? If there had been four, six, or eight humans in the Garden of Eden, they would have had an apple rave party. So I think that humans are comfortable doing it together. One way or the other, we will continue doing it together, all four of us, normal or not. I feel just as close to Tonya when all four of us are together as when we are alone, as few brief moments we have had. Well, the only time we are alone is when Donna and Marcus are in another room.

It's now afternoon about a week after the last day of school. It's also been three days since we were with Donna and Tonya. Marcus is at my house, and we are waiting for them to arrive. We stop playing Call of Duty when we see Donna's car in the driveway from my bedroom window. Marcus runs down the stairs, and I'm right behind him. We intentionally slide on the marble floor in the foyer with our sock feet. Gawd that's fun if we don't bust our tails. As I open the door, Donna is unable to contain her enthusiasm.

"Hey guys, I have two things for us to consider doing," says Donna as she and Tonya enter the foyer.

"After our first kiss," I interrupt as I kiss Tonya.

Marcus and I left our shoes in the foyer earlier, so we slip them on thinking that we will be leaving and driving around with Donna and Tonya.

"I talked with Tamara and Jadon," she says as Marcus kisses her.

"What's going down?" I ask as Donna walks out of the foyer and down the hall with Marcus.

"Hey, that's my line," laughs Marcus who can't contain his elation anytime that Donna arrives.

"We came up with something fun to do together," says Donna.

"I guess you and Tonya have already planned our demise on the way over here?" I ask as Tonya and I follow Donna and Marcus.

"I want to be demised," quips Marcus.

Donna hugs Marcus and continues, "Hold it in your pants until I finish."

"Donna hasn't told me anything yet," insists Tonya.

"That's true because I want all of us to be together when I explain the plans," says Donna.

"What is it, Oceans 15?" asks Marcus referring to the next sequel to the movie based on the theme of robbing a casino in Las Vegas.

"I want to play George Clooney if it's a heist," I add quickly.

"Fuck you, I'm Clooney," says Marcus.

"Nah, you're Brad Pitt. You're too pretty and too sensitive to play Clooney," I tease.

"Fuck you. OK, I'm pretty," laughs Marcus.

"And pretty sensitive between the legs," I continue.

"Shut up you two and let me finish," laughs Donna.

"I don't want George Clooney's tiny, old dick. I want you," Tonya says as she pinches my leg.

"He's dead-on for Matt Damon, a support actor," says Marcus.

"OK, fuck you now. Matt Damon isn't a support actor," I say defensively.

"Matt Damon is introspective, smart, and probably has the biggest dick between the three of them," says Donna giving up trying to finish explaining what we are going to do.

"OK, I'm Matt Damon," I laugh.

"My dick's as big as his," says Marcus suddenly feeling the need to change characters.

"OK, you're a big dick," I laugh.

"Fuuuuck, you," laughs Marcus.

"Both of you are big dicks, so that's settled," inserts Tonya.

"Yeah, we don't have to worry about big dicks around here," Donna adds joining in on the fun.

"We have to name the girls. Donna is definitely Julia Roberts," I say.

"OK, then Tonya has to be Catherine Zeta-Jones," says Marcus.

"Good call, but subtract about 25 years off those old pussies," I add.

"Thank you," Tonya says to me.

"And Donna and Tonya are prettier too," says Marcus.

"And flattery will make us hot. Keep going," says Tonya.

"Then I will say that you two are more romantic too," says Marcus.

"So which casino do we rob with our beautiful, romantic, hot dames?" I ask trying to elevate the fantasy.

"OK, stop. We're not robbing a casino. You guys wouldn't get out of bed in Las Vegas for that anyway. Calm down and listen," instructs Donna as she sits on her feet on the couch while holding Marcus very close to her.

"Ah, we're having a sit down, snuggle up," says Marcus adjusting his dick that is clearly pushing the front of his pants.

It's nice how we can let our hard dicks stick out from our pants when we are with Tonya and Donna. It is so embarrassing when that happens in school. I'm always fearful that I will be called by a teacher to stand up in front of the class when my dick is hard. I'm sure it happens to all of the guys in school at some time. It's a terrible fear. Teachers don't understand that when a guy refuses to stand up in front of the class that they aren't being disrespectful, but rather they are just embarrassed about having a spontaneous hard on. Well, maybe it's not always spontaneous since guys think of fucking about every ten minutes or so. My advice to teachers is to just allow a kid to say no, and ask them again later.

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