The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 20 Gaming in Las Vegas

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The Game ... first time sex: Part 20 Gaming in Las Vegas

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There are several weekends before Donna, Tonya, Marcus, and I fly to Las Vegas for Trish and Donnie's wedding, and none are dull when the four of us get together. My parents stay at home every weekend for the next few weeks, so our time together is spent in Donna's car, the Kia Soul. Donna continues to find a few new, secluded places off the many winding roads near the beach areas, but we also go back to a few of our favorites. We have really enjoyed the commercial featuring Donna's car with the hamsters and all of the transformer-like robots dancing, and the party music is outstanding. We are doing a pretty good job shuffling and doing the running man just like "The Kia Soul Shuffle Slam Showdown with LMFAO" on YouTube. It's a great way to stay in shape for sure.

The week before the wedding feels like an eternity as Marcus and I anticipate the weekend with Donna and Tonya in Las Vegas. We talk excessively on the webcams each night about what we plan to do, but plans are fleeting and no one knows exactly what to expect except the entire party of twelve will have a dinner after the wedding and then the four of us will see the Chris Angel show at the Luxor on Saturday night.

The adults are going to other shows and gamble at the casinos. We're hoping to find some time alone in our rooms while the adults are doing other things. Marcus and I have separate rooms from Donna and Tonya, but maybe they can sneak down the hall to our room after everyone is asleep. I just don't know the schedule or how it will all play out.

I've been to Las Vegas a few times. I think Donna has been at least once, but Marcus and Tonya have never been. No advance information is really needed for first timers. Las Vegas is user-friendly. Just pick a major casino and start browsing. Then walk to another or get on the Tram. After you browse through a few hotels, you start to make sense of it all and find your favorite spots. Even though we can't gamble and drink, just walking through the shops, going to a show, and riding trams or one of the many roller coasters will offer more than we can do in three days.

We can't even put a quarter in a slot machine, but slot machines are sucker bets anyway. If I could gamble, I would play craps. Craps and Baccarat have the best odds compared to the other sucker games. Even though I'm not old enough to gamble, I know how it all works. All said, even with the small percentage in favor of the house, the house will always win. Knowing that, if you are a casual gambler on vacation, just set the limit that you want lose, and stop playing once your budget has been spent. It's no different than paying for a show. It's recreation.

Gamblers on vacation shouldn't expect to win their airfare home. Most people can't even rise to an amateur status, yet on vacations they interact with professionals and expect to win. Unless you devote your life to it like any profession, winning chump change is about as much as can be expected. Even when people win chump change, they just keep gambling and give it all back. I don't have to be an twenty-one to know that.

Some of the old timers earn a few dollars counting cards at the black jack tables and move to the next casino, but I understand that it's not as easy as it used to be. There are a lot of people playing poker since tournaments have been broadcast on cable for the last several years. I know that the most amusing phenomena are tourists coming once a year and thinking they are card players. They will get eaten alive for sure if they think they can compete. Nearly everyone is a winner in Las Vegas, but everyone keeps playing and gives it all back.

Gambling is the same as love. The thrill and excitement generated by temporary wins, free alcohol, flashing lights, and ringing bells in a casino elevates emotions and sends players into a manic state. It's designed that way so that you lose your logic to your emotions. I feel all of that when I'm with Tonya. Feeling the cards, rolling the dice, seeing the spinning roulette wheel, watching the cocktail waitresses in high heals and low cut outfits, sensing the aroma in the air, and being inside windowless walls without clocks is designed to remove players from the outside world and elevate them to an erotic state of bliss.

It takes all of that to equal what a dick inserted into a pussy does. A little feeling and erotic emotion from your dick equals all those entrapments in a casino. It's hard to duplicate nature for sure, but Las Vegas is a close as you can get to non-stop arousal of emotions.

The atmosphere in a casino is designed to maximize emotions, prey on your whims, and supersede logical thinking. Isn't that what desire for climaxing with your partner does? It's easy because humans prefer emotions over logic. Geezus, who wants to be logical when your having fun or making love? Las Vegas is designed to let you lose money and brag to everyone what a great time you had doing it. Just like love, emotion overcomes logic, and we are genetically programmed for it.

It has to be that way, or Las Vegas would not exist and making love would be a chore instead of an automatic impulse. It's just that some people donate more to casinos than their fair share. It's all show biz, and above all, it's business. It's not for sub-amateurs unless you understand it as a recreation. That's where the analogy between gambling and sex breaks down. Amateurs can win when having sex, and unlike gambling, no one minds losing surrendering to their emotions during sex, so the analogy between gambling and love stops there. All analogies fall apart at some point.

Well, it's just prudent to plan ahead before getting caught up in an emotional situation because once caught in a whirlpool, it's too late to take swimming lessons. One thing for sure, if we are too young to enjoy the excitement and entertainment of gambling while in Las Vegas, at least we can fuck. So I know that the four of us will have plenty of fun on the weekend no matter what we plan and no matter if our plans change.

Finally, on Friday afternoon, we fly to Las Vegas. After checking in, we find our rooms and it's still early. As was prearranged, Donna and Tonya have an adjoining room to Donna's dad and step-mom, Diane, and Marcus and I are several doors down the hall. After showering and dressing for the evening, we all meet before dinner. It is the first time that Donna, Tonya, Marcus, and I meet Trish's parents. Everyone is so festive and excited. Las Vegas has a way of bringing out the extrovert in the shyest person, and there are really no shy people in the group for sure.

Donnie will stay with Marcus and me tonight, and Trish will stay with Donna and Tonya. I guess it's traditional to keep the bride and groom apart before the wedding so they don't engage in any hanky panky. It's traditional, but no one in our group is traditional for sure. I'm sure you know by now that the separate rooms are only for appearances. Although I don't know how it's going to play out, I'm sure Donna will have us all together at some point.

It's fun to pretend that we're all virgins at least with all of the adults in the wedding party around. Donnie's and Trish's parents have no illusions about them since they have been seeing each other during Trish's senior year, but our foursome will not do anything overt to arouse suspicion. Trish graduated early this year and has been waiting since December to get married. I know the wait must have been rough. It's hard for me to be away from Tonya all week long and see her only on the weekends.

As was prearranged, the six of us young people plan to run around together tonight and the adults will go separate ways. We promise to stay in touch with our cells phones while the parents gamble and casinos and shops.

Donna, Tonya, and Trish decide on a very informal bachelorette get-together, and Donnie, Marcus, and I will spend time together too for a not-so-traditional bachelor romp. That is the plan, but we all decide to walk through the Forum Shops as Caesar's Palace but in separate groups. We'll be near each other when it's time to regroup.

"We'll catch up with you guys later," says Donna as the girls walk into the first shop they see.

"Yeah. I don't think you want to be in the shops that we want to browse through," says Trish.

"If there is a Victoria's Secret, I can be bored there," says Marcus always finding an opening to amuse us lately.

"There is a Victoria's Secret, but, no, we won't invite you," says Donna.

"You're reputation has preceded you," laughs Trish.

In a moment each group disappears from the other as we mix in with the crowd. We quickly pass by the shops for women and leave the girls to shop by themselves.

"Not much interesting so far," says Donnie.

As we make a slight turn, we pass by Victoria's Secret.

"Ah, finally. Viagra for teenagers," says Marcus.

"Like you need something to make you hard," laughs Donnie remembering Marcus' stellar performance last Christmas holiday.

"I have to agree with him there, but I can't wait to see the girls in their Valentine's Day gifts tonight," I add.

"Lingerie?" ask Donnie.

"Yes. See through with no panties I promise," I respond.

"Trish hasn't said what she is going to wear tomorrow night," says Donnie.

"What about tonight?" asks Marcus.

"So now I have to worry about both of you guys looking at Trish's pussy now?" Donnie laughs.

"Nah. Sorry. I know it's your honeymoon. You're lucky to have Trish. We're not going to interfere this weekend," I say looking at Marcus.

"That's OK. I mean, we did share a few samples back and forth at Christmas. We're all lucky, and I sure like looking at Tonya and Donna," laughs Donnie.

We continue walking and stop in Banana Republic briefly. I think we are just killing time until and waiting to get back with the girls. It takes more than shopping to get our minds off what we plan to do with them tonight. We pass Planet Hollywood, and then watch the Fountain of the Gods free show. I had seen it before, but anyone hasn't seen it, it's on You Tube. It's more impressive live, of course, and it does take our thoughts away from fucking our girls later.

"So what have you guys been up to?" asks Donnie.

"It's never the same-o same-o with Donna, so where do you want me to start?" I laugh.

"We had a pillow fight," adds Marcus out of context.

"Pillow fight?" asks Donnie.

"Yeah. You know. The annual pillow fight on Valentine's Day," I explain.

"OK. I know about it. We never went there. How was it?" he asks.

"It was a blast, but it was rainy this year," Marcus recalls.

"We had an entire Valentine's weekend to get together. I wished you and Trish could have been with us. We ate at the Opaque restaurant in the dark. That and the pillow fight were surprises," I offer.

"Let me guess. It was Donna's idea?" laughs Donnie.

"Yes! How'd you guess that?" I laugh sarcastically.

"That's the night we gave them the lingerie," adds Marcus.

"So, I think they will be wearing it tonight," I add.

"Have you and Trish seen much of each other since the holidays?" asks Marcus hoping for some erotic details I'm sure.

"Since I'm a day's drive away, we have gotten together only one weekend a month," Donnie says with raised eyebrows.

"Geez, only once a month?" I ask.

"Yeah, but I made sure we did it Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday on those weekends," says Donnie.

"So you guys haven't been with each other this week?" I ask.

"Nope. Not in month. We both flew in this afternoon same as you guys," he answers.

"And you will be sleeping in our room, and Trish will be with Donna and Tonya," I tease.

"Well, we're supposed to sleep apart, but I predict that Donna got Diane to book your room down the hall for a purpose," explains Donnie smiling.

"Oh, so the plot thickens," says Marcus not missing the implication.

"Just like your dick," smiles Donnie.

"Well, I think we might all be in your room until we need to sleep," laughs Donnie.

"Super," says Marcus.

"We didn't have time to talk with Donna and Tonya since we had separate flights. Marcus' mom insisted on that. You know, the Jewish mom syndrome," I laugh.

"Fuuuck you," laughs Marcus.

"You know. Once they cut the foreskin off the penis, a Jewish guy's dick belongs to his mom," I laugh.

"Fuuuck you, and you, and back to you again. You guys are circumcised too," Marcus says defensively,

"But our mom's don't watch us beat off," I continue to goad Marcus while enjoying the banter.

"Oh fuuuck you. My mom doesn't hover over me that much," says Marcus, and we are now in full fun mode as we walk to the end of The Forum and start back.

"Get used to it. First your dick belongs to your mom, and now it belongs to Donna, and I'm sure you like the way Donna keeps an eye on you," Donnie Teases.

"Keeps an eye on him? He's definitely traded one mom for another," I laugh.

"Fuuuck both of you," laughs Marcus, but he loves his place and lot with Donna.

"You can't say that Jewish women don't take care of their men," I offer.

"Well, all kidding aside, Donna and you are a perfect match," Donnie says very seriously.

"I think so too," I add.

"And how about you and Tonya?" asks Marcus being somewhat gracious.

"I'm just as lucky if only I can keep you from fucking her after I finish tonight," I laugh.

"Oh, Marcus is still trying for seconds?" asks Donnie.

"Yeah. If I don't do seconds on Tonya, he will," I smile.

"Are you talking about something more specific than the first time?" asks Donnie getting aroused.

" Let me make it short. We had an incident a few weeks ago. We fucked before dinner in the basement with my parents upstairs," I recall.

"Are you kidding?" asks Donnie.

"No. I was a nervous wreck, but we pulled it off," I recall.

"We expected him to be the lookout for his parents while I fucked Donna," Marcus explains.

"I think Donna fucks you, you don't fuck Donna," I laugh.

"Fuuuck you. You weren't a good lookout. You ended up fucking Tonya before we hardly got started," laughs Marcus.

"I couldn't hold off after Tonya unbuttoned my fly and started sucking me as we watched you guys doing sixty nine in the laundry room. Anyway, later after dinner, we were all in my room upstairs. I got the urge to do it again after we spent about 30 minutes looking at all of the models online," I explain.

Donnie urges me for more details, "Holy crap. You did it again in your bedroom?"

Marcus is quick to recall the details, "Hell yeah. He laid Tonya backwards on the bed and sucked the hell out of her pussy, and then he fucked her until she moaned really loud, and then he sucked her again before Donna and I hardly got started."

"That is Marcus' description. I think it was more relaxed than his take on it. It was a more tender moment than that," I defend my technique.

"Tender? You were like a werewolf eating prey. He yanked her panties off, pulled her socks down, and hiked her dress up in one motion. The guy was a madman," Marcus continues putting his spin on the description.

"I like sucking her pussy," I admit while being amused at Marcus slight exaggeration.

"The poor girl was ripping the stuffing out of the pillow while you were licking her with such intensity. I swear he sucked her pussy so hard that her tits collapsed," laughs Marcus.

"Her nipples didn't collapse, but I did suck her a long time," I laugh at Marcus' hyperbole.

"He sucked her, then he would fuck her while on his knees with her pinned backward on the side of the bed, and he started sucking her again. He looked like a porn star who could go on all night," Marcus laughs.

It is fun hear how Marcus sees me for once. He could be a writer and an actor with all of that hyperbole and detail. Maybe I underestimate my enthusiasm for Tonya and what I do to her. I try not to exaggerate, but I am aggressive. It would be fun to see how Marcus would write about us for sure. Marcus is as aggressive as me once Donna lets him off his back.

I change the conversation to put Marcus on the defensive, "Well, Marcus was the opposite. He was just flat and pathetic during his seconds that night."

"Hey now...," Marcus tries to defend himself.

Before he can stop my spin, I interrupt, "He just laid on his back and let Donna do all the work the second time."

"Donna has a lot of energy for sure," laughs Donnie.

"The truth is that she said that she knew I wanted seconds, and gave me seconds. She just wasn't in the mood for seconds," explains Marcus.

I continue to goad him, "So he just laid back and let her suck him off."

"She didn't want to fuck again," says Marcus emphatically.

"I think he just didn't arouse her," I direct my remark to Donnie to annoy Marcus.

"Oh geezus. Do you think I should have done more?" asks Marcus falling for my teasing and showing bit of insecurity about his performance.

"Well, if she didn't want to do it twice, it seems that you didn't do enough to make her want your dick in her," I tease.

"Really? I should have done more then," says Marcus regretfully.

"No. I'm just teasing. Donna was just not in the mood for seconds that night, so don't worry. If she wanted, you would have risen to the occasion," I say to relieve Marcus' fear of not giving his best to Donna.

"Are you sure?" asks Marcus still not convinced and continue to be insecure.

"Yes! Yes. He was just teasing," says Donnie amused at Marcus' fears.

"Donna never has to worry about your performance. You're all over her ... once she allows you up off of your back," I goad him.

"Fuuuck you. She likes to start that way," Marcus goes defensive.

"I think she had to pin him down the first time so that he wouldn't run back to his mommy and tell him a girl was trying to make him stick his pee-pee in her pussy," I laugh.

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