The Game ... First Time Sex: Part - 19 Seconds

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*** Please read chapters 1 - 18 to get involved in the story and understand the personalities and relationships between Donna, Tonya, Marcus, and myself up to this point. I promise that there isn't a dull moment. This particular chapter is the second part of chapter 18, so be sure to read it prior to this one. Enjoy.

Donna and Tonya are at my house on a school night in order to discuss the hotel arrangements for all four of us when we attend Donnie and Trish's wedding in Las Vegas. We took advantage of the opportunity for a enjoyable erotic time on a weeknight in my basement before as my mom prepared dinner. So now the four of us are up in my room browsing the internet to look at clothes for the wedding.

Trish has no particular theme for the wedding, but it's traditional and considerate to not to upstage the bride, so we plan to choose our clothes within the context of the occasion. Donna, Tonya, and Trish have their unique and special qualities and all three are beautiful, but Donna and Tonya will wear complimentary dresses to the bride and be attentive to Trish's special day. Donna and Tonya are always extremely respectful and will display appropriate choices to enhance the occasion while leaving plenty of room for Trish to be the center of attention.

So, can I let Trish be the center of my attention and still be completely devoted to Tonya? Yes, that can happen. To me, Trish is like the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Even when everything is perfect, it is tempting to try something new to refresh natural desires. Tonya is perfect for me and has my complete loyalty. I wouldn't think of trading her for Trish, but that doesn't keep me from fantasizing about Trish since she will be the showcase at her wedding. I will always remember sampling Trish during the holidays a few months ago, and a sampling is all I need.

Sampling? Oh geezus, I'm not one to hold back words. You remember, I got ease my dick into her pussy as I looked deeply into her eyes. It doesn't change my relationship with Tonya. In fact, it may have even sealed my bond with Tonya to a greater extent. Look, my curiosity is met, and now I don't have to fantasize about the unknown.

OK, so now I fantasize about what I do know about Trish since I did get to stick my dick in her pussy for a few minutes, with Tonya's permission, during a couple of games that Donna made up. That is all there is to it. It was a game, and we all participated. When it was over, there was no more to it.

At least I know that Tonya is who I want to be with all the time. When the mystery is gone, the desire to wonder and drift is over too. The experience serves to enhance my fantasies, not to cause me to move away from Tonya. That is a good barometer for love. Can you live through temptation? Do you feel the same afterward? I actually feel better toward Tonya. Tonya and I are not jealous. I think we are very secure. I know we are secure.

Earlier this evening, Donna and Marcus manage to persuade me to have a quickie in the basement while we waited for dinner. Tonya and I did it too. Although I was extremely nervous that my parents might come down the stairs and discover what we were doing, it turned out great. If it was a quickie, I wouldn't have noticed because it was as fantastic as any time that I have been with Tonya, but it was fairly quick.

So, since we had sex earlier, we can browse the internet on my computer and not be distracted by our urges. Donna and Tonya show us the dresses that they will wear to Donnie and Trish's the wedding in Las Vegas. My computer is hooked up to my T.V. in my bedroom, and all of us can watch the screen together.

"This is a black Illusion Tank Dress from White House/Black Market. It is a sleeveless V-neck, somewhat simple, yet elegant. I also chose black Satin Bow Peeptoe Heels," Donna says excitedly.

Donna is always on a mission, and her determination and leadership qualities hide her feelings of excitement at times, so it's refreshing to see her in a manic state and letting her excitement take the lead. I see that her legs will be delicately covered with sheer, black stockings which are indescribable, and they look seductive. She is seductive no matter what she wears. Donna goes to another website to show us Tonya's choices for the wedding.

Tonya points to her dress and tells us, "I chose a Tracy Reese Women's Lace Inset Shift Dress."

Oh, gosh. I like it even better than the one that Donna is going to wear. Seeing Tonya in lace turns me on because it makes her look especially feminine and adorable to me. Similar to what Donna chose for her legs, Tonya will wear very faintly black, sheer stockings with Statement Bow Ankle Boots. From the pictures, Donna and Tonya will be absolutely breathtaking, yet they will leave room for Trish to shine above everyone for her special day. Natural beauty and a pleasant attitude always show through positively, and all three of them have qualities to enhance the special occasion. The angels in the Garden of Eden have nothing over Donna, Tonya, and Trish.

"Trish's gown is a Silk Asymmetrical Wedding Dresses by Love, Yu. She will look like an Egyptian Queen," says Donna.

Donna reads the descriptive quote from the internet picture, "... The lace collar sits close to the neck, exposing the arms and shoulders for a feminine look. The silk crepe is ruched together under the French lace collar and flows asymmetrically to the floor. The bodice is loose fitting for a flowy and casually beautiful look. The back of the lace collar buttons with a key hole outlet just below the button for a sexy look."

"What does ruched mean?" asks Marcus in a wave of seriousness.

"It means pleated lace," instructs Donna.

"I knew that," I tease, and Tonya kisses me on the cheek.

Everyone laughs.

The description says asymmetrical, but the dress hangs straight down from the neck and reminds me of a composite of all of the gowns that Elizabeth Taylor wore in Cleopatra. For a simple wedding, the three dresses that Donna, Tonya, and Trish are wearing show understated elegance. The attire for each of them is impressively attractive to even the most critical eye, but no one will be critical on Trish's special day.

It is remarkable that the dresses aren't that expensive. Price doesn't insure quality or attractiveness. It doesn't always take money, but rather it just takes patience and a bit of shopping to match the clothes with the person. I'm sure that Trish, Donna, and Tonya could have spent as much as they wanted, but I'm glad they are not frivolous with their money, or rather, their parents' money.

Marcus and I have some shopping to do to if we are going to fit in with the understated beauty and exceptionally tasteful clothes that Donna and Tonya are showing us. So after seeing the girl's dresses online, we search for our clothes.

"It's an informal wedding, so we can wear anything?" asks Marcus.

"Well, not just anything," says Donna wise as usual and cautious about giving an opening to Marcus' humor.

"Let's check out what to wear to a wedding on the internet," I say.

"But they're not getting married on the internet," Marcus chimes in to start his comedy routine.

"OK, smart ass," I say as I watch Marcus type in some search words.

"Checking for what not to wear," says Marcus who never ceases to surprise me with not only his wit, but his intelligence when he decides to focus on a serious topic.

"OK. If we eliminate what not to wear, we can narrow down our choices," I laugh seeing Marcus' logic.

I know Donna likes to treat him like the younger guy with no experience, and he likes to be that kind of guy for her. He lets her undress and dress him and get on top of him at the beginning as he lies back like he's never fucked before. He loves being doted upon, but given a little room, he can behave very maturely and can make incredibly thoughtful decisions, when given a little room. After all, even though he's younger than Donna and me, he is very intelligent.

"So I have a guideline of what not to wear, and then anything else is a possibility. No see-through dresses to show the hair on your pussies, please," he says matter-of-factly.

"OK. Never a serious moment. Let me look at that internet page," admonishes Donna.

Marcus interrupts, "Let me finish. No fucking the bride and groom before they have their traditional kiss."

"OK. We have work to do," laughs Donna, but the thought is really exciting when I think of fucking Trish.

What the hell am I thinking? There is no way I can think of fucking Trish on her honeymoon with Donnie. Well, I can think about it, but I wouldn't do it. Well, I guess if she asked, I would do it, I mean, if she asked. Fuck, Marcus has got to stop putting thoughts into my head. Geezus, I can't blame Marcus for my thoughts about fucking Trish, but he did bring it up. Now, that is all I can think about. I give Tonya a kiss and my mind returns to her. I can be so easily distracted.

"What was that for?" Tonya asks.

"Just focusing on the one I love," I say trying to put the thoughts of Trish out of my mind.

"Just thought you were hinting about seconds tonight," she laughs.

Everyone laughs, and I suddenly feel a bit aroused after seeing the sexy dresses that the girls will wear to the wedding and also thinking about Trish as forbidden fruit. It's amazing what a little visual stimulation and imagination will do to turn on the urge for feeling a pussy wrapped around your dick.

I mean, geez, it's only been a couple of hours since I fucked Tonya, but looking at all of these sexy models, Marcus talking about Trish, and Tonya admitting earlier that she thinks about "seconds," excites me. I am getting aroused again, but I know that's not possible for seconds since it's getting late and it's a school night. Besides, we never do seconds.

"Here's some good advice. Don't offer to run your hand up the bride's dress looking for the garter," Marcus continues and has no intention of stopping.

"Let Donna look at that screen now before you turn this into a fuck festival," I laugh as I envision running my hand up Trish's leg to find her garter.

"OK. Here are a few points of what not to wear even at an informal wedding. A white dress," reads Donna.

"I promise not to wear a white dress," says Marcus.

"I agree. I don't look good in white either," I say to back up Marcus.

"Shut up you two. Keep reading, Donna," says Tonya.

"Don't wear anything too short or too tight," Donna continues.

"I'll wear boxer shorts rather than briefs," says Marcus.

"Did Tonya say shut up?" laughs Donna.

"I just want to know if this is going to be on the test," says Marcus.

We all laugh.

"OK. Next, no jeans, sportswear, tennis shoes," Donna says with her eyes fixed on the computer screen.

Marcus is impatient and sums it up with understated simplicity, "Well, it's not formal, so we just dress nice. Right?"

"I think you got it," Donna says looking at Marcus who gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for?" asks Donna.

"Just focusing my thoughts," smiles Marcus mocking my earlier words to Tonya.

With a simple kiss, all the silliness and immaturity are gone. Romance and love transcend all levels of maturity, intelligence, and behavior. Love is the common ground of which all other characteristics are subordinate. You put up with the other person's idiosyncrasies, quirks, social blunders, and even outright craziness when you fall in love. That said, when such a strong emotion as love overrides other considerations, your logic forgets to worry whether or not the other person can earn a living, be responsible with money, or control her or his temper, to name only a few.

If you could start with logic instead of love, then on your first date you could go down a checklist. You could ask some simple, logical questions before you fall in love. For example, you could ask about a credit rating and recent settlements. To weed out violent characters, you could ask about arrests for assault, abuse, domestic violence, and restraining orders. If any of the answers displease you and you still want to love the one your with, simply change the parameters to include only the last 30 days. OK, it's a joke, but you might as well limit your inquiry to the last 30 days if you don't check out a person's background at all.

There are a few more awkward questions that some people wish they had asked before falling in love. For example, you may regret not asking if your new lover has contracted any diseases that can be spread sexually, if they pay child support, and if they treat their parents respectfully.

How many couples land in bed only to find out their partner has a prior, rotten record on any or all of the issues? If important issues are not addressed and resolved, the same mistakes will be repeated as soon as the infatuation is over. Now, the checklist doesn't sound so out of the question or humorous, does it? Logic should precede love, but not many animals including humans can overcome the genetic urge fuck before facts are found.

Take a lioness. She lets the guy with the biggest mane fuck her. Then after she cums, she realizes that the king of the Serengeti lies around all day while she brings in the food. So after she gets fucked she continues to be fucked. Sure, if you want dick that much, you may be willing to let the other person take advantage of you, but eventually there has to be a balance of mutual respect or the pussy will start looking around for other dicks. That is why the king of the Serengeti has to fight off other males because his pride would leave him in a second if he didn't defend his territory.

Most people never consider the important issues until after falling in love, and then it's too late. If you love the person, you may choose to put up with all of their baggage. Humans fuck themselves to death through the infatuation stage, fall in love, and then find out whether or not their partner is able to make the payment on the Porsche. If you can't make your car payment either, then you're both fucked. Well, you fuck anyway, but you lose your cars.

So if first time you marry, you marry for love with no regard for anything else. Then if something happens, the second time you may want to go down the checklist. I mean, every girl has a pussy, and every guy has a dick, but not all of them have a good credit ratings. People fall for the first dick or pussy they like. Sexual urges are so profound that they override logic for sure. Remember, after you fuck all night, you have to drive to work. Make sure the payments can be made.

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