The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 18 - No seconds tonight

(Part 1 from 3)

*** Please read chapters 1 - 17 to get to get acquainted with my friends and me and to get immersed in the story, but I will briefly recap the beginning if you want to read this story first. I promise that you are missing a lot of good times detailed in the previous chapters if you haven't read them already.

It's been nearly two years since I met Donna on a Sunday afternoon when I was forced to tag along with my parents while they visited friends who live next door to her house. The conversations of the adults weren't interesting to me after awhile, so to ease my boredom I walked outside to pass the time. In the next yard I saw Donna. We met and talked. It didn't take long for her to invite me to play a game in a brushy thicket behind her house. The game was rigged, so that there were no losers. The only thing that I lost during the game was my virginity. Donna was my first.

A couple of months later she got her driver's license, and she picked me up on weekends during the next year. We live over 30 minutes away from each other and go to different schools, or, believe me, we would have seen each other every day. We were a perfect match. We were obsessed with each other, and our time together could be characterized as exciting for the freedom of exploring each other every time we met.

My naive and awkward recounting of the first time with Donna led to seventeen chapters which have since been re-edited to correct typos and logic errors. Unfortunately, the edited versions do not appear on the website, so please forgive the errors in those earlier chapters. I would have spent more time on the earlier chapters if I had any idea that I would continue writing. Thanks in advance for writing reviews and sending emails, and I will continue as long as the story is both entertaining and informative.

Donna wanted to be very discrete about our relationship so that others in her school would not know about us. About a year later, however, she confided in her friend Tonya about us. After a few weeks of girl talk, Tonya wanted to lose her virginity. What the heck, yes, Tonya wanted to fuck too. Unknown to me during second summer after I met Donna, she prepped Tonya to meet me. When I say prepped, I mean Donna taught Tonya on every aspect of how to have sex the first time. Donna loves to be the leader without ever being condescending or domineering. She instructed Tonya to know, to expect, and to respond to anything and everything about the first time a dick enters a pussy.

Donna had a reason for the plan. Donna wanted Tonya to meet me because she became interested in my friend Marcus after seeing him briefly a couple of times at my house. So when Tonya wanted to experience her first time, Donna simply told me that she was bringing Tonya over so that all of us could get together. Since both Tonya and Marcus were virgins, it turned out to be a very memorable experience which is written in Chapter 2. After the first time with Tonya, I became completely bonded with her, and Donna and Marcus are equally in love.

Donna likes to play games in all sorts of ways. To correct earlier chapters, Donna is about a year older than I am, and Marcus and Tonya are a year younger. It seems that Donna was messing with me about her age early on, and if you have read the chapters, you know this is not a lie but her continuing game to startle, intrigue, and build up anticipation leading to exhilaration. She is not deceitful, calculating, or untruthful. None of us are. We all fit together in a unique interdependence and haven't found a flaw in our relationships with each other.

At this time I once again invite anyone new to my diary to please read chapters 1 - 17 in order to fully understand the many shared experiences that Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and I have encountered, especially the first time that I met Tonya.

It's spring and nearly two months after the fabulous Valentine's Day weekend that we had together, and it's nearly two years after I met Donna. As Donnie and Trish's wedding date nears, we get our invitations to attend their wedding in Las Vegas.

Donna calls me in the middle of the week and asks, "Did you get your invitation to Donnie and Trish's wedding?"

"I got it today," I answer.

"It's no surprise, but it's in Las Vegas, so we have to make some plans," she instructs.

"I have to start by convincing my parents to travel there without them," I say.

"Tonya has already hinted to her parents that the wedding won't be near us, and they didn't seem to care. Anyway, Tonya and I are coming over. I'll call Marcus," she says.

It's nice that Tonya still calls me before an event. As I figured out long ago, I think she clues me in first since I'm older than Marcus, and we all end up at my house anyway. About a half hour later Marcus arrives at my house. He might as well get a room here since he stays with me so much.

"You got the call, I see," I say as Marcus steps in the foyer.

"Yeah, Donna and Tonya are coming over!" he says excitedly.

I see that Marcus has showered, spiked his hair, and wearing Diesel light blue 'Safado' faded button fly jeans with a black washed Arthur Hoodie. He is ready for the evening.

"Don't get your dick up because my mom and dad should be here at any time," I caution him.

"Just tell your mom you need to fuck and they that should go out to dinner," he laughs knowing I don't like to talk about my mom and fucking in the same sentence or even in the same paragraph.

"Fuck you, you little prick. How about if I tell you how I want to lick my way up the legs of your sisters and eat their pussies. You know they aren't virgins anymore, and want they it all the time too," I tease back.

"Fuuuck, OK. Shut up," he says as I turn the tide on him and make him think about his sisters getting their pussies sucked.

Both of us don't like thinking about family members fucking. We cringe at the thought. If anything puts the breaks on our desires, the mention of family members fucking will do it. It halts all erotic feelings.

"I want to fuck in the middle of the week too, but I'm not getting my hopes up that Donna will drive us somewhere on a school night. You know that Donna says never to take anything for granted," I caution.

"Donna wouldn't tell me anything except that she and Tonya were coming over to discuss staying in Las Vegas for the wedding," says Marcus.

We go upstairs in my room. We never know what to expect with Donna, but if Donna offers to ride us around, we will end up fucking. I quickly shower, shave, add powder to my vital areas like my balls, between my ass cheeks, and toes, then put on unscented deodorant, and place a drop of cologne on each side of my neck. As I get out of the shower, I am enormously hard.

"Now who's thinking about fucking?" asks Marcus.

"Quit looking at my fucking cock, and start thinking how we can nudge Donna to lay out the plans quickly to my parents so that we can leave and drive around tonight before it gets too late. I'm not sure we will have time to drive to one of the secluded areas if we talk with my parents too long."

I slip on PRPS navy over-dyed button fly straight leg jeans over my hard on, and I'm sticking out. Next, I put on a coastal/heather brown Vince hoodie. It doesn't come down low enough to cover my hard on pushing out of my pants.

"Button fly pants. You know you're going to have Tonya pull that dick out in the car for sure," Marcus predicts confidently.

"OK, but remember, I was the one who taught you about button fly fronts and how to wear stuff that can be removed quickly," I remind him.

"That's about the only thing Donna didn't have to teach us for sure," laughs Marcus.

"You got that right. I don't want to wear anything that is a chore to remove or anything my dick will get snagged when Tonya takes it out," I laugh as I get increasingly excited about Donna and Tonya coming over.

After months of choosing clothes and dressing together, we have similar needs but distinctively different tastes that enable us to dress appropriately, practically, and, most important, seductively for our time with Donna and Tonya.

My mother and father arrive just before Donna and Tonya, so I explain why our girl friends are coming over on a school night. Then it hits me, gawd damn. We will be planning on staying together in Las Vegas. I worry about how this will play out. Whatever my parents know or think about our relationship remains unspoken and never discussed between us. There are no displays of affection and hints of intimacy around them at my insistence because the thought scares the hell out of me. Marcus' new-found ways of making me embarrassed with his subtle play on words makes me go on the offensive.

"Look, you little Jewish fucking comedian, if you say one thing that embarrasses me in front of my mom, I swear, you will live to regret the revenge that I will take out on you. You better promise not to say anything like you did in the lingerie shop a few weeks ago," I threaten.

"We'll see how subtle I can be," he teases.

"I'm warning you," I scold back.

Before I can extract a full promise in writing, notarized with witnesses, and backed up with a UCC1 notice that his nuts are legally mine if he starts in with his banter to embarrass me in front of my parents, Donna and Tonya are being welcomed in the foyer by my mom. Marcus and I hurry downstairs to meet them. As usual, I don't want my mom talking with our girl friends when I'm not around in case she gets the idea to ask questions and probe into what we do.

"So what's coming down?" asks Marcus with a straight face.

That little fucking bitch. I know he's starting.

"I think we have all of the plans completed," says Donna.

Marcus the quiet one, shy as he is, has learned to hide behind his humor that projects out to making me feel uncomfortable. Instead of sitting like a gawd damn ice statue when we are in an uncomfortable situation as he has in the past, Marcus cuts in with humor to direct attention away from the situation. It's a great technique if it wasn't designed to embarrass my fucking balls off.

"That's nice. Let's sit in the living room and hear all about it," my mom offers as my dad walks in.

"We just have to go over a few things and make some plans on what to wear," says Donna.

"So, how's things coming?" asks Marcus.

I'm going to kill that little fucking demon. Gawd damn. Why in the hell didn't we meet at Marcus' or Donna's house? Why didn't I think ahead? Geezus, I hate this.

"It was easy to get all of the rooms and airline tickets," explains Donna.

"Donna can handle anything that pops up. If it's hard, she can handle it," says Marcus.

I'm dreaming of putting hot sauce on his dick at this point, but my thoughts won't stop his determination to embarrass me.

"Diane and I made the reservations online, but she called to double check that the dates and room assignments are accurate and on the same floor," continues Donna.

Remember, Diane is Donna's step-mom and gorgeous even if she is almost forty.

"The plans are for the four of us to stay with my parents," says Donna.

"Won't waiting on the shower be a little long?" Marcus chimes in.

That little fucking bitch. I glare at him hoping my threatening glance will make him shut up, but I know it won't help.

"We'll have separate rooms," I insert not knowing any of the arrangements and glaring at Marcus.

Donna laughs, "Well, Tonya and I will stay together in a room adjoining my parent's room while you and Marcus have a room across the hall a few doors down."

"So where is Trish and Donnie going to stay?" asks Marcus.

I'm sitting like an ice statue thinking he better shut up, now.

"Donnie and Trish will be staying at a suite at another hotel where the wedding will be," says Donna.

"Why aren't they staying near us?" asks Marcus

"For privacy," she adds.

Everyone looks at Marcus, and he suddenly freezes to ice as the tables turn on him.

My dad laughs, "I don't think they want to hang around all of you guys on their honeymoon."

OK. It's subtle, but it's over. Everyone knows Donnie and Trish will be fucking themselves to death on their honeymoon, but enough of that. We are staying at one hotel, and Donnie and Trish are at another. Fine. Now, if Marcus doesn't open his gawd damn mouth, I think I can live through a few more minutes of this session.

"Are Donnie's parents staying close?" asks my mom.

"Yes. Donnie's parents and Trish's parents both booked rooms on other floors in our hotel," says Donna.

"So it's going to be your parents, Donnie's parents, and Trish's parents, the four of you guys, and Trish and Donnie at the wedding?" asks my mom seemingly taking account of everyone.

"Yes, it will be a perfect dozen," answers Donna.

"Oh, by the way, I'm the bridesmaid, and Marcus is best man," she continues.

Well, I'm thinking that the choice is highly symbolic since Donna lost her virginity to Donnie a long time ago, and now Donna loans her pet, Marcus, who took Donnie's place fucking Donna, to be his best man. It's not only ironic, but rather, it's kind of like a ripple of water in a stream moving a particle of sand that travels down a river to the ocean to be embedded in the floor which over millions of years is thrust up to make the top of a mountain. Every action in the universe has a reaction or consequence. Donnie is the ripple of water, and Donna is the particle of sand that became the top of our mountain in an ever expanding ring of consequences.

What the hell did I just say? I guess I meant that because Donna lost her virginity to Donnie years before, we are all going to be in Las Vegas together years afterward. One small event spreads through the universe with incalculable consequences. In the future, a star or even a galaxy will alter its position due to a single act on earth of two people loving each other.

I've wondered before, and I wonder often if we are only a result of just one of the chances that could have happened, or are our lives already written? Is it chance or Karma and predestination? Is it natural, or it is supernatural? That is a scary thought either way. I like to think I am responsible for at least some of my destiny, but I may be a statistical probability, or I may be just following orders. In any case, I like the outcome whether it is the result of someone manipulating the universe or the universe simply unfolding its immense opportunities for us to receive.

"That's an honor, Marcus. You met Donnie and Trish for the first time around Christmas, right?" asks my mom.

"Yeah, but they were really easy to get to know," says Marcus somewhat graciously.

I'm thinking that I got to know Trish very well myself.

"Donnie's best friend in the army can't get leave to be at the wedding, so Marcus will have the honor," explains Donna.

Donna omits the fact that Marcus and Donna both have a stake in the outcome of this wedding. Well, as it was settled at our meeting during the holidays in December, there is really nothing romantic between Donnie and Donna after all of those years, and of course they are cousins, but just the same, Marcus is happy that Trish and Donnie are getting married so that he has no competition whatsoever. Being a few years younger than Donnie, Marcus feels a bit intimidated since it was Donnie who took Donna's virginity and opened her up so to speak. Literally speaking, he did open her up. Oh fuck, you know what I mean.

"Donnie and Trish planned the wedding on Saturday afternoon so that everyone can spend the weekend in Las Vegas," explains Donna.

"And you guys won't have to miss school," says my mom.

"Yes. We will be able to have a couple of nice dinners and shows," Donna continues.

"Speaking of dinner, I expect all of you to stay and eat with us," my mom offers.

"That's great," says Tonya.

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