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Please read parts The Game ... first time sex: Part 1 - 15 before continuing the story in order to grasp the plots and personalities for Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and me up to this point. You can click on my profile link to view all my erotic stories. As always, thanks for reading!
This chapter is a little longer than usual, but for the readers following the characters, I didn't hold back on the length. In this chapter, we have a unique dining experience that I think is very interesting if you are following our group and enjoy details. If not, skip towards the end, but please be sure to at least begin with the part about the restaurant. It is truly different. Enjoy.

We dropped Marcus off at his house last night. He usually stays with me on the weekends, but on Saturday mornings his parents like to see him. They don't attend their Synagogue today, but it's one morning that they all get together and his sisters are home. It's not that they scold him when he stays at my house on Saturday mornings, but they have a way of making him feel a little guilty, so lately, he makes a point to be there on Saturday mornings.

It's 11 a.m., and I just found out that my parents are going to a Valentine's dinner called a Sweetheart's Affair Monday evening. That's great news because we'll have all evening on Valentine's Day to be together. I'm sure Donna and Tonya will come on a weeknight since it Valentine's Day if we have the house to ourselves. It would be nice to take Tonya to a Valentine's dinner like the one my parents are attending, but it's expensive and probably a bit too traditional for our group. By traditional, I mean, the entrance is gray marble where the Sweetheart's Affair is being held and it usually hosts weddings, so it's really not for younger people like us.

I call Donna first before telling Marcus to make sure she and Tonya can come.

"Guess what?" I say as she answers her cell.

"Hello to you too!" she admonishes me for starting the conversation without a cordial greeting.

"Hello, damn it," I say.

"That's better. What's up?" she laughs.

"Nothing between my legs, yet," I say.

"OK. Are you trying to be a comedian like Marcus?" she asks.

"Nothing funny about not getting hard when I talk to you," I quip back.

"I'm not sure if that's a compliment or a complaint," she continues.

"Both. Now, do you want to hear the good news or get me excited?" I ask.

"Sounds like you are already excited. What's the good news?" she asks finally.

"My mom just told me that she and Dad are going to the Sweetheart Affair on Monday night. It starts at 6 and goes to 11, and it's all the way downtown," I explain.

"Nice. That means they will leave at 5 and won't be back until midnight," Donna calculates.

"So we're on for Monday?" I ask as if I didn't know.

"Well, I have plans," she says.

"Are you kidding?" I ask.

"Yes and no. I have plans for us, but I can modify them," she laughs.

"Well, gawd damn. So you were coming to get us anyway? I ask.

"Yes. I have a something for us to do that will be fun on Monday evening," she says.

"That's great. So what are we going to do today?" I ask.

"I do have bad news for today," she says lowering her voice.

"Are you kidding again this time, or what," I say so I won't be fooled again.

"Well, we'll get together, but you and Marcus are going to have to pay," she says.

"Just tell me it's not $250 per couple or I'll go with my parents. That's what they are paying," I laugh.

"I don't think they want you with them on a Valentine's dinner," she scolds playfully.

"Ok, ok. How much, and where is it?" I ask.

"It's $99 a person," she says.

"Holy shit, 200 bucks for two and tips and shit, that's at least 250 bucks? Gawd damn," I say incredulously.

"Oh stop it. You know you and Marcus can afford it," she says without shame.

"I just need a little time to ask for that sum. Marcus gets what he wants, but I have to play into it a little in order to ask for that much for a date," I explain.

"Hey, tell them how much you spoiled brats usually spend on dates," she laughs.

"Well after last night, if I add the box of condoms along with replacement oil and theatre tickets now and then, I guess we haven't spent that much," I admit.

"Haven't spent that much? The gas costs more than our dates. You rich guys get off cheap," Donna laughs.

"I know. I know. Any complaints?" I toss back at her.

"None. You're worth it," she laughs.

"OK. We'll get the money," I promise.

"Great," she says finally showing some enthusiasm.

Well, Marcus and I don't drive and don't work, so at our age we rely on handouts from our parents, and Donna knows that. She chose guys us for our naivety, inexperience, and inability to date other girls since we don't can't drive. We go to movies and hang out, so our dates are not expensive, yet. Marcus' parents have enough money to pay for a live in maid and people to take care of the grounds, and I can't complain either, so asking for money for a special day isn't a problem. It's been nearly two years since I met Donna, and I really haven't spent much at all. Hell, I never even offer to pay for gas, and she owns the car. Her dad gives her anything she wants too. Well, we just don't worry about money. If anyone needs something, we manage.

"By the way, it's a little late to be making plans for this evening," I ask trying to find out what would cost so much without reservations.

"No problem. The reservations are made," she laughs.

"Well gawd damn, so you booked it first and just asked me?" I ask somewhat amused at Donna's unmitigated gall.

"Of course. We have to have one romantic, special event to commemorate our group," she explains showing a little sentimentality.

"Sounds great. Where are we going?" I ask as if I think she will tell me.

"It's a surprise. Not even Tonya knows this time. Just be ready by 6. Dress casually, bring any stuff that you need to say all night."

"OK. Be prepared. I know the 'be prepared' routine," I retort.

We end our conservation, and I call Tonya to tell her about the plans for tonight and Monday. Tonya is excited. Tonya's routine is to tell her parents that she is with Donna when she stays out all night. As long as she is with Donna, her parents don't care. Marcus has no problem either because his parents know he's with me, and Donna is covered since Diane told Donna's father a long time ago to give her breathing room, so she doesn't have to ask permission to stay out all night long.

For me, I have to figure out how to say I'm staying out all night after asking for and then not expect my parents to know I'm fucking. Geezus, my parents aren't clueless, but I have to give them a reasonable story so that they can give me the benefit of the doubt that I'm not fucking Tonya in some motel room. My parents don't want to know anymore details except that I'm safe. Unlike my dream last fall, my mom and dad are a bit shy talking about my relationship with Tonya although they really like everyone in our group. Anyway, after my crazy dream, I guess deep down inside I realize they must know we are doing more than just dating, but as long as we don't come home drunk or do drugs, then they just let things slide.

So, without making up a lie, how do I say that I'm staying out all night after asking for bucks without admitting that I know, that they know, that I know, that they know that I'm fucking Tonya? And geezus, Donna didn't even say where we were staying. Well this is just great.

I call Donna again, "I got a problem."

"Fine. So now you want to ruin my day by involving me?" she laughs.

"You are involved," I snap back playfully.

"Does my involvement obligate me to provide a solution?" she asks.

"As a matter of fact it does," I say.

"OK. The tell me," as if she had an option of not listening.

"I have to know where we're staying. I just can't my parents that we're staying out all night after asking for for a date," I explain.

"So, telling them you need for a room to fuck Tonya is out of the question?" she asks and starts to laugh.

"Ok. Ok. Money is not a problem, buy where the hell can I tell them we are staying?" I am getting anxious.

"Tell them we're staying at Jadon and Tamara's apartment again like on New Years," she says.

"Well, are we?" I ask a little confused.

"Just tell them. If they call you, they won't know where you're at," she says without revealing where we will be.

"OK. It's sounds a little deceiving, but I'll go with that," I say giving up trying to pry any more out of Donna's surprise.

Well, I guess that solves my problem, but just like Donna, I don't like to deceive or to lie to my parents, but just so that I'm at the other end of the phone if my parents call me, I guess it doesn't hurt where I'm staying. Look, Donna always makes sure we're safe, doesn't drink and drive, and makes sure we fuck like there is no tomorrow. OK, the last item wouldn't reassure my parents, but I trust Donna's judgment, so now I have to confront my parents about tonight's plans. Young people are always eager to think they are mature until they confront their parents, then they revert to children, and that's what I feel like now.

I find my parents in the kitchen just before lunch and work up my nerve to ask about the money and tell them I won't sleeping at home tonight.

"Donna has some great plans for us tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day," I start.

Mom says, "That's nice. Have you gotten her anything?"

"No, not yet," I admit.

"It's not too late for flowers," says Dad.

"That's right. It's never too late for flowers," says Mom looking at my dad.

Oh, fucking geezus. Are they talking in romantic overtones in front of me? I'm too embarrassed to hear this shit, so I move the conversation along.

"That would be nice. Donna has reservations for a meal, but she wants it to be a surprise where we're going," I continue.

"That's sounds fun," says my mom.

"Well, it's expensive, and I want to pay for it," I cut to the chase and expect the third degree.

"Donna has been picking you guys up every weekend, and you have hardly asked for much on your dates, so I don't think it's a problem to go all out for Valentine's Day," says my mom.

Well damn, that is great. Now how do I tell them we're staying out all night?

"Well, it's in the city and we'll be out late. Is it Ok if we stay with Donna's friends again like we did on New Year's?" I ask with a lump in my throat.

"As long as I can get in touch with you at all times," says Mom.

I'm thinking that's no problem as long as she doesn't call when my mouth is sucking Tonya's pussy or when I'm in the middle of cumming in her hot pussy. Oh geezus, I can't wait for tonight. I guess I have to confront the idea that they know, that I know, that they know that I'm fucking, but I guess we can all avoid speaking outright about what we all suspect, so I change the subject.

"Thanks. My cell will be on all the time. We're leaving around six," I say trying to put a cap on any more details.

"Well, just take the credit card and use what you need," Dad offers generously.

"Thanks. I've gotta call Marcus," I say as I leave the kitchen with the American Express card and avoiding that it will be around not counting the flowers for Monday.

Spoiled brats? Nah, just spoiled. What the hell. My mom and dad work hard, and what we spend is proportionate to the family income, so that's the way it is. If we didn't have it, then I would be doing something less expensive. Each to their own desires, needs, and abilities. If you work hard and are responsible with your savings and generous with gifts to charities, no one should criticize what you do with what's left over. Now, if you can't pay your bills but keep spending to feed your desires at the expense of your needs, then you are subject to criticism.

Geez, I'm thinking if we were all poor, we would still have each other which is worth more to me than the big house and clothes that we have. There is just no substituting money for love. Those people who make the mistake of choosing money over love will never have what Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and I have. On the other hand, I want to believe that most people do value the love of their mates over the materials of the world. So what the four of us have is no secret. Appreciated the love you have is a good lesson to learn early in life, and I have it implanted in my thoughts.

I call Marcus, and he has a cow when I tell him he has to come up with not including anything we give them on Monday.

"What the fuuuck? Fucking ?" he says while actually raising his voice.

"Fucking rich Jew. Fire a gawd damn maid, or maybe we can sell some of the overpriced fucking wine in your cellar on ebay," I laugh knowing he'll get any amount of money he needs.

"Holy shit. I guess she didn't think of calling me first?" he says while fishing for a reason to be upset.

"In Donna's defense, I called her first. I thought you were in Synagogue," I laugh.

"Fuuuck you. You know I don't go. Well, I don't go often," he says while still trying to fake being a little upset.

"You go enough to insure that you'll get to heaven and fuck some of those gorgeous Jewish angels," I kid him.

"Yeah. That thought is enough to suffer through our Rabbi's talks, but the only angel I need now is Donna," he laughs but has a serious tone when talking about Donna.

"Look, I was stunned too when I realized it would cost about , but I got my parents to go along with the request," I say.

"Marcus interrupts, "Yeah. You're a fucking only child. You don't have to ask for shit. I got sisters in college. You're pampered," he retorts.

"That's the pot calling the kettle black, but I got a credit card from my father if it's really a problem," I try to console him while being slightly amused at his problem since I already solved mine.

"Nah. I'll get the money, but where the hell are we going?" he asks.

"Oh yeah, like I'd know. Call Donna and pry it out of her," I tease.

"Ok, another one of Donna's surprises. I get it, but , wow," he laments.

"Well, it's a hundred bucks a piece and tip. Donna says come prepared to stay all night and say that we're staying at Jadon and Tamara's apartment again, but she really didn't say where we're staying. She wants to surprise us," I explain.

"I'll get the money. Anything that Donna wants, but how about a little notice," he mirrors my thoughts.

"Take that up with Donna. You got as much notice as I did. She just told me too. You know she likes surprises," I remind him laughing.

"So why did you call Donna?" he asks.

"Are we feeling a little left out or maybe worried about me moving in on you?" I laugh.

"Ha ha. Yeah. She wants my dick not yours," he's a little too quick to remind me.

"Ouch. You stab me in the heart. You take my girl then remind me of it? She dumped me, remember?" I playfully make him defend himself.

"Yeah like you cared. She dumped you right onto Tonya's virgin pussy, and besides my mom likes it because Donna is Jewish," he reminds me.

"Well, half Jewish," I remind him that it was Donna's mother who was Jewish.

"She's a Jew. You can't be half Jewish," he laughs.

"OK, whatever. I called Donna to tell her that my parents are going to the Sweetheart Affair at a ballroom downtown for Valentine's Day on Monday night," I explain.

"Wow great news," he says.

I continue, "And they will be gone until midnight since the dinner starts at 6. So I called Donna to see if she and Tonya can come over on a school night, and she said yes. Then she laid the secret plans for tonight on me."

"That's great," replies Marcus, "but we will need gifts for them on Monday."

"Geezus, I know. Tonight doesn't count because it's not Valentine's Day, so we gotta come up with something," I say.

"Let's start with flowers," says Marcus.

"Have you been talking with my dad?" I ask amused at his quick mention of flowers.

"No, why?" he asks.

"Nothing. I'm just kidding because my father mentioned flowers when I told him about tonight," I explain.

"Let's not worry about gifts until tomorrow afternoon. I need to tell my dad that I need money for tonight," he says.

"OK. Just be over at my house by 4 if you're going to get ready here. I'm going to order roses for both of us for Monday. I don't want to risk not having them," I offer.

"OK. I'll be there around 4," says Marcus ending the conversation.

Promptly at 4, Marcus' mom drops him off at my house, and he's carrying a duffle bag along with an additional hang-up bag. We tease each other and sometimes engage in light banter, but Marcus is my absolute best friend, and I'm always excited to see him. No, it's not the same excitement that I get when I see Tonya, but when he arrives, I know that it's just the beginning of a great time.

I guess being the only child, I like talking with someone that shares my interests. We don't talk about fucking Donna and Tonya all the time, not all the time. For example, I like computers, and so does Marcus. We also like playing video games and shopping for clothes online. He probably picked that up from me, but it's his interest now, too. We talk about school and teachers. We like to look at cars online too. When I get my license, I'm going ask Marcus to shop for cars with me. And best of all, I trust him. I can tell him my fears, my worries, my pleasures, and my desires, and he doesn't have a judgmental bone in his body. No one could be a better friend.

Marcus views our friendship from a different perspective since he comes from a family of five and wants to get away from them. Since I'm older, he can do things that guys his age can't, and as I've said before, he uses my house as a refuge to get away from a hovering mom at his house. It can be a little intimidating with the extreme formalities at his house. Even with his inherently quiet side, when he stays over, he talks about all kinds of shit when we are about to go to sleep, and, just as he is to me, I am never judgmental to him either. Well, anyway for which ever reason we are best friends and for whatever reasons we like to hang out together, we are inseparable. I can't wait for him to be at my school next year. When I get my license, I plan to pick him up everyday to ride to school with me.

We shower and go through our routine preparations although it may have to be repeated by the time we get to fuck. I mean, we are fanatic about being clean anytime we are naked with Donna and Tonya. We use my Balla powder, then I use Eau Savage cologne for me and Marcus is still using Polo, and finally, we use an unscented deodorant. I pack all of it into Marcus' duffle bag to use again later, if needed, as Donna suggested to me earlier on the phone. Donna said to dress casual, so I put on stone grey slim Edun straight leg pants with a button fly, Rag & Bone calico sweater, and grey Locoste NC sneakers.

"What the fuck?" asks Marcus.

"What?" I ask.

"Not those," he says pointing at my shoes.

"What's with you? So when did you turn into my dresser? " I ask.

"They suck. Wear these," he continues to push his point and hands me a pair of my own shoes.

"Well fucking gawd damn. fucking bitch who let's Donna dress and undress you, and I have to teach you how to pick clothes on the internet, and now your wise ass doesn't like my shoes?" I act insulted and make him defend his position for his criticism of my shoes.

"Hey, I graduated from your fashion lectures. That green fucking alligator logo ruins the whole outfit," he says with authority.

"OK, but fuck you. I like the logo," I say to save face, but I take his advice and put on UGG Brockman wool shoes which admittedly are a better choice.

"Better," he says looking intently at my shoes.

"Thanks. They do look better," I admit in case my banter risked being too harsh. Even with your best friend, kidding and teasing can go to far, but I don't think we have ever gotten to that point.

"No problem. Remember, I have to walk near you," he says.

"Well you little fucking bitch," I laugh as I go over and pinch a nipple since he hasn't starting dressing yet.

Marcus folds over and his towel drops to the floor as he is squirming and trying to resist anymore nipple assaults.

"Help. Assault on a naked man," he laughs.

"Oh geezus. I'm holding a naked man," I say and move away from him in playful disgust.

"Ah, my new defense. Flash my dick and you run," he laughs.

"You bet. first time you ever get a hard on for me I'll make you shower with your clothes on," I tease back.

"It's good to know you don't beat off thinking about me," he says and he shakes his dick at me.

"OK. I know you need a good Donna fucking tonight for sure," I say.

"Like you don't need to fuck Tonya," he responds back.

"You're right about that. What do you have in your carryon bag?" I ask.

Marcus stands naked and unzips his carryon bag and pulls out Ralf Lauren Summit Poplin Pants with a faux fly and drawstring waist, RLX compact fleece sweatshirt, and RLX Baildon black sneakers.

"So what did you bring to change into?" I ask.

"More underwear. Unless we roll in mud, I'm not bringing a full change of clothes," he states his logic.

"I'm going to put my stuff in your duffle bag then," I say, and then after dressing, Marcus gels up his hair, and we wait for the girls to arrive.

Donna and Tonya arrive promptly at 6 p.m., and we are ready for the evening. After Marcus gives Donna a long kiss, and Tonya and I snuggle together in the back seat, I run my hand up her skirt and kiss her neck. As we drive, Donna has already chosen the music of which the first is Kid Rock's "When You Love Someone,"

'Cause when you love someone
It don't matter what you say
When you love someone
You will dance the night away
When you love someone
There ain't nothing you can't do
Ain't that right
Yeah I want to love someone tonight

It's a long drive, so I won't list every song that Donna plays, but each is specifically chosen for us. One that is a super intro for the night is Killswitch, "This Fire Burns,"

All I've ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled
It is in my hands, I must not fail, I must not fail
I will not be denied in this final hour
I will not be denied, this day is mine
This passion inside me is burning
This passion inside me is burning

So, where the hell are we going? As usual, it's Donna's parade, and we are just riding on a float. We're driving south on the freeway, so we will end up in the city, so no surprises yet. After we cross over the bridge we drive a little more, and then Donna turns into a parking lot and gets on her cell phone.

"Where you guys? OK. I see you," she says into her cell.

"OK. We're here," she announces to us.

Well, I can see that. We are parked and getting out of the car as Donna waves. I see Jadon and Tamara waving back.

"Well, at least I didn't tell my parents a fib," I say laughing and waving.

We catch up and walk to a restaurant while engaging in small talk with our former creditors. You remember, Marcus and I were the payment for staying New Year's Eve with them although we didn't complain.

As we continue walking I say to Tamara, "I understand we're staying with you guys tonight."

"Yes, we're looking forward to it," says Tamara.

"I hope to pay you again," says Marcus.

"You don't owe us anything, but we accept donations," smiles Tamara.

"I'm a generous guy," I say remembering my short time with Tamara.

"I think we'll talk about that later," says Tonya a little too quick to stop where the conversation is going.

"The guys are cocked and ready tonight," laughs Tamara toward Donna.

"I'll make sure he shoots his pistol my way," says Donna.

"And I can take any shots you fire my way," says Tonya looking at me.

"Well, it looks like you guys won't have any ammo left for me," laughs Tamara.

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