The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 13 - Paid in Full

(Part 1 from 2)

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You may call this chapter an addendum to the story. For those of you wanting more details, I provide our New Years Eve story although it may not have all the glamour and pomp of some of our other adventures. Enjoy this part for its historical link to the events in the spring.

Donnie and Trish leave before Christmas Eve, and the holidays pass for the rest of us very nicely. I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Marcus since my parents are still in Bangalore. Marcus' family doesn't celebrate a formal Christmas since they are Jewish, but everyone has the day off, so they all have a nice family time together and graciously invite me over. Even though they have a cook, his mom assists with the meals and puts her charm and preferences into the preparations and holiday displays. The year end holidays are exciting no matter what philosophies and religions people follow. If only everyone could feel this good all of the time instead of fighting for land, money, oil, and shit.

Take the Mexicans as an example of feeling good all the time. They don't fight anyone over shit. Well, they fight over drugs, but not over politics and religion. Just don't get in the way of their drugs, and you won't have fight. If anyone has more holidays than Marcus, it's the Mexicans. Geezus, you would think Cheech and Chong made up the holidays across our southern border. Why take one day for a celebration when you can take off nine? Christmas extends nine days! Why don't they take 10 days while they're at it if they're going for nine? Well, it may look bad, so they stop at nine. What the fuck?

Then there is Cinco de Mayo. No one knew what the fuck they were celebrating on Cinco de Mayo, so someone finally came up with an Mexican pride day just to make it look good. Nah, that's the U.S. version. It really is a historical day for Mexicans, but I think they don't remember after the first hour of celebration. They would party on the 5th of May with or without a reason.

Here's another example of the Mexican's love for parties. In the United States, we celebrate Halloween one evening, right? Well, the Mexicans add two more days and celebrate the gawd damn dead. Now you have to really want to party, to party with the dead. The Mexican's get an "A plus" for partying even after they die. Again, what the fuck? So while we give out candy one night a year, the Mexicans make it a fucking three-day vacation. Well, this shit goes on all year long. Add Tequila to the mix, and you got one fun culture. You might say they have the holiday spirit all fucking year.

Well, back to our holiday. Before I go to his house, I promise Marcus in advance to not to look at his beautiful sisters lustfully, but I never meant to keep it. They are both in college and got to be fucking someone. I sneak a peak at their legs discretely to fuel my desires. There is no doubt in my mind that I could fuck one of them given a few minutes alone with them, but that won't happen. I respect the genetic coding and/or social imprinting for yuckiness and disgust when it comes to sex with family members, so I know how Marcus feels about his sisters. Consequently, I keep my distance from those delicate pussies hidden on top of their shaved legs, but I can still fantasize about them all the way across the room when I see them.

In the meantime after Christmas, Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and I have anything but routine fun together at my house until my parents arrive in the middle of the next week and things get back to normal. Before that time, I change the water in the spa after we desecrated it with all types of playful evil. Donna and Tonya make sure all of the towels that we had been using are washed and folded in the laundry room. Donna offers to use her fake I.D. and drive to the microbrewery to replace the beer we drank, but somehow that doesn't happen. All-in-all the house doesn't look worse for the wear. Thank gawd there are no security cameras in my basement.

On Monday, a day after my parents return from India, Tonya leaves with her parents to visit relatives until Thursday. Donna says we'll get together when Tonya returns. I guess it was time for us to give our dicks a rest, but not because Marcus and I couldn't perform. The holidays are great to relieve our genetic predisposition for having to release our sexual desires with our girls each evening that we get together. The pause serves to recharge our desires. Oh hell, who needs recharging? I ache for Tonya every night I am not with her. Damn mother nature.

During the daytime that Marcus and I spend together, we are fairly normal, but as the evening approaches, it's like we turn into sexual werewolves or lustful vampires awaiting out prey. There is no sense providing my spin on werewolves and vampires. Those creatures are well documented in the literature for their sexual prowess and lustful behavior. Previously, I provided new insights for the lustfully stories of Peter Pan, the Nutcracker, and the Wizard of Oz, but the stories of werewolves and vampires need no interpretations.

Werewolves and vampires are the sexiest supernatural characters that ever existed. They were created in medieval times when sexual urges, desires, and seduction had to be attributed to some outside power. In those superstitious days in Europe, girls who felt the first urges to have a dick stuck between their legs were told stories of animalistic behavior so that they would think twice about letting their lustful feelings expand to full orgasm.

The stories of werewolves and vampires were just a scare tactic whose ruse was exposed the first time a medieval girl had sex. It was kind of like finding out that there is no santa Claus. The first time a girl let her feelings expand to full climax, werewolves and vampires took a new meaning. Girls fantasized about being snatched and seduced by vampires and werewolves as they felt their nightly penetrations by their husbands.

Look, they had to create their own excitement during sex because guys just hopped on their tight pussies and fucked. Medieval guys had felt no obligation for making sure their partner enjoyed it. So medieval girls used lots of fantasies to make up for the crude fucking that they got each night. Being fucked by a werewolf or vampire is much more exciting than being fucked by someone who had no opportunities for imagination or exploration of the senses.

There is nothing crude or medieval about what Marcus and I do with Donna and Tonya. We make sure that Donna and Tonya attain the best feelings that we can extract from every nerve cell in their bodies each time we bond our urges with their desires. We miss them so much when night comes. To think that there are two bodies separated that want each other so much is plain torture.

It is highly characteristic of Donna to shun parties with her contemporaries, but she seemingly breaks tradition and asks if we want to go to a New Year's Eve party. Donna usually leads the way, but it's nice for her to ask. Of course, we all accept her invitation. What the hell else do we have planned?

Marcus and I talk all week about what to wear. True to form, Donna refuses to give us a clue about the party. Without any information about where we're going, Marcus and I agree that we don't want to wear our traditional hoodies. I want to wear a sport coat, but I don't like the new style that copies the Pee-wee Herman/Charlie Chaplin look where your clothes appear like they have been shrunk the dryer and your balls are cocked half way up the shaft of your dick.

What the hell is that all about? Who wants to really look like Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick or Angus Scott in AC/DC? Gawd damn, someone is going to pay a few hundred dollars for a coat that looks like you outgrew it a couple years ago? Not for me. I don't discuss my aversion for this new look with Marcus, but as we shop, I just don't choose that style. Gawd, but what if I'm overdressed in a coat?

Marcus' mom drops Marcus and me at a district with a lot of shops that had clothes that we found on the internet. We are not into shopping all afternoon and pretty much know what we want. I make a simple choice and buy the entire outfit to match in order to be safe. Hell, I don't know what I'm getting into with Donna, and I don't want to over dress or, on the other hand, I don't want to look like a bumpkin.

Gawd damn I hate social pressure. I feel like Donna now. I don't like parties. There are always bullies at parties to prey on the weak or those who don't look like they fit in. Oh geezus, I must truthfully admit and be honest, I'm just self-conscious and nervous about being around people I don't know.

I decide on Burberry Brit Garment-Dyed Herringbone Jacket, with a sort of matching checkered Tee shirt, garment-dyed cargo pants, but stop at paying $500 bucks for the matching tennis shoes. Gawd damn, my dad is not retired in Monaco, geezus, $500 for a pair of sneakers? Instead, I choose tan Nike P.Rod 2.5 skateboard shoes at a tenth of the price. Now I'm worried that I look like a fucking British explorer on a safari because the entire outfit is brownish-tan. Gawd, I hate feelings of inadequacy. I'm glad there are four of us going. I know Donna will stick up for us.

Marcus buys a black Rag & Bone Nylon Trooper Jacket with a ivory colored Henley underneath and a sort of beige twill straight leg pants. His choice of shoes doesn't look like an advertisement. The logo is muted on the black Nike SB Blazer High sneakers. The soles don't stick out because they aren't white which is nice. I mean, we aren't wearing dress shoes for gawd's sake, but I don't like to look like I'm getting ready for gym class either.

Finally, it's Friday and New Year's Eve is here. It's cold. I'm not going to kid Marcus about his clothes because I feel so nervous about my own appearance, and beside he gives me no material for teasing him. He looks like a million. I think both of us will fit in no matter how everyone else is dressed. I feel a bit more confident today. I worried all week and now that the night approaches, I feel good although I'm extremely horny. You can image the built up desires that we have since we haven't been with our girls all week long. It will be a cum explosion for sure.

"Wonder how long we'll stay out tonight?" asks Marcus.

"With Donna and her surprises, who knows?" I answer.

Donna arrives with Tonya. I get permission to stay out as long as we want since Donna convinces my mom that she won't drink and drive.

Marcus hops into the front seat and immediately kisses Donna, and I do the same in the back. I would like to see their outfits, but it's dark and that will have to wait. In the meantime Donna's preference for music tonight is Them Crooked Vultures' Caligulove,

I don't need a reason baby
Put your arms around me
Hold me real close
Clap me in irons
Come on Caligulove me

Caligula was the Roman emporer who was famous for sexual debauchery and perversity. Oh gawd, with the pounding bass and Donna's speaking the lyrics "Caligulove me," I'm hard and dripping as I kiss Tonya. I start sucking her nipples and run my hand under her panties to feel the hair growing back on her pussy. I would love to eat her right there. Five days is too long for me to go, and I'm oblivious to anything but the feeling of burning tingles in my groin. Tonya evokes my passion as her hand creeps down my pants and her wet lips move up and down my neck.

I barely make out Marcus who has his seatbelt off and is lying backwards face up. His head is in Donna's lap as she sings along with the music. Donna has her right hand down his pants feeling his dick. Oh gawd, I wish she would pull over and let us fuck, but Donna has the night planned for us. Geezus, I'm flushed and extremely warm all over as Tonya rubs my stomach in circular motions. I kiss her neck, and she moves her hand down to my dick and pulls up on it to get the pre-cum on her fingers.

The song ends and the next one begins as Donna pulls her hand out of Marcus' pants, "OK guys. Marcus get up and get your seatbelt back on, and you guys in the backseat, slow down. We have a long night ahead."

"Did I hear head?" asks Marcus.

"A real comedian," laughs Donna.

"I've noticed that a lot lately," I add.

Tonya quips, "I'm sure we're on the right heading."

"Please Ms. Donna, can Tonya come out an play?" I kid.

Everyone laughs. I know Marcus is aching to be relieved as much as me. Tonya stops rubbing me, and Marcus sits upright puts his seatbelt on.

"Any clue to where we're going?" I ask.

Donna answers, "Yes, but I'm not telling yet. We're not going to be the youngest couples there, but it is downtown."

"OK. So it's not a high school party?" I conclude.

"Not quite," says Donna arousing my curiosity even more.

We drive and listen to music, and drive, and listen to music, and kiss. Gawd damn it's a long way, but not in the direction of Donna's and Tonya's homes. Ok, we are on the freeway heading into the city. It's New Year's Eve and a little later than most people would start their evenings by the time we park and walk to the waterfront.

As we get out of the car, I see the full extent of Tonya's attire. It is simple yet elegant. She is wearing a brown Adi Long-Sleeve Minidress with a gentle brown panty hose covering her legs. We escort Donna and Tonya in and they look like a million. Donna is wearing Blu Moon Sexy Lace V Neck Dress with see through long sleeves, but her shoes, Jeffrey Campbell Skyroom in Black Perforated Leather, elevate her a full head shot over Marcus, but I swear, no one would notice the odd couple as I see a variety of fashions and exotic attire in a wild crowd around us. Most are just very casual.

"No surprises now," says Donna.

"Nice. And cold," I say as I view the crowd in the street and see the green spinning year on a tower in front of us.

"We can see the fireworks from here," Donna says as we blend in with the crowd. It is cold and hoodies would have been fine.

"So you guys ready for a night?" asks Donna.

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