The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 12 - Presents

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"I know. Donnie told me," she says.

I am amused that Donnie told Trish about Donna fucking Marcus on my bed the first time. The memories turned me on. We scan through three Youtube videos showing all types of artistic body painting. We had to promise we were 18, so Donnie hit the promise button as we all laugh. This isn't porn. It is simply art. I could see that the girls shaved their pussies before getting painted. I am hard and feel very uncomfortable in the mesh dick holders I am wearing.

"This is a little above our skills," says Donna as we all observed the various intricate designs and detail of the art.

"Primitive and Neanderthal is Ok. Remember, it won't last long. It's like a sand castle with the tide rolling in. It has to be eaten off," laughs Trish setting up the ground rules for the foreplay.

"A tide of tongue licking," I add.

Donna starts the game, "Let's go back to the basement."

Trish says, "Group up like last night and paint each other in separate rooms so that we can surprise each other."

Donna continues, "Four for Foreplay. Guys, keep your see-throughs on. Engage in foreplay, but start painting each other before things get out of hand. Afterwards, we'll spend the time taking it off with our tongues, of course."

We go to the basement and group up with the same partners as last night. Donnie and Donna head to the bathroom. Trish and I go to the laundry room leaving Tonya and Marcus alone in the main room.

In the laundry room, Trish starts to remove her clothes, but I stop her. I unbutton her blouse. She kicks off her shoes. I pull her socks off and pull her panties off from beneath her skirt. She drops her skirt, and we are standing naked except for my see-through briefs. She takes my sweater and t-shirt off. She reaches down and pulls my mesh underwear to the floor and leans back on the laundry table offering me to enter her pussy. My heart is pounding. We don't have a lot of time, so I bend down and insert my tongue far inside her pussy and lick for about 15 seconds when she pulls my head up. We decide to break the rules, and I push my dick into her as far as I can. My heart is beating as I look at the Egyptian princess. Gawd, she feels great. We fuck for about a couple of minutes alternating from slow to fast.

It's always the girl to sets the boundaries. She says, "We're supposed to be painting now."

As I pull out and pull up my mesh underwear, I whisper, "OK."

"I just needed a sample," I say.

"Me too. No need to apologize," she says. "It's Ok with Donnie. We girls planned this and agreed that it was OK to start you guys up as we painted each other."

Well, gawd damn. I was feeling a bit guilty, but I had no need. I felt relieved knowing that Marcus is probably fucking Tonya and Donnie is fucking Donna at the same time. I didn't want to betray Tonya in any way. As I said, I only need a sample to satisfy my curiosity.

We had to leave the door open slightly to let a little light in. It's too bright to turn the light on in the laundry room. Trish opens the door a little more and calls out, "Donna and Tonya, if you haven't begun painting yet, it's time to start."

I catch a glimpse of Marcus and Tonya. Marcus is behind Tonya fucking her in the ass. Well, gawd damn. He got her anal virginity, and I had been so careful in not rushing it. I repeat, gawd damn, but it is turning me on. The little fucker got both Donna's and Tonya's anal virginity, but that's ok with me. Two anal virginities don't equal the pleasure I experienced with Tonya's first time edging my dick into her virginal tissues, so no harm done. But still, the little fucking bastard will pay. I will find a prank commensurate with the crime. When he pulls out, Tonya sucks his dick for about a minute before they start to paint each other. I am really aroused watching them.

My mesh underwear is still uncomfortable with my erect dick in it, but I manage. Trish takes a deep red raspberry flavor and paints the top of my toes on my right foot. Then she jumps and paints both knees. Trish sees me watching Marcus and Tonya as she paints me.

She focuses my attention back to her, "Your done."

Marcus had eased his dick out of Tonya's tiny tear drop hole, and I am ready to paint Trish. Well, the easy way would be for me to paint circles around Trish's breast, but I am thinking of creating a path. I start with a lime green paint on her lips and follow a large thick line to her neck. I change colors to blueberry blue flavor and continue the line down the middle of her chest and circle her belly button. Once again, I change colors to cherry red and take the line back up to her left nipple and put a big target on it. I carefully blow the line that I just drew following it from start to finish. From the nipple, I use cheer red to paint a path straight to her pussy with an arrow at the end pointing to the penetration point. I put the tip of my tongue on her erect nipple for a few seconds and then repaint it. Finally, I paint her left knee orange and draw a line on the inside of her thigh to her pussy.

"Oh geezus. I don't know if I can stand getting my knees licked off," I predict.

"Torture has many ways of making us erotically anticipate relief," she laughs.

Tonya takes some paint paints my balls blue. With the lime green, she makes three concentric wide circles around my right breast and finishes with a red line all the way along the shaft of my dick.

"You want more?" she asks.

"I think that will give us enough material to begin," I say.

Trish calls out, "Is everyone finished with the art?"

Everyone moves to toward each other. In the amber light from the candles that we lit, Tonya and Marcus walk slowly toward us. Marcus' dick is painted completely red and his balls are blue. There are wide lightening bolt green arrows outlined in blue from his chest down his stomach pointing toward his dick. I am thinking that it will take a long time to lick those off.

Tonya has the toes on her right foot painted purple. The insides of her thighs each have a green arrow pointing to her shaven pussy. There are red lines starting with her nipples and moving in a straight line to her naval. Marcus has left me a path to arouse Tonya very nicely.

Donnie and Donna are equally adorned with arrows, circles, and lines similar to ours except on Donna there is a red and purple line making a band around her waist. When Donna turns around and shows us an arrow pointing to the line between her cheeks on her rear. I wonder if Marcus will use that as an invitation to stick his dick Donna's ass too.

Donnie's dick is purple and his balls are painted orange. His knees have two open circles outlines in red. His neck has a target painted in blue and yellow with a line to his right nipple. Again, there is ample material to lick and arouse.

We all agree that the body painting is a success and enjoy making predictions and giving advice on how to lick it off. We guys agree that the underwear has to come off immediately. It is just too gawd damn uncomfortable to wear any longer with our hard ons. The girls pull each of the mesh jocks off our dicks and down our legs.

"That gawd. Enough of that," I say.

Donna says, "Why did you put them back on before you came out?"

We all laugh knowing everyone took liberties to fuck their partners before they painted each other.

Donna has one more instruction, "Before we get back to normal, we each get a minute or so to lick each one at a time so that we all can watch."

I preempt any of Marcus' desires when I set the boundary.

I playfully request Marcus, "Will you leave Tonya's toes?"

"Sure, if Donnie will leaves me the arrow on Donna's lower back."

We all laugh knowing where that is pointing.

"OK. Then I get to request for Donna to leave the grape flavor alone." We all look and see that Donnie's dick is paint grape-purple.

"Deal," says Donna.

The order isn't important, but Donna spins a bottle left from last night and it points sort of toward Marcus.

He is good. He delicately licks the her left nipple and removes the red line going down her stomach. She cringes a bit as his tongue tickles its way toward her pussy. He only has a minute and manages to lick around and into her hairless pussy for a few seconds when Donna calls time. I am wet with pre-cum as are all of the guys.

"Tonya's turn," says Donna. We all watch in silence as our sensations and burning desires are elevated as the ritual continues. Tonya goes straight to Marcus' cherry red dick and licks up and down each side for about 15 or 20 seconds before inserting his entire dick into her mouth. I didn't know she had such a desire to suck Marcus, but it's fine with me if that's what she likes. She finishes the her remaining time going up and down his shaft.

Marcus and Tonya stay out of the circle, and Trish spins the bottle. It points to me. Everyone is hot and ready to watch. I jump in and start on Trish. I leave the upper path for Donnie and choose to lick her knee. I move upward on her inner thigh. This is my continuing dream. The fantasy of licking a girl's thigh upward to her pussy sends chills all over my body. I lick and lick and get to her pussy. I am so focused and filled with the urge to fuck her that I don't hesitate to open her pussy and lick and run my tongue deep into her as everyone watches. Who knows how long a minute is? I feel Trish gently lift my head up and she licks down my chest as I sit back on my ankles. Like Tonya did Marcus, she ends by sucking my dick until her time is up.

As I relax and return to a lotus seating position, Donna and Donnie are next. Donna licks the orange paint off Donnie's chest and moves down to his stomach. She moves her tongue in circles and then presses her lips hard against him while swirling her tongue round and round rapidly. She doesn't go all the way to his dick. When her minute is up, she leans backwards and Donnie licks quickly from her stomach down to her pussy. He raises up and moves himself between her legs and inserts his dick in her pussy breaking the game rules like last night. We all watch and are paralyzed with desire as he pushes his long erection into her and pulls out slowly. He only goes in and out once and sits back ending the game.

Donnie takes Trish to the same couch as last night. Marcus and Donna go to the other, and I unfold the blanket from last night and hold Tonya close to me. We pull our bodies tight against each other and my hard dick presses against her stomach with her head on my chest. I move her up and kiss her deeply. Even though we went through a swap of partners, I want her to know that she is mine and mine alone.

I lay her back and lick my way down her neck to her chest stopping to lick and gently suck each erect nipple. Then I lick down her stomach passing over any body paints to her pussy and lick around it profusely. I briefly put my tongue far inside her tender tissues and swirl it around before moving directly to her toes. I lift her right leg and she bends her knee. I lick and take each toe into my mouth moving across each one on each foot. I am chilling and tingled as I feel Tonya shake. We have both had enough. She spreads her legs and I move between her thighs and insert my dick. I move slowly into her and as I am pulling out she scoots out from me and turns over. Once again I move between her legs are she lies on her stomach. I bend down and spread her cheeks and lick her hole. I don't know where she got it, but she gives me the oil that I had gotten as a present. I spread it on her hole and move my finger gently into her preparing her and hoping she can relax. I then put a generous amount on my dick and a runs down its base and onto the blanket.

As gently as the first time that I penetrated her virgin pussy, I eased the head of my dick into her ass. So what if I wasn't the first? She feels great. I eased in further one inch at a time until I was half way in. I moved back and forth without going in all the way. I continue for about 2 minutes and ease out as slowly. Then I turned her over to face me.

I lift up her foot and lick each toe until all of the paint is gone. Then I work my way up to her thighs and lick back and forth. Using the tip of my tongue, I make circles around her hairless pussy. I know she wants my dick between her legs badly at this point, but I lift off and suck my way downward from between her eyebrows, down the tip of her nose, across her slightly open lips to her neck. I give her a hicky on the base of her neck and move to her erect nipples. No paint is left behind. Slowly downward across her stomach I inch my tongue along until I reach her pussy one more time. I thrust my tongue in and around until she lifts my head up.

She sits up and makes me lie on my back. Knowing my vulnerable tickle points, she licks my knees first. I make a vow to endure all that she does, but this is torture. When I think that I can't stand any more, she moves her tongue up the inside of my thighs to my balls. First she licks one and then the other. Then I feel her take one hole ball into her mouth using her tongue to roll it around gently. I want her mouth around my dick, but she resists giving me relief and moves up to my left nipple licking any residual paint in her path.

She pauses briefly and puts a drop of oil on her finger. As she puts her lips on my dick and moves down to the base, she reaches under me and inserts the tip of her finger in my ass. OK, she has taken my anal virginity and taken my by surprise. She doesn't go in far, and I am experiencing sensations from my dick and my anus that I have never thought about. This was never discussed and I am just short of shocked, but I let her explore this new area. As she continues to suck me up and down, she removes her finger and plays with my balls.

She edges herself up in a squatting position and lowers her pussy onto my dick. As she eases down while accepting one inch at a time in her dripping wet pussy, I put my hands on each soft cheek on her ass. I am totally oblivious to the other couples in the room. My focus has never been greater toward Tonya as we share our sensual love.

I could cum at any moment, but I reluctantly move my dick out of her pussy and scoot myself between her legs. Looking upward at her pussy, I pull her ass down so I can swirl my tongue on her little hole. Then I move to her pussy thrusting my tongue vertically upward as I pull her firmly against my face. Sticking my tongue into her pussy never gets old, and I love doing it.

I turn Tonya over on her back and suck each erect nipple once again while pressing my dick hard against the outside of her shaven pussy. Then I pull back and move the head of my dick up and down between her legs. She spreads her legs far apart and I slip my dick far inside of her very wet pussy. I hold inside of her and feel her pulsing muscles squeezing me ever so slightly. I pull backward and edge slowly into her again. In and out I push and pull but hold off slamming against her pelvis. I don't want to mix the pressure and weight of my body with the soothing feel of my dick gliding smoothly through her tender meat. I want the sensation to build slowly and not force its way to climax.

Every few strokes I pause deep inside of her and then slowly edge my way out before continuing a gentle rhythm in and out. This is the point where I stare straight into her eyes. All of the fantasies, every hot thought, any wishful desire that I have had looking at girls over the years is paled by the sight of her eyes and the sensations I feel as I move us closer and closer to climax. As her back arches and she holds her breath thrusting her erect nipples slightly upward, I feel her pussy grabbing as she starts to cum. I no longer hold off as I feel cold numbness in my temples and the backs of my calves shooting toward the tingling feeling in my groin and thighs. Pulsing cum shoots hard inside of her pussy. After a few hard thrusts, Tonya grabs the back of my butt and holds me as I ease in and out while the feeling slowly abates leaving me highly sensitive. I continue moving in and out to let Tonya enjoy her feelings as long as she can. I continue and resist the urge to pull out until I sense she is completely relaxed. I stop fully inside of her and then very slowly ease my way out. I move my lips to her pussy and kiss and lick her all over. I run my tongue inside of her briefly and then kiss her shaven pussy one more time before lying beside of her. It is perfect.
Donna and Trish are finished and kissing. Yes, she was a little loud earlier, but not as loud as last night but I paid no attention tonight. Marcus pulls his dick out of Donna and starts licking between her legs as Tonya and I turn sideways toward each other on the blanket and kiss and kiss. I pull Tonya's pelvis hard against me and hold her tightly. Have we felt this before? Each time is so unique and fulfilling that it's hard to compare to the last. I know I have never felt better.

It is eerily silent as Marcus lifts his head from between Donna's legs and lies on top of her kissing her neck and lips, and Donnie and Trish hold each other close with Donnie's lips on Trish's neck. No one breaks the silence as each of us continue devoting our attentions to our partners.

About five minutes more pass and Donna sits up and says, "I'm taking Marcus upstairs to shower together."

"Donnie, you and Trish can use the shower down here, and Tonya and I will wait," I offer.

Everyone leaves to shower while Tonya and I continue kissing. It will be good to wash the remaining paint off, but I can wait until one of the other couples finish. We could shower in my parent's bedroom or one of the other bedrooms, but I want to snuggle with Tonya. We both seem to have reached another level of intimacy and sensuality and I want to continue these new feelings before we shower.

Marcus and Donna finish first. Tonya and I are still kissing and talking as Donna dresses Marcus. I watch her without staring. She really likes to dote on Marcus. When Trish and Donnie finish, Donnie hands her clothes to her and she dresses privately in the bathroom. Finally, Tonya and I go upstairs to my bath and shower together. As she washed me I get hard again. This is a terrific night to remember.

Since they hadn't planned on staying all night, we talk and listen to music before Donna, Tonya, Donnie, and Trish drive back leaving Marcus and me until the next night. We are together one more night before Trish and Donnie leave. Of course it was fantastic. We didn't play any games nor did we swap partners. I think Donna and Donnie had to get it out of their system, and all of us together were part of their fantasy. The next time we meet Donnie and Trish is at their wedding in the spring.

Thanks for reading. I thought I would never finish this chapter because of the wild time we had at the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA. We had a great time going there and driving back as well as the three days during the festival. I hope to write about it in a future chapter. I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to leave a note in the review section. I also appreciate hearing from so many of you by email. I will remain anonymous and please do the same. I will answer all questions except those that would reveal our identities.

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