The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 11 Attaining the End Game

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*** Please read the previous stories leading up to this point. Part 11 is a continuation of the night after Marcus, Tonya, and I met Donnie, Donna's first virgin love, and his surprise fiancÚ Trish. After dinner at Donna's house, we drove to my house to get to enjoy the night. The house is mine for the week since my parents flew to Bangalore, now spelled Bengaluru, unexpectedly for the week before Christmas.

Uncharacteristically of us, we drank my father's beer that he left in the refrigerator so we could use an empty bottle to spin. We played Donna's game, Four for Fore, where we swapped partners to engage in a brief 4 minutes of foreplay. We are all hot and highly aroused after watching each other during the game.

Even though Trish and Marcus graciously offered to let Donna and Donnie stay together, Donnie declined due to his deep commitment to his fiancÚ Trish. Marcus is emphatically attached to Donna too, but after meeting Donnie, would have given her up for a night if that is what they wanted, but it didn't happen. It all played out for the best, and everyone is happy and undaunted by the interplay between the former childhood sweethearts.

New thoughts of fucking entered my fantasies as I observed the Egyptian beauty of Trish, and those fantasies briefly played out as I sucked her pussy during the foreplay game. Now, she and her fiancÚ Donnie move to one of the couches to be together. Marcus guides Donna to the other couch and I envision a cherub leading a nymph to a sexual encounter. Each couple snuggles closely as Tonya and I take a blanket and lie on the carpet.

Since the news of Donnie's arrival, I have been infatuated with Marcus' devotion to Donna, but now my full attention is on finally on Tonya who trusted me with her first penetration and into her delicate virgin tissues only a few months ago. With her surprise shaven pussy, she is asserting her own individual creativity to our mutual sensual devotion to each other, and I appreciate it. Shaven pussies are beautiful and highly sensitive, but when the time comes to let the hair re-grow, it is very uncomfortable on both partners. Donna told me that, but Tonya has very little hair and none in her groin area, so she probably won't experience any bad sensations when her hair grows back. The feel of her hairless pussy is divine.

I feel very relaxed on the blanket as Tonya and I lie on our sides facing each other. We take time to stare into each others' eyes and then kiss deeply. I move to her neck and munch on it with my lips and tongue. At the same time, I use my thumb and middle finger on her right nipple. I feel Tonya gently running her fingers up and down between my legs touching my balls all the way up to the head of my dick and back down again, over and over. All three girls have great boobs, but Tonya's are my favorites. Well, I love her thighs and calves the best too. Well, geezus, I love her delicate highly arched feet. She is perfect for me. Sure, Trish looks like a mature model and Cleopatra from Egypt and the goddess Isis wrapped into one, and Donna's tight physique and immaculate appearance have the qualities of an Indian goddess, but Tonya has the delicate beauty of youth that surpasses every girl that passes through my fantasies. She always reminds me of an angel newly out of paradise who has just been given free reign to experience sensual pleasures for the first time. My time with Tonya is always new and fresh.

I turn Tonya on her stomach and straddle her between my legs, and she folds her arms under her head. I balance on my hands and bend down a little so that I can drag my hanging balls down the small of her back and over the crevice between her little ass cheeks several times. With only the very tips of my fingers, I move from the back of her neck down her shoulders to the small of her back. I scoot down so that I can move my fingers to her lovely cheeks and back of her thighs. I can't resist using my tongue, so I spread her cheeks widely and run my tongue round and round her perfectly circular hole for over a minute. I want very much to stick my dick into her for her first anal penetration, but I think it is not time yet, so I gently nip her on the cheeks and turn her over to face me.

Just like the first time I pushed my dick into her virgin pussy, we once again stare straight into each others' eyes. Maybe it is to resist any external stimulation of Donna and Marcus as well as Donnie and Trish that push us to meld our thoughts together dampening out any other movements in the room other than those between us. I feel her pump the pre-cum from my dick and watch her lick it off her fingers. I kiss her roll my tongue around the same tongue that just tasted my pre-cum. Our tongues swirl around each other over and over.

Some people who are perfectly normal wait and wait to find the right person. They vow a quest for the perfect, natural soul mate. For some this may take years, yet they are disappointed at the end. Perfection is made not found. Perfection is a creation and developed between two people from inspiration of their mutual desires. It's not dug up like gold, but rather it is created like a masterpiece work of art, music, or literary work.

Has it been too easy for us? Is our situation unique? From listening and observing others our age and older, I think we are definitely unique, but our special circumstance is due to Donna's instruction on the details and quality interaction that anyone can experience. Every cell in the body from toes to the ends of the hair on your head, every thought in the mind from fear to elation, all five senses, every article of clothing including a banded waist, a sock, and underwear, everything in the surrounding environment from sunlight to shadows made by scented candles, from music to lyrics, from a warm breath blowing in your ear to a whispered word is used to bring out a unique bond such as ours. It's not just penetration. Anyone can fuck, but rather it is an eternal bond of perfection that must created not discovered.

I don't want to savor the moment because that implies that our sensual devotion is fleeting. I fully expect our bond to last forever as I bend over and put Tonya's left nipple between my lips and run the tip of my tongue back on forth on her firm erected tissues. My dick is pressed firmly on her and my pre-cum is dripping as she runs her fingers up and down the back of my shoulders. I can't get enough of her.

I kiss my way under her nipple down to her belly button. Then I lick my way down past her hairless pussy to her thighs. I stop briefly and massage her ankles and feet. I kiss each toe so very gently. I am in no hurry as I place one toe between my lips so very delicately so she won't get too ticklish. I move my lips up and down her toe like she does my dick. She bends her knees. With another toe between my lips I see straight up her pussy. As she moves her knees wide apart, she is begging to be sucked, but I have more to do before I relieve the erotic tension that I am building inside of her.

With my teeth, I run up her calves nipping easily as I go. Her fingers massage my temples as she tries to nudge me to her pussy. I respectfully resist her urge to pull me upward too fast and stop to lick between her open thighs. With her knees bent and pulled slightly upward toward her chest, I lick and lick upward to her groin. She finally winces, and I know I have tickled her too much, so I gently bite and lick as the same time.

She is fully ready and her pussy is pleading for relief as she takes her fingers and opens her pink lips waiting for my entrance, but I move her fingers and lick on the outside of her shaven pussy. She shaved it, now she has to pay as I continue to tease her into yet another level of heightened ecstasy. She is tortured with desire as I lick her up and down. I feel no stubbles on the smooth, hairless meat. Finally, I edge the tip of my tongue between her lips. She is wet.

Tonya grabs her knees and pulls them as far apart as she can as I slip my tongue deeply into her. At first I go straight in as far as I can remembering the small hole that she had when she was still a virgin. Those tissues are long gone from reality, but they are planted in my thoughts, and I visualize them as I take the tip of my tongue and run it around her pink meat that once attached to her virginity. She wanted my dick so much the first night, and now she wants it again. Nothing has changed. It is just like the first time.

My lips move up and down her pussy as I lick round and round inside. I gently suck her wetness so that none drips below. I want to jam my dick in now and feel her grip on every inch of it, but I wait as I continue to suck her. True to her perfection of our sensual love, she pulls my head from between her legs. She guides my face to hers and kisses me as our tongues move round and round each other. Her legs are spread wide, and now is a great time to push into her, but she holds my dick. She pulls upward with one stroke and a huge drop of pre-cum rolls onto her forefinger. Knowing what she likes, I help her move her hand to her lips as she licks it off while staring straight into my eyes.

She turns me over on my back, and I become submissive to her dominant position on top. I feel her fingernails run from my toes slowly upward on the top of my feet over my shins to my knees. She bends over, and I feel her hair tickling my legs as she licks my knees and then the inside of my thighs. I spread my thighs and she edges herself between them and puts one ball and then the other inside her mouth. I feel her tongue run up my dick and she opens her mouth and slides all the way down my shaft and up again leaving no pre-cum behind.

Her tongue follows a path across my stomach and she chooses my left nipple to swirl her tongue around. I use both hands behind her head to press her face on my chest as she nibbles on me. She lays prone on me with her pussy pressed against my dick and licks my neck from one ear to the other. She squats on top of me and eases my dick into her pussy and sits all the way down on my pelvis. Slowly, she eases back up leaving on the head of my dick inside of her, and then she eases down once again ever so slowly. I feel several up and down movements but am too absorbed in sensation to do anything but lie back and enjoy this feeling. Finally, I come to my senses and put my hands under her cheeks and ease her pussy off the end of my dick before I cum. I nudge her to lie beside me once again on the blanket and slow down so we can do it all over again without cumming. I want this to last and last.

Marcus has Donna lying with her face on the couch and her knees on the floor in doggy style. He licks the back of her thighs up to her cheeks. He spreads her legs and presses his face hard against her in order to lick her pussy from behind. Donna loves this and lets his performance play out without interference. He munches her hole over and over and moves to penetrate her from the rear. He edges his dick between her legs and into her pussy as he grabs her pelvis on each side. Donna rests her head on her arms while she continues lying face down on the seat of the couch with her knees on the floor and feeling Marcus dick push in and out, one stroke after another.

After several more thrusts with his pelvis slapping her cheeks, he pulls out and puts her on the carpet parallel to the couch. He continues the dominant position balancing on his knees between her out-stretched knees. He is ready to thrust into her wide open pussy, but instead he lies on top and kisses her while pressing his dick on her stomach. She continues to let him choose the path to their eventual climax. Tonight, it is his show. Marcus is asserting his devotion and leaving nothing for fantasy.

Donna couldn't be more aroused and waits for him to enter into her from the front, but Marcus knows how to prolong her exhilaration. He knows that he can continue making her crave his dick inside of her, but won't give into her urge and pleading for relief. He turns her head sideways and licks inside of her ear and then her neck. He turns her head on the other side and licks inside the opposite ear. His tongue follows a course down to the middle of her chest. Starting at the base of her perfectly circular left boob, he moves his tongue around the circumference making a slow spiral upward to her erect nipple.

Marcus is Cupid also called Eros, god of love tonight. Cupid is wrongly depicted as a child in modern pictures, but Cupid is a fully developed, although youthful, and mature Roman god and is called Eros by the Greeks. Gods have all eternity to act out their feelings and heighten their desires, and Marcus takes his time and shows that he can handle all of Donna's.

Marcus finishes licking Donna's right boob and erect nipple and works his tongue down to her naval and straight on to her pussy. Donna spreads her knees far apart and holds them up to her chest. Marcus places his palms under her cheeks and lifts her pelvis slightly in order to mash his face firmly on her pussy hair with his tongue far inside her pussy hole. His tongue is forceful and pushing side to side inside her pink meat. In and out licking and sucking all of her wetness. He presses hard so that the tip of his nose is inside of her too. Finally, Donna can't take anymore and has to pull his head out to keep her from cumming. He motions for her to lay beside him on the couch, and they kiss and kiss.

Trish and Donnie find the couch a little restricting and move to the carpet too. Trish is on her knees behind Donnie as he sits in a lotus position with his dick sticking straight up from his lap. Her hands massage his neck and shoulders. Donnie reaches around and plays with her knees, and Trish reaches over his shoulders and rubs his chest as she kisses and licks his neck. He long black hair flows down her naked shoulders as she lays Donnie on his back. Donnie pulls her on top of him and she presses her boobs on his chest.

Donnie turns himself around and under Trish and begins to suck her pussy from underneath. Trish is straddled on top of him and moves her red lips down his shaft as they perform a beautifully choreographed sixty-nine. Donnie puts his hands on top of her pelvis and lifts his head slightly so that he can run his tongue around her hole between her cheeks and munch and bite, then he moves his tongue back inside of her pussy. Soon he slips himself from underneath her and mounts her from behind similar what Marcus is doing to Donna.

After a several thrusts and the sound of slapping skin of his pelvis against her cheeks, he pulls out and turns Trish on her back. Trish has her eyes closed and feels Donnie's fingers run down her shoulders, across her stomach, and down to her thighs. Trish spreads her thighs and Donnie eases his dick into her pussy. Slowly he works his long shaft into her and just a slow he eases it out. A minute goes by and he doesn't increase his pace. Trish reaches down and grabs his dick and holds it as he continues to slowly build up their desire to cum.

Trish uses the palms of her hands to push on Donnie's chest nudging him off her and onto his back. She lies perpendicular to his prone position and sucks his balls. He moans loudly above the low volume of kisses coming from Marcus and Donna and sucking from Tonya and me. Trish pumps some pre-cum upward and licks it with the tip of her tongue. Keeping her tongue outside of her mouth, she moves her head to his and kisses him deeply. She repeats this several times.

Tonya and I change positions many times and minutes go by. There is no clock and no one is timing us, but it's been nearly three quarters of an hour, as we hear Donnie moan loudly. No one is cueing the others. We are on our own to prolong our feelings or move to another level. Tonya and I continue to prolong our desires, and there is nothing to indicate that Marcus and Donna or Trish and Donnie are doing anything different.

I decide to start over again with Tonya's toes and lick them, and then I put a couple in my mouth. I lick my way up her calves and thighs. I spread her legs, but I find no resistance as she holds her knees wide apart waiting for my tongue to push inside of her. I don't disappoint her. I can't get enough of her shaven pussy tonight. I alternately lick and lick the outside of her slick skin and then push my dick deep inside of her and move it around and around. I feel her muscles inside the walls of her pussy tense. I know she is close, and I move my dick out and insert my tongue.

Tonya gently takes my dick and guides it into her. She is so pleasantly tight. I ease an inch in at a time until I am fully pressed into her as she places her hands behind my back. In and out I feel tingles and warm sensations numbing my thighs and backs of my calves. Tonya is pulsing her pussy voluntarily using her muscles to so that I can feel her throb. I go easy so that I can experience this delicate gripping like a heart beat pumping my dick.

Donnie is on top of Trish and pumping hard. Her legs are elevated and her knees spread wide apart as I hear vigorous slapping. Donna has Marcus under her and she is squatting on him moving up and down making a sucking sound now and then. I continue a moderate pace moving my dick in and out while feeling Tonya's pulsing and throbbing muscles holding a tight grip every time I stop when my dick is fully inside of her. Marcus moves Donna off of him and turns her over. She grips her knees and Marcus is on his knees between her legs as he stick his dick far inside of her. Donna plays with his nuts and he thrusts in and out.

Suddenly, a loud moan and a loud gasp startle the moment, and I hesitate my thrusts and hold deep inside of Tonya's pussy. The moan grows loud and a quick grunt and scream make my heart pound fast. Trish is screaming as Donnie fires one shot and then more and more cum inside of her. Marcus and Donna as well as Tonya and me have not experienced screams during climax although I've heard them in movies. After the first scream, I know what is happening and use the excitement to elevate my feelings for Tonya.

Marcus continues hard into and out of Donna and she continues reaching her hand to hold the base of his dick. Donna lets go and Marcus heightened exhilaration numbs his senses as he cums hard inside of her. He slaps her hard and loudly.

I feel tingling in the bottoms of my feet and my temples go numb as the feeling moves to the backs of my calves and front of my thighs. A million cells on every part of my body are tingling and a cold, exhilarating rush of sensation fills my body and I fell the first pulse of cum exiting my dick. Tonya's pussy is pounded by one shot after another pulsing into her. She loves the sensation, so I stop my thrusts and just ease into her so that she can feel every spurt hitting her pink tissues. She feels the tingling start at her pussy and move outward through all four limbs as she experiences the cold numbing feeling building to her climax. She thrusts her pelvis upward and I pump fast and hard and slow down to let her feel the shots of cum hit inside the walls of her pussy.

Marcus slows his thrusts after he cums so Donna can finish her long climax. I do the same and ease in and out for a couple of minutes while Tonya's climax slowly fades. Donnie is still pumping and munches on Trish's beautifully formed boobs. No one is in a rush to stop, but eventually Marcus slides his face between Donna's legs and sucks her pussy dry. When he finishes he lies beside Donna, and I lie beside Tonya kissing and kissing her. Finally, Donnie rests beside Trish. My heart is still pounding, and a silence continues for minutes and minutes.

Trish takes her towel and goes to the bathroom. The others wait. Tonya is next. She returns with her towel wrapped around her while I lay fully naked on our blanket.

Donna breaks the silence, "You guys go upstairs and freshen up while we get ourselves together down here."

"Okay. Don't keep us waiting," I say lightly.

After we got upstairs, Marcus naively stated the obvious, "Wow. Trish is really loud."

Donnie and I laugh, but I was thinking the same thing. Geezus, I'm glad we didn't try this with my parents upstairs. Holy crap.

"Yes. She really gets loud when she cums," says Donnie.

"It made my heart pound faster, in a good way," I recall.

"It just makes me what to pound her harder and faster when she gets yells which is most of the time," laughs Donnie.

We take a quick shower and dress in our original clothes. Marcus washes his hair and we have to wait for him to dry it and spike it up with gel.

"What, no hair spiking for you," I laugh at Donnie.

"Nope. As you see, we keep it short in the army," he states the obvious.

After we hear the hair dryer turn off, Marcus comes out of the bathroom with a hard on!

"Geezus, haven't you had enough," laughs Donnie.

"I told you, he keeps a hard on all the time," I laugh.

"Fuuuck you," Marcus laughs. "I used the hair dryer to dry between my legs and I got hard."

Donnie and I laugh.

"That's why short hair is required in the army. We don't want guys drying their dicks and getting a hard on in the barracks all the time," laughs Donnie.

"Unless there are girls there," says Marcus.

"No girls in our barracks. They have their own place," explains Donnie.

"Geez, I thought it might be like Starship Troopers where the guys and girls shower together," says Marcus.

"I wish," says Donnie.

"Let's head downstairs and see if the girls are ready," I say.

At the top of the steps to the basement, Marcus yells, "Can we come?"

"You already did that, but you may descend the stairs," laughs Donna.

The girls look no worse for the wear that we put on their pussies and are as fresh and tidy as when we started. Trish's doesn't have one hair out of place and she refreshed her blue eyeliner. Such a beauty. Donna's makeup looks like an actress ready for a shoot, and I see Tonya as an angel fresh from heaven. They are all fantastic.

It has been nearly two hours since we started, but it's not even midnight, so we sit and talk before Donna, Tonya, Trish, and Donnie drive back.

Donna leads the conversation as we mellow out, "To end the game, each couple come up with one exciting moment that you observed from one of the other couples."

We all whisper among ourselves for about a minute until Donna says, "Everyone ready?"

"Yes, we'll start first. We liked the sixty-nine that Donnie and Trish did," I offer for Tonya and me.

"Donna and I liked seeing Tonya's toes get sucked," says Marcus. Everyone claps in agreement making me proud for the moment.

"Trish and I liked Marcus rear entry while he had Donna bent over the couch," says Donnie.

We continued complimenting each other, and as I said before, Trish and Donnie fit into our group like they were immediate, best friends of all of us.

"We brought some presents for you guys," says Trish.

"Wow. That's a surprise. Marcus and I have a presents for Donna and Tonya, but we'll wait until tomorrow," I say.

"What? You guys didn't get each other a present?" Donna smiles.

"Well, I got one for Marcus, but it is a surprise. I waited until Christmas because I didn't want to buy him eight gawd damn presents for Hanukkah a couple weeks ago," I say.

Everyone laughs.

"I got one for you too," says Marcus.

"Now don't give me any of your Viagra. I don't want a continuous hard on," I say as everyone laughs and claps.

"That doesn't sound so bad," says Tonya.

Donna says, "Ok. We'll be back here tomorrow afternoon. Let's order pizza tomorrow night and afterwards, we will do the presents."

"Oh, Marcus. You won't have to worry. I will be sleeping with Trish tonight," says Donnie.

"But watch him. We will be here two more nights," says Trish.

Donna kisses Marcus, and I kiss Tonya before we say goodbye for the evening.

*** Please read chapter twelve to enjoy the surprise presents that everyone gives. Thanks for reading. Please leave feedback. I really, really appreciate hearing from anyone who enjoys our story.

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