The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 10 Four For Fore

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*** Please read all of the stories before this one to understand the plot up to this point. From the previous story, Donna's cousin, Donnie, arrives early which seems to dampen the time that Donna and Marcus as well as Tonya and I will have together during our holiday vacation from school. Marcus is bummed out about Donnie staying at Donna's parents' house, but we all resign that whatever happens between them is none of our business. After Donnie arrives, we all meet and are surprised to find that Donnie brought his fiancÚ with him. At least Tonya, Marcus, and I are surprised. Donna found out yesterday, but even she didn't know about Donnie's fiancÚ last week when she discussed the situation with me.

As we sized each other up, Donnie seems like a really warm guy and not as I expected. What did I expect? I don't know. I kind of thought he was a heartless bully who just fucked Donna and moved away without calling her. Trish seems very pleasant. Together, I see them as friends that I have known for some time.

"Well, I had the guys thinking they would be left out of the whole week," says Donna with her deception unveiled.

"From what you told us about Marcus, I know I wouldn't be away from him a minute if I were on vacation from school," Trish says as she hugs Marcus.

Marcus tries to hug back but is obviously still a bit taken aback if not in total shock standing next to the beauty and poise that Trish is emanating. I think if she hugged me, I would grab her ass. Gawd, she is beautiful.

Donnie adds, "Donna didn't know about Trish until yesterday. I just flew in to see my parents, and we left immediately to drive here."

Trish comes to me and give me a hug. No. I chickened out and didn't grab her ass, but I felt her boobs on my chest.

"I thought it would be a nice surprise for you guys after I found out," explains Donna.

"I just found out this afternoon when Donna called about dinner," adds Tonya.

Trish laughs as she says to Marcus, "So I won't have to share Donnie, and you won't have to share Donna."

"I explained our dilemma. It's OK. We all know each other now," says Donna.

Well gawd damn. Of all the gawd damn fucking games, this tops it all. I felt like a weight is lifted off our shoulders. Donna set us up for the kill and now enjoys her conquest once again. I am relieved, and all my doubts, confusion, and trepidation have faded into history. Marcus looks like a kid viewing presents under a Christmas tree. His excitement and anticipation shows in his glowing face.

Donnie says, "Trish and I met in school and decided to get married after I joined the army."

Trish says, "I am graduating this year. We didn't get serious until after Donnie joined the military. Since Donnie has only six months of active duty left, we're getting married as soon as school is out."

Donnie says, "And we want you guys to come to the wedding."

"Surprise," says Donna.

I can't wait for Marcus to ask so I start, "So you knew about this before Donnie got here?"

Donna laughs, "Yes and no. I only found out yesterday. Tonya and I thought it would be a nice surprise to tell you that we will drive to their wedding in the spring."

"I've never been to a wedding," says Marcus in his characteristically naive self.

"They can be boring if you don't invite the right people," says Trish.

"We can have a bachelor's party," I envision.

"We'll see about that if we get to have a night to ourselves too," says Trish to Donna and Tonya.

Our conversations continue, and I sense a new air of excitement now that Marcus and I realize that Donnie has a girl with him. Well, not just a girl, but it's his fiancÚ. Whatever happens, our group won't be broken up, and we will be together this week and forever.

Diane invites us to the dining room. It is festive. A white table cloth is draped over the edges of the table very conveniently so that I am able to discretely touch Tonya's thigh under the table, and Marcus' hand is under the table too. It is a Dickensian meal. Since Donna's parents were less formal than Marcus and my parents, I hadn't expected such an exciting meal and gracious display. There are three glasses at each setting for wine, water, and tea for us and the adults had an extra champagne glass and no tea glass. Plates, forks, and knives are arranged appropriately with a dessert spoon above the plate. I sense that it will be a long meal.

Donna's father poured Pinot Noir into each glass with noticeably half a serving for each of our foursome. Diane must have planned for us far in advance because she picked a neutral meat since I keep my father's tradition of not eating beef and Marcus doesn't eat pork. The main course includes pear pecan toasts, Waldorf salad, and roast goose with wild rice dressing. It is pleasantly simple but very nicely presented. I feel at home, and I feel that Marcus does too.

For all the youthful silliness that we portray and seemingly rebellious behavior, we don't snub traditions whether they are ours or our friends, and we all appreciate an elegant meal and the time it takes to prepare it. With Donna's grandparents, there are an even dozen at the table. It is grand.

"Dessert is a fig holiday roll," announces Diane after the dinner.

"Everything is wonderful," compliments the newly extroverted Marcus, but Marcus isn't knew to formal dining. His parents have a maid who prepares formal dinners regularly. I think he stays with me a lot in order to avoid the formalities as well as his two older sisters. Since I'm an only child, my parents use a cleaning service and prepare their own meals except when they have formal parties.

"Thanks for everything," I add.

Tonya, Donnie, and Trish were equally complimentary to Diane as we eat dessert. The dinner finished in about two hours, and we move to the living area and talk. At first Tonya, Marcus, and I am in the general conversation, but after several minutes, the closer family members talk among themselves.

We aren't in hurry to leave since we are guests and this is a traditional dinner, but soon Donna says, "We're going to take Donnie and Trish for the rest of the evening. You guys have all tomorrow to chat with them."

Donna was very gracious while finding an exit for us. After saying our goodbyes, we packed into Donna's car. It was cramped, but it was worth it to get alone. Trish squeezes next to Donnie, and Tonya sits between my legs in the back seat.

Donna says, "Hey guys, Donnie just flew in before they left, and they have been with his parents for the last two days traveling with no time alone. Anyone have a clue to what that means?"

"It means everyone is welcome to come to my house," I laugh.

Donnie is a nice guy, and he and Trish fit into our group immediately. We listen to music and talk and laugh for the long, tight-fitting ride to my house. Donna revealed some more stuff about them growing up and Donnie added a few erotic moments too like being disappointed when Donna turned him away when she was on her first period. He learned he couldn't just pop over and expect her to open her legs just anytime. It was after 9 p.m. when we got to my house.

As usual, Donna takes the lead, "I need to see the girls in the basement."

This is fucking exciting. Donna leads Tonya and Trish downstairs where I first fucked Tonya. Donnie, Marcus, and I sit on the couch in the living room like defendants waiting on a jury to decide our fate.

"Same ole Donna," says Donnie.

"Strategic planning," I add.

Marcus is practical and says what we are all thinking, "I hope they don't take long."

Donna had told Tonya hours earlier while they were on the way to pick Marcus and me up about her conversation with Trish. Donna told Trish and Donnie all about us. Donnie had also prepared Trish before they arrived about his former relationship with Donna. To make it short, they didn't mind swapping a little during foreplay, but they would ultimately be together just like Donna and Marcus and Tonya and me.

In the basement Donna reveals her plot, "Let's play a modified spin the bottle for foreplay."

Trish says, "Sounds fun."

Tonya agreed, "What do you have in mind?"

Trish says, "Go ahead and get with Donnie. I don't mind."

"Nice. Tonya, will you take Marcus?" asks Donna.

"Sure," Tonya is quick to respond.

"I know who is looking at you, Trish," Donna says as they recalled how I undressed Trish with my eyes.

"How are you going to turn this into a game?" asks Tonya.

"Simple, a Chris-Angel magic trick," says Donna.

"Oooo, I love Chris Angel," says Trish.

Donna explains, "Well, I will tell the guys to write their names on a separate strip of paper put them inside a bag."

"Tonya draws first and says Marcus no matter which name she draws," says Donna. "Then I will draw and say Donnie."

Trish is quick to decipher the ruse, "Sounds good. I won't even have to draw since Donnie's name and Marcus' name will be drawn first," says Trish.

"It's magic or at least it's an illusion," laughs Donna.

"We'll pair off for four minutes of foreplay. Let's call the game, Four for Fore. The foreplay should satisfy everyone's curiosity without outright swapping," explains Donna.

Donna continues to make everything perfect, "Let's invite the guys to freshen up, and we'll do the same down here."

Donna calls upstairs, "You guys come down now."

"Look, it's been hours since we all showered and then added to a long drive, let's all get cleaned up again. We have all night. Trish, Tonya, and I will use the bathroom in the basement, and you guys do whatever upstairs."

"We have a game to play when you guys are ready," says Trish.

"A game? Who would have thought of that?" I smile.

I laugh thinking of the old movie Animal House as I say, "Let's all go," as the guys follow me upstairs. We take two steps at a time as we hurry to my bedroom.

After we get upstairs to my bedroom, Donnie says, "Nice bedroom."

"Thanks. We've had some fun here. This bed is historic. Before your very eyes is the very spot that Marcus lost his virginity," I add.

"Cool," says Donnie. "And where were you?"

"I was downstairs with Tonya. It was her first time too," I explain.

Donnie says to me, "I know where you lost your virginity."

"Oh yeah. The same place that you fucked Donna the first time," I laugh.

"Those bushes are magical," says Marcus.

"And where did you lose your virginity?" Marcus asks Donnie.

"It was the same year that I met Donna. Two girls lived on the same street. I played an undressing game with one of them for days until I got the nerve to just do it to her," he says.

"And the other girl?" I quiz.

"I did the same with her. They never knew I did it with both of them," he laughs. "After a year, we moved near Donna, and the rest is history,"

Marcus and I continue talking with Donnie as we start our showers. Donnie is military and knows how to efficiently shower, and Marcus and I do the same to save time. I gave Donnie a disposable razor and shaving cream. Marcus shaved once this week, so he is good, but I offer him one too. We all share my powder and deodorant, and choose from a few different bottles of cologne. Marcus keeps a toothbrush in my bathroom, and I offer Donnie a new, unopened one for him to use. Marcus gets out of the shower last with a towel draped on his hard on. Donnie and I laugh.

"Don't mind Marcus. His usual state is full blown hard on," I tease.

"Happens a lot in the barracks too," Donnie adds.

Donnie is very muscular and appears in good shape from his time in the army. I'm normal teenager in good shape, and Marcus is, well, in the peach-fuzz state of maturity. So between the three of us, we present the girls with a full spectrum of male bodies for their enjoyment, but all three of us have plenty of meat to use on their pussies.

I give Donnie a pair of Shades of Grey sweatpants with a drawstring waist to wear. Marcus is so familiar with my stuff that he doesn't wait for me to offer anything and chooses my Momi gray sweat pants with an elastic waist. So that we don't look like triplets, I put on my new Marharishi Forest print sweat pants which I planned to wear tomorrow, but what the hell. We all put on a t-shirt and socks and head to the basement.

I call down the stairs, "You guys ready for us?"

Donna calls back up, "No way. We're girls and having to improvise from what I brought along with me. Go take a cold shower until I come and get you."

Marcus says, "Fuuuck."

Donnie and I laugh.

"Hold your dick little guy. It's gonna be worth it," Donnie laughs.

Donna thought ahead and brought powders, colognes, toothbrushes, and a douche water bottle for each of them. Donna says lots of water is good for douching and says to avoid the scents and vinegar solutions except on only a few occasions. She and Tonya use scents on the outside of their pussies and only rarely inside, but they always taste fresh and clean with water douches. The girls don't have access to my clothes. They would have looked good in sweats, but Donna had them all cover in beach towels that she found with the rest of the towels stored in the laundry room.

We sit on the steps going upstairs and Donnie tells us about what its like in the army. Outside of the obvious work, he has a lot of fun with his buddies when they get time off together. He said he had to set one guy up for his first fuck and that was fun to hear. About fifteen minutes pass, and Donna tells us to come down to the basement.

They looked fabulous with a clothes pin holding the towels tight around their bodies. No one had to tell me that there were no panties underneath those towels. I got hard immediately.

"Wow. Those towels never looked better," I observe.

Marcus chimes in, "I like what's underneath."

Donnie adds, "This is turning out to be a great holiday."

Donna whispers something to Trish and Tonya, and they lift up the towels to expose their pussies for a few seconds and then lower them.

"Oh my gosh. You're killing us," I say.

"You guys seem a bit over dressed," says Trish.

Donna lifts her towel, and she is wearing black panties.

"Not for long," I say.

Donna starts the game and tells the guys, "I need paper and pencils."

I scramble back upstairs and return with paper and pencils.

"Guys, write your name on a strip of paper that I give you."

Marcus says, "Fuuuck, is this a test?"

Everyone laughs. After we write our names on the papers, Donna puts them in the bag and shakes it. Trish dramatically shakes the bag too in order to make the deception look like a random drawing.

"Tonya, you pick first," instructs Donna.

Tonya pulls out a strip of paper and quickly says, "Marcus."

"Now Donna," says Trish quickly before any thinks of looking at the paper.

Donna reads quickly, "Donnie."

"So Trish draws my name by default," I laugh playing into the already known outcome.

"Wow. Great deduction," laughs Donnie.

"We need a beer bottle to start," says Donna.

Trish says, "How 'bout starting with drinking some beer?"

Tonya agrees, "Yes, let's have some beer."

Wow, we don't normally drink, and Tonya of all of us seems the least likely to goad us into an alcoholic rush, but what the hell, it's a holiday week. We are safe in my basement, so there's no problem drinking one beer each.

I am eager to comply, "Sounds great. We have some in the refrigerator upstairs."

I run upstairs and get a six pack of Howard Street IPA from a micro brewery where my dad and mom occasionally eat.

"Ground rules are first. We need empty bottles, so drink up. Then, we sit in a circle girls in front and guys behind their game partner. Since Trish is our guest, she will spin the bottle. Whoever it lands on gets 4 minutes for foreplay with their foreplay partner. Four for Foreplay. No penis penetrations during foreplay. We take turns watching until all three couples are hot," laughs Donna.

"I'm hot already," I laugh.

"So you don't need to play?" teases Trish.

"I want. I want," I add quickly looking at Trish's long black hair and blue eye makeup. Her boobs are the largest of the three. Tonya and Donna are probably size 34, but Trish has to be at least size 38.

Everyone laughs and starts drinking. Geezus, I'm still full from dinner, but I feel the effects of one beer. We all seem to liven up even more after a few sips, not that we needed anything to loosen our inhibitions. This group couldn't be more relaxed and is in no way self-conscious about anything.

So we sit in a circle, and Trish spins the bottle. It lands on Marcus. Donna, Donnie, Trish, and I watch Tonya take Marcus and pull his sweats down to his ankles as stands in front of her. His hard dick shows he is ready. He takes the clothes pin off Tonya's towel, and we watch it drop to the floor.

Quietly, Donnie whispers quietly in my ear, "She shaves her pussy for you?"

"Yesterday was the first time," I whisper back.

"Geezus, nice," he says under his breath.

Without hesitation, Marcus pulls Tonya to the floor and gets on his knees between her legs. He takes his fingers with both hands and runs them from her forehead, down her face, neck, and nipples. He bends forward to suck a nipple, and then leans back using his fingers to move down to her stomach to her thighs. He puts his arms under her bent knees and lifts her up while inserting his tongue into her shaven pussy. A minute goes by and she lifts his head and lays him on the carpet backward. His dick protrudes upward as she moves her tongue from his nipple down his stomach to his nuts. Then she follows up his shaft and inserts his dick between her lips. Up and down ever so slowly she proceeds as we all fixate on the show.

"Time's up," says Donna.

We all moan as we want to see more. We clap as Tonya puts her towel back on and Marcus pulls his pants up.

"You guys sit in the circle as we spin again, but if it lands on you again you get 60 seconds bonus time," Donna tells Marcus and Tonya.

Trish spins, and it lands on me. Oh my fucking gosh. A fantasy coming true, and it's making my heart pound with excitement that I hadn't felt since I first fucked Tonya. I don't wait for a cue. I take Trish to the other couch, take off the clothes pin, and dramatically throw it across the room. The others follow us to the couch and sit as close as possible to us. I want to mount her immediately and stick my dick into her pussy, but Donna said no penetration during the foreplay. Looking into those gorgeous black eyes lined in blue and her straight black hair, and snow white complexion, I feel I am with Isis.

But this is foreplay, so I take my continuing life-long fantasy and go with it. I lick her knees and then move my tongue upward past her thighs. I move her outward to the edge of the couch so that I can insert my tongue into her pussy. I see her beautiful black pussy hair. I open her lips and insert my tongue as far as I can into her hole and move it firmly round and round. Her pussy smells like raspberries, a very nice surprise. Too bad I'm licking it all away from Donnie. Before our time is up, she sits up and pulls my pants down. Briefly, enough to give me chills, she opens her mouth and slides my dick all the way in as I sit on my knees. She pulls out and moves her tongue up to my mouth and kisses me nicely, but not too deeply and she pumps my dick with her left hand. I am dripping.

She goes back down on my dick in and out about five times when Donna says, "Enough. Time's up."

"Fuuuck," says Marcus and lets out a heavy sigh from holding his breath too long.

Donnie is mesmerized too as he looks at Donna, "Four minutes is too short."

Tonya laughs and reaches over to Marcus and pinches his nuts, "Calm down."

Everyone laughs.

I announce, "I guess the last spin will land on Donnie. OK. We have all talked about Donnie and Donna. I just want to say that if it weren't for Donnie and Donna, none of us would be here. May they enjoy an extra bonus minute together."

Everyone claps in agreement.

They don't move from the carpet as Donna pulls Donnie's pants to his ankles. He steps out of them. His dick is at least an inch bigger than Marcus and mine and is already moist with pre-cum. As Donnie is stepping out of his pants, he pulls the clothes pin off Donna, and her towel drops. Her boobs are hard and her nipples are erect. Her cheeks are tight making her butt so well rounded in the warm light. She is the only one wearing panties, and Donnie pulls them off and tosses them to me. Donna and Donnie watch me sniff them delicately and pass them to Marcus who does the same. Tonya pulls the panties over Marcus head.

"Nice ritual," Trish says quietly so as to not to disturb the moment.

They continue standing facing each other, and Donnie moves behind her. He moves his tongue from the back of her neck down her back to her ass cheeks and kisses each side. He sits on the floor and Donna sits backward on him so that his dick it protruding between her legs on the front. It reminds me of the scene from Armageddon when Liv Tyler snuggles with Ben Affleck the night before he leaves on the mission except Donna and Donnie are naked.

She strokes his dick as it protrudes between her legs. Then she turns over as Donnie lies backward on the carpet and straddles him. She reaches down grabs his dick and moves it back and forth using his pre-cum to wet the outside of her pussy.

"I've got to break the rules," says Donna as she squats on top of his dick and moves up and down. A minute passes and she eases down on it, and then slowly eases back up and off. She gets on all fours and Donnie scoots underneath her and moves his head up so that he can insert his tongue into her pussy. Surprisingly, this is similar to what Marcus does. Another minute passes as he turns her over, spreads her legs, and inserts his dick hard into her pressing his pelvis hard onto her. No one is complaining about the rules. One hard thrust and one soft insertion, back and forth, and at the last thrust he bends over and nips her nipple.

"Time's up," says Tonya.

We all moan again as Donnie takes ten seconds to ease his dick out of her pussy.

Donna says quietly, "Is everyone happy with their partners?"

Marcus whispers into Trish's ear. Not completely a surprise, but it is a little magnanimous of him, Marcus says, "I'm happy. If you and Donnie want to continue, it's OK with Trish and me."

Donnie looks at Donna, "That would be great, but Donna is in love with you, and I am in love Trish, so that fantasy will have to play out another time, and besides Trish and I haven't been together in weeks."

"Well, stated," adds Donna.

Marcus moves to Donna and as they press their naked bodies together, they kiss deeply. If this were a movie, the audience would be silent and very moved. Trish and Donnie move to a couch and kiss, and at the same moment, I go to Tonya.

"You're mine," I say to her.

"I know," she says in my ear.

*** Please read chapter 11 in order to find out about the rest of the night and the days that follow during the time my parents are away in Bangalore. Thanks for the emails and reviews. Please don't hesitate to leave a review. It's great hearing from all of you.

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