The Force-feeding Dinner Party

(Part 1 from 1)

*** This story is completely true and I thank you not to judge me or anyone involved.

*** PART ONE : 12/04/2011

So Donna had just got back from her holiday, she had been gone for weeks and I missed her so much. She texted me saying “hey baby, u wanna meet up?” I replied yes and we decided that we were going to meet at the park. It was not too far of a walk and I was there. I must have been early I thought to myself as she was not waiting for me which was unlike her, naturally I began to worry but it was not long until my fears were put to rest as I saw her coming around the corner.

I asked “what took you so long?” “I’ve been planning that’s all” she replied, my face lit up with excitement. We were going to a sort of dinner party but with a BDSM twist, we would get there and they would pick one person to be the slave of the night and the slave would be force fed food for hours. This for me would be perfect so I agreed to go.

When we got there I walked in with donna and a large man gave me a red hoodie I wasn’t sure as I hadn’t see inside of the building yet, donna told me to put it on so I did. We walking into a very nice looking room and some people were already sat down eating, I could see that I was the only one with a red hoodie on so I began to wonder if I was the slave. “It would be amazing to be the slave but can I do it” I thought to myself.

Myself and Donna sat down but then they brought in a chair, it was not a normal chair, it was made for the slave. It had restraints for wrist attached to the back to keep the slaves hands behind the chair, it also had belts for the slaves head and body. They looked at me and said sit down here not there, I knew it was going to be me.

I sat down and then they proceeded to strap me into the chair, they began with my arms, the large man from before grabbed both of my arms and put them behind my back as another man strapped them onto the chair. They then put one belt around my stomach and one around my head I was then gagged with a muzzle gag.

I was now left alone with the guests and my girlfriend Donna, even if she was no help. Before the force feeding began I had to wait until all the guests arrived. Even though I was comfortable while tied the guest that were there were already using me for laughs. They tickled me for a bit then a guy came up and hit me repeatedly in my stomach and telling me to be sick or cry. It was all very painful and scary but so very fun.

*** PART TWO : 02/06/2011

I have already finished this story and yes it does end at part 4 with some sexual content keep an eye on this for the last two chapters, thank you DAX

Everyone had arrived and a woman came into the room and asked everyone to take a seat, I was happy that my torture had ended. I was drenched in sweat from the tickling and feeling very ill from my beating but still happy. She went on to say “okay people, Thank you so much for coming today and it looks like we have found our slave for the night” in a way all of this was and still is scary to me.

“I think we should get started with our young slave here, you may all start the feeding, we will change his gag to the funnel gag and if you run out of food on the table here I have more in the back so just ask” I suddenly began to regret me decision to go as all the guests (about 14 people) got food and came at me. The man from before came in and took out the muzzle gag and inserted a large funnel gag. The gag was just like the muzzle gag as it had a front panel that had a pipe running through into my mouth, on the outside of my mouth the pipe ran directly up to a funnel, the pipe itself was made of a strong think plastic so there was no chance of biting it to stop the flow of food, this was going to be filling.

After the man replaced my gag he put a blender on the table and the guests proceeded to cram food into it, they blended pizza, muffins, chicken and ice cream all together into a gray think liquid which they poured down the funnel and into my mouth. At first it was easy, letting my mouth fill (it would fill quickly) and then swallowing the contents but after 20 seconds I already felt full and I was struggling to breathe properly. After about 5 minutes I was crying while eating, there was too much for me. Not only was my stomach hurting I kept chocking and when I did Donna would hold my nose until I swallowed the awful liquid.

*** PART THREE : 03/06/2011

The following part does contain some sexual content, if you have enjoyed my story and would have no problem with sexual content then proceed reading if not please stop. Thank you DAX

Just as I though this could not get any worse or scarier donna’s phone began to ring and she left. The guests did not stop force feeding me. I screamed as best that I could that my only help had just left “was she coming back?” “Did she need to go and just forgot about me?” “Was I going to die?” I couldn’t stop freaking out in my head until I saw here walk back in. She came to me and the guests stopped feeding me, Donna said “I’ve got to go now baby, enjoy yourself” as she kissed me on my head, I screamed again trying to say “NO!” I struggled against my bounds but it was no use I was held tight, she left. The guests didn’t seem to care that I was just a little boy who they were force feeding so the continued. It seemed to hurt even more after having the break and I felt like I was going to burst open.
One by one the guests left and so did the woman host plus the large men with her. After some time of feeding just the man and woman were left. They both stopped feeding me and left the room, I could hear them kissing and other things like that. They then ran into the room and the man pushed everything off the table while the woman took out my funnel gag but before I could say anything she crammed the muzzle gag over my mouth. She unbound my arms, legs and body just as the man grabbed me by my hair and dragged me over to the table. He throw me on top of the table and spread my arms out and held them like that as the girl used the same bounds from the chair to tie me to the table in a spread eagle position.

I thought they were going to kill me like that and that very thought made me begin to cry again. They then got on the table with me and the woman started undressing as the man was stroking my body, he stroked on the hoodie from my chest slowly down to my belly button and back up again. The hoodie had a printed logo on the chest in a sort of circle shape and he kept feeling the logo with his finger, I felt like some sort of toy for him. The woman was now naked and the man unzipped his pants as the woman laid across my body. I screamed “they were going to have sex on me” “what were they going to do after that?” Every time he drove his penis into her it hurt me as my belly was so full and sore from the beating he gave me before, this was causing me to moan which was giving them more pleasure.

After the sex she got her clothes on, kissed him and left. He zipped his pants back up and told me to stop crying, I tried but I couldn’t stop, he said “lets make you laugh then” then started tickling me. He tickled me everywhere for 20 minutes (there was a clock on the wall) I was sweating and the hoodie wasn’t helping. He pulled down my pants and exposed my erection, he got up on the table and slowly sat on my penis. I screamed and tried to pull away but it was no good, he had sex with me and I was helpless to stop him.

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