The Flaming kiss

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Lady of lust : By Tabitha Arlethia Stone

I am the lady of lust,That lust for sex and nothing but sex,I am lady of passion,That love to be handling and affection,Furthermore, I love to be fuck,I am lady of fantasy,For the reason that I can pleasant man's any sexual needs,Charm me, and embrace me,Weakling my soul if you may well,But, I am longing for your burning hunger eyes to undress me,As well as release the burning sexual ambition from inside of me,As I walks along with fire and desire,That may my soul remain arouses with sexual lust,Each glint of the night,With the intention of my naked body buried underneath the sheet,I wrap legs around my pillow so tightly,To control the fire of lust burning inside of me,I'm touching myself so sensual,I'm more will someone join with me,To made passion of lust underneath the silk white sheet,My heavy round fluff breasts that I am proud of,Wanting for you to stroke your hands on them,The way my nipples touches threw the sheet,I am lying on the edge of my bed,Waiting on you to unlock my legs,To stretch out my legs out as long as the sea,See my womanhood is beating with sexual starvation,I have an intense hot pink glint pussy that holds the power over men,I'm wanting you to un-brace the lustful fire from in me,A hunger pink silk warm gap beneath my thighs,It wants you to fulfill your hard manhood inside of me,See me seeing my naked warm curve hip,Is curving around the chair,Along with my hot clit is streaming spot on the chair,I love to feel glaze of honey tumble down onto my warmness of my glint pink silk womanhood,Seeing it's dissolve like blistering honey wax,And onto my warm sensual breasts,Wearing nothing but the pink heels wrapped round my ankle,I'm Walking and dancing alone so blissfully,I feeling freely with my skin uncover,Burning zeal had settled ascend of essence to my soul,"What is love? Ah, Love is nothing, but people to get easily to get a broking heart," I just want to taste, that's all I'm after for"I am a lady of scotch,That knows what I want,And I don't have any shame to get it,I am sexuality lady, I am forever yours truly "Lady of Lust.Tags: tabitha'ssecret | Edit Tags

*** The Final Subjunctive

“Ohhhh! Yes! Nice and tight!” he said to his follower.

As he leads my soul craving for more, “ahem,” I roar so gusty.
He removes his finger away from inside of me along with my warm honey tail drawing up closer to him. Once again, he slips two fingers inside of me so smoothly. That he is feeling the sensation blistering of my passion crested and whiles he is brushing his hand on my thigh so gentle.

“Hmm! Hum!” as my moan had grow louder than noises jungle.

As I am continuing to bending over in front of his face as I’m rumbling. Gush of blistering passion juice is climaxed out of my pink petal gleam clit and on to his fingers at the same time as he draws in and out of me. And then my heated womanhood grows to throbs evermore very vociferously.

"You are a very hot one,” he said to me in his siring voice.

He forces his self in and out of me very slowly at first; and then he had begun to go faster and faster with some of my juice gleam on his manhood. He is spreading out my buttock cheeks opened to seeing that my keyhole throbs like a heart is begging for him to drive his stiff loin inside of it. So, he grasps on of my strap of G-string and snapping off of me. As he begins to spanks my cheek so intemperate. By his warmness of hand is spanking me as if like scratch to me to scratching my famish itch, “Oh yes! Yes! Yes” I‘d said in my rouse voice. Until he had stop to took out his vainglorious of hard male loin out of his pant to drives inside my sweet soft shyness of my womanhood. It felt so hard and tight nipping inside my blistering drenched gap.

“Uh-huh, yeah, ” he moans so smooth as he grasp holds of my soft glow hip to press back against his solid male member.

He forces my thirst tail to brush back against his hot steel thrusting possession thus inflexible. As he draws deeper and deeper inside cheek along with his spasm male genital organ is buried inside my heating rum fold. His blood-rushing threw his face while his head back and while his mouth gasps for air like my heart beating threw my breasts. And his eyes grew so exhaust, but he continues impulsive in and out of my climax of passion. As I ‘m growling, my body curled up be fond of a rage panther that my claw thrusting downs so tightly on pedestal and by way of grinding my white fang down. My tail exploring before natures that he forces at the end of my tail end to my hip trembles be fond of a body of the ocean water.

Even as his friend’s lecherousness shifty eyes are continuing to gaze at us while he is stroking his hand on his phallus through his trouser at the same time as he is licking his lip. At that time, he had realized that it takes two of them to contain this wild female down. And that is when the game begins.

As he takes off his shirt in so mannish arrogance as he walks toward them. After he had stood closer to my face? At first, he had he grasps me from back of my hair pulling my head back so forcefully to starting ripe both straps off of my black dress to free my heavy silk warm honey breasts. And then, he unzips his pant to releasing out his warm harden man possession out of his pant and thrust my mouth down onto his manhood.

I place my hands on his firm stomach to reaching up to feel every inch of muscle chest. And while my other hand is stroking his harden dark brown manhood down as I was stroking it inside my wet warm mouth. He closes his eyes, “Hmmm” he moan so delight. I love taste of his loin as sweet as the smell of his sensation man misty coming from him had driven me deeper to him.

“Hmm” I said,

Meanwhile, the other one gushing into my heated tight juicy womanhood as he brushes up tensely next to his male’s member. He continues to spank my buttock at the same time as he is drawing inside of me. I was feeling more torment, the more irritated that the more of my lava is flowing. It takes two of them to banqueting this forever lustful beast by filling up each sides of her. I can feel warm strong mannish hands squeezing tightly on my buttock cheeks as he forces banging backward and frontward against his long hard manhood. And then, the dark hair one is stroking deeply inside my mouth and stroking one of my breasts kind of firmly. They’re both draw deeper into my lure game of Subjunctive as my heart racing on.

“Hum! Hum! Hum!” I moan so loudly through out the jungle. As I finally feeling Subjunctive climax over me as the game grow incredibly intense. The mighty roar had released out of my mouth at the same time my might claws enfold so tautly down onto my stone. As they’re continuing indulge me outside of forest.

As soon as they reach theirs explosion of bliss that they has barricade theirs selves draw deeply into me as theirs faces turn flashes crimson. And then, they has depart theirs manhood away from me and release their warm heavy cream over my throb body.

“Ahhhhhhh’’ they‘re both moan so loudly after they’d overpower the hunger lustful beast. As they left me behind with my tail soak by means of zeal. I will remember that day on? That the Lady Black panther was finally been Subjunctive.

*** Subjunctive of Lady Panther { Part 1}
White Heat

In African Safari s Jungle

Silent bottomless of the naked misty jungle is besieging it by white heat. There I am stretching out beyond my pedestal. I am Famine as I ‘m lay here containing to waiting for reach my destiny. I had letting my craze run wild from in me as the wild heated run threw the jungle. Alone, I’m wearing a black short dress hug so tense next to my body, underneath it all; I’m wearing not anything, except a tiger’s skin thong. Alongside wearing shining black Pump heels with strapped around my ankles, plus by the side of carrying a mark of a black panther sitting on the side of my leg.

There are number of creatures has lust for red meat, but, I am a female beast only has lust for pleasant of sex. I’m laying on my stomach like a wrestle black panther along with my claw release. This white heat of the jungle had drove inside my mind and my soul so sexual exuberance. The heat is barricading me that my black dress drawing up to reveal my round dark warm honey tail. And the back strap of my G-string is swallowing deeply into my hot steamy moist keyhole. I ‘m release it out of me as well as fervor of itch me have to coming down on me. My hot legs resting on the each side along with my juicy lava press down is all curl up against the cold stone. And I am also female of the breast that rules this jungle, no other living creative couldn’t overpower me, but, until now.

As I’d lie here with this awfully craving feeling keep building inside of me, along with this urge feeling reminiscent of wild nature jungle. I am yearning for young mate to challenging me into rough-and-tumble in my desire, long come these two great lava hunters is trespassing threw heating safari. They are fine, lean along with a new taste what I had been yearning for.

They has recognized with the purpose of female Black Panther intense heat. They are two guys standing near me; one is dark blonde hair, light suntan colored skin, black tight leather pant, and black steer short sleeve. And while the other one is black hair, dark suntan skin look reminiscent of Spanish nobler, he is moreover wearing a black trouser; tight black leather short sleeve shirt that I can every glance of theirs muscles busting threw theirs shirts so sexy. They are so fine-looking that it is worth holding on to this erotica wet dream forever.

At first they stand back as they watching me continuing gushes my hand on across my heat drenched craving clit. Theirs eyes are lustful shifty as well as my soul shiver with hunger lust. The two men‘s eyes are glittering up as licking theirs lips such a definer sexuality manners to facilitate their wanting to take me on. I had held my eyes shut and licking my red passion lip as I am continuing to exploring myself into opening sunlight shining down. One of them starting to walk closer to me and other one remain standing back to watch. He is brushing hands all over my hot lusty thighs by working his hand up to spreading out my buttock cheek to take a glance at my pink silk clitoris. Until, he is slipping his finger in my pink stream keyhole. As my thirst lava is sipping away on his finger that he is un-brace hunger lustful inside of me. His finger is drawing deeply in my keyhole is keeping throbbing that I just lay here has my eyes close tight and held my mouth wide open because I couldn’t help feeling the arcing inside of me. “Aah, yeah! “He said in his excite voice. As his crinkling around my blistering juicy womanhood that he is feeling my blistering juice soaked on his side of his hand.
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*** The Flaming Kiss

Lounging around in my bed,
Feeling dreadfully loneness,
Lying on pink flat silk bedspread touching so gentle against my skin,
Hence, I close my eyes and fantasize,
I have fantasize of his kiss, not just any kiss,
His flaming kiss will bring me down to my knees,
Also lead the flame on to my heart as well,
Oh, How I’m browning away on my pillow of lust,
Along with my arch body is burning away on my bed of obsession,
Passion burns quicker than fire,
Burning deeply into my lustful soul,
Here I am lying here completely naked,
Nothing, but, gathering of pink gleaming pearls that I am wearing is touching below to my body,
As my body burning on my bed of bliss,
Among my legs spread out,
And curls my fingers between my throbbing womanhood,
Oh, how it curve for his Aching bulge to enter inside of me,
Welding my pearls in my heated mouth,
I love to feel the cool smooth pearls rustle all my body,
Like a man’s cool gentle hand fondle all my body,
I close my eyes and take a picture of a man inside my mind,
I held such burned of the desire for him and it is now raging inside of me,
I can not control the fire of lust burning inside of me,
I must have your flaming kiss all over my body,
To burn into ecstasy, oh, how sweet it is to be kiss by you,
How I yearn for my hands rub across his chest,
And I must laid my hand on his tight butt cheek, squeeze so strongly,
As you must laid your hand on my heavy breasts, squeeze so firmly,
My body is arch for you to slip your manhood inside of me,
I am biting down my pearl inside my mouth to contain myself with fantasy thought,
Tie my pearl wrapping around my nipple like pinwheel,
Biting down the pearl between my teeth to keeping from not moaning out loud to myself,
I couldn’t resist your flaming kiss to burning on my bed of zeal,
I rattling my pearls like you rattling my heart,
Cool pearls meet my heat fold,
As I will act as his hard warm juicy manhood meets hot steamy juice womanhood,
“Ahhhhhh,” I moan softly,
Passion juice flowing from between my warm thighs,
I’m curling my body like craze wild black cat, ready to be contain by you,
With pearl tide around my neck,
I’m craves and tremble with hunger for you buried my body underneath yours,
Spreading my legs to exploring my pearl inside of me,
To fantasize his manhood is exploring inside of me,
Oh I give to have your kiss……what I am longing for,
“The Flaming kiss,” will set the privileged to soul.

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