The Family Ranch

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Summer was quickly approaching, and my twin sister Lucia and I were excited. We were going to spending a month at our uncle’s ranch in sunny Southern California, a full continent away from home in Virginia. It hadn’t been easy getting permission from our parents. Although they gave us a variety of reasons for not wanting us to go, my sister and I suspected that the main one was left unspoken.

About a month ago, mom caught Lucia and I naked in bed together, lip-locked and feeling each other up. Our parents hit the roof. We were put on all kinds of restriction. I’m sure the “incident,” as my sister calls it, was still on our parent’s minds when the vacation proposal came up. But somehow, through a concerted effort of begging and coaxing, along with reassurances from Uncle Stephen, mom and dad finally relented.

On the day our vacation began, Lucia and I were excited as a couple of little kids at Christmas. We loaded our suitcases into the trunk of the car, and Dad drove us to the airport. The flight was long, but nice, and we landed in San Diego late in the afternoon. Uncle Stephen, and our cousins Carol and Ellen, met us at the gate. After many hugs, kisses, and handshakes, we were rolling eastward in our uncle’s jeep, heading for the ranch.

The hot summer air blasted through my hair in the back of the open jeep. I took in the beautiful landscape and rolling hills. I also took in the beauty of my cousins. As if being around my hot sister wasn’t bad enough, the sight of Carol and Ellen’s trim, curvy bodies made my poor cock strain and jump in my jeans. Both cousins were quintessential California girls, long straight blond hair, flawless tanned flesh, and knockout smiles. Carol, at nineteen, filled her tight jeans to a long-legged perfection. Ellen, at eighteen was the same age as Lucia and I. Next to my sister, it was easy to see the family resemblance. Although Lucia has dark brown hair, both her and Ellen have the same budding curve to the hip, the same high cheekbones, and identical piercing blue eyes. Surrounded by all this gorgeous femininity, I inwardly gulped. I saw myself spending a lot of time in the bathroom, spanking the ol’ monkey just to keep sane. I hadn’t been with these three lovely girls for more than twenty minutes, and already I felt a case of the blue balls coming on!

At the ranch, my sister and I unpacked and settled into our rooms. We finished in time to join our relatives on the back porch, where Lucia and I watched the sky wash over with orange and red, our first California sunset. As the stars came out one by one, we all shared old family stories and gossip, and caught up with each other’s lives. A chilly breeze blew in from the ocean far away, so we got up to enjoy the warmth of the small fire in the den.

Ellen poured us all a glass of wine, which Lucia and I thought was the coolest thing ever, and we settled into the two plush couches around the fireplace. I couldn’t help notice how affectionate my cousins were with their father, kissing his face, hugging him, absently running their fingers through his hair or over his chest. I could tell that Lucia had picked up on this as well, and all this affection was getting to both of us. I decided, “while in Rome,” and pulled my sister into my arms. She melted into me with a sigh.

Lucia asked if our uncle had heard anything from our ex-aunt Louise. Taking a sip from his wine, he shook his head no.

“Our mom is a bitch,” snapped Carol.

“Yeah,” added Ellen, “Good riddance, I say. If she wants to live in L.A. with all those little boy toys...”

“Now girls,” their father interrupted, “Let’s not start that again. She’s gone, end of story. And things worked out for the best, didn’t they?”

My cousins, perched on each knee of their father, nuzzled into him, “Mmmmm, they sure did Daddy.” The girls looked at him with what can only be described as lust. The sight gave me an instant erection.

Lucia looked over at me, surprised. I could tell she was thinking the same thing. Although my sister and I hadn’t really touched each other since the “incident,” we still had the hots for each other. The idea of sex between family members excited us both, and here before us was our uncle and his two beautiful daughters not so subtly hinting at their own incestuous relationship. Just pondering the idea made my heart race with lust - my cock straining like a throbbing pole of steel,

Lucia too was in a daze, staring at the massive, obvious lump in my pants. Her breathing was quick and shallow, her tongue just touching the right corner of her lips. The poor girl literally squirmed with excitement. Pure lust pounded within me, coursing through my veins, my muscles, forcing my eyes to lock on to the sweet arc of my sister’s neck. It was a target too rich to ignore. Damning all consequences, I leaned in and gave her little kisses along the supple flesh below her ear. She murmured a bit, and then sighed with pleasure as my kisses went lower. Suddenly, Lucia elbowed my side.

I looked up, and all my relatives were staring at me, mouths open. Like me, Uncle Stephen was pitching serious tent, and his daughters were breathing hard, their young nipples poking through the thin cotton of their shirts. Ellen then smiled, and ran her hand down to her father’s crotch, cupping his erection.

“We heard about you two,” she giggled.

Lucia trembled in my arms, “Heard what?”

“Your mom called Daddy, and told him about how you and your brother got naked together.”

Lucia stammered and blushed, unsure what to say. Carol got up, and came to sit down next to my sister. She placed a finger over Lucia’s lips.

“Shhhh... don’t worry, Cuz,” whispered Carol, “We all think it’s awesome. In fact, on the night we found out about you guys, Daddy, Ellen and I had a long talk about sex, and specifically, incest. All three of us thought your parents over-reacted. Totally. We thought you guys were being punished for something natural, beautiful even. Your little ordeal forced us to face something that had already been slowly brewing in our own house.”

Ellen slow rubbed her hand into her father’s lap, “We both wanted to have sex with daddy.”

“And thanks to you two,” Carol said, “We finally did it.”

A quiet fell over the den, and all I could hear was my own excited breathing. It was true. And somehow, I knew it was soon going to be true for Lucia and I. 

Uncle Stephen broke the pause, “Well, now that it’s all out in the open, I want you two to know that while you’re here, you’re free to sleep together, and explore each other to your heart’s content. The only rule is that contraceptives must be used.”

“Don’t worry Daddy,” Ellen giggled, “Your niece is on the pill, and by the looks of things, I think they’re ready for bedtime right now!”

“Or, if you’re feeling adventurous,” said our uncle, “you can join your cousins and I right here in front of the fireplace.”

Ellen slowly began to lower her father’s zipper. “I’d love to watch Lucia suck her twin brother’s cock.”

My sister looked me in the eye, as if searching for answers, but I had no need of any convincing. I had long wanted to fuck her, never mind my cousins. Leaning in, I softly pressed my lips to hers. Our mouths opened, and we held a long slow kiss. My sister’s tongue darted into my mouth. Carol put her fingers around Lucia’s wrist, and guided her hand over to my crotch. Soon my sister and cousin were massaging my dick through my jeans. I still can’t believe I didn’t cum in my pants right there!

Over on the other couch, Ellen was pulling her father’s pants over his ankles. She quickly shed her clothing, and in her glorious nudity, she kneeled in front of her now equally naked father. Using both hands, she gripped at my uncle’s thick 8-incher, and began to run her hands up and down the veiny shaft. With her palm, she pressed his meat against his athletic belly to better expose his hefty scrotum. Uncle Stephan groaned in ecstasy as his daughter licked tenderly at his sensitive testicles.

Carol and I began to undress my sister. I knew that Lucia was curious about sex with other girls, and I could tell that her cousin’s feminine touch had lit a fire in a big way. Soon, Lucia was sprawled naked on the couch, her body young and tight. Carol and I acted as mirrors on each side her, trying to copy each other as our mouths went to Lucia’s small tits. I ran my tongue in gentle circles around the areola, my lips brushing the erect nipple. Carol took the small breast into her mouth, as far as it would go, and I followed suit.

I couldn’t help but watch as, on the other couch, Ellen gave her loving father a luxurious, slippery blowjob. My uncle rested both hands on his daughter’s golden curls, urging her into his lap, his face twisted with ecstasy. His dick slid in and out of her pouty lips, her tongue snaking out of her full mouth to lash at the underside of his manhood.

“Ohgod! That’s it baby! Suck daddy’s cock! You know how to suck Daddy’s cock so fucking good!”

All that cock sucking made Lucia and Carol turn their attention toward me. My cousin stepped out of her panties as my sister unzipped my pants. Both of them tugged at my jeans, and soon my cock popped into the open, free at last.

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