The End and The Beginning : Part 3

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Ever since Queen Georgina became Lord Argol's and he officials' whore, being paraded naked around the castle was nothing unusual. She would be asked to go to another chamber from her chamber only to be fucked so Lord Argol thought it made no sense to dress her. In fact she rarely has any clothes on at all. If she did, it's a whore's clothing.

Lord Argol has been away to discuss matters with the neighboring kingdom. He's been gone for a week and the officials have been fucking her more than usual. The guard escorting her to the fuck chamber was staring at her body. He casually pretended to accidentally touched her bottom while they were walking. She did nothing. They've seen her get fucked like a whore so many times before in the dining hall.

She entered the fuck chamber. There was no foreplay. The old fat official bend her over and entered her forcefully. He roughly groped her breasts while fucking her. It didn't take the old official long. He groaned and grinded against Queen Georgina and came inside her. The queen didn't enjoy it at all but she's used to it.

After supper another official requested her presence in the fuck chamber. It was no different from the official from the afternoon. She was fucked everyday, sometimes in the hallway. Two more officials fucked her at the same time that night before she was allowed to take her rest.

Her maid prepared her bath and the queen started to relax.

The next day, no requests was made in the morning. She decided to take a stroll in the garden. The queen was dressed in a plain gown followed by her maids walking in the hallway when three officials passed by.

Queen Georgina was asked to undress. Her maids undress her right there and the queen was asked to service three cocks while her maids watch her fuck like a whore. She rode one officials cock and the other entered her asshole fucking her at the same time. The third official inserting his small cock in her mouth.

When they all came, they left without saying a word. The queen's maids dressed her and continued their stroll to the garden. Upon coming back, they learned that Lord Argol was back. The queen had her bath and was told to go to Lord Argol's chambers. Some matters needed to be discussed.

The queen was expecting a discussion but Lord Argol fucked her over and over until they were both too tired. The queen spent the night there. The next morning Lord Argol told her of the plan The queen had no choice but to agree.

Soon it was announced in a meeting. There will be a war with the neighboring kingdom. Soldiers of the higher rank including the general will be able to have Queen Georgina. Before all this happend she only had the King fucked her. Then it was only Lord Argol and the ten officials but now she is pleasure the soldiers as well.

Tonight, she was again told to go to the fuck room. A man she never saw before was waiting. He introduced himself as the general. He is a big man. The queen was afraid when he touched her. The general lingered his eyes on her naked body.

He lay her on the bed. His tongue found her clitoris licking sucking it until she was completely wet. Then he fucked her hard and came in her mouth. The queen thought it was over when she felt some movement in the room. A group of soldiers were standing there.

"Your Highness Queen Georgina are you ready to serve the soldiers?"

The queen looked at him with a scared expression. She's never had this many men before. "Please," the queen managed to say.

"Say you want cocks or I'll parade you naked outside the palace."

The queen say she wants cock. The General told her to spread her legs for the soldiers. The soldiers formed a line, one by one fucking her. It didn't take long for most of them. Fucking the queen while she moaned like a whore was so surreal to them.

The general kept whispering dirty things in the queen's ear.

"I'm a whore. Fuck me. I'm a whore queen," she said under the general's directions. "I like servicing men. Yes fuck me. I like cocks inside me."

There must be about thirty men who fucked her Every inch of her body exposed to the soldiers. She knew they will be talking about this to the low ranking soldiers and she will truly be known as the whore queen.

The whore Queen Georgina came over and over, squirted, moaned, screamed and begged for more. Not long after being made available to the soldiers, the palace guards were allowed to use her during certain times. She became too loose for Lord Argol's liking. Too many men had fucked and cummed in her holes. Even the officials stopped fucking her but the guards and soldiers still enjoy her very much.

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