The Disco Pickup

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Roshni and Kirk danced by the bar as Roshni scoped out the area.

“You ready, darling?” Kirk asked her.
Roshni smiled. She had loved the plan that they had made up. “Certainly….and that’s the girl I’ve picked.” Roshni pointed to her.
Kirk turned to see a beautiful indian girl, 5ft 7in, huge breasts, waist 26in and she looked like 22yrs old. Kirk pulled Roshni closer to him. “Then let’s go.”
They both went on the dance floor and hugged up while dancing. Roshni kept her stare on the lonely girl who was not taking on her friends. Suddenly, the girl surveyed the action on the dance floor and caught Roshni’s stare.
Roshni was pretending to be bored with Kirk while they danced and made sensual moves with her body and mouth while admiring the girl. The girl smiled and stared at her, licking her own lips sensuously. Roshni smiled and whispered into Kirk’s ear and walked over to the girl. They both talked awhile and soon Roshni and the girl went to the bar where they both drank till they were tipsy.

Kirk opened his apartment door and the threesome went in. The girl said that her name was Candice. She was so sexy and while Kirk drove home the two girls were talking, laughing and feeling up each other in the back seat.
Kirk had adjusted his rear-view mirror to see the two giggling girls. They were all over each other. Candice stretched her silky legs on Roshni as Roshni glided her hands along the inner region of her leg, into her skirt. Candice blushed and giggled more as she slowly adjusted herself to kiss her new playmate. Kirk was unable to see Candice’s hand moving up Roshni’s back under her tank top, unhooking her bra. The two girls melted into the moment as they kissed, their tongues carelessly slapping about on each other’s cheeks, lips and faces. They were not giggling anymore but enjoying the soft touch of each other’s wet, hot passionate tongues. Kirk almost crashed as he swerved the car back unto the road and squeezing his hardened cock between his legs. The girls never noticed the swerving. They just groped each other’s breasts and half masturbated each other on the soft upholstery. They were grooming each other for the adventures of the night to come. The half hour long drive did not pass slow enough for Kirk as he eased into his driveway just as Candice was topless, gyrating her hips on Roshni’s and sucking on Roshni’s nipples through her tank top. Roshni’s lipstick was all over her own face and partly on Candice’s lips. The girls appeared intoxicated with passion.
“All right girls, let’s continue inside,” Kirk said.

Kirk locked the front door to his house and watched as the two girls started to kiss each other, right there in the living room. They could not keep their hands to each other. Roshni placed her hand under Candice’s straps and felt for her huge breasts as Candice lifted off Roshni’s top off of her. Roshni took off Candice’s straps and allowed the top to flow down her legs. They were both topless.
Kirk, by this time saw Candice beckoning him to come. He took off his shirt and went behind Candice, lightly kissing her back and letting his tongue caress her back as he placed his hands around the two girls.
Suddenly, Candice (being the smallest) jumped on Roshni and hung off her like a baby getting a lift up. Candice’s legs were wrapped around Roshni’s waist as Roshni propped her arms under Candice’s ass, inserting her right hand into her skirt and panties and driving her middle finger up her asshole. Candice moaned abruptly. Kirk lifted Roshni and admired the two women kissing relentlessly on his arms as he carried them to the bed. He gingerly placed Roshni down and Candice slowly released herself from her lover. They both stood up, kissing with Roshni’s finger still up Candice’s ass. Candice could feel Roshni’s ring inside of her as she gyrated sensuously to the emanation of her anally induced orgasm. Candice quickly threw her own hand into her skirt to masturbate herself and force out the orgasm. Her wet, pink pussy could no longer stand the pressure and with the light touch of her groping sexy fingers she exploded in her panties. The smell of sex enticed both Kirk and Roshni to devour her.

Suddenly, Roshni released Candice’s asshole and pushed Kirk on the bed and the two girls took off his belt, pulling off his pants and underwear together. Candice began to suck on his chest while Roshni pulled off her pants and then slowly climbed on Candice. Kirk then pulled off Roshni’s pants as the two girls rolled on each other kissing, sweating, sliding , fucking. Then Candice and Roshni sucked on Kirk’s hard dick as they kissed each other with the huge shaft in the centre, giggling with each other.
Roshni then crawled up to Kirk and kissed him as Candice began to suck his whole dick. Kirk slowly caressed Roshni’s pussy as she moaned for more. Suddenly, she felt Candice sucking on her asshole. She begged for more as Kirk’s fingers went in deeper.
Suddenly, Candice sat on Kirk’s dick letting it slide into her ass…..her muscles stretching and she screaming. This prompted Roshni to suck on Kirk’s lips harder and Kirk stimulated Roshni’s clit more and more as she screamed out. Suddenly, Roshni screamed out as her orgasm exploded……Candice screamed as she felt Kirk’s hot semen drip out of her ass and her muscles ached with pleasure.
Suddenly, Kirk placed Roshni on the bed and went up to Candice. “You don’t find Roshni sexy?”
Candice smiled, “delicious!”
Then Candice crawled up to Roshni like a snake and began kissing her as Kirk opened up Roshni’s pussy and began to suck on it. Then Candice, in a full split placed her pussy on top of Roshni’s mouth. Roshni sucked and sucked feeling the sweet juices pour all over her face. She searched for more as the cum flowed out like a waterfall and Candice licked her own nipples as she felt the orgasm getting stronger and stronger. Then Roshni screamed again as Kirk began licking all of her cum from her second orgasm.
Then Roshni pushed Kirk flat on the bed and placed his dick in front of her pussy while Candice sitting on Kirk’s stomach, facing Roshni placed her pussy in front Kirk’s dick. The both of them jammed their vaginas together with Kirk’s dick in between and then they began to rub each other stimulating each other’s cunt as Kirk’s dick slipped into their pussies on and off. Suddenly, Kirk’s semen sprayed up onto them, all over their pussy and stomach as they screamed out in pleasure, giggling.
Then Candice licked the semen off of Roshni’s stomach and pussy swallowing it as Roshni did the same for Candice.
Roshni then slides on top of Candice as she is kissing Kirk and ties them both up together. She watches as their hands and legs are bound together and all they could do is kiss and gyrate. It was time for Roshni to have her fun.
The three of them then endured the entire night of fucking with Candice and Kirk being tied up to each other and Roshni having her fun with them. She took pleasure in inserting Kirk’s huge, thick dick into her pussy and watching her cunt hole expand as she inserted from one finger to her fist into Candice’s ass, leaving an expanded wet hole of pleasure to stare at her. She bent over and sucked it as Candice could just moan and explode on Kirk. They soon fell asleep for 2 hours.
Kirk then awoke to see Candice and Roshni fucking in the shower, the water sliding down their sweaty bodies. He then joined them.

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