The Cruise

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As I walked up the gangway I thought to myself, ‘Tammy, you really need this.’ My husband, Ross and I hadn’t had a vacation in three years, work had been so pressing that we were just unable to get away. Now I was on board the luxury cruise ship for twelve days of relaxation and fun in the southern Caribbean.

Our cabin was large with a separate bedroom and a small, private balcony. We looked around our accommodations as we unpacked and were very pleased that we had splurged for the suite rather than a regular cabin.

Once we had unpacked we took a walk around the ship and I found the built-up stress just peeling away, I hadn’t felt this good in years and looking at Ross I knew he felt the same. This was a wise choice for both of us, no cell phones, no computers, just us, the ocean and twelve days of lazy enjoyment.

There were eight of us around our table for dinner that first night; Lisa and Gerry, a retired couple from Michigan; Neil, an airline pilot from the UK and Freda from Germany who was with her aged parents, Karl and Effie. It was an interesting mix of people with varied interests that made dinner an enjoyable event.

Ross and I awoke at six the next morning and strolled along the deck to the swimming pool for our morning dip, we do this at home and old habits die hard. Lisa and Gerry were standing at the rail near the pool and we stopped for a chat, we liked this couple and enjoyed our few minutes together before diving into the water. The swim sharpened our appetites and we headed down for breakfast. On the way we stopped at the climbing wall and watched the four or five passengers cavorting above. I have always been afraid of heights and was amazed to see how relaxed they seemed up there. ‘There’s Neil up there,’ Ross said and I watched as he moved with ease and grace to the very top of the wall before abseiling down.

He removed his climbing harness and walked over to us, ‘Morning Ross, Tammy, beautiful day,’ he said, ‘I’m ready for breakfast.’

‘We’re heading there ourselves, why don’t you join us,’ invited Ross.

‘Love to,’ he replied and off we went.

Between bites of my omelet I asked Neil where he’d learn to climb and discovered that during his teen years he and friends spent many weekends and summer holidays climbing and although he loved the sport, his career as a pilot now left little time for it. I asked where his wife was since he was wearing a wedding band and he said, in a quite matter-a-fact manner that she had died two years earlier and that he was on the mend. It was the first real vacation he had had in five years, he planned to retire in two years and hoped to trek into Everest base camp, visit Alaska, tour the South Pacific and see more than just the airports. We parted company after breakfast and I commented to Ross what a nice guy Neil seemed to be and my husband concurred.

The next couple of days were spent swimming, eating, sun bathing, swimming, eating and more eating. We took in a show but for the most part, we just unwound and got used to the relaxed, easy-going pace on board the ship.

Our dinners continued to be very entertaining; Karl had told us that he worked for the German government in several places around the globe and Ross was convinced he was a spy; Neil had lots of interesting stories to tell about near disasters and strange passengers; Lisa and Gerry entertained us with there many travel adventures and Freda and Effie always seemed happy and interested in the conversations but remained spectators for the most part.

It was at dinner on our fourth night that I found myself chatting exclusively to Neil and suddenly blurted that I had always found a pilot’s uniform very sexy. Neil took the comment in stride saying many women seem to and perhaps it’s the gold braid. He said he had his uniform with him since he had come directly from a conference and that maybe he would wear it for me one night, just to see if I thought he looked sexy in it.

I felt a rush of excitement and felt flushed at the thought of seeing him in his uniform, he looked alright to me in his casual slacks and shirt. He must have sensed I was a little embarrassed and immediately changed the subject and asked if I’d seen the dolphins and porpoises earlier that day.

That night I came out of the bathroom naked and Ross was laying on the bed reading. I flopped down beside him and gently rubbed his groin. He dropped his newspaper, rolled towards me and kissed me passionately on the lips. ‘Coming on this cruise is the best decision we‘ve made in a long time, I feel ten years younger he said as his hand slipped between my legs.

Our lovemaking that night was intense and more satisfying than it had been in quite a while and from time to time I found myself thinking of Neil in and out of his uniform.

We followed our usual morning routine on the fifth day but after breakfast went back to our cabin. During our meal, Ross had caressed my inner thighs and I had felt his erection through his shorts. We were like a couple of kids again, the pressures of everyday life a blurred memory, we couldn’t wait to get back to the cabin. Ross was like a wild man, he groped me all the way down the companionway and once inside the cabin he tore off the few clothes I was wearing, pushed me gently onto the bed and tongued my pussy and clitoris with more energy than I had known in years. He stood and unzipped his shorts, his erection was strong and he wasted little time inserting it into my wet slit. He fucked me with passion and vigour and I responded in kind, it was like when we were first married. We climaxed almost together and Ross lay on top of me as he softened, we were both a little breathless.

‘Gee, it’s like we’re in our twenties again.’ You were hard to keep up with then, said Ross still a little out of breath. Remember how we considered looking for another male to join our lovemaking?’

‘Yes I do but work and kids seemed to get in the way,’ I replied. I often think we should have just gone ahead and done it anyway, I must have worked you pretty hard.’

‘That you did my little sex maniac, how do you feel about it now?’ quipped Ross, his breathing almost back to normal.

‘Feel about what?’

‘Someone joining us.’

‘Aren’t we a bit old for that sort of thing?’ I queried.

‘Not at all, I read somewhere that people in their fifties and sixties are enjoying the things they missed when work and raising kids took most of their time and energy.’

‘Well, how do you feel about it?’ I asked.

‘It’s something that’s always turned my crank whenever I think about it and, at the time, you were very keen on the idea,’ said Ross.

‘Umm, that’s true, it might be fun, but finding the right person is the most difficult thing I would imagine,’ I replied, still in quiet thought. The fact was the idea of two men sharing me had always been exciting to me but was put on the back burner, now, with more free time and the kids off and married perhaps it was time to experience some things we had missed. The right person……that was the key……the right person.

There was a 60’s dance advertised on the ship’s bulletin board for that evening and since it was our music we planned to attend. The room was full and the DJ played a good selection of tunes from that era. We had a few drinks, danced and sang along to a lot of songs then took a break to get some fresh air at the rail and bumped into Neil.

‘Enjoying the music?’ he asked.

‘Yes, we just came out for a bit of air, we’re not getting any younger,’ Ross said wiping his hand across his forehead.

‘None of us are,’ he responded, ‘can I buy you both a drink?’ and nodded back to the dance.

‘Sure, thanks,’ Ross and I said in unison and we headed back to the 60’s.

We managed to find a table and while Ross and I sat Neil went to the bar and delivered the drinks. I felt refreshed after taking the sea air and was moving to the music in my chair, I glanced over to Ross and motioned to the dance floor. He shook his head saying he felt a little tired and wanted to sit for a while. I looked at Neil and he looked at Ross. ‘Go ahead, have a good time,’ said my husband and we took to the floor.

After a couple of fast dances the DJ played The Twist by Chubby Checker, which everyone enjoyed even though there were plenty of wobbly legs when it finished. The next song was Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers and there was a brief moment’s hesitation when Neil and I just looked at each other before he took me in his arms and held me close. I snuggled into his neck and we drifted with the music. It was mid way through the song when I felt Neil’s erection through my thin summer dress and rather than pull away I allowed him to rub against me and thought how attracted I was to this man. I could feel a growing wetness between my legs and had an urge to fondle him right there on the dance floor but the song ended and we made our way back to the table.

‘Have a nice time?’ Ross asked after we sat down and I replied immediately that it was great and gave a sideways glance to Neil that I hoped came across as sexy and approving. Ross certainly caught it and gave a little smirk.

We sat, chatted and listened to the music; Ross bought some more drinks and then we decided to call it a night. The three of us made or way to our cabins and when we came to an intersection we began to turn right and Neil left. Ross stopped, and said, ‘Fancy at nightcap at our place?’

‘Love to,’ Neil replied, ‘but I need to freshen up first, all that dancing you know.’

‘Fine, we do too; see you in half an hour, cabin 2256?’

‘I’ll be there, thanks,’ said Neil and wandered off down the corridor.

‘So, what happened?’ Ross asked as he closed the cabin door.
I told him and confessed how I had felt and that I was still wet just thinking about it. Ross embraced me and caressed my bum then moved a hand between my legs. ‘Wow, you are wet; maybe you need two cocks to put this fire out.’

‘Maybe I do, we’ll see,’ I replied, shaky at the thought.

We showered and Ross suggested I wear a t-shirt and my very short denim mini with no bra or panties. ‘Give Neil a lot to look at and see what happens,’ he said.

There was a knock on the cabin door, Ross opened it and there stood Neil dressed in his pilot’s uniform. He looked better than I ever had imagined and my legs went a bit weak. He took a long, approving look at me and Ross, seeing this, commented, ‘She looks good with almost nothing on, eh Neil?’

‘She sure does,’ Neil replied and whistled through his teeth.

‘Good evening Captain, you look very smart and may I add very, very sexy. Scotch?’ I said in a voice that I hoped sounded provocative. He nodded and I prepared three drinks on the rocks.

We sat with Neil opposite me and Ross off to the side, I made sure my skirt rode up as I sat down, giving my pilot a view almost to my naked pussy, the nipples on my full breasts were poking through my thin t-shirt in sexual excitement. I felt and looked very slutty as I spread my legs until I was sure Neil could see all the way to my wet crotch. I was becoming hornier by the second at the thought of sex with Ross and my pilot and wanted to have them both now.
Ross, perceptive as ever, rose and turned on the radio. He found some very sultry music and suggested that Neil and I dance since we had so much fun earlier. As we came together I felt Neil’s erection immediately, I slowly moved my hips into the hardness, exaggerating the movement gradually until I was grinding myself against his cock. I lifted my head and we kissed and his hands hiked up my short skirt and caressed my bottom. I rubbed his penis with my hand through his pants as he squeezed my beasts and then placed a hand on my pussy. Two fingers easily slid into me and he explored my vagina and tweaked my clitoris. As we continued to maul each other Ross came up behind me and massaged my tits with both hands while sticking his dick between my legs.

I was very excited; I had my husband and my pilot feeling me all over and two hard cocks just moments away from fucking me. I knelt down and unzipped Neil’s pants and quickly exposed his erection, Ross was already naked and as my two men stood on either side of me I alternated sucking and masturbating them. Neil took my arm after a while and led me over to a chair; I sat down, lay back, spread my legs and Neil began to eat me while Ross stuck his dick in my mouth. I was so aroused by this fantasy-come-true that I was climaxing over and over again. I continued to take Ross’ penis in my mouth as Neil stood over me and plunged his cock into me. It felt so good, why hadn’t we done this before I thought.

It was warm in the cabin and we were all feeling the heat, Neil withdrew and said, ‘Come with me’. He took off the rest of his uniform and we walked over to the balcony, opened the door and we felt the cool, ocean breeze. ‘Bend over and grab the rail,’ he said. As I bent over Neil hiked up my skirt and pushed up my t-shirt and entered me from behind and fondled my tits. He turned to Ross after a couple of minutes and said, ‘Your turn, my friend,’ and as Neil withdrew Ross drove his cock into me. I gazed out at the ocean, lost in a haze of horniness as they alternated fucking me this way until both came with strong ejaculations inside me. My two men were temporarily satisfied but I was still hot, still cumming and still wanting more cock.

We went back inside and Ross poured us all another drink. I sat between Neil and Ross on the couch, the guys were naked and I still had my skirt and t-shirt hiked up exposing all of me and as we chatted idly they fondled me and I did my best to bring their cocks back to hardness.

It was past 2:00a.m., ‘I should be off, thank you for a brilliant evening….the first such evening in two years to be honest,’ said Neil.

As he stood to gather his uniform I heard myself saying somewhere off in the distance, ‘Please don’t go, stay with us tonight, I want you to sleep with us tonight.’

Neil looked at me and then at Ross and received an approving nod. The three of us climbed naked into the king-size bed with me in the middle and as I faced Ross, Neil had his hard cock in my pussy from behind and we drifted off to sleep. I awoke about 4:30 to feel Noel gently pumping his dick into me. I was very wet and it felt so good to have this much sex at different times of the day and night. As Ross slept, I forced my bottom into Neil until we both experienced powerful climaxes. It was just after 7:00 when Ross slid his penis into me. I was on my back with Ross thrusting into me when Neil awakened and realized what was happening, he squeezed and kissed my erect nipples and pinched my clit. Ross came and as he rolled off me Neil took his place. I had never had this much sex or climaxed so much in a 24 hour period before but I knew I liked it and wanted to have more of it. When Neil came he shot his sperm over may face and then we kissed passionately while Ross fingered my very responsive pussy.

As we had breakfast that morning there were lots of sly glances and self-satisfied smiles passed back and forth between us. Freda commented that we three looked a little tied this morning and Neil said we had stayed late at the dance last night. It seemed to satisfy Freda and the conversations returned to normal as I ate my eggs knowing that Neil would be in our cabin after lunch and staying overnight, however, I was sure a small smile crossed her face as she looked down and returned to her grapefruit. I couldn’t help the feeling that this lady knew everything that was going on with Ross, Neil and I. She was extremely observant and I wondered if Ross was correct and that her father was indeed a spy and she had inherited the trait.

That afternoon and evening were spent mostly naked as we enjoyed each other in various ways; talking, fondling and intercourse all over the cabin in different positions, I had never been so sexually fulfilled and had a perpetual smile on my face. Ross appeared more relaxed than ever and wanted me all the time, this had certainly turned into our best vacation ever. I fell asleep late that night on my right side, holding Ross’ cock and feeling Neil’s erection deep inside me.

An early start the following morning was necessary as we were docking at St. Lucia for a visit of several hours. There were organized tours of the island but the three of us hated such touristy things and ventured off to explore on our own.

After spending a couple of hours in the quaint town we headed for a narrow trail that wound its way along the cliffs and afforded great views of the ocean and the lush, forested hills that comprised most of this island. About two kilometers along the path the trail forked; left into the forest and right to a steep decent down the cliff to the ocean. It was hot so we decided to tackle the route to the ocean and cool off with a swim.

From the top of the cliff the trail looked much more precipitous than it actually was and we were on the beach in less than ten minutes. We walked along the deserted sand for a while and came upon a small sheltered bay. Ross took a blanket from his knapsack and spread it on the sand near the base of the cliff. I thought what a beautiful spot this was, so quiet and secluded.

‘Last one in buys dinner,’ I yelled and began stripping off. The guys sprang into action and we were racing naked across the beach. Neil tripped in the soft sand as Ross and I waded into the shallow water, laughing.

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