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Fred is my buddy, he helps me out with sex when there isn't anyone else around. He is really cute looking too, purple all over, about nine inches long and hums to perfection. I can still remember when I picked Fred up, I was in the adult video shop trying to find the perfect porn to take home with my wine when I saw him and had to have him. He was purple and shiny and his batteries were even supplied for our first night of pure pleasure. I picked up the package that held him tightly and ran my fingers along his side so slowly licking my mouth to moisten my lips. A smile emerged on my face thinking how good he would make the movie, we walked up to the man at the check out desk, I paid for Fred and we walked out of that shop as best friends.

Now we both were a little uncomfortable the first time we did it, I was lying on the bed with Fred all propped up on the pillow next to me and every so often I would slowly run my long red nail down Fred's side wondering what my purple friend might taste like. I gently picked him up off the pillow holding him between my two hands and using just the tip of my tongue I softly licked the head of Fred tasting his latex, hm needs some more flavor I thought, so I slowly placed him in just the entrance of my hot juicy pussy. Smiling at Fred with my thick juice on his head I placed it between my red glistening lips sucking it off. That felt so good I turned Fred on and placed him back into my pussy, my legs spread wider and my other hand is twisting my nipples until they feel the burning sensation.

Oh my Fred felt so good vibrating the walls of my pussy that was becoming wetter, hotter and oh so very, very horny. My hips are bucking up and down and slowly around. Oh how I wanted to explode watching the blonde being fucked by that huge black cock on my T.V. screen. Beads of sweat formed above my top lip, I bit my bottom lip as the orgasm shot through my body causing me to moan out so loud from the hot erotic pleasure my new friend had just given to me.

A week had gone by since I last seen Fred and tonight Dave had stopped by for a fuck in the sack, as I was on top of his hard tanned body I reached into the drawer removing Fred from my drawer and placing him in my ass while Dave's cock was working my pussy over and biting my nipples with his teeth and Fred was drilling my ass making me scream so loud like a wild animal when I finally came all over Dave's big hard throbbing cock. Dave laid smiling at me as I wiped Fred down with some alcohol swabs and grabbed him from me, he pushed me back and began licking my pussy with Fred inside of my now dripping cunt. Oh, oh he was driving me completely wild as I first spread my legs as far open as I could then closing them tightly on his head as he and Fred worked on my cunt.

My nipples were so hard to my touch as I fucked Dave's face over and over until my pussy shot so hard the moist explosive orgasm all in his mouth, over his lips and all over Fred. I was trying to crawl backwards up the bed on my back from the powerful orgasm. Now Dave had me on my hands and knees fucking my ass with his cock, while I had Fred fucking my clit and oh my I was never so hot, so horny from all of this fucking from Fred and Dave that we both came so hard at the exact same time.

I remember the time when my friend Rick came over for the night he was laying on the bed on his stomach sound asleep when I removed Fred from drawer and turned him on. I smiled down at Fred as he vibrated in my hand and then I sat on Ricks back and began to massage him and rubbing my naked body over his and this was really turning me on I ran Fred over his back and down to my pussy and that's when Rick flipped me on my back grabbing Fred and straddled my face sticking his cock into my mouth and plunging Fred into my aching pussy until we both exploded from this erotic moment of sucking his cum out of his cock and being pleasured myself with Fred.

Fred and I are still together and we have even added some more color to our friends, Blue Joe and Black Jack. Well I need to go and fuck one of my friends have an erotic day baby.

Who I Am
by Erotica_Writings

She walked towards me in her leather, her attitude was crisp like her words. "I am your Mistress and I demand to be pleased. " she said very sternly and then smiled. I had never actually seen a woman like her before, sure I read about them, but then I read the big bad wolf too as a kid and never met one. She ran her hand through my silky blond hair and grabbed the back of it tightly bringing my soft pink lips to hers. My heart began to race and my nipples began to get so hard and erect as she helped me into my black leather chastity belt, leather bra and my collar. I wore black leather thigh high boots with six inch heels.

"I will do what ever you wish Mistress." I told her falling right into my role.

She began to kiss my long lily white neck, making me feel quite warm all over, her hands ran over the flesh of my tight ass and she had me to get on my knees and to lick her juicy pussy. I had never experienced such a feeling before as she ordered me to my feet and we went to join the party that was down stairs and back to our husbands.

I kept looking at her during the party wanting to taste more of her. At one point at the party she caught me pushing me in the corner and placed her fingers in my hot juicy pussy and licked them. Looking back every so often to make sure no one was noticing her fingering my hot pussy. I placed my hands on her shoulders as I felt my wetness on her fingers as they glided into my pussy and out. She stopped and licked her fingers clean. I watched her firm rounded ass cheeks that were exposed by the cut out holes on each ass cheek. her leather pants were made for easy access to her body with the peek a boo crotch. she joined her husband who caressed those firm cheeks that I had began to yearn deeply for.

What was happening to me? I love my husband very much yet this woman is controlling me, my wants and my desire, the desire to have her making love to me.

She smiled at me from across the room as if we were lovers hiding our secret of being unfaithful, we were being unfaithful at this Halloween Party and the party theme was Bdsm. Don't ask me I haven't the slightest clue. Today at three o'clock in the afternoon I was telling my third grade class room good bye and be safe trick or treating and now here I am shy Kathy wants to do and be spanked by Cally does whips and chains. What has happened to me? I am married to a very handsome and wealthy plastic surgeon and I am wanting to fuck this woman across the room from me who is making my pussy so wet and juicy.

What spell has been cast over me by this woman who indeed delights me to say the least. I have visions of sexual pleasure with her and yet I have never even fantasized about women much less allowing one to touch me and yes damn it I want to fuck her brains out. Alright Kathy pull your self together Dan is watching and wondering what is wrong with me. Is my lust for this other woman giving me away with neon lights on my fore head that says leg licker? Good one Kathy now you are paranoid, there isn't any way that Dan would know how you want to run your tongue through this woman's sticky sweet juicy pussy. Mmmmmm the thought just made me gush more thick creamy juices from my pussy. Kathy stop it! Dan is noticing your erect nipples and the fact that I was actually beginning to sway my hips back and forth as I thought of licking her so very clean. Great Dan wants to dance. I wonder if sexual tension has an odor? I never thought about it before now. Mmmmmm it feels good to feel his hands on my back, my body pressed up against his. When I close my eyes Dan turns into Cally in my mind. My body and mind wants her just as much as I do.

I have to go to the restroom! Hurry, hurry did he hear me whisper her name as he touched my ass cheek firmly while we danced? I looked in the mirror as I stood over the bathroom sink just letting the water run into the sink. Who was this strange woman looking back at me? I am quite a looker for a woman in her forties, I still have a great firm body with perky tits. Shit someone is knocking on the door!

Its her! I know it she followed me to the bathroom! She is going to do me right here! Right now! She is going to give me that hot tight body of hers! Pull your self together and open the door slowly and act cool not like a nerd.

Oh gross its an old woman dressed up like biker Barbie gone bad! Ooooh No! that woman has to be sixty and dressed like that. Gross!

There's Dan talking to her and her husband! How will I be able to act normal around her? Oh no this can't be happening to me! Good smile as he introduces you to them, My her husband is very tall and well built. She kissed my cheek and her smell of fresh lilacs is driving me wild! Stop giggling like a school girl for Christ sake their looking strangely at you! Did I hear correctly we're going back to their house for fun and games? What is going on? Have we all been possessed by these costumes we're wearing?

I am standing in this woman's house, I am drinking a cock tail with her and her husband and my husband and I can't take my eyes off of her cleavage and those perfectly rounded breast as I sit on her love seat across from her. She is standing up smiling at me. She is coming over here! My heart is going to beat out of my chest as she straddles my lap and begins to kiss me using her tongue to go softly across my lips as her hand caresses my breast, I find my hands on her tight ass, Oh it feels so sinfully delightful. She is getting up and takes both of my hands leading me into a room with a bed with hand and cuffs attached to the bed with long chains. She is laying me down and begins to secure me to the bed. She removes my Chastity belt and is now placing a mask over my eyes so I can not see anything. I hear Dan and her husband in the room with us. She is in control here I hear her telling them where to be on the bed and where to drip the hot wax at. What have I gotten myself into? Their going to burn me with hot wax on my flesh!

Mmmmmm she is between my thighs licking my hot horny pussy. My hips grind harder against her face, I feel my husband and her husband both sucking my breast. Oh this feels so good. I want to shoot my hot juices into her mouth. What the fuck was that on my nipples? It burnt but damn it felt good to. She is telling them to drip it now on my juicy soaked pussy! I begin to tell them no and they turn me over so she may strap my ass for trying to be disobedient. Oh my that hurt so bad that it actually felt good. I want to come so badly into a climax with this woman's mouth. Will you please just go back to eating my pussy? I beg but it went unheard and I felt the hot wax on my swollen throbbing clit and I moaned loudly. Now her husband is dripping the wax and fingering me and my hips arch up at him as he drives me wild. I hear Dan moan loudly saying oh fuck me baby. What was going on? Was he fucking her? It made me mad that he was touching her and her him I wanted them both to belong just to me! Oh but her husband was making my pussy throb. Was that his tongue eating my pussy to my asshole? Oh, oh yes, yes, oh, oh I want to pinch my nipples and suddenly I feel hot wax drip on to my nipple. Oh, Mmmmmm yes, yes that feels so fucking good. Move that long tongue of yours lover! Now she is back kissing me with her hot tongue as her husband is eating me out, she is straddling my face with her cum soaked pussy by my husband and I lick up both of their juices as she grinds that pussy in my face and I hear my husband moaning. What is he doing? He is jacking off!

I wish I could see, but Oh her husband is making me want to come all over his long tongue as she grinds my face with her pussy and now her husband has stuck his hard throbbing cock in my pussy! It feels as if he is on his knees with my legs over his lap and he is pounding my Pussy and she is ordering us all to come, to come now with her as I drink her juices and my pussy explodes all over her husbands cock as my husband shoots his hot juices and hits me in the side of my face and her husbands cock fills me up with his hot thick juices. I am breathing heavy as they remove my blinders, mask whatever you want to call it. She smiles at me as she helps to remove the wax from my body which actually felt really sensual while they were removing it. We went home, I felt totally alive and closer to my husband. I still wondered who she was though this woman who I thought cast some magical spell over us. I smiled gazing out the window into the darkness.

It's morning already, I am tired, but I feel really, really good. I smiled all the way to school, hell I was humming as I wrote on the chock board. There was a knock at my class room door. I was shocked to see the dozen red roses. I smiled being so Thankful for a loving husband. When I read the card I was shocked. How? How is this even possible?. Oh I can not tell you the panic that filled my body when I read that card. I thought it was over, but is it? Sure is was fun last night, but I full filled my desire and I am comfortable with my old life.

It's over, right? I thought to myself as I read her note.

Your Mistress is who I am...

Remember to always say please.

Softly hold me,

Run your fingers softly over my cheek.

No not like that! I am displeased,

get on your knees.

I will spank you with my whip until I am pleased,

No you cannot escape me.

I effect you like a disease,

When you bore me then I shall leave.

Mistress Cally.

I felt a warm gush in my white silk panties holding the card in my trembling hand from my Mistress Cally wondering how she could know my thoughts and where I worked? She was truly bewitching.

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