The Chains jangled

(Part 1 from 2)

This story is a work of adult fiction, suitable for those over 18 only.
No slight is intended to any current or past Scottish office holder. Some of the devices described probably exist only in the author’s imagination. The story features BDSM so may not be to all tastes.

It is a sequel to an earlier story on this site called “ Tempting Faith”

*** Chapter 1. Business or pleasure?

Some parts of the Edinburgh Economy had dipped and there were consequences of this evident in the flow of shipping into the deep sea port in Leith. The Ferguson Group of Oil Companies had been in negotiations for a considerable time with Edinburgh City Council to expand their berthing in Leith Port to allow for a larger wharf area with deep sea access and associated Dockside installations in Leith.
These negotiations had now stalled and no worthwhile outcome seemed likely.

In desperation the Chairman turned to one of the family, Rhona Ferguson, to get involved to see if the impasse could be overcome somehow. Rhona, a board member for the last 10 years agreed to take this on, knowing that she would have to use all of her powers of persuasion on the Council to get a satisfactory result. She also knew that securing a satisfactory outcome would enhance her status in the company, and perhaps allow the family to look past any past misdemeanors in her very unorthodox lifestyle.
So began a slow and sometimes tortuous series of meetings, where a whole range of objections were raised. Each of these had to be dealt with, and this sometimes required off site meetings with one of the committee that Rhona knew intimately.

Her friend Adele, the Lady Lord Mayor, had given Rhona an insight into the Council’s deliberations, during their frequent meetings in Rhona’s home in Ballater.
Rhona in turn allowed Adele to hear her deliberations, and options for bringing the matter to a successful conclusion. A solution slowly evolved that they both felt comfortable with. Rhona knew that there was still the hurdle of the Development Authority to deal with so the deal was not yet finalized.

Rhona used her wiles as Adele’s mistress to glean what information she needed in return for providing Adele with her favourite BDSM rituals.
She knew all of Adele’s fetishes and desires, having introduced her to most of them.
She knew that a new design currently being finished in her basement would further enhance Adele’s enjoyment, and keep her entirely under Rhona’s spell.

*** Chapter 2. Engineering a compromise.

Having met her board and outlined a proposal that would allay most of the Council’s objections, she hired a company of Civil Engineers to cost up the proposals and draw up the Tender documentation.
This proposal got conditional approval by the board, dependent on the agreement for additional land and the secondary but important wharf side dock development in Leith.

On behalf of the Ferguson Group, Rhona proposed to construct a new spur off the Motorway, with a Flyover Bridge to connect the Dockside for better access by large trucks. The new overpass would be named after the family members who had died tragically in a road accident leaving Rhona in charge of her nephew Finn.
From this new access route The Ferguson Group would also undertake to develop the Dockside itself with increased access for Freight and Ferry passengers, to enhance the tourism potential of the region.
Rhona also envisaged a new vibrant dockside area with restaurants, Hotels and a Shopping Mall.

Tenders were sought from interested companies for Road development, Dockside Cranes, Maintenance Plants, and Storage facilities, and Rhona was totally involved and totally committed to her role to ensure that her Company maximised the benefits of all of this development.

She decided that she would need someone with the right blend of business nous and engineering skills to assist her in selecting contractors. She also required one of the Company’s legal team to prepare their contracts to meet targeted deadlines with associated bonuses. She intended to ensure that any failure to stick to agreed costs, or default on targets such as completion dates would result in penalties to the selected contractor.


Rhona reviewed all of the engineering staff in the company with her HR Manager, and happily selected Lindsey McHugh a Civil Engineer with extensive experience in road and dockside construction as her associate in this endeavour, much to Lindsey’s delight.
Rhona and Ms McHugh were social buddies who both enjoyed music, particularly the Revue format that Rhona did so well.

*** Chapter 3. A re-design of Rhona’s den.

Given the nature and function of Rhona’s BDSM den, she was very careful in choosing a designer to enhance her basement den to cater for a range of equipment she desired to have installed.
She selected a girl that was part of the sisterhood in Edinburgh, providing support for the LGBT centre, and raising funds to assist any girl who required additional care and refuge.

This girl was aware of Rhona’s lesbian roots, and her undoubted skill as a BDSM Mistress to likeminded girls. She also enjoyed partaking in her Revue Show in Edinburgh, getting a buzz as a constant stream of lesbians attended and joined in during the performance, and later on, back in Ballater.

Her participation in a mimed version of some raunchy songs brought her own fans. She never had any problem in securing a partner to participate in her favorite intimate pastime. You see, this girl was a shoe fetishist, who loved sniffing feet, licking shoes, and eventually having her own very sensitive toes licked and sucked.

All of her active adult sex life had been used to locate that special girl who could come, by just having her toes sucked, just like her. Rhona knew of her desire to find such a girl, and always invited her along to her house parties in case such a girl appeared on her radar.
Lindsey worked on a new design for Rhona that would automate the moving of her chosen submissive around a series of sexual trials. A series of Motorized Chains and pulleys was delivered, as well as two different types of saddle/harnesses. When it was fully installed, Rhona stared in wonderment at the design, and contemplated the marvels she could accomplish.

She returned upstairs to her office to work for the evening, worrying over the ongoing project that she had put so much work into. The problem was as the project came tantalizingly close to completion so Rhona’s hormones raged.
She was so horny!

*** Chapter 4. Faith meets the designer

“Faith, Let me introduce you to Lindsey McHugh, a girl who shares the stage with me when I do my show. She is a Civil Engineer who has designed many manufacturing improvements for the company, and we are working together on the proposal around the docks in Leith”
“Lindsey, I would like you to meet my partner Faith Munroe who I love dearly”
“You have worked so hard on the Dockside proposal that we thought you would enjoy a special treat. I know that you cannot stay long, but Faith and I are going to look after you, just like you most enjoy”
Lindsey immediately understood what was proposed and squealed with joy.

They led her into the guest wing, where Rhona had prepared an area especially for Lindsey. She eagerly reclined on a low table, lifting her miniskirt as Rhona playfully stroked her stocking clad legs. Lindsey’s black stockings were admired by both girls as they glimpsed her lacy teddy clad pussy.

Rhona grasped her right foot and began to lick the base of her foot as she looked admiringly a those beautiful suspenders. She nodded to Faith to do the same with the other foot. The feel of a tongue on her feet caused an immediate and powerful pulse in Lindsey’s core. She could feel her own juices begin to lubricate her. She began to finger herself through the teddy as the girls slowly worked their way ceremoniously around each foot.

As the girls began to suck on the smallest toe of each foot Lindsey hastily opened the buttons on the crotch of her teddy and pulled it back out of the way. She once again proceeded to use her own fingers to enhance the sensations in her feet. As both girls reached her big toes which were the centre of her sexuality she cried out deliriously in the first throes of her climax.
She held her lips open as her pussy released a gush of juice as she reached the zenith of her climax.
Faith looked quizzically for a moment at what she had just witnessed, but did not comment.

Later, after Lindsey left, she shyly remarked to Rhona:-
“That’s the second time I have seen that. I have done the same in the past for my good friend Alexis Dunbar, who works for the Leith Port Authority!”
“O Goody, let’s invite her along next Saturday and introduce her to Lindsey. There is nothing as erotic to me as two girls giving one another their own special mutual pleasure. You never know, it may be love at first suck!”

*** Chapter 5. The lady Lord Mayor succumbs.

The Lady Lord Mayor Adele Mawhinnie always looked forward eagerly to her meetings with the Ferguson Group, especially Rhona Ferguson. Her meetings were carefully crafted with an agenda that ensured that she could be seen to benefit from her business relationship, while gracefully accepting a proposal from this influential company that would materially benefit their considerable interests in this beautiful part of Scotland.

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