The Birthdays I'll Always Remember

(Part 1 from 8)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

WOW! What a night! As I lay in the big king size bed in the master bedroom of my house, I wondered just how crazy things could get sometimes after a birthday party. I had just turned 35 and as I lay there, my mind started drifting back over my life and other birthdays I have had. I knew that every major birthday event in my life involved some sort of sex ever since I was young. 

I had always love sex, all sorts of sex! It wasnít just the fucking between a cock and my cunt that I liked. I loved everything about sex that there was. With a man or woman or multiple partners, it didn't matter to me. I would try anything and normally when it was over I wanted more. I guess some people would call me a nymphomaniac, others would call me a slut or whore. I called myself a free and liberated woman who enjoyed sex just like a man, only better! I could have multiple orgasm and go on and on for hours!

The first time I ever had any sexual feeling that I remembered was at a young age. I was trying to climb a clothes pole one-day after watching my three brothers do it. They could always scamper up that poll in 2 or 3 seconds and sit on the cross bar. After they had left I tired to do it too. But for some reason I never could get up high enough to sit on the cross bar like my brothers. It was where the clotheslines were hooked to hold the clothes my mom washed. 

One day I was practicing and practicing and no one was around to kid me for not being able to do it. I wrapped my arms and legs tightly around that pole and begin to raise my young body up off the ground only to slid down a little bit went I tried to reposition my legs higher up on the pole. I would rise up only to feel myself begin to slide down again. So, I grit my teeth and squeezed my thighs tighter and tighter around that pole trying to hold my body up. As I held the pole between legs I shimmed up a little higher again. Again and again I hunched and shimmed my body up that poll only to slide down a little. And as I squeezed my thighs as hard as I could, a wonderful feeling began to run over my body.

I found the faster I shimmed and hunched, the better the feeling became. And then I felt what seemed like this thumping inside my pussy and I felt a wetness between my legs that made me feel like I have gone to the bathroom. But I hadnít. I held my body tight against that tick pole and squeezed my thighs as tight as I could around that thick pole and let it rub the length of my pussy. I was using about 2 feet of the pole with each upward and downward movement. It felt so good I finally fell off the pole on to the ground! When it was over, I didnít know what happened. I was shaking and felt light-headed. But the next day and the next and the next, I was back outside squeezing that thick pole between my thighs trying to have the same feeling inside my body again. Each day it happened it was a little bit better. I learned how to keep it going too! I guess I looked like a dam monkey humping the pole like I did everyday.

Then the day of my birth, we all went out for pizza and fun for lunch. Since it was the summer my parents had off from work and we all enjoyed the day. That afternoon around 4 PM I was again outside on the clothes pole again. But on my birthday, my mom saw me humping the clothes pole and asked me what I was doing? I didnít know! I really didnít know what it was I felt. I told her I was trying to climb the pole and get this special feeling it gave me from doing it. After a few more questions my mom knew what had happened. She didnít tell me but I had had my first orgasm from a fucking cloths pole. She did sit me down and talked to me telling me, ďWell nice girls donít to that Louise! Itís not nice. I know the feeling is very nice but good girls donít do that! Now, I donít want to see you doing it again. Understand? If I see you Iíll have to punish you and Iíll be very upset with you! Now be a good girl and tell me you wonít do that ever again!Ē

She acted stern with me but I didnít understand why? I wondered why, but told her, ďOk Mom. I promise.Ē

But then when I went to bed that night I started to touch myself down there and soon I was rubbing and fingering my little pussy in a kind of sexual trance. As I began to cum for the first time on my hand I moaned and cried out biting the pillow to keep the sound down. It was a good birthday present to myself. I now didnít need that pole.

Then a few years later, I had a birthday party and later I remember allowing some of the older boys to see my pussy and ass as we met behind the garage in the ally where I lived. They gave me things like money and candy and soda. I let them touch me between my legs for a little while until I felt my body quiver and shake. I think I scared the boys as I felt like I was peeing in front of them. But it was fun and it felt really good to have someone else touch me there and give me that special feeling. So then it became every Saturday after baseball practice. I always wore a pair of shorts and they would pull them down and off of my feet and then spread my legs. They would get real close and look and touch me on my little pussy. A few of the braver ones would push their fingers into my hole a little. It felt very good and again I would feel like I had to go to the bathroom. They would play with my pussy and after a while I had, what I later realized it was another orgasm. I would go home all warm and feeling nice inside. They told me not to tell anyone or they would stop touching and giving me things. So, I never did say anything to my mom or dad. 

Then one day a neighbor lady called my mom and told her what was going on behind the garage. Needless to say my mom went ballistic and I was grounded for the rest of the summer. The only way I could go anywhere that summer was if my mom went with me. The boys got into big trouble too. They all told me that they hated me. 

Yes, I loved sex from a very early age. Then I had my first grown up birthday party. There were guys and girls invited and everyone knew there was going to be dancing and if they were lucky something called necking. I didnít know what it was exactly but my best friend Mala told me itís like kissing a boy. For some reason that gave me that nice warm feeling between my thighs. I was so happy my best friend Myla had planned it especially for me. As I look back on it I realized I had matured faster than most of the other girls. My breasts were much bigger and I had some hair around my pussy now. 

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