The Biker girls dream

(Part 1 from 1)

The day started out as any other with coffee and a chat to her roommate. The door bell rang and when she opened it a delivery man was at the door package in hand. Could it finally be here she thought? Signing for the package she returned inside and places the package down on the counter.

Her roomy enquired as to what it was. She laughs shyly and said “something that’s going to look so hot that men will melt around me”. Her roomy laughed and said “I’ll be right back”. Her roomy returned with a box. She placed the box on top of the package.

Turning to her and said “I saw you on that sight and what you ordered so I got you some accessories that will suit perfect” and with a naughty smile turned and left to get ready for work.

She sat there in shocked silence but with her heart running so fast with excitement. Finally she got up and went to work. The day could not have seemed to pass any slower and the numbers just didn’t seem to add up. Finally she called it a day the anticipation was just too much to allow concentration on her work. As she drove home she could feel her body’s excitement.

She walked in the door just after 3.30 put down her keys on the table and picked up her 2 new packages. She walked to her room and placed them on the bed. Resisting the urge to open them she turned on the shower and set the temperature. She slowly pulled off her work clothes and removed her lingerie. As she pulled off her G-string she saw how wet they were from the long day of sexual anticipation. She climbed into the shower and the water made her nipples tingle and her lust even wilder. She ran soap over her entire naked body and pinched her soft nipples as she did making them hard and her moan. She stood there enjoying the sensation as she slid her fingers down to her pussy and into her wet warm self. Her clit was hard and sensitive as she fingers her clit and pussy.

Intrigued but what had been said on chats she took her other hand covered in soap and slid it around and in to tight bum slowly. Fuck me she thought as the sensation was strange yet extremely erotic. Before she could stop herself, fingering her ass and pussy at the same time, her knees went weak as she orgasmed in a way like never before. She felt her bum and pussy tighten at the same time as her juices flowed out of her and mixing with the water ran down her leg as she moaned like she had never before.

She stood there shaking for some time before she finished showering. She knew that ever part of her part was super clean after that experience and smiling she climbed out of the shower. Drying her naked body she went and sat down at her dressing table and started to do her hair and makeup for the the night ahead...

Finally she was finished. Just in time to cause her curiosity was just too much. She got up and picked up the box that had been delivered. She opened it slowly pulling out the item. She smiled! It was perfect. A shinny black full body latex catsuit with a zipper from front to back.

She purred with excitement. She laid it on the bed gently and turned to the present from her roomy. She opened the box and gasped. Inside was a black latex corset and a pair of shinny black killer high heels with sexy red souls.

She laid these out next to her catsuit. She was so hot she felt as if she would explode right there. She picked up the catsuit and deciding there was no need for underwear she started to put it on.

The strange material was cool against her skin and strangely pleasant to touch. As she pulled it on she felt it warn up as it covered her skin in a second skin of pure lust and desire. She slowly zipped it up. Then she took the oil that was supplied and spread it over the catsuit as instructed to increase its shine. The sensation of her hands running over her was almost too good to believe. When she was done she picked up the corset and after putting on the oil she put it on over the catsuit and laced it up tightly. Bending down she slid on her new heels feeling how awesome the catsuit pull between her bums cheeks made her flush as it touched her bum hole. Fuck she hadn’t even seen herself and she already felt hotter than hell.

Slowly she turned to the mirror and gasped. Her hair was blow dried to perfection. Her lipstick deep red and makeup perfect with the colour of her outfit. But what made her breath stop was how perfect the catsuit and corset fitted her soft body, tight and flattering in every way, in fact almost too flattering and she blushed lightly.

Fuck she though am I sure of this? Well she thought “I’ve come this far so let’s do It. Picking up her phone she sms’ed “I’m on my way”
She walked out to the driveway looking like pure lust and she felt sexier and hotter than ever before.

She looked at her beautiful black motorcycle, then her shoes and thought ‘will she be able to ride in these’. Well she smiled it’s too late bow and putting her helmet on jumped onto her bike. The engine roaring to life as she pulled away down the drive, a black coated vixen in the night. As she rode she felt the air running across her second skin, the catsuit and corset were tight and kept her warm but they did not prevent the air from causing her nipples to go rock hard and her skin to get goose bumps. She was in second heaven the feeling was amazing and the vibration from her bike was unrestricted like never before and the catsuit tight between her bum cheeks the combination made her bum clench in pleasure and her pussy was pulsating with lust at the sensation. Her body was reacting in ways she never knew possible as she rode off to her secret rendezvous and him.

By the time she rode into the abandoned factory she was certain she was dripping already. The ride had almost brought her to orgasm several times on the way and she couldn’t hold out much longer. She idled into the building he had told her about and she saw him and his bike parked in the middle. Damn was she happy he was already here and as she rode closer she removed her helmet and smiled at him. Even from a distance she could see the reaction on his face was of desire for her and that was the final straw and all she could do not to crash was to stop and put her feet down as multiple orgasms coursed through her body. “Fuck” she thought “how is this possible”.

She slowly put the side stand down as her body relaxed and she unmounted the bike. She looked at him and with her eyes made it clear that there was no foreplay now she wanted to be filled and satisfied right there and then. She bent over, one hand on her bike for support the other unzipping the crotch of her catsuit. Spreading her legs she displayed her ass and pussy to him. She could feel the juices wet against her skin in the cold air. She looked at him and said “just take me please! Now! He pulled down his pants to reveal a latex jock with a built in cock sheath covering his manhood.

She gasped! Pulling off his shirt and jeans he pulled out of his pocket an extension that looked like a thin dildo and fitted it to his latex covered dick.

She wasn’t sure about what he was going to do but damit she didn’t care anymore, she needed to be fucked right now and desire overrode any inhibitions. He then slid a condom over the dildo and moved closer.

Slowly he slides the dildo in her pussy and she moaned loudly and protested as he pulled it out again. Then she felt its tip against her bum hole. Slowly he inserted it into her bum while he guided his cock into her waiting pussy. Strangely even though she had not had anal sex before this felt so fucking right. She arched back as his dildo and cock spread both her pussy and ass at the same time. The feeling was wild. Slowly he moved in and out as her bum become accustomed to the intrusion and she started to moan. Suddenly he stopped and pulls out of both sides of her. She cried in a soft moan “please don’t stop”.

She turned to see a smile of lust on his face as he was pulling the condom off the dildo and turning it to below his now pulsating penis. A flash of horror crossed her face as she knew what he was doing but it faded instantly and she just let go to his desire and the needs of her body. Slowly she felt the dildo enter her pussy and felt his rock hard cock pushing lightly against her bum. To her surprise it slid in without any discomfort and she gasped as both her pussy and ass were filled with a wild amazing sensation. She pushes against him to make him enter her full as she, to her own surprise, moaned loudly.

He started to fuck her slowly felling her bum tighten around his dick moving deep then slowly out till his hood felt the inner walls of her spincer stopping him and then back. She takes her hand sliding them around to his ass, “fuck me “ she says as she feels his jock has a built in anal plug buried deep in his ass making her even more turn on she grabs and forces him and his dildo as hard and deep as she can in to her. She yelps from pains and pleasure and starts to force him to slam over and over deep into ever faster. He tries to slow down but she tells him “no don’t please fuck me harder and faster babes”.

She feels her pussy walls and spincer tighten but the sensation is strange, almost as if she is going to pee, desperately she tries to stop him but he doesn’t flinch. Fucking her even harder and deeper than before. Suddenly her body tenses and she gives into her bodies feelings. To her surprise she screams for the first time ever as her cum explodes from her pussy as the mother of all orgasms rock her body. She hears how it splashes against him but he doesn’t stop as her body is racked by a nonstop immense orgasm after the next. The whole time she screams with pleasure as her pussy empties her cum from her onto him and down the legs of her catsuit.

Slowly the intensity of the orgasms subside but she knows he has not cum yet and begs him not to stop till he fills her ass with his warm cum. She feels his dick swell in her as he slams into her and moans loudly as he fills her ass with cum causing her to orgasm hard again, as he forces himself as deep into her as he can, letting his cum pump over and over into her bum as his dick pulsates deep inside. She stands up straight felling the dildo slide from her pussy but keeping his dick inside her bum she turns her head and kisses him deeply.

To be continued...

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