The Beginning

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

The young man yawned at the television, which displayed some low budget soft porn. It was late, and his family had all departed to various places. His parents were on vacation, and his sister left hours before to who knows where. He was so damn bored. He couldn't even manage to get aroused by the shoddy porn. He went to change the channel, and discovered the remote's batteries were dead. "Fuck," he thought, and he went to the kitchen to find some fresh ones. 

Scratching at himself as he wandered into the kitchen, he paused in front of the pale wood counter top. He opened the drawers one at a time, searching through the copious amounts of junk for the elusive batteries. As he finally found the box of double A's, he snagged a couple and set them on the counter, glancing at the refrigerator. "Hmm." he thought, and glanced at the clock. Not expecting his parents home any time soon, he opened the refrigerator and grabbed one of his father's beers, thinking "Fuck it" to himself as he cracked it open. He took a swig of the cold, bitter beer and turned on his heel, almost forgetting to retrieve the objects of his trip to the kitchen. He smirked to himself, took the batteries, and finally returned to the soft couch to fix the errant device. As he sprawled there, his attention began to wander, changing the images on the screen into something much more appealing.

Before he knew it, the beer was gone and most of the channels were perused. All that was left were the odd satellite channels that came from odd other countries. On one there was a young girl bathing in a stream with commentary overlaid in some language he didn't recognize at all. The young girl was maybe 16 or 17. It reminded him of is younger sister. The girl wasn't exposed, but the water rolled over her skin slowly, and the camera seems to focus on it rather closely. Apparently the errant cameraman thought it was just as enticing as he did. The crotch of his jeans began to get tighter, his eyes fixed to the screen and the odd images of the girl. His fingers slowly of their own volition began to rub himself through the material.

Letting out a gentle moan, his unbidden thoughts morphed the image of the girl into the image of his own sister. The hair elongated, flowing over the girls slender, pale skin, and turned a vibrant autumn shade that was just a touch lighter than his own. The skin became slowly dotted with freckles, and the girl shortened just a few inches. His imagination turned the girl, brought her closer, her wet body teasing him with its perfection that remained even upon the most intense of inspection. His hand now moved with a sense of urgency, and almost insistent, he momentarily lost the image as his fingers fumbled on the zipper of his jeans. Shaking his head, he moaned at the last traces of the image, wondering how wrong it was to think of your younger sister in such ways. Wondering, pondering how illegal it would be... But... They were just thoughts, weren't they? He finally allowed his hand to tug down his zipper and enter his jeans.

His thoughts shattered with a start as he heard the front door slam shut. He leapt for the remote and quickly changed the channel to the weather. His sister turned the corner, and sat on the edge of the long couch. He listened half-heartedly as she complained about her new boyfriend that she had only started dating a few days ago. Her eyes looked distracted as she talked, before she declared she needed a shower, got up, and ran upstairs. Moments later, he heard the bathroom door close. He breathed deeply and stood up, and only then realized his erection had been out of it's confinement and in plain sight the entire time. His thoughts scrambled a million different ways at that realization. Before he could think of how his baby sister had reacted to it, he realized his hand had wrapped around his hardness and had started slowly stroking. He stopped himself. This felt too weird, too wrong. Yet the idea that his sister had not spoken a word to him. Had she not noticed? Had she ran in disgust and was to embarrassed to say something? 

His thoughts somewhat frantic, he looked toward the bathroom and then back down repeatedly. Should he stay? Should he try to talk to her? What if she hadn't noticed? Should be apologize? His thoughts were flying by, a mile a minute, and he slowly zipped himself up, the mood lost for a moment. He sighed, grabbed the beer bottle and threw it into the trashcan on his way up the stairs and into his room. Once in his room, he closed his door firmly and walked to his computer, hoping that he could perhaps find something that would take his thoughts far from his sister and into something more appropriate as wanking material. He logged on to a few of his favorite porn sites, attempting desperately to ignore the stories and advertisements proclaiming the wonders of incestuous fucking. Finally, he gave up, proclaiming (or perhaps justifying) that incest wasn't wrong if he was reading about someone else's activities. It couldn't be wrong, so long as he wasn't actually doing it. So, he opened a site, scrolled through the list of stories about fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, and finally got to the treasure trove... A story about a boy and his sister taking each otherís virginities.

The girl sighed as the steaming hot water poured over her pale flesh. Her crimson hair hung in ringlets down her wet back, her hands helping rise away the last of the soapy foam. Her mind reeled as fast as her brother's did. She couldn't believe her brother was justÖ Hanging out, like that. But he wasn't hanging. She could easily see he was at full attention. What was he doing before she had arrived? Whacking to the weather channel? No, he probably changed it as she came in the door. The image of her brother's hardness stuck in her thoughts. She had never actually seen one in real life before. She had seen plenty in the various images from her brother's favorite websites, as she snuck onto his computer to avoid the parental controls on their parent's computer. She wasn't prepared for the real thing, however. Her hymen was still intact, and with a finger to measure, she figured her brother would easily push past it and far deeper. She shook her head and blinked when what she was thinking fully hit her, she was wondering if she could accommodate her brother's penis? How did that get into her head?

As the girl worked on drying her hair, her brother busily worked on... well, something else entirely. Their thoughts almost seemed to coincide, proving once again that they were practically more than brother and sister. They'd always been close, always. It was just something they took for granted. Regardless, the time passed slowly for both of them, the seconds seemed like hours, the minutes like days. Her hair dry, her body clean, she made her way from the first floor bathroom up to the second floor where her bedroom resided. She had always been thrilled, knowing that her bedroom was far away from the large master bedroom on the first floor where her parents resided, but now she almost wished that there was a bit more space between her room and her brother's. The medium sized home had always seemed comfortable, yet now it seemed to take on a stiffer, almost unbearable feeling. She opened her door as quietly as she could, her small body slipping into her room in just a few short moments.

She lay on the bed and closed her eyes, letting her thoughts drift. They would keep drifting back to the image of her brother on the couch. She tried to think of other things. Homework. Her parents. But in the silence, she could hear a soft whisper from her brotherís room. She sat up and listened carefully. She heard her name whispered ever so softly. She jumped up, and went to her door, and heard the unmistakable sound of her brother calling out her name, but in a hushed tone. His wrist was starting to hurt, but the feeling was so incredible. The Internet stories long abandoned to fantasy, He decided it must be ok as long as he didn't think of *his* sister, only an imaginary one. He didn't even notice her name passing his lips as he slipped away slowly into deeper fantasy.

At the sound of his voice whispering her name, the unmistakable jolt of arousal passed through her body. As young as she was, even she knew that the feeling was remarkably delicious. She snuck out into the hallway that connected her bedroom to his, her footsteps as silent as possible. She pressed her small head up against his door, listening intently. Her body shivered with every breath he took, every moan that passed his lips. She pressed her body against his door, listening, as his breathing grew more and more ragged. His hand literally flew over himself, and she imagined precisely what he could be doing, the image of his nakedness still pressed down into her brain. She shuddered, causing the door to rattle almost imperceptibly.

Her soft, tiny hands reached up to touch her nipples, already hard as tiny stones. She listened as her brother vocalized his fantasy, whispering all the dirty things he had picked up from the Internet sites she had seen. His mind raced through fantasy after fantasy, his self-agreement to only imagine someone else's sister and not his own long since forgotten. His thighs shook as his climax approached, and the door rattled ever so slightly. He smiled into his fantasy that she was at his door, waiting to come in and be taken by him. His muscles spasmed, when his brain finally told him the sound at the door was real, while everything else was not. He panicked yet again and leapt off of his bed and went to the door. He turned the handle just enough to move the latch, and it flew open towards him and his sister fell into him, causing them both to tumble to a heap on the floor, both nude, and now both very surprised.

Gasping, she looked up into his sharp green eyes and blushed a furious pink, scrambling backward to get off of his naked form. She mumbled something, scrambled to her feet and took off down the hall way and into her bedroom, slamming the door shut. He froze, for a moment at least, before his instinct took over and he ran after her, following her into the bedroom. He swung the door open to see her, collapsed on her bed and still nude. Without thinking, he sat on the edge of her bed and wrapped a strong arm around her shoulders, stroking her back. "Hey, hey..." He murmured softly... "Itís alright..." Her tiny shoulders shook with a soft, controlled sob. "I'm just so embarrassed!" She blurted out, overly conscious of his strong body pressed against her smaller one. "No... Shhh. Don't be..." He said immediately, always coming to her defense. "If anyone should be embarrassed, it should be me. I should have locked the door, or... or something..." He blushed himself, looking away from her nude form reluctantly to look out he dark window.

"Trust me, you don't have any reason to be embarrassed," he said, after noticing she instinctively laid her arms over her firm breasts. "But, why were you at my door?" "I heard you call my name," she replied. "I was curious," she stuttered slightly as she spoke. He hugged her again, and she could feel his erection pressing against her. She turned to look at just as he leaned in to kiss her hair, and their lips met, but both were too startled to stop. After the sparks cleared, they pulled away slightly, and her eyes looked down at the bed. "Why did you say I shouldn't be embarrassed?" He stammered out, "well, you're beautiful, you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself..." She looked back up at him. "You really think I'm beautiful?" He wiped a tear away from her check. "Of course I do." She replied but she was his sister. "I know, but I can't help but notice." His face flushed slightly, and his eyes shut tight. A moment later he felt her lips press against his again, and his mind swam. 

Stars... He swore he saw them the moment she pressed her lips into his intentionally. They glittered before his eyes, and he pulled her slight frame close, onto his lap. Her legs wrapped instinctively around his waist, his penis pressing against her belly. After a few seconds, he pulled himself away from her, his eyes filled with a new light. She looked at him carefully; her lips still feeling the pressure of his on them. He took a deep breath and looked deeply into her eyes, his voice trembling. "Are... Are we doing this? Is this really happening?" Wordlessly, she nodded and kissed him again, much more gently this time. She breathed in, and as her mouth opened he extended his moist tongue outward, trailing over her soft pink lips playfully. She tentatively extended her own tongue, gently touching the tip of his furtively. A tingle jolted down her spine and through her body, out to her fingertips. Her blue eyes opened slowly and she looked at him, struggling with her words. "I...I'm... a virgin..." she whispered.

His fingers touched her soft cheek. "IÖ Er.., so am I, actually," he confessed in return. He kissed her again. "This is scary," she admitted, "but don't go away." "I won't", he promised. His fingertips trembled as they slid from her cheek down over her shoulder and down her bare arm. Her mind was useless to her when she kissed him. It felt so wrong, but so right as well. Like it was supposed to be this way. She bent her head and pressed her lips to his shoulder. He closed his eyes and did the same in return. He remembered what he had read in that last Internet story. He gently laid her down, his lips going to hers again, they felt so perfect pressed together. He eventually broke free of that enchantment, and, trembling, began to kiss down her neck. He could feel her muscles and veins twitch with her pulse. Her breath managed to form his name, and that she loved him. He closed his eyes and kept kissing her soft pale flesh.

She groaned beneath the pressure of his lips, the beautiful gentle feeling enticing all of her senses. Her hands reached out into the blind world of love and physical self, touching his soft yet rough skin. She trailed her fingers across his back, over his neck, and up to his hair, gently tugging on the auburn locks. She writhed beneath his heavy frame as his lips moved down her neck to her collarbone, and then further south still. His wet pink tongue trailed between her soft breasts, licking each teasingly, never rising higher than an inch inward toward her dark pink nipples. His breath felt so good on her skin, so warm and moist. His hands rubbed her soft hips and stomach, firmly massaging the pale body beneath him. She writhed upward, her crotch pressing into his. He could already feel the wetness begin to grow between her legs, and as he clamped his mouth firmly on one of her hard nipples, her body let out another gush of fluid as well as a contagious moan. His cock twitched in response, and he sucked a bit harder, his other hand finding her free fleshy breast easily. He played with her, teasing her slowly, and yet she still became almost unbelievably close to orgasm with just a few soft promptings.

Her nipples tasted so sweet. He couldn't reason out why, but he stopped caring, as her moans grew louder. His cock was getting coated in warm fluid, so he reached down and pressed a fingertip into the wetness to find her eager clit. He tried to rub it gently and focus on suckling her breast. He gave up on both, and kissed his way slowly across her soft tummy and hairless mound. Her smooth, pale thighs parted instinctively, and he softly kissed her wetness. He couldn't stop thinking about her skin. it was pale ivory and so beautiful. It contrasted so vividly with her crimson curls, and was so soft. He didn't recall feeling anything so soft and warm before. He licked at her gently, pausing only briefly from time to time to kiss her inner thighs, which looked so wonderful he just needed to kiss them. She felt her fingers entangle themselves amongst his own locks and grip tightly, her voice getting slowly louder.

Groaning, writhing, squirming... She did it all. Anything to keep his face against her body, his tongue against her flesh, his lips trailing over her most secret of places. She began to pant, her young body flooded with sensation after sensation after sensation. Her juices began to pour from her body; she came violently for the first time. She moaned, tugging at her brotherís hair and scratching at his skin primally. Her entire body belonged to him that was now for certain. She encouraged him to lick harder, faster, as she came a second time, her juices pouring over his face. As her juice flowed over his lips and tongue, his hard cock twitched, and he was more than ready to make his baby sister his sex toy for good. He pulled his face up from her sacred mound, licking the juices from his lips eagerly. He kissed her, hard, and she tasted herself on his lips. Whispering into her ear heavily, he said... "Baby sister... I want to fuck you now..."

She moaned back at him, "Yes, please, I'm yours, all yours, big brother, all for you, always." His baby sister submitting to him so easily, so fully, ignited a fire in his brain and he pulled her creamy pale thighs wide apart, and laying fully over her, supporting his weight with his arms while his cock pressed hard against her mound. He shifted backwards as her hands slid up over his back, and he easily slid through her wetness and entered her, only to be halted by her hymen. He pressed his slick lips to hers once more as he pushed forward and took her virginity. The pain didn't even register for her. The sensation of pleasure was too much. Her hands slid down, leaving red trails from her fingernails to grab his ass and hold him deep inside her for a moment. "Oh god, I love you, don't ever go away, please, I'm all yours," she moaned in his ear. He pulled out slowly, and pushed himself in as deep as he could reach.
His body shuddered with never before experienced levels of pleasure. As his beautiful little sister became such a dirty little girl, he reached a new pinnacle in his complete ravaging on her slender little body. Thrusting his manhood deep into her with just a few wild strokes, he knew that he simply could not hold out much longer. Her pussy clamped itself around him with the pressure only a virgin could manage. She held him close to her and let loose her third orgasm of the evening, screaming out his name in one loud, violent scream. And with the pressure of her breasts into his chest and her already vice-like pussy squeezing tightly around his shaft, he came violently, seconds after his adorable little baby sister, strands of pearly white cum erupting into her most holy sanctuary. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, holding her tiny body to himself, panting deeply. She responded in turn, her pussy still spasming as all of the muscles in her body returned to their naturally relaxed state. They lay there, covered in sweat, his softening prick still deep within his younger sister, for quite some time before either of them spoke. He whispered softly into her pale ear, "Oh, my little sister, how I love you."

She shut her eyes and sighed happily. "I love you too, big brother," the words came out softly. The feeling of wholeness and completion stayed with her as she fell asleep, still holding her brother to her.

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