The Beach Ride : Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

I had just finished two master degrees in North Carolina after 3 intense years of work. There was a job waiting for me in New York but was able to delay my start for a couple months because I was pretty burned out. What to do in the meantime? For starters, a couple days at the beach clearing my head out. I jumped in my beat up car and drove a couple hours to the coast where there are loads of parks and beaches. Well, I heard were there were but never had time to check them out.

One beach afternoon and a motel night’s sleep later, I was driving along the coast and came up to a field with some fine looking horses. Having grown up in southern Ohio near some of the Kentucky horse farms I was no stranger to horses by a long shot. The horses were part of a riding farm that had a sign up for rentals and beach trails. I was sold. Up I drove to the farm expecting a few laid back folks looking to make a couple bucks.

What I found was a drop dead gorgeous brunette in tight jeans and tank top, obviously in charge, getting two couples ready for a ride. She looked over, smiled and called, “be right with you Tex!” I laughed and ambled over to the barn to check out the animals. It was a nice looking place. Well kept and a nice collection of horses. Had it been a bunch of half dead trail beaters I would have been gone in a flash. As it was, I was thinking back to some of those Kentucky spreads.

The owner started to walk over toward me and I was stunned at how amazing she looked. Hourglass figure, nice boobs she obviously liked people to notice, long hair in a pony tail (of course) and brilliant smile. Couldn’t have been 30. Maybe 28. “Did you come for the nude beach ride?” she asked. My face at that moment must have been priceless, but she waited, smiling. Speechless, I finally managed, “I just saw the horses and...the what?” Laughing, she explained there was a regular nude beach ride today, advertised in some after-hours and travel magazines.

I told her I was admiring the horses and thought a ride would be fun. We talked a bit about Ohio and Kentucky and uncle’s horse farm and me chilling after graduating. All I wanted to do was continue talking to this beauty all day. “I’d be happy to rent you a horse for the afternoon, but why don’t you come along with the rest of us? Do you mind hanging out au natural? I have to warn you though, sometimes things get pretty wild. Can you handle wild, cowboy?”

At that point I would have cleaned out the stalls for her if she asked. “Sure. I can handle wild. I’m in.” “Well alright then! Got a swimsuit or something? We start off in swimsuits and see what happens. The others are changing now.” “I’ve got some cutoffs that would fit the need,” I said. “Yea, some Daisy Dukes? Just right!” She gave me a slap on the butt and headed off to finish arrangements. “I’m Caroline, by the way,” she called over her shoulder. “Andy,” I called back.

I grabbed my shorts and went to a small building to change. The others had come out already. They all sported thongs and the girls had small tops. All were pretty hot. Obviously not horse people, but definitely hot and used to hanging out in various levels of undress. They were my age or maybe a couple years younger. They also had been passing around a bottle of wine and loosening up. Introductions went Debbie, Trish, Louie and Don. I tried to remember them all. (A little hard under the circumstances.)

As I changed my head was spinning. What are the chances? Zero? I remembered years ago skinny dipping with high school friends and having my first bisexual experience. I decided on commando, removing my briefs and stepping into my shorts. They were actually Daisy Dukes. My cock would easily hang out the leg if not tucked away properly.

I came out and Caroline was there, changed into a black bikini bottom with a loose fitting tshirt. Walking up to us was one of her hands, Jackson, who had the rest of the horses. A handsome dude about my age wearing biking shorts, sporting a nice package. He definitely noticed me checking him out and smiled. This was going to be fun. I looked at the horses. No saddles. Hmmm. Ok, I see where this is going. The foursome was giggling as they were helped up. The rest of us jumped up and we were off through the woods to the beach, Jackson taking the lead, Caroline and I at the end.

“No saddles? Kind of a long way for no saddles. Are the horses cool with that?” I asked. “These are,” Caroline answered. “Plus, the ladies like it better that way,” she said with a wink. The kids up front were clowning around and Louie managed to spook his mount who knocked his shin against a tree trunk and started to limp. Bummer, over already I thought. But Caroline said, “Let’s leave Jasper over in the coral and one of us can double up. Andy would you mind? You and Louie lead him over and the two of you can catch up.” And off they went.

Louie and I looked at each other and smiled. He took Jasper’s reigns and walked him off to a coral Caroline directed us to and I followed. I was checking him out as he walked. (Louie, not the horse.) nice ass, I thought, watching his exposed cheeks. Louie knew I was watching and definitely was into it. Touching his butt a couple times, and at one point stopping and bending over long enough for me to make out his hole. I was getting stiff with the show.

We got to the coral and put Jasper inside, and leaving him some water, I pulled Louie up behind me and he put his arms around me to hold on, later letting his hands slide down a bit. “Mmmm,” he said, “ now I know why girls like riding horses so much.” “You like that? Getting turned on? It happens.” Not really to guys, I thought, but I could play along. “Yea, it is kinda hot, getting me a bit hard. Sorry” “I don’t mind,” I said. Actually, I had already started to feel his hardness against my back.

Thinking I’d bump it up a notch, I said, “you should ride in front, it will be even better.” I stopped and slid off the horse. Then noticing the tent his cock was making in his thong I said, “guess you are getting into it.” “I am, Andy.” And with that he seductively moved his cock and balls around to smooth things out as he slid forward. “You like?” “Yea, Louie, it's a nice look.” I jumped up behind him and this time my arms were around him, holding the reins.

Louie was moving around, half humping the horse as we walked along. He was pushing back and raising his butt up as he did. By now my cock was pretty hard. “This is really sexy, Andy. Your bulge against my cheeks is great. You are pretty hard aren’t you?” “I am, it feels good.” I let my hand slide down over his cock inside the thong. Louie leaned back into me. “Yea, that’s good” he reached down and pulled the pouch aside, exposing his balls and cock, hard and maybe 6 inches. “Mmm. Would you play with it?” I started running my hand up and down his shaft as he shivered and continued to push his ass against my hardon. I stoked him along with the strides of the horse.

“Let me unzip you, Andy” Louie said after a while of this stroking his cock and also fondling his balls. His hands reached behind him trying to undo my shorts. He got the button undone but I helped with the rest. My cock, just over 8”, stuck straight out and after feeling it and cupping my balls, he immediately slid it between his cheeks, all as we headed along toward the beach. He leaned far forward, exposing his ass hole to me and pulling the thong aside, then started to rub the tip of my hard penis against it.

As the horse walked and swayed, my cockhead pushed against his hole. He had a bag and pulled out some tanning lotion which he applied to his hole, then to my cock. Then put my cock against his ass again. “This is going to feel great, Andy. Your cock is so huge and really hard.” And I felt my cock start to slide into his ass. Each time the horse swayed, Louie’s ass pushed back on me. This was amazing. It was like the horse was doing all the fucking for us.

I watched as my cock head disappeared into his hole. Louie kept moaning, “o god, o yea, o it’s pushing into me, into my ass, we’re fucking” It was unbelievably erotic. After a few more minutes I was totally inside Louie’s ass and then he was leaning into me and put my hand back on his cock. I stroked him as we continued to fuck. “Not so much, I’ll cum in a moment if you don’t stop,” Louie said. “Are you close? Would you pull out and cum on my ass?” he asked.

“Sure, if that’s where you want it. This is so hot I could cum now, your pushing back is so sexy and looking at my cock slide in and out of your ass is unbelievable.” With that, Louie started to cum in my hand, moaning and bucking on my cock. It was too much for me too. I pulled my cock out and Louie leaned forward. I held my dick against his ass and started to cum over and over. He reached around and held my cock like I had held his while he came. I finished and leaned forward on him.

“Wow,” he said, “now that was a fuck to remember.” We held each other a bit longer as we came out of the woods to the beach. The rest of the group was down the beach a bit. Louie and I hopped off to clean up in the water, rinsing off each others cocks and Louie's ass and backside. He strightened out his thong and zipped up my shorts, leaving the top unbuttoned.

"Let them think what they want," he said. And we laughed. We hugged and walked down the beach and could see all the girls were topless. Amazing, I thought. The afternoon was only starting.

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