The Beach Ride : Part 2

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After our horseback sex ride through the woods, then a quick cleanup in the water, Louie and I walked down the beach toward the others. The women were all topless now and while his friends played around in the water, Caroline and Jackson were leading the horses to a grove of trees. So I jumped up on my horse, heading off toward Caroline while Louie went off toward his friends. By the time I caught up the four of them were nude and clowning around.

Caroline smiled as I arrived, pleased that I was noticing her gorgeous boobs. She still had her tied bikini bottoms on, and Jackson has his bike shorts on, although he was definitely showing a bigger package. He tied the horses up while we chatted, watching the others who had collapsed in a pile next to a large rock. The girls were fondling each other as Louie and Don looked on approvingly.

“Ohhhh, Caroline!!” Debbie and Trish called inviting her over. “My audience awaits,” said Caroline as she started to walk down to the others, untying her bikini bottom straps as she walked and pulling it off. “Damn!” I said as Jackson joined me. “Got that right, Andy. She loves to be naked. And she likes mixing it up too.” As he was saying this, the girls got up and wrapped themselves around Caroline. Trish started to make out with her while Debbie started to fondle, then lick Caroline’s breasts. Louie and Don were lying next to them watching and soon were stroking each other’s cock.

“So you made it with Louie?” Jackson asked as we watched the five bisexuals enjoy each other. “Yea! That was a surprise, I wasn’t expecting it.” Jackson went on,“oh well, looks like I’m odd man out.” As he spoke he was pulling off his shorts, revealing a half hard cock, cut, that hung down thick and long. As he stood back up I saw his balls and cock were completely smooth, like the rest of his body.

I liked to shave myself, but always had some hair above my cock. Jackson was totally hot. “No, that’s not right, Jackson. Do you want some attention?” “Yea,” he answered, looking at me as I unzipped my shorts and pushed them over my hips, then letting them slide to the ground and stepping out of them. Although nice, my cock was not as impressive as Jackson’s. But after checking it out though, he looked up at me and smiled.

I moved over to him, and reached out to touch his cock, then continued to run my hand over its base and his stomach and balls. “Wow, you are really smooth, this feels nice,” I said. “I was waxed just a few days ago,” he said, “all over.” With that I knelt down in front of him, and held his cock against my face, then ran my cheek over his hairless stomach and balls. It was so smooth. His cock was hanging down over seven inches for sure but still not hard. I took it in my mouth and was able to take it all the way in, running my tongue over it as I did. I could feel it getting harder and bigger. Soon I would not be able to have his entire penis in my mouth.

So I sucked and tongued his beautiful cock until it was hard and then took my mouth off it to see. Fully hard now, it was definitely over eight inches, and sticking up. His smooth balls hung down and I took each in my mouth, feeling each testicle move around inside his smooth sack. Very sexy. Jackson seemed to like my tongue on his cock and balls so I gave him a lot. I leaned back and looked at the whole package. “Really nice!” I said.

I continued to suck this beautiful cock, taking time to feel it all over with my tongue, holding his balls and sometimes look at it as I slowly stroked it. It felt like I was worshiping his dick, kneeling in front of him with his legs slightly spread, while it was so hard and sticking straight up. His balls fell loosely down, swinging back and forth as I bobbed my head up and down on his cock.

After ten minutes or so of sucking and licking this luscious cock I could tell Jackson was getting close to cumming. He was lightly holding my head and rocking his hips back and forth, meeting my head bobbing up and down on his cock, whispering, “ohhh yeaaa” as he did. His balls sometimes touched my chin as he fucked my mouth lightly. It would have been great if I could deep throat him but the angle wasn’t right but mainly his cock was just too big.

A couple times I glanced over at the others and could see that Trish was now going down on Caroline while Debbie was French kissing her and cupping her tits. Caroline had her fingers on Debbie’s pussy. The guys were still watching and stroking each other. I saw Louie move down to start sucking Don’s cock. Both guys looked nice but while their cocks while beautiful they were a bit over 6 inches or so, while mine is 8 and Jackson was way over that. I saw Caroline look over at us once and she smiled at me as I continued to suck Jackson.

“Ahhhh” moaned Jackson and he started to cum just as my tongue was wrapped around his cock. Some love juice squirted on my face and I let his cock slip back into my mouth and he shot the rest of his load there. I hadn’t sucked a man off for a while and was thinking how erotic I always felt when I made a guy cum with my mouth.

His spasms lessened and I held his cock in my mouth as he did, looking up and watching his face and the obvious pleasure he felt. After he stopped I let his now softening cock slide out and wiped the cum off my face. “That was good,” I said, Jackson agreed and sat down next to me, after a moment starting to stroke my cock that had been fully aroused all this time. He even reached around to hold my butt, which felt great. He was hungrily looking at my cock and ass as he stroked and in a short time I came all over his hand.

I laid down next to him after my orgasm finished and we just watched as the girls got each other off and Louie got his buddy Don off. After a couple minutes recovering they headed off to the water and called to us to join them, which we did. The water was a little cold although it was a brilliant day and as the girls’ nipples puckered up, the guys cocks got a bit smaller. Except Jackson. He was still pretty impressive when soft. Everyone at different moments took the opportunity to feel it as we played in the water.

It was time to hit the trail again and we all got on the horses. Now Louie was riding with Trish, Jackson leading and Caroline and I again behind. We kept grabbing glances at everyone as we were all still nude, going along the water then up to the woods to pick up another trail that would take us back to the barn. I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t gotten close to Caroline all this time, aside from a quick hug in the water. What a knockout.

An hour later we were back. Jackson slipped his shorts back on, Caroline put on her t-shirt, and I took the hint to pull my shorts on also. The others quickly got dressed and jumped in their car to head off, saying goodbyes. Louie gave me his business card. He had a stereo store near Norfolk and was a member of a local swingers group.

He wanted to get in touch later, which sounded great to me, especially if his friends were involved. He reached down, put a hand over my cock and he moaned, “mmmm,” in my ear as we hugged goodbye. And they were off.

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