The Advetures of Connie Von Rummel

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The morning after the enchanting evening with Harry Quinn, the MSU Spartans quarterback, Brenda Porter happily walked and at times skipped back to her dorm room. Upon entering the room, Brenda found her roommate, Constance (Connie) Von Rummel sprawled completely naked on her bed sleeping and snoring contentedly. Now in Brenda’s estimation Connie was one of the most attractive and gorgeous female body God has ever created. Consequently it was somewhat distracting to see Connie in the naked state but Brenda was determined to share her good news.

So she shook Connie awake: “Connie wake up. I can now say I am a woman and I might add a totally satisfied woman.” Brenda went on to relate her wonderful night with Harry as has been detailed in the previous story.

After Brenda finished her account, Connie smiled and said: “Congratulations Brenda, I am so happy for you. I knew if any man could overlook your disfigured face that he would be enjoying the fuck of his life.”

“Thank you Connie, I really think Harry does like me as he did not flinch at all when he removed my mask and saw how I looked. He gave every indication he wants to see me again so I have high hopes that my cunt will enjoy lots of cock action from now on.”

“Congratulations again, Brenda, it sure does look like you got yourself a keeper” replied Connie who had been sitting cross-legged on the bed remaining nonchalantly nude throughout Brenda’s recital. Connie continued: “Well while you were a virgin and not getting any I was reluctant to tell you about my sexual activities for fear of demoralizing you as you were so anxious to experience cock. But now that it looks like you are going to be getting some regular action perhaps you will be interested in hearing about my sex life including last night.”

“That was so considerate of you Connie” replied Brenda, “Yes I would love to hear your intimate story but first let me get out of this dress as it is starting to chafe me so, as I have nothing underneath. I had to get out of Harry’s apartment hurriedly after waking up as he had to go to a special rare Sunday morning team meeting. As we woke so late we did not even have time for a morning fuck sigh. So I stuffed my bra, panties, panty hose and slip into my purse but I deliberatively left my mask there so it will be an excuse to contact Harry should he not call”

“That is clever thinking Brenda you sure are a quick learner in matters of holding on to a man.” Connie giggled.

“Thanks Connie, I will also start the kettle so we can have some instant coffee” Brenda got off the bed, filled the kettle with water and plugged it in. She prepared the instant coffee and removed her dress. Then she got on Connie’s bed and also sat cross-legged facing Connie ready to hear her story.

If one were able to be in this room seeing Connie and Brenda one would be treated to an exceptional gorgeous sight of naked female pulchritude. Connie was a tall stunning girl, six feet tall. She had striking ash blonde hair worn perfectly straight and down to about one inch below her shoulders. Her blue-eyed face was absolutely lovely without any blemishes whatsoever. She was so good looking that her face alone prompted automatically a smile from anyone looking at her. Her breasts, perky pear shaped were a spectacular 40” D cup. But her nipples were something else. Her areola area was a charming medium brown centered by a raised mound and protruding on this mound was the reddish nipple. These nipples provided a special pleasure to anyone suckling them as Brenda had already discovered.

Connie’s cunt was clean shaven without even a hint of pubic hair stubble as Connie diligently kept that area absolutely clear. To augment the bareness of her vagina, Connie would periodically undergo a bikini wax. Thus her cunt had the classic camel toe like appearance. When her vagina lips were even slightly open or parted the light pink of her insides completed a splendid picture of her pubes. Connie’s rump was as perfectly round and absolutely pleasing. Being a tall girl her legs were alluringly long and finished with delectable feet complemented by toes that Connie kept painted.

Brenda, as had been indicated in the previous story, had even a more attractive body than Connie’s splendid one but she had a disfigured face as a result of a childhood car accident. Her scarred face made most people look away and thus she had been shunned by almost everyone. However as Connie and Harry had discovered, if you do look at Brenda’s face intently, your eyes will eventually focus past her scars and then discover a pretty face underneath. Thus when Harry after removing her mask and said to Brenda: “You are beautiful” he was sincere as his eyes discerned that hidden beauty. Her shining green eyes were the catalyst to see that hidden beauty and her sexy dark red hair completed such image. Despite Harry and Connie, Brenda’s self esteem was naturally low because of the constant social isolation but she was slowly starting to turn it around. The joyful sex with Harry certainly was a tonic.

Connie started: “I have to first confess Brenda that I have not had all that much more sexual experiences than you but I certainly have had some interesting ones.”

Brenda exclaimed: “Come on Connie, not having a lot of sex? You can’t fool me. First of all we had girl on girl sex, and then I am pretty sure you had sex with Spencer ‘what his name’ and then of course you met Bruce Fielding, the yummy football player, all within one week.”

“Yes well” continued Connie, “that week was an exception not my usual norm that’s for sure. You might think because of my looks, I would have no end of boyfriends. However it does not always quite work out like that in real life. You see most boys were intimidated by my beauty and those with little or no self confidence assumed that they were out of my league. The confidant ones thought that with my good looks I could pick and choose and thus they assumed getting into my pants would require some effort. So I think they were not willing to make such effort especially since they had all kinds of girls willing to fuck them at the snap of their fingers. Now I did have as a little girl playing doctor a sexual incident. I think I sucked the boy’s penis but as I can hardly remember it obviously it was not a big deal. Once I turned twelve though my body started taking womanly form and I soon became the best looking girl in school”

Connie continued: “Now the boys in school as soon as they got interested in girls had no problem in hitting on all the other girls but they ignored me in the main. I asked my older brother, Walter, why this was so considering my obvious sex appeal, and he said to me: ‘Sis I think most boys have their own self esteem problems and think they could not get a date with you never mind anything else. So don’t worry about the reticence by most boys. At least it helps you weed out the useless males. Anyone truly seeking you out should be a superior male confident of his self worth and hence worth your attention.’ My brother went on to advise that because of the fragile male ego that requires the man to master the woman it probably does not hurt if I pretend to be dumber than I really am. Once I snare a boyfriend there will be plenty of time to educate him to appreciate my true worth.”

“It sure sounds like you have a wise brother indeed” replied Brenda, “so how did such advice pay off? By the way I notice the coffee is ready I will get us each a cup.”

After Connie sipped her coffee she continued: “Well although some boys did ask me out on a date usually these turned out to be disasters. It seemed to me that my dates were overawed by me no matter how dumb I pretended to be. Invariably my dates were too nervous to be themselves, and thus my first sex did not occur until my senior high school year. Up until then all I got was a hurry up peck on the lips, a goodnight kiss in other words, at the conclusion of a date. Finally in September of my senior year at high school I got noticed by the greatest stud in our school, the school’s football team quarterback, Troy Hudson. I don’t mean he never knew of my existence before as I was acknowledged by almost everyone to be the prettiest girl in school. However because I had virtually no boyfriends my reputation was of being frigid and I believe I was referred to as the ‘ice queen’. Because Troy had a whole slew of girls after him, he probably never gave a thought about me.”

Connie continued: “Then one day we literally bumped into each other in a corridor of the school. During class change I was talking to a friend and was not looking ahead as to where I was walking to. Apparently likewise Troy was not looking where he was going either and thus we collided and I fell to the floor dropping all the books I was carrying. Troy was totally apologetic and helped me to my feet. We started talking introducing ourselves to each other but of course we actually were aware who the other was. One thing lead to another and Troy asked if I would like to be his date at a party the following Saturday night at a friend’s house whose parents would be gone for the weekend. I accepted eagerly.”

“Now Troy was every girl’s fantasy as he was everything one would want. He was tall at least 6’4’’ which was good for me since I was 6’ tall myself. He had rugged looks and jet curly black hair. His body was solid and he exuded manly confidence. Yes, I had high hopes as I was sure he would know how to handle me and we should have a date on equal footing.”

“So the night of the party came and it was wild beyond the standard of usual high school parties. The house was huge with six bedrooms and a good thing as there were lots of kids at the party. The family was gone for the weekend except for the host. There was lots of alcohol including kegs of beer. There were also lots of and all kinds of drugs available as well. Soon quite a few of the kids were throwing up as well as some passing out as they could not handle the debauchery. Now Troy did ply me with drinks and as I had previously decided to be cool, I did not refuse any drink offered but I did refuse drugs. Soon the alcohol had its effect and I was feeling no pain. When we were dancing Troy was very aggressive in pawing and kissing me. I offered no resistance but I was not getting any joy as Troy’s behavior was brutish and off putting”

“Eventually as Troy was confident of my compliance he led me to an unoccupied bedroom. He locked the door of the bedroom and I was getting mildly excited as I realized I was about to lose my virginity. I was mentally preparing myself to enjoy this first milestone of my life as Troy pushed me backwards to the bed. Without any romanticism he pushed my dress up and pulled down my pantyhose and panties. Troy then said ‘I hope you have protection’ as he proceeded to drop his pants and shorts. I quickly got a glimpse of his penis and although I was fairly soused I still noticed that he seemed to have a tiny one way out of proportion to his otherwise magnificent body. Troy then I guess mounted me and I felt his hand moving down presumably to insert his cock in me.”

“Troy then was vibrating his hips, grunting and his sweat was accumulating on his forehead and dripping on to my face. I sort of felt some friction in my vagina but I could not believe he was fucking me since I was sensing no pain which I had come to expect as a virgin. I realized he was indeed fucking me when he screamed ‘Come on bitch lets have some movement. I want a good fuck out of you.’ I was not really sure at what he really wanted me to do but I instinctively intertwined my legs on his but I still could not feel much. Soon though he expelled a heavy breath and rolled off me. Curiously I reached down to my cunt and with my finger I discovered there was indeed Troy’s sperm in me. I also noticed some blood so Troy despite his tiny prick had been successful in deflowering me. Since I was fairly drunk I always believed that my drunkenness was what attributed to my unawareness of Troy’s fucking as well as the letdown I naturally felt.”

“Wow” commented Brenda, “I am sort of glad of having heard this story as I had believed my encounter with Dick Evans was unique”

“Yes” replied Connie, “when you recounted your disaster with ‘no dick’ Dick, I certainly could empathize and it also gave me a new perspective on what I experienced.

“By the way did you have protection or were you just lucky not getting pregnant?” asked Brenda.

“Yes, my mother put me on birth control pills as soon as I turned fourteen. She was sure that I would have no end of guys fucking me and so she did not want me pregnant” answered Connie and she continued: “Anyway after a minute of recovery Troy said ‘God what a shitty fuck you gave me. I thought you would be better and instead I just have been wasting my time. I am sure you can make your way home’ and he pulled up his pants and left the room. I broke down in tears as I was unsure of exactly what had happened and why Troy was such a prick about it. As for my first time at sex it sure was not anything I had been imagining. Eventually I gathered myself together and left the party as I was able to get a ride from a friend of mine who also was at the party.”

“Because I had this Miss Goody reputation at school, Troy wasted no time in spreading stories about me. He convinced everyone that I had been stalking him begging him to fuck me. Then as a great favor he gave in and gave me a mercy fuck but that I was the worst lay he had ever experienced.”

“Gee Connie that was a real bummer and what an asshole that Troy turned out to be” observed Brenda. “What did you do?”

Connie replied, “I didn’t do anything because I felt it was no use. Troy was the star quarterback and without a doubt was the most popular boy in the school. I was somewhat popular but as Troy’s vicious stories spread no one would talk to me except my two closest friends, Antoinette Loos and Jennifer Gray.”

“So you had no social life?” asked Brenda.

Connie replied: “Well about three weeks later, another football player on the team asked me out. His name was Johnny Muir and he was very macho. He was a lineman on the team so he was big. I was curious about him asking me out but he said that he wanted to make up for Troy’s shitty treatment of me and that he knew that we could have a good time together. So I agreed to go out to a movie with him.”

Connie continued her story: “So the next Saturday we went to an early evening movie and when it was finished it was only 9:00 P.M. Johnny suggested that we go to a bar for some drinks. I protested that we would not get in because of our ages but Johnny had an authentic looking photo id of a girl that looked like me and said I could use it. I accepted and sure enough we were served. I ordered gin and tonic and became very high very soon. Looking back on it I swear Johnny must have put something in my drink while I was not looking because I can not believe I would normally lose all my inhibitions like I did.”

Connie continued: “After a while another player from the team joined us at the table. His name was Sloan Walker, who was also very good looking. I was not noticing how many drinks I had had but I certainly was not feeling very much pain. Soon the conversation was taking a lurid turn. Johnny suggested that he knew Troy had a small weenie from seeing him in team showers, and thus knew I could not have been satisfied. He assured me that he had a big bone that would not disappoint me. He went on to say that Sloan was also well endowed and that the two of them would give me the sex thrill of my life. Well the drinks and whatever else robbed me of any judgment but I also admit that having sex with two guys did sound appealing to me. Thus I agreed to the proposition.”

“During the drive to Johnny’s I was kissing Sloan as he was pawing me. I was able to touch both Sloan’s and Johnny’s cocks and was pleased to note they were big indeed. Once we arrived, Johnny led us to the basement rec room where there was a hideaway bed couch. Apparently the house was empty so I guess Johnny’s parents were away. Johnny pulled out the bed and told me to get naked. As I was removing my clothes Johnny got a bed sheet and fitted same on the bed. He then motioned me to get on the bed, lay on my back and I complied. Sloan who had gotten naked as well crawled on the bed and on his knees presented his cock to my mouth.”

“I opened my mouth and took in his long and thick cock. I stroked that part of his shaft that was out of my mouth and with my other hand gently massaged his sac and balls. With my tongue I was licking the head of his penis like I would an ice cream on a cone. After massaging his sac for a while I then started stroking his ass. When I did that I removed his cock from my mouth and tenderly swallowed his balls to give them a tongue massage. Meanwhile Johnny had removed his clothes and got on the bed. Without a word on his knee he straddled me and pushed his erect tool into my cunt. As I was still dry I screamed out ‘Oh fuck’ and expelled a huge breath of air. The guys just laughed and started saying some foul things.”

“Basically I remember them saying things like: ‘Come on slut move that ass lets have a good fuck. You love it don’t you? Yeah bitch you love my cock. It’s big isn’t it? Not like the little weenie of Troy’s. No you got a real cock now.’ I had to admit to myself that their cocks were good and big and yes quite an improvement on Troy. As soon as my cunt started getting wet from Johnny’s cock the fucking was becoming pleasurable and I started automatically moving my hips to meet his thrusts. Sloan had moved his knees around my head so he could play with my boobs by reaching forwardly for them. In this position Johnny was furiously banging my cunt while Sloan was sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. I once again reached for Sloan’s ass but this time I stuck three of my fingers into his ass hole and he started spurting his cum into my mouth as soon as I got all those fingers completely in him. God did he have a lot of sperm as I gobbled it all up. Then Johnny started to scream ‘here it is cunt all my cum for you’ and I felt the added wetness of his sperm into my cunt.”

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