The Adventures of Mr T

(Part 1 from 1)

Middle aged but with a youthful look, Mr. T divorced and drifting along in middle management , the last two years had seen very few dating opportunities , this had led to his mind wondering about what kind of woman he actually wanted and did they even exist .He had always assumed the submissive role and was used to letting the woman take control.

One bored evening he scanned through Netflix hoping to find some entertainment to elevate his boredom

He fancied something light hearted and saw a film called take me ,  about a man who had set up high end fake abductions , something set off a train of thought in his head , abduction?

Does that even exist and is he brave enough to even go through with such an event .His intrigue was such that it existed him,  to lose total control , be at the mercy of a beautiful lady , it seemed such an alluring fantasy , one he wanted to act out but how and who

What he didn’t think about was films and reality are a lot different , and a light hearted quick abduction and release would suffice , his naivety now taking over in how this would play out

He set about looking on line for ladies who offered this service and contacted 3 to see the responses.

One didn’t reply,  the other was a rather simple yes I can do that but felt somewhat empty , the last one was from a Miss Jessica , a 28 year old , blonde , tall and very attractive , surely the pictures were fake , but further research found her twitter, recent pictures and reviews , it was her .

His initial email to her just outlined a basic abduction, lasting 2 hours maximum

Unknown to him,  Miss Jessica was an elite dominatrix,  she preyed on those too naive to know any better , her reputation was built on exceeding expectations , always delivering , she relied on the repeat business her addictive style of dominance provided
She was confident and her rules were uncompromising.

Mr. T read her rules with some trepidation,  after all he wants a professional but this was high stakes

The rules read ….

Well Mr. T let me explain how I work

My fees are 200 per hour , non negotiable , there are 4 hour packages 8 hour ones and overnight rates

8 hours are priced at 1000 pounds

You have requested a 2 hour scenario,  I will require 200 as a deposit with the other 200 paid on the day, AND I also require you to bring your debit card with you in case further fees are incurred , make sure you have access to my full 1000 fees if required

A day will be agreed upon,  and a time and place to be at,  the start time will remain at my discretion

No further details,  questions are permitted

Think carefully before agreeing to this,  I do not operate a safe word policy,  in other words once this starts it will not be stopped until I say so

I am not an escort , I do not offer sexual services,  don't confuse me with normal mistresses either,  I work on exploiting weak males,  humiliating them

What I do,  wear,  and say on the day is entirely down to me ,  for true abduction to work , the less control the better ….for you !!!!

You will send me your list of limits and dislikes,  think carefully as once started there is no stopping

You now have 24 hours to decide,  after that time I will not be available to you , when you reply to me,  address me accordingly, i.e. please mistress will you abduct me ….any other communication will be ignored

This terse rather cold reply lefty Mr. T in a quandary… seemed more serious than he first thought and scared him somewhat ,  on the other hand the intrigue grew and his curiosity and general mundane lifestyle he had,  made him reply instantly ,  he wrote …please Misters will you abduct me.

He sent his list of his limits,  this was his first venture and he wanted to make sure nothing too terrible would happen

So no anal play or strap on
no smoking
no public play
no sissy or bisexual
no spitting

This he thought would ensure the day went well

A ping in his inbox …it was Miss Jessica , she had replied simply,  menacingly ….I WILL

What now,  he thought,  his thoughts ran wild in his head,  anxiety took over as he patiently waited for her response

A week went by and nothing,  had she ran off with his 200 deposit ?
He went back researching her to confirm she was legit and professional
He found some other images of her services,  god she was sexy he thought ,  long blonde hair,  size 8 , 5ft 8,  impeccably dressed with 6” heels ,  long nails,  class oozed from the pictures
he had chosen the right lady,  but where was she ?

Finally , he received a message from Miss Jessica ….it simply said 10am,  train station Monday the 12th

That was it ,  what did that mean,  just stand there ? walk along that road , look out for her on the day ?

Mr. T had to see his boss about booking Monday off , it was short notice and his boss wasn’t in the mood for allowing staff time off, Mr. T was replaceable,  keeping his job was paramount , it was explained to him he would have to report back into work at 2pm or risk redundancy when that was reviewed next month
Failure to not be back at work would put him at risk of losing his 45k a year job.

Monday came ,  he knew at 10am he would start his new fantasy,  it was 2 hours,  he had to be back at work by 2pm that day,  and as it would finish around 12 noon,  it gave him plenty of time to get to work for 2pm

It was a dry day , he arrived at the station at 950am,  and chose to stand outside the station near the taxi ranks and await his fate.

By 10 15 he began to get doubts if this was the right day/place had he made a mistake , he was interrupted by a tap on his shoulder , at last he thought Jessica ,  no,  it was a taxi driver asking if he was Mr. T ,  yes he said but….please come with me I will drop you off at your location

This didn't seem very real,  taken in a taxi ,  anyway he complied , he asked the driver where we were going,  but was met with silence,  eventually he pulled into a car park by a woodland area …."This is it sir".. the driver said …."but where am I,  I’ve just been asked to drop you here I have another fare now so ill leave you to it"

with that Mr. T got out into the car park ,  there were only two other cars there,  but no sign of anyone.

Just then the roar of a sports car swept in to the car park,  a white Audi a8,  blacked out windows.

He looked over , to see a blonde lady get out and march towards him , he was frozen with fear and couldn’t speak….she got closer and closer,  but said nothing,  he expected a hi,  this is what going to happen now speech but ….

But he was met wit a very stern…."well? get on your knees then" she said

"What here ?" he said

"Are you questioning me?"

"well no,  but its rather public"... he laughed nervously

"Get on your knees now before I make you "

He did as he was told ,  she reached inside her handbag and produced a dog collar and lead

she fastened this around his neck pulling it tight and yanking on the chain so his face was pulled up close to her

"This is a park,  where dogs get walked,  and that's whets we are going to do ", with that she yanked the chain and started walking off

What was happening here , he thought,  this was in public,  treated like a dog

on all fours he followed her as her heels clicked along

On his list he was asked to send to her of things he did not want were ,  being in public ,  dirty muddy shoe cleaning,  whipping ,  but he was in public,  other people would see him being waked like a dog by a beautiful young girl in broad daylight ,  but why is she doing something he said wasn’t on his likes list confusion reigned

In the distance he could see two dog walkers coming towards them,  oh god,  what is he going to do,  so embarrassing ,  but Jessica wasn’t stopping
When the other walkers got near they stopped in amazement , whispering to themselves and pointing
We passed them,  Jessica just simply said "hi,  I’m just walking my dog "…they half laughed and stared

we came to a bit of a muddy pool in the track,  and as I went to crawl around it,  Jessica stopped me yanking me hard to her……"ok slut…get down and slurp that up…what !!! lick up this dirt water,  here ,  now?"
"Don't disappoint me or things will get decidedly worse "... what could be worse ?

I timidly began licking up the water,  when I felt a shoe on the back of my head ,  pushing down on me ,  into the water,  laughing Jessica yanked me back up,  "not thirsty now are you" ,  mocking me

she then walked her shoes into the mud and water ,  "slut look,  those dirty muddy incredibly expensive shoes ,  lick that mud off me NOW !"
this was intolerable I wanted out ,  she can keep the money ,  just let me go ,  its not me all this,  I went to speak,  but a shoe was fired into my mouth and I choked on the mud

come pet,  and on we walked,  there was no safe word,  she had me by the neck,  I was trapped for now

On we went until there was a clearing at a big oak tree,  we went to the tree ,  "stand slut,  strip NOW …what the hell
Do it or" ….ok ok…I took off my clothes they are placed in a black bin liner

I was pushed onto the tree and tied around the waste and base of the tree. she coolly walked in front of me,  looked into my eyes,  she could see the fear…"you not enjoying this ?"

I saw this as my opportunity to come clean and say thanks but no thanks

"actually"... I started…."I really don't think its"…..but I was cut short….."what? you don't want to carry on? you want to stop now ? well tough…I decide when this is over not you,  now shut up until I tell you to speak ,  she reached inside her handbag and brought out a whip …..know what this is slut? course you don't ,  you’re just a naive little baby aren't you ??

"Well I’m going to make you a man!!!! grow up,  and take what's coming !"

with that she began whipping me ,  naked tied to a tree,  in a public park,  my humiliation was complete,  or I thought it was

25 whips later I was untied ,  I crawled to the bin liner to get dressed ,  "ah ah ,  no you don't ….I own these now "

I was then yanked by the lead and walked back to her car

I was handcuffed around the back of the seat ,  naked in a young girl’s sports car,  chained up so I couldn't move , exposed and embarrassed

she slams my door shut and her heels click as she walks round to get in her side

"there that's want so bad was it
Before we go any further I have one question for you …please be honest or …..were you looking at my breasts earlier,  my cleavage, I mean its gorgeous men would die to get their hands on them,  so were you ?"

I didn’t know what to say,  if I said yes I almost certainly knew it would mean punishment ,  so I chose to say no,  being respectful
"No?? "she exclaimed

"You mean my beauty has been ignored ,  you don't want to stare at my tits , how disrespectful !"
and with that she reached inside her bag and produced two metal devices ,  they were chastity devices I had never even seen before ,  one was shaped like a cock ,  the other was cylindrical and open ended but had spikes on it

"You see slut,  you going to wear both of these for me ,  I don't allow erections in my presence
Now this spiky one is very painful,  the other will lock you up, it fits around you ,  seeing as you didn’t like my tits I’m going fit this very uncomfortable one on you now!"

I was chained up couldn’t move , powerless to stop any of this

I start to complain,  please don't ill be good,  can I be let off that…..
"oh no,  sluts always wear this in my presence ,  you’re just unlucky you’ve got this very sharp one to start with ,  poor boy"

she began to slide it on opening it up and clasping it shut,  he let out a little squeal,  she laughed , she put it on and the spikes began to dig into my cock,  the lock snapped shut and the key went into her cleavage

"now stare at my tits go on,  now"... no please miss ,  do it….ill get an erection though. I know that's the point,  you see the more your cock grows the more pain you will feel,  terrible isn't it"

she jiggled her tits,  made me stare and saw my cock grow and trap itself on the spikes,  "hurting we ?

off we drove ,  "do you smoke slut ,  no I’m don't like smoke ,  shame" …out she got a long white cigarette lit it up and drew on it seductively

"tell me if that makes your little cock hard won’t you !"

What a state I was in,  locked in a painful chastity device with a sexy as hell blonde driving me to where,  we stopped outside a row of shops

"ok slut ,  as explained in my email,  I require extra funds for you , the 400 fee isn’t enough to cover my expenses today,  so I’m going to go to that cash point just there,  do you see it? and withdraw a further 600 from your account "

"PIN ?? tell me your pin,  or I will open your door and show the public your predicament"

"ok ok,  its 5421 "

"great !!! watch me now won’t you"…she clicked her heels as she casually went to the cash point drew out the cash ,  returning she put the cash on my lap

"you stare at that slut whilst I drive you to the next stop,  the cost of your life in front of you,  pathetic "

of she sped,  high speed through the town to a quiet road
pulling over

"now I’ve a few friends see ,  so I want you to get on to the back seat,  lay down with your head up "

I was now prostrate on her back seat hands behind back naked with chastity

"lovely ,  one last thing before we get on our way"….she the produced this metal looking device ,  know what this is ? course you don't…its used by dentists it holds mouths open "

with that she forces it into my mouth and cranks it until my mouth is wide open….admiring her work ,  "perfect !"

with that she drives around for about 10 mins,  "now slut,  you be on your best behavior for me,  do not embarrass me ,  I’m going to introduce you to my friends"

what?? panic hit , me,  who are these people I don't want anyone seeing me like this ,  I begin to moan…."oh yes ,  you will comply you have no choice !"

"now some go my friends can be rather rude or unkind. I’m sorry about that ,  but its what I promised them so try and endure best you can,  ha !!"

"Now firstly we are going to Lucy ,  now she is really fit ,  but very selfish ,  will we just pop in few mins and be on our way hey ?"

the car pulls up,  Jessica gets out and leaves me there
few mins later I hear voices ,  girls talking
we are in a street ,  houses are all around ,  the back door swings open,  "oh Jessica what have we got here "

"A little slut as promised darling "

Lucy leans in inspecting my chastity,  her breasts brushing my face ,  "that looks sore "

she gets out and talking away to Jessica,  door open,  exposed to anyone who can see me

Lucy then says ,  "slut,  did Jessica explain my favorite thing I like to do ?"
I shake my head.. "oh she’s no good is she ,  well I spit in sluts mouths"…I didn’t know what that meant ….she slaps my face ,   "did you hear me slut".. I shake my head

"so lets get started ",  with that a big dribble of spit hits my tongue ,  "ha ha, how that,  load of my spit running down your throat is it ?
I’m going keep spitting until you can’t swallow slut "

I'm spat on for 15 mins ,  drenched of pit of can’t breathe ,  Jessica is outside smoking away,  letting her have her way

"ok slut lucky for you I’m all out of spit. see you soon!"

soon,  surely that was it

Jessica jumps back in ,  "enjoy that ? lets go see Rachel ,  now she really is tough girl,  don't say no to her,  oh you cant speak,  he "

we pull on a driveway and Jessica gets out in silence

the door opens and staring over me is a 36 year old buxom brunettes with dark eyes staring at me

"well? thank me for my presence" she was scary ,  tough and I began to mumble through the mouth gag

"You’re not a smoker are you slut?" Rachel asks,  shaking my head , "that's a shame ,  but lets see"

cold as you like she lifts a fag and stares at me as she smokes away

I can see the ash getting longer and to my dismay she flicks it into my mouth ..I scream and moan,  I hate this

"shut up before I slap you slut !"

she leans over me,  breasts nearly popping out her top ,  dropping ash into my mouth
the fag is near butt end….."ok slut last thing for me ,  eat my butt for,  me impress me" ,  I shake my head no .oh yes she says and drops the butt in my mouth ,  and watched me swallow it ,  laughs and the door shuts ,  all I can here is "see you later darling and off we go "

"there I told you she was tough,  don't mess with her,  one last stop,  now this lady is stunning,  only 21 ,  young and bratty ,  you know the type slut,  men drool over her so your very privileged

she doesn’t smoke or spit so your spared that ,  BUT she put in a special request to see you so lets go see her "

Another 10 mins and the car stops outside some flats
the door opens …"now I going to see Annabelle , a drink a chat,  then she will come and see you,  it will be a wait ,  but that's for you to endure,  see you soon"

the door slams shut and I lie there not able to move or see out ,  my mouth gag still forcing my aching mouth open ,  after whets seems like hours,  the door suddenly opens and a posh speaking young girl appears ,  "is this him then Jessica what a sight "

"I've got such a treat for you slut something I’ve been saving up,  its my favorite thing ,  I love seeing the look of horror in a mans eyes " she fumbles in her bag and leans in over me holding a condom,  a used one !

"Look at my surprise slut ….beg me to pour it down your throat ,  plead with me to stop.. oh you can’t , shame , ok I’m just going pour this down you and after you’ve swallowed it you're going thank me over and over again "
the next thing I can feel a cold liquid sliding down my those,  with the laughter of 2 girls ringing in my ears
she undid my gag …."now what do you say ??"

I was at my wits end,  it had gone too far and I was done ,  I started to say…"please,  look you’ve had your fun,  but I’m done take me back now "

Jessica then leans in slaps me hard and says "don't you dare disobey Annabelle ,  thank her for allowing you to drink her spunk , and no its not over until I say , well we are waiting"

begrudgingly I say thank you to Annabelle,  completely humiliating

door shuts and we speed off

Jessica lights up a cigarette and nonchalantly starts to run down the list of events…so far

"so slut,  you’ve been walked like a dog in a public park,  stripped , whipped , cleaned my beautiful dirty shoes ,  had a chastity control no erection well done,  spat on,  ashtray and drank your first load of cum , not too bad … I can either drop you off ,  free you from your bonds or take you onto your next adventure….Mmmm what to do ??"

"I think a little food and drink , you must be hungry by now"
the car sweeps into an underground car park and parks in a bay
I’m led out by lead and into a lift ,  on all fours at Jessica’s heels ,  the underground car park shielding any sense of direction or location ,  my abduction is complete !

the lift doors open and we enter a flat,  big high class furniture flat with big glass window to one side looking out over a city

wait there I’m told as Jessica goes into the kitchen , to my horror she returns with two dog bowls ,  I look with disgust, " what did you expect slut,  after all you are a dog aren't you?"

I actually thought when she said food and drink,  a break was on the cards,  a chance to eat and regain some balance and strength

but I’m on my knees faced with two dog bowls

Jessica has a banana and some grapes she is preparing and begins eating the banana
to my horror she then spits out the chewed up banana into the dog bowl

"There ,  lunch,  enjoy "
I turn my nose up at it and refuse to touch it
"I said eat up slut
some encouragement is needed obviously ",  and I’m hit with a cane so hard it makes me scream
"Now …eat it up"
I’m having to lick up chewed up spat out banana from this girl who obviously loves punishing me

"thirsty ? "..I nod ,  I’m really dry after the torment I’ve been through and although the dog bowl is out I can cope licking up water just for the relief of it

"Little something for you slut,  come here , watch me ,  I do love when a slut watches me "

she crouches over the dog bowl and pees into it right in front of my face
"there that's a drink for you,  lap it up" ….she gets up,  spits in it and stands back tapping her high heels on her wooden floor whilst I slurp sown her piss
It was disgusting and the final straw

I start .."Look Jessica,  thank you for all this but you’ve had my money ,  and I’ve had to do what you said,  but I really must be going "

"How dare you,  tell me what to do,  when I’m finished I will release you until then you are detained at my connivance , if I hear you complain again I will add on another 2 hours confinement , so what its to be ?"

I keep quiet just wanting to get this over with as quick as possible
I glance at the clock it says 1230 pm,  its over my 2 hour slot and I have to be at work at 2pm,  and I don't know where I am or my clothes are,  panic sets in and I start to realize this capture scenario is turning to a nightmare

I'm led into a small box room,  empty except for a metal cage

"I'm going to lock you in this cage now,  and lock the door behind me , you'll wait there until I’m ready for you "
ready for me ? I’m shoved into the tiny cage its cramped and claustrophobic she locks the door clicks the padlock and walks out,  turning the key in the door

I hear the buzzer go to the flat , who is that I wonder,  and hear voices ,  lots of voices
the door opens and Jessica is showing Lucy, Annabelle and Rachel where I’ve been kept

a few laughs and the door slams shut what are they doing here
Minutes later Jessica gets me out of the cage and leads me into a separate room,  it has a stool in the middle and the other 3 girls sitting on the sofa next to it

"Now slut" Jessica starts …."I know you put down in your limits no anal , but these 3 girls insisted on doing it , its going hurt,  be painful and degrading , but I wouldn’t have it any other way
I'm going let them lock you in here with them,  I can’t get in to save you ill be inside making myself look beautiful for our finale ,  finale?? these girls decide now how long until your release "

"you will be fucked over and over again until they are satisfied ,  you may end up crying ,  but that won’t stop them,  so be good see you soon
ok girls he is all yours"
the door is locked and the giggling girls look at me
Rachel is first grabs my hair pulls my head down over the stool and starts to tie my hands and legs to the feet

she whispers in my ear, " I’m going fuck you so hard I want to hear you beg me to stop,  I might , I might not but you will beg me
No lube for you either ,  suck it that's your lube , suck it get it wet and juicy "
she walks round and starts to shove in her strap on,  ouch I let out scream,  Lucy and Annabelle sitting cross legged inches away from me laughing

"he doesn’t like it girls ,  I get pounded one after the other ,  taking it in turns to fuck me,  I’m sore ,  tears are rolling down my face I’m spent

the ordeal is over and they unlock the door and leave

Jessica comes in and I notice she has changed her heels,  these are even higher,  spikes and black,  clicking on the hard floor
"now how was that for you" she says mockingly
I’m untied and look up to see she has her hair up,  a short black skirt and plunging neckline with tits almost popping out
"I said I was making myself look beautiful ,  whilst you were getting a seeing to I was changing,  you like ? yes miss ,  good so you should this isn't for you,  come with me"

I crawl to the sound of her heels in to the main lounge , the other 3 girls are sipping wine watching me crawl to my mistress ,  I’m led past them to the sofa,  where to my surprise a man is sitting he gets up standing over me , 
"so this is him is it "he says to Jessica

she bends down to my face
"I’ve made myself look beautiful for you haven't I? well ? yes miss ,  good,  so now you can re pay me by sucking cock
what ?? I said no gay or male involvement ,  what was happening
"but first,  these tits you so adore" …..the man starts sucking and licking her tits in front of me

"you will never touch my tits ,  never enjoy them as he is right now ,  she unzips his jeans and wanks his cock ,  soon as its hard
get here,  get that in your mouth"

the man aroused by Jessica’s wonderful tits is getting harder I’m sucking cock out of shear horror

"come here girls I want you see this"

the 3 girls stand around me in a circle
"watch girls,  watch him perform for us
the guy explodes his load into my mouth I choke spit it out
Jessica slaps me hard,  lick that up,  don't you dare spill any of it do you understand?"

howls of laughter as I’m licking up mans sperm in front of 4 bitches

"was that nice"

"a treat for you now,  of sorts ,  I’m going take this nasty device off you ,  and your are going to wank for us , in front of us into a glass and drink your own spunk"

"and doing it by the big window here ,  so the whole of the city can see your disgraceful behavior,  get over here on your knees"

4 girls stood as I was positioned by the big widow
the girls dangling their heels by my face
forced to masturbate in front of them

"thank us all for allowing you this pleasure by name "
I cum ,  the glass is full of warm spunk,  Rachel who else,  forces my head back and tips the load into my mouth

the girls clap in an approving way and leave

Jessica returns …..with the bin liner ,  "you got 5 mins to put those on or else"

I rush to dress and approach the door

Jessica tells me to wait at the end of the road a car will take me back
but before I’m released she puts out her hand,  "kiss it and thank me"

"This is not the end for you slut ,  I will be keeping your debit card and pin number
you will return to the same place in 4 weeks time ,  failure to do so will result in me taking 3 times today's fee i.e. 3k ,  if you turn up,  it will just cost you 1k and a few hours of your time
you will be taken and used until I release you ,  now you know I’m serious , you will live in fear of me and the things I will do to you "

"this time , humiliating as it was this was my mild experience ,  no pain was inflicted was it ,  but beware ,  I still have that card to play "

"see you soon slut!!"

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