The 3 of us.

(Part 1 from 1)

The first time i met Colleen i was taken aback by her figure. Tall, thin, with small perky tits, just the way i like em. Jeff told me that she wanted to do a 3some with me and anything goes. She was kind of shy at first with Jeff starting out by kissing her and rubbing her to get her aroused.

 I started running her from behind and soon she was rubbing my cock though my pants. After a few minutes of this we started taking off her clothes and jeff went between her legs and started eating her pussy. Colleen motioned for me to slide my cock in to her mouth which i quickly did and she started sucking my cock slow and long driving me crazy. Colleen said she wanted jeff to fuck her so she told me to lay on my back and when i did straddled my face and sat her wet pussy right on my lips.

 I greedily started sucking her big soft lips and licked her clit, then jeff got behing collen and moved his ock towards her pussy which i was eating.Jeff started rubbing his cock all over her clit which i was licking and i watched him slowly sink his cock in to her small tigh wet pussy.

I didnt want to stop eating her hot pussy so i stayed there close to her clit while he slowly slid every inch of his big cock in to her, i stayed licking her clit until his balls rested on her clit and my tongue and he slowly withdrew his cock from her letting it slide out of her pussy and acroos my tongue at the end.Jeff slid his cock along her stretched pussy and over my tongue and pulled back to her opening and slid his cock deep in to her while i sucked her pussy juice from his cock. Jeff was rocking Colleens pussy slow and long while i was sucking her pussy juices from her dripping pussy and licking them off of his big cock. 

Jeff started forcing his cock deeper in to her and fucking her faster making her juices squirt out and on to my tongue and he pushed in to her, then all at once he pushed deep in to her spasming pussy and stayed still.I could feel his balls on my tongue spasming and i knew he was shooting one, two, three, four , five big hot squirts of his load all over her insides. I was mesmerized by the feeling of lickeing her pussy and kept doing so and she shuttered with orgasm. Jeff started so lose his hard on and slowly started sliding his cock from her clutching pussy, as her got to the head and slowly pulled it out i made sure to lick any more of her juices from his half hard cock

I started to lick her clit some more and there it was, his cum started oozing from her weel fucked hole and it was thick and creamy white.Colleen pushed her pussy deeper on to my face as his cum oozed in to my mouth where i grredily licked every drop out of her hole.After i had cleaned out most of his cum from her she turned around and mounted my hard cock and slid all the way down with one stroke. Colleen started bobbing up and down hard and fast on my cock grinding her pussy against me at the bottomof her stroke.I knew i couldnt last much longer and i could feel what was left of Jeffs cum leaking around my balls. 

I groaned reaaly loud that i was cumming and deposited the second load of cum deep in to Colleens weel fucked pussy.As i lay there with my cock slowly shrinking out of her and her pussy oozinf my hot cum i saw Jeffs hard cock hanging over our heads and i knew i was going to be sucking more of his cum from her and she was going to end up pregnant, and i couldnt wait for more.

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