Tempting John

(Part 1 from 3)

Sunday Night-

Watching my wife push back at my cock always gets me off. There I was on my knees, upright. My cock driving into her pussy. Meeting me halfway on every penetrating push. Her ass raised high in the air, her forehead resting against the mattress, back arched like a feline ready to pounce. This woman, lost in ecstasy. My thoughts always drift to how much she loves to get fucked, as my cock plunges into her. I have a high sex drive thinking of fucking just about every woman with a nice set of tits or a tight round ass I see, but compared to her I am an amateur. It takes everything I have to keep up with her supercharged pussy and its extreme demands on my cock.

“Pull my hair baby!” Stacy shouted, commanding me.

Reaching down with my hand and grabbing a large handful of her long brown hair I pulled. She loved it when I pulled her hair. Causing a little pain while pulling her back onto my cock. This was the cue she was about to orgasm. With hair in hand I roughly pulled. Pulling her head back with her hair like I was pulling back the reigns of a charging horse. Slamming my cock into her, slapping sounds emitting from my body hitting her firm ass. My cock pounding against her cervix, initiating her orgasm.

Erupting in pleasure, screaming “CUM IN ME JOHN, NOW!!!“ My cock firmly pressing against her womb’s entrance, she broke out in a massive orgasm. Her entire channel starting to spasm around my full length sending my cum racing, and ejecting into her anticipating uterus. I maintained my hold on her hair keeping her impaled on my cock, unable to escape before I was finished cumming inside her body. Any pain caused was not important, the only thing that matters is depositing my seed deep inside her body. Jerking inside her my orgasm topping off, her pussy inhaling the remainder of my cream. My cum flow ceasing its activity finally, pulling out and laying down. My mind suddenly getting very sleepy.

“If you fuck me like that on Friday when I’m ovulating, I’ll get pregnant for sure.” she panted, lying down parallel to me. “You always fuck me so deep. I can feel your cum in my womb right now. I can’t wait to ovulate and have you impregnate me. Just thinking about your baby growing in my belly makes me so horny. It‘s going to be so hard to not fuck, but the doctor did suggest no sex for 5 days so you can build up your sperm count for when I’m fertile.” Turning on her side , she pressed her body against me, her tits lovingly pressed at me.

As she slept I laid there awake for a little while longer. Thoughts of babies crying and cleaning shit filled diapers is a big turn off for me. It was a compromise I suppose. Having her thrusting her pussy at me and filling her with my cum felt so good. I got off on the thought that I might be getting her pregnant, I just didn’t want to take care of a baby. I guess it was a trade-off I had to accept.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Day 1- Monday

I wasn’t prepared for work today. 7:30am was to early for me. In fact it’s early for most office jobs. Unfortunately for me my boss is a lazy son of a bitch. Frequenting bars and picking up whores, he often did not make it to work until 1 or 2pm. This, as anyone might guess left me in charge of doing his work as well. I had no choice really being second in charge, with the threat of being fired hung over my head should I refuse.

Arriving in the parking lot, I pulled my car into an open spot and started my journey inside. Near the entrance I Spotted a women bent low, retrieving something in her trunk got my attention. A large set of tits, wide hips raised in the air, and begging to have my hands wrapped around them as I pulled her back onto my cock. The thought causing me to harden as I walked into the building.

Attempting to hide my erection from Jen, the secretary who worked the front desk was not a success. Noticing my erection she gave me a sly smile. I believe most women develop the skill to spot a hard dick by the time they’re twelve. This one was no different, and knew how to use such an ability to her advantage. This girl had only been here for a month. Freshly hired out of college, this 22 year old girl was already eager for advancement. Her ways of procuring her goals was and is very hard to avoid. Always knowing just the right moment to corner me, using her body as a deadly weapon to secure her future here.

Entering my office, I dropped my briefcase on my desk, and opened the blinds letting the sun shine in. Looking at the morning sky my mind still fantasizing about fucking the woman in the parking lot. I stood staring for minutes with pornographic thoughts racing through my mind.

Like this girl could read my mind, Jen entered my office with an armload of folders filled with various papers most likely needing my signature. Having removed her sweater top and now wearing only a tight red dress, her tits overflowing from the top. She had that hourglass figure that only the hottest women had. A thin upper body, large tits, and wide hips with petite legs, a born fucking machine. Seeing her dressed like this made me even harder.

“Good morning Sir!” Jen greeted me with a large smile. “I have some papers that need your signature.” Walking to me she stopped on top of me, her breasts grazing my chest. Looking down I could see down the front of her dress. Peering between her wonderfully round tits I can practically see her stomach. Fighting off urges from my cock I avert my eyes after a few seconds of staring. Lifting my hand to the folders, I cautiously take them from her small hand.

“Thank you Jen, I’ll take care of these today.” I responded, secretly afraid of what she had planned. “I’ll put them in your drop box when they’re completed.”

“Thank you sir.” She smiled. Not moving a step from me she turned facing away. Expectedly something happened. Her pen falling from her hand, hit the floor. An obvious plan but I wasn’t going to stop what was about to happen.

“Opps, clumsy me.” Came the standard statement. Watching her bend down right in front of me was very erotic. It reminds me of the previous night, having my cock deep in my wife, fucking her doggy-style. Jen bent down to the floor grasping her pen. Her dress coming up, her panty clad ass pressing into me. My hard cock protruding from my body pressed between ass cheeks, I was stuck in this erotic position. I know she can feel my hard-on pressed against her ass.

I also know she likes being able to manipulate me like this. Pushing her ass back against my cock and squeezing it with her ass cheeks one last time she sent a surge of pleasure through my groin. She stood up right leaving my cock without stimulation, and turned her head to stare me in the eyes. “Thank you Sir, I’ll be waiting for those documents.” With that she left the room, swinging her child bearing hips in a teasing motion the entire way out.

“This is going to be a week of shit” came out of my mouth when the door was safely closed. The Navy Seals and their hell week can’t possibly compare to the hell that awaits me this week.

Sitting down at my desk I reviewed the paper work. “More insurance shit already?” I sighed with disgust. These fucking leeches never leave me alone. This isn’t even stuff I should be working on. This is my boss, Jay’s job. Probably still asleep and drunk with a few hookers in his bed. I’m surprised he isn’t broke and this whole place bankrupt by now with how much he spends on those whores. Trying to focus on the paperwork and get my hard-on to subside isn’t easy, but eventually worked out after many thoughts of fat men with hairy backs full of acne. The day went on pretty boring after that. Paperwork and business calls.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Looking at the clock, 2pm. Jay should have been here by now. Where the fuck is that lazy asshole. He really needs to get here and do some of this shit. I don’t get paid enough to do two people’s work. Staring at the pile of papers my thoughts are torn to angry fantasies of telling Jay off.

A knocking sound breaking my concentration, I look towards the door. Is he here, finally? “Come on in Jay.” I shouted at the closed entrance to my office. Watching the door creak, and slowly open there stood Beth, Jay’s wife. Such a sight to behold. Platinum blonde hair that hung just below her shoulders, medium sized but very pert tits, and some very thin hips. I preferred them wide, but god damn, tits although not huge, on that tiny little body drove me wild. With hips that narrow she was bound to have an ultra tight pussy and ass, both ripe for fucking.

“Oh, I’m sorry Beth. I thought you were Jay. Where is he today? Drunk again?” I stood up to welcome her. She was the bosses wife and drop dead gorgeous. Two very good reasons in my book to be respectful.

“Hi John.” She came to me with a sad look on her face. Quickly walking around my desk, she got to me and wrapped her arms around me resting her head on my shoulder. “I heard from Jay’s brother that he took some whore with him out to Hawaii. That son of a bitch just left and didn’t say anything to me.” She sniveled.

“I’m so sorry Beth. I’ll do whatever I can for you. If you need me for anything just let me know.” I said to her. The feeling of her body pressed tightly against mine with her arms wrapped around me was starting to cause a reaction in me. My cock coming to life again, it slowly filling with blood starting to angle outwards and press into her stomach.

“Just hold me John.” she whispered. Her grip tightening around me. I know she can feel my dick rising. Pressing her stomach tighter against it. Her arms wandering over by back, I can hear her breathing quicken. Frozen in place, unable to resist out of fear of offending her and the pleasure her body was bringing me I didn’t fight. Her arms moving to my lower back, massaging me. Placing my hand on the side of her head I examined her pristine hair, so beautiful and smelling of strawberries.

Sensing my gaze she raised her head to face mine. Noticing her move mouth closer to mine, I have no choice. Leaning in I gently place my lips against hers. Savoring the flavor of her lips. My hand holding her head I bring my other up and hold her face against mine. Our tongue’s darting around each others mouth, massaging each others. I withdraw momentarily sucking on her lower lip as I pull back. Catching my breath I go back for more, her mouth anticipating my hot wet tongue.

Her lust is clear, her heaving chest and hands running out of control. Pressing her tits against me, her hands come around to the front of my pants, unlatching my leather belt. In haste she Undid the button and lowered my zipper, she broke our kiss. My cock turning into a steel rod, I have not the will to stop her. Forgetting my wife and the child that is supposed to be conceived at the end of the week, I let my cock be in charge. Beth lowering to her knee’s I watched her push my pants and underwear down over my legs to the floor in one rough shove. My cock springing free and barely missing her face as it flew into the open. Boouncing in front of her it took her but a second to get a hold of it with her eager hands.

With her hand around it and her mouth open she moves her head forward. The same lips I had mine pressed against were now around my hard dick. Flicking her tongue against the tip of my dick quickly, and continuing her decent. Inch by inch I watched myself disappear down her throat. Her tongue licking and rubbing against my entire length as it went down her esophagus, this woman was a pro at cock sucking.

Oh my god I thought, as it kept going. I could feel her throat vibrating around my cock. I’m being deep throated! Humming as she pumped her face onto my cock is a new experience for me. This is divine. Women like this should be put in museums. Standing there with 8 inches of my cock down this woman’s throat, the vibrations are pushing me over the edge. My cum ready to shoot down her throat, anxious to feel it leave my cock, racing towards her stomach.

Then it happened, I was not prepared. The shock was indescribable, I never saw her enter my office. “That looks like a lot of fun, Sir.” snickered the malicious Jen.

My initial thoughts were of her telling my wife, causing me a disastrous divorce. Quickly moving to withdraw my cock from Beth., very displeased at the early withdraw. Not getting to shoot its cum down this fantastic woman’s throat I removed it. “Jen, what are you doing here!?” I questioned her as I reached for my pants. Beth standing upright remained silent.

“Oh, sorry Sir. I just wanted to let you know you had a phone call. It’s your wife so I thought I would inform you personally.” She gave me that trademarked sly smile; followed by an unusual wink, and quickly turned around and left.

Beth turning to me, peered into my eyes with that same sexual desire. “I’ll see you later John, we can finish this another time.” Leaning in she kisses me forcing her tongue in my mouth, and quickly exited, leaving me alone in my office once more.

“Fucking Jen, God damn it.” I quietly swear to myself. My cock trapped in my pants, still hard and covered in Beth’s saliva, begging for release. Well at least I didn’t cum and that’s good for my wife. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on her, she did do me a favor, this time anyway. I picked up the phone and hit the button for line 1. “Hi honey, what’s up?” Trying to sound cheerful, I spoke into the receiver. “Ok I’ll pick up some milk on the way home. I love you too.” Hanging up the phone I’m somewhat disgusted to be taken away from that woman and her deep throating prowess, to needing to pick up milk on my way home. Thoroughly frustrated, I sat down and went back to my work, trying to take my mind off my cock once more.


The day slowly finished, the clock reading 7pm. I could finally go home. Being the boss sucks sometimes, if you want to be a good one, in my opinion. I am usually the last one to leave, along with Jen.
Gathering my things, I step out of my office, and close the door. All the lights are off in the lobby already. The place empty, minus Jen behind her desk. She took note of me immediately and smiled once more. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look at me with anything other than a smile. Manipulative bitch, I thought to myself.

A positive and a negative quality all at the same time, I’m not sure where I stood on that scale yet in my opinion of her. On one hand she was smoking hot, my cock demanding to be inserted into her steamy pussy every time I gazed upon her beautiful body. On the other hand, I knew if I did, I’d be fucked, literally and metaphorically. She would be able to get whatever she wanted out of me after she got me to fuck her. We both knew it. My cock however, didn’t care. It was always interested in only one thing..

I walked over to Jen’s desk, carrying the folder of paperwork she had given me earlier. “Here’s those papers Jen. I’ll leave them here in your box.” I said, honestly intending nothing sexual.

“Thank you Sir, I like it when you put things in my box.” She stared at me, her smile apparent and hypnotizing. I have to fuck this woman. “I’m almost done here for the night, Sir. I’m just closing up. I’m just missing one last thing before I can go. You’re not going home so soon are you?” She asked me, while hopping up on her desk, sitting while she faced me. Her legs dangled, slightly spread, giving me a narrow view of her panties . Her invitation is clear, but am I going to accept?

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