Tara moves in to the neighborhood

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 To start off my name is Tara. I'm a 5'6" blonde, 32, and very happily married. My husband is a great man, and I love him dearly, but lately our sex life has left much to be desired. About six months ago we moved into a new house in a very nice neighborhood in the suburbs. A couple weeks after we moved in my husband Bill and I were doing some cleaning around the house when the doorbell rang. Bill said he would answer and did just that. A couple minutes later he calls "Honey! Come here for a minute." When I got to the door I noticed there was a very handsome young man standing there. He introduced himself as John and we shook hands. Bill then turned to me and said "The neighborhood is having a get together and would like us to come, you interested?" I quickly agreed and John told us it would be at his place two doors down that Friday. I said "Great! Sounds like fun" before he gave me a smile and walked off. Throughout the day I couldn't stop thinking about how attracted I was to him and even masturbated thinking about him inside me later that night.

Friday came around and it was time to go to the party. I wanted to look sexy but not like a slut in front of my new neighbors, so I put on a medium length blue dress showing just enough cleavage and my leather knee high boots. When we got to John's house he greeted us at the door and welcomed us in. On the way in I caught him looking at my braless tits and he just smiled. We started having drinks and mingling, and all was going well. I met some of our close neighbors, chatted with the wives and even danced with some of the men. When John asked me to dance I happily agreed. While we were dancing I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against me. It was making me wet just thinking about it. The dance ended, I said thank you, and the party continued.

After another hour or so I noticed Bill was pretty drunk. Most of the guests were leaving, so I thought we should too. I told John I had to get Bill home. He just looked at me and asked "Why don't you take him home and come back for a bit?" I said maybe and took Bill back to our house. He fell right asleep when he hit the bed. That's when I decided to go back to John's. Once I got there he smiled and welcomed me in again. Most of the guests had gone except John and four of the other men. We all drank a couple beers and talked. I noticed all the guys were starting to look at up and down alot. Then John asked, "would you like to see the rest of the house?" I agreed and he showed me around. Then we got to his bedroom, and something came over me. I just smiled at hime and sat on the bed.

John then walked up to me and unbuttoned his pants. When he pulled his cock out it was everything I thought it would be. About nine inches long and fat. Without saying a word I took it in my mouth and started sucking for all I was worth. A couple minutes later I heard a voice say, "I knew she looked like a good cock sucker." When I opened my eyes I saw the other men standing in the doorway. I looked at them and said "you'll never know standing over there." With that they all came in the room and started taking their clothes off. John then disrobed and pulled my dress off. I think he was delighted to see I wasn't wearing panties. I got on my knees and the men circled around me.

One by one I started sucking their cocks and jerking them off. I felt like such a slut, but I loved it. Then one of the men, James, let out a moan and shot his cum in my mouth. I swallowed and said "thank you. Now you boys have to make me come." No sooner did they lay me on the bed. John shoved his hard cock back in my mouth while the other men got around me. Matt was the first to get inside me. He went balls deep and I let out a moan of pleasure. I was jerking off the other two men, Sean and Tim, while John fucked my mouth. Matt pounded me hard for about ten more minutes before I felt my first orgasm. I bucked my hips into Matt moaning in pleasure as the orgasm filled me.

Shortly after Matt let out a moan and I felt his hot cum spew all over the walls of my pussy. It was Sean's turn now. He layed down beside me and told me to get on top. I immediately climbed on and started riding him for all I was worth. He had stamina. Two more powerful orgasms ripped through me me before he emptied his load in my cunt. I was breathing so hard, but still managed to speak.I got on my hands and knees and said "Fuck me from behind John! Fuck me like a whore!" John positioned himself behind me as Tim put his hard shaft in my mouth. I came almost as soon as Johns cock was in me. It was so big. He pounded me harder and harder as I kept yelling "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!" Tim let out a moan and pulled his cock out of my mouth just in time to blow his load on my face. It turned me on so much. John led me to another raging orgasm before he pulled out and shot his load on my back.

The guys took turns fucking me for the next three hours and I loved it. I've never been so satisfied in my life. I finally got cleaned up and went back home. Bill was right where I left him. I just smiled thinking about how much fun our new neighborhood was going to be

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