Tabatha's Betrayal

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Tabatha lay back on the silk sheets, basking in the attention the younger man gave to her body with his lips, her red hair fanning about her head and shoulders in a fiery halo as she moaned in passion.

"Yesssss, Randyyyyy, yesssss" 

Crystal blue eyes looked up from his position over her mound and a smile shined in then before dipping back to her passion filled crevice that he was satisfying. Tabatha's full breasts swayed in gentle motion as she again bucked her hips and gripped the man's full head of hair, imploring him. 

"Take me...take me, now"

Through the haze muscles rippled over the mans smooth, hairless chest as he lifted and pulled himself effortlessly over her nude form and looked into her eyes, and again Tabatha's hips bucked, feeling the tip of his erection brush her swollen and eager mound...her hand reached out and caressed his smooth, muscled jaw and she moaned… 


Slowly thru the mist the young mans face cleared and took shape, his voice a vague sound as he questioned gently....

“Yes, Mother?”

Much to the fully aroused woman’s surprise his voice was clear as he repeated the question and suddenly was his face... as the young man leaned over the planes seat and looked at her, the sound of powerful engines coming to Tabatha as she turned from her sons face and looked to the window...and the clouds beside them.

Tabatha blushed furiously then ... drawing herself upright and composing herself before turning back to him, knowing she had almost been caught in the wet dream that had invaded almost every minute of her free thoughts for the last year...

At 35, Tabatha was on her first plane flight ever. Randy had matured rapidly in the last few years, his body shining with the power and strength of youth, his eyes and smile wise beyond his years, perhaps made that way by the parting of his parents so long ago. He had made this trip twice a year, the journey to see his father after Tabatha had filed for divorce and won custody, his father returning to the island wonderland from which he had come. At eighteen he had wasted no time insisting he go live with his father in the Caribbean Islands, though Tabatha fought the decision then relented, knowing her own relationship with Randy would be weakened if she refused and he would leave anyways. Her tenth anniversary of being divorced also marked her son’s birthday and he was quickly on his way to the islands and his father. Tabatha was quietly jealous of the way her son and ex-husband grew closer as time passed, the visits Randy was allowed by law seeming to make her further and further away from her son each time he stepped off the plane.

But now they both were on a plane headed for HIS Island, a move Randy insisted on for weeks until he wore his mother down and she finally consented with his final argument.

“He’s paying for the tickets and the time you miss from work, and if you decide to return home earlier then the two weeks, you can. How else am I going to remember both my parents? As the two stubborn people who refused to be in my life because of the mistake they made?”

The final words rang in Tabatha’s mind as she gave in, replaced quickly by the idea she would tease her ex-husband mercilessly with what he had missed over the years. And she was dressed to kill as she stepped on the plane, her figure turning more than one single and married male head as she sidled by them, her full curves threatening to escape at any second from the confines of the tiny black leather miniskirt and sheer white halter top.

“Why not dress like this?” She defended herself to Randy as he “tusked” at her. “It’s going to be plenty warm on the islands and I’ve decided to work on my tan. Besides it’s not like I’m a fat cow and you’ve never seen a woman before, is it?”

Randy assented and left the subject alone, Tabatha smiling in victory and continuing to flash her 36D chest at any and all who looked, the nipples hard from the teasing fabric and threatening to poke thru adding to the erotic vision she knew she was. And on the relatively quick flight she reminded herself with pride the only measurement that had changed from her college days when she had met and became pregnant with Randy was the top one…and much to the better. Her breasts were full and hard yet, not needing a bra to defeat gravities pull and stand proud on their own, her stomach as flat and muscular now as at 18, her hips a full curved and mature sight as she bent over and the miniskirt rode up her tight ass-cheeks.

At five foot seven her legs were long and well shaped, her ankles turning daintily into the tiny high heel she wore to accent all the effects even further. To her own pride as they off boarded the plane she saw the eyes of her ex-husband taking her all in with unabashed staring, not missing a single step as she swayed towards him and handed over her bags.

“It’s been a long time Tony” She spoke smoothly and watched as her copper toned arms swung the bags to the waiting man behind him. “You’ve missed quite a bit since I’ve last seen you”

“It appears I have” He agreed, flashing her a bright white smile and pale green eyes, those eyes staring directly down into the valley created in the halter top, then back to her own brown eyes. “You’ve stayed a vision of erotic beauty I see”

Despite her promise to herself she blushed, the effects of Tony’s good looks and obvious well-shaped body making an impression in her mind that reminded her why she gave herself to him in the first place. His dark hair and skin, coupled with the tall, muscular body that moved so smoothly, his poised and assured manner all combined to make him as attractive as a male cougar in heat…Only much more deadly to the females he stalked, she reminded herself, as she well knew and had found out one night so many years ago.

“Let’s be friends, if for nothing else Randy’s sake” She offered and Tony gracefully accepted, letting her slide into the limo’s cool interior after Randy so she sat in the middle.

“To my son, who will make me very proud of him as he becomes a man” Tony toasted, filling three glasses with an expensive import and handed one to each. “These will be the days and years he will look back fondly on”

They toasted and then drank, Tabatha leaning back in the dark interior and relaxing, thinking it wouldn’t be so bad after all. In fact she might just enjoy being the only woman in the presence of two good-looking men, her son having all the good looks and masculine form that the father did. She blushed and was glad of the dark interior as the two men chatted in low tones, the daydream of her seducing her own son flitting thru her mind as it did occasionally, and then disappearing as she reminded herself it was called incest. Besides, she reflected, there was a very interested and single man back at the office where she worked and she was ready to let him take out to dinner after asking for the tenth time. Smiling as the velvet ride of the limo slowed and then smoothly halted, she took Tony’s hand and made sure he got and took another long look down her front as she slid out and whispered to his ear.

“See what you were missing, Antonio? Too bad for you that you’ll never get any closer, huh?”

“Indeed my hot little tamale” He countered without missing a beat, using a name she wished he would have forgotten over the years and hadn’t “You still have a tight package…at least on the outside”

Beat for now she held her tongue, vowing to give the smug face of Tony a good slap and then chew him out in private…where Randy didn’t need to see his adored father whittled down to size. Instead she chose the time to look around the wide open and well tended estate, the size and pure beauty of it taking her breathe away as she admired it all.

“It seems you’ve done well for yourself” She admitted grudgingly as a flock of bare-chested men came to tend to the baggage and welcome “Senor Antonio” home. “And I thought you hated that name”

“One might say they see me as their “king”, yes?” Tony grinned as another pair of bare-chested natives came towards them, this time females to Tabatha’s chagrin, two well endowed and young women that would shame most centerfolds wrapped themselves around Tony’s arms and kissed him affectionately. “And as a “King” one must make certain small…embellishments to his people?”

The small troop moved towards the three-story home, the white from gleaming in the afternoon sun, reflecting off the round pillars that stood magnificently on the veranda.

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