Tyrone gets married

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Nancy Martin ask her girlfriend to stay the night.

"Are we going to do it again?"

""Yes" whispered Nancy.

The girls ate dinner and helped with the dishes. When they went to bed they took their clothes off. Doreen made the first move. She kissed her friend and felt her breasts with trembling hands.

"Do you want me to suck them?"

"Of course you ninny" she whispered.

The girls sucked each others tits and played with their cunt's until they were tired.

"When did you first discover sex?" ask Nancy.

"When I was twelve I watched my brother give his friend a blow job" said Doreen.

"I didn't know your brother was gay"

"I think he is bisexual" she replied.

"How do you know?"

"When he finished sucking the boy's prick he pulled my panties off and fucked me"

"Do you still let him do it?"

"Sometimes, late at night when mom is asleep"

"We better put our nightgowns on before your mom catches us" said Doreen.

"My mother knows we do it"

"How?" gasp the girl.

"I told her"

"I bet that was a shock" said the surprised girl.

"Not at all, she said lesbian sex is beautiful"

"At least we can't get pregnant" giggled Doreen.

"I'm glad there is no school tomorrow"

"I'll hate it when it starts again" sighed Nancy.

"How do you want to spend summer vacation?" replied Doreen.

"I'll have to think about it"

The girls kissed each other goodnight and wen to sleep. The next morning Maris opened the door and saw the girls kissing.

"I see you're having fun"

"Do you want to watch me lick Doreen's twat?"

"Maybe latter honey, I have to visit my aunt Mary"

"How long will you be gone?"

"I'll be back next week"

"Have fun while I'm gone"

After Maris left they got dressed.

"I want to go to the mall" said Nancy.

"It's too far to walk" sighed Doreen.

"Maybe your brother can take us"

"He will want a reward"

"I'll let him fuck me" said Nancy.

"My brother will go for that, he's got the hots for you"

Doreen called Carl and told him what they wanted to do.

"What do I get out of it?" he ask.

"You can fuck my girlfriend" she replied.

Soon Carl knocked on the door and Nancy let him in.

"I want to fuck Nancy before we go?"

"Be gentle, Nancy still has her cherry"

Carl pulled his pants and shorts down and let Nancy play with his prick. Then he kissed her and said.

"Take your clothes off honey"

Nancy striped naked and kissed him on the lips.

"Do you want me to eat your pussy first?"

"Yes" she blushed.

Carl pushed the girl on the couch and licked her cunt like an ice cream cone.

"You never did that to me" sighed Doreen.

Carl spit in Nancy's cunt for lubrication and fucked her. She felt pain for a moment but then it was soon replaced with pleasure. Carl fucked her holding back his ejaculation until she climaxed.

"Empty your balls in me and make me have a baby!" she screamed.

Doreen suddenly realized that she and her girlfriend needed birth control pills. She vowed to get pills for her and Nancy tomorrow. Carl filled her hole for the last time and they went to the mall. Carl waited in the car while the girls shopped.

"Did you like sex with my brother?"

"Oh god yes"

"We better get birth control pills" warned Doreen.

"You have sex with Carl and you're not pregnant" replied Nancy.

"I've been lucky"

The girls finally bought some clothes.

"It took you long enough" complained Carl.

"Take us to the clinic so we can get birth control pills" said Doreen.


"We don't want ugly babys that looks like you" giggled his sister.

"Ouch!" said the boy.

When they got back to the house with the pills they talked about what they wanted Carl to do to them.

"I want to watch him fuck you" said Nancy.

"Does brother and sister sex turn you on?" ask Doreen.

"Yes, and I want to eat your pussy after he goes off in you"

The girls undressed and kissed each other while Carl watched. Doreen lay on the couch and spread her legs.

"Do it slow brother and make it last"

"I'll try" said the boy.

Carl pushed his prick in his sister's cunt and fucked her. Nancy was fascinated by the erotic spectacle.

"Tell your sister you love her"

"She knows that" grunted the boy.

"Please say it" insisted Nancy.

"I love you Doreen and always will" whispered the boy.

Doreen kissed him and said.

"I wonder what mom would think if she saw us doing it?"

Carl pulled his prick out of her hole and squirted cum on her face and breasts.

"Lick it off Nancy"

She eagerly ate Carl's cum. Then she tongued her girlfriend's asshole until she climaxed. That night Carl slept with the girls. Nancy woke up when Carl forced his prick in her mouth. She sucked it and swallowed his sperm.

"Do it to your sister" said Nancy.

"I have to rest first" said Carl.

The next morning Maris Martin came home early and found her daughter and her friend in bed with Carl.

"Who is the boy?'

The kids woke up with a fright and then saw who it was.

"My brother" replied Doreen.

"Did he fuck both of you?"

"Yes" said Nancy.

"It's alright, I want my daughter to know what it is like to be with a man"

He's been good to us mom, I think I like boys now" said her daughter.

Maris pulled back the covers and looked at his half hard prick.

"I wouldn't mind if he fucked me with that"

"He'll do it, won't you Carl?"

"I'd love to" he replied.

Maris undressed and chased the girls off the crowded bed. She got on top of Carl and helped him slip his cock in her cunt. Then she closed her eyes and rode it like a female jockey.

"My brother sure is getting a workout" laughed Doreen.

"We need another man" sighed Nancy.

"Who can we get?"

"Does Carl have a friend?"

"Yes, his name is Tyrone"

"Is he black?"

"Of course stupid, did you ever hear of a white man named Tyrone?"

"I've heard black men have big pricks" said Nancy.

"Oh god, I want to fuck him" said Doreen.

"You would fuck a mule if you could get his dong in your hole" giggled Nancy.

The girls turned their attention to Maris. When she climaxed she squealed like a pig.

"Your mom is having a lot of fun"

"I don't think mom has been with a man since my father died"

"How about women?"

"Mom and aunt Mary have lesbian sex"

"So that's why she went to visit her" giggled Doreen.

When Maris got off Carl and the girls knew he was fucked out. His prick was as limp as a wet noodle.

"You ruined my brother"

"He'll recuperate honey" she replied.

"Can I suck his cum out of your pussy?" ask Doreen.

"I'd love it sweetheart"

When she was finished pleasing Maris she grabbed her brother and took him to the living room.

"We want to fuck Tyrone"

"I could use some help"

Carl phoned his friend and explained the situation.

"What did he say?"

"He'll be here in half an hour"

Nancy kissed him and said.

"You're the best brother ever"

Carl got a beer and rested. When she went back to the bedroom Maris was finger fucking her hole and climaxing. Her face was red and her eyelashes fluttered. She was beautiful!

"Hurry up Maris, Tyrone is coming"

"Who's Tyrone?" she ask.

"Carl's friend"

"He's black mom, you do want to screw a black man don't you?"

"Oh my god yes"

The women went to the living room and waited for Tyrone. When Carl opened the door they were pleasantly surprised. He must have weighed two hundred and fifty pounds and looked like an athlete. Tyrone looked at the nude women and smiled.

"Carl didn't tell me you girls would be so pretty"

"My god he's smooth" gasp Nancy.

"Can we see your prick?" giggled Doreen.

Tyrone unzipped his fly and pulled out his huge black cock.

"Jesus god, it must be nine inches long" said Maris.

"It's not hard yet" said Doreen"

Nancy grabbed the prick and played with it until it was hard.

"Look mom, it's even bigger than you thought"

"Who wants to be fucked first" ask the man.

"I'm first" said Maris.

They went to her room and Maris eagerly spread her legs with trembling anticipation. Tyrone took his clothes off and climbed in bed. He kissed Maris and sucked her breasts, then he ate her cunt. When Tyrone stuck his tongue in her asshole she climaxed. He mounted the woman and pushed his prick in her wet hole all the way to her womb.

"sweet Jesus god!" she cried.

Carl grabbed his sister and kissed her while Nancy masturbated. When Tyrone finished with Maris Doreen took her place. His prick was too big and she pleaded for him to stop. Tyrone smiled and said.

"You wanted it so quit complaining"

"Wreck her cunt and make it bleed" urged her brother.

When he finished with the protesting girl his prick was still hard so he grabbed Nancy and threw her on the bed. She spread her legs as wide as she could and bit her lip. Tyrone's prick filled her hole and entered her womb.

"YYAAAAAaaaGOD that hurts" she screamed.

When the black man was done with her daughter she lay on the bed and sobbed.

"My pussy hurts mom"

Maris sucked the blood and cum from her daughter's hole. Then she ask.

"Would you like me to marry Tyrone?"

"He would be a good father" she gushed.

Tyrone smiled and said.

"I'll fuck your cunt's and then I want stick my prick in your asshole's, do you and your daughter agree to that?"

Maris trembled with fear when she heard Tyrone was going to butt fuck her.

"We'll let you do anything you want honey"

"Can I come to visit so Tyrone can fuck me too?"

"It's ok with me" laughed Maris.

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