Twinks share a man

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Shirley and her twin sister liked the same boy. His name was Stan and he was on the football team. Stan couldn't tell the girls apart. This led to complications. One time Stan squeezed Lucy's breast by mistake. Lucy smiled at him and said she was not Shirley and Stan apologized. Lucy and Shirley slept in the same bed. They both masturbated and dreamed about boys.

"Stan grabbed my tit and thought I was you" giggled Lucy.

"That basted feels me up all the time" explained Shirley.

"Has he fucked you yet?" ask Lucy.

"I won't let him do me until mom gets me birth control pills" sighed her sister.

Shirley snuggled up to her sister and kissed her. They slept until morning in each other's arms.

"Wake up sis, we have to go to school" said Lucy.

The girls dressed and went downstairs.

"Aren't you girls going to eat breakfast?" ask their mom.

"Don't have time" replied Lucy.

The school day was long and boring and the twins were glad when it was over. Next week they would graduate from high school. Neither girl planed on going to collage.

"Mom I want birth control pills" said Shirley.

"Me too" chimed in Lucy.

Doris knew this day was coming. Her girls were grown up. She wasn't happy about getting her daughters birth control pills but she didn't want them to get pregnant. She drove them to their family doctor.

"I hope you girls aren't planning on having sex right away" said Doris.

"Mom! giggled Lucy.

That night Shirley called her boyfriend and ask him to take her to a movie. He said he would pick her up at eight o'clock. She put on her best dress and waited for Stan. He arrived late and they hurried to the car. She lay back on the seat and spread her legs so Stan could play with her cunt while he was driving. Stan pulled her panties aside and finger fucked her.

"Can we go to a motel and fuck?" ask Shirley.

"I don't have any rubbers" he warned.

"That's ok, mom got me the pill"

The boy found a motel where Shirley undressed and said.

"Let's get this over with, I am tired of being a virgin"

Stan smiled at her and replied.

"I'll fix that"

She lay on the bed and spread her legs waiting for her first experience with sex. Stan got on top of her and kissed her until she was ready. Then he pushed his prick in her hole and broke her cherry. It didn't hurt at all and the delighted girl moaned with pleasure. He fucked her with long hard strokes until she climaxes. Shirley was ecstatic!

"I wish my sister could be here to watch" she giggled.

When her boyfriend heard that he emptied his balls in her pussy. When his prick went limp she ask him if he could do it again.

"In a minute" he panted.

She played with his prick and made it hard again and helped him stuff it in her wet hole. Stan had renewed vigor and fucked Shirley until she had the first climax of her young life.

"UUUUUUnnnnnh god I am in love!" she screamed. Stan did her again and again until he was exhausted. Then Shirley smothered him with kisses and ask.

"Would you like to do my sister?"

"You don't care?" ask the surprised boy.

"Not as long as I can watch" she giggled.

That made Stan horny again so he mounted his girlfriend and they fucked until dawn. When she got home her mother ask her how she liked the move.

"We did other things" replied her daughter.

Doris knew what that meant and changed the subject.

"Your sister wants to see you"

Shirley found her sister and they went to their bedroom.

"Did you do it?" ask Lucy


"How was it?"

"I loved it"

I want to do it" said Lucy.

"I told Stan he could fuck you while I watch"

"When he broke your cherry did it hurt?"

"Not much, let me show you"

"How?" said the girl.

Shirley got a long candle and told her sister to take off her panties. Lucy lay on the bed and spread her legs and Shirley shoved the candle up her wet hole.

"UUUnnggggggggggggggggaaa that hurts!" cried the girl.

"Shut up bitch, mom will hear you" she snarled.

Shirley fucked her sister with the make shift dildo and was delighted when she made her pussy bleed. Finally Lucy had a climax so strong she peed.

"Nasty slut" giggled Shirley.

When she pulled the candle out of her sister's cunt she did something she had never done before. She ate Lucy's bloody hole.

"OH my god!" cried the delighted girl.

"Do you like my tongue in your cunt?" ask the girl.

"God yes"

Shirley was done molesting her sister and told her she would call her boy friend to take them to a motel. Stan drove as fast as he could when Shirley told Lucy was going to join them for a threesome. The girls jumped in his car without telling their mom where they were going. Shirley unbuttoned her sister's blouse and said.

"See Stan, she's not wearing a bra or panties"

"Is she ready to fuck" laughed the boy.

"She's ready, I broke her cherry with a candle" giggled Shirley.

Stan was a little disappointed. He wanted to be the first to deflower the girl but he kept his mouth shut and found a motel. When they were in the motel room they undressed and lay on the bed.

"Suck her tits while I lick her cunt" said Shirley.

Lucy spread her legs and relaxed. This was going to be fun. Shirley got her sister's pussy wet with spit while Stan sucked her breasts. The excited girl trembled and moaned. She felt like she had to pee and knew was going to climax. Then Stan stuck his prick in her cunt and she exploded. She scratched his back and stuck her tongue in his ear. Lucy never experienced anything so wonderful in her life. When Stan filled the girl's hole with sperm Shirley sucked it out while he rested. They kept doing it until the girl was an orgasmic wreck. Finally Stan was too tired to continue. Lucy and Shirley fell asleep in each others arms until morning. Just before dawn Lucy woke up when her sister poked a finger up her butt hole.

"You lesbian bitch I think you want me more than you do Stan" gasp Lucy.

"Maybe" giggled the girl.

"Why don't you marry Stan and I will come and live with you"

"Wake him up and ask him" said Shirley.

Lucy grabbed the boy's prick and pulled on it.

"Jesus, what a way to wake up" he groaned.

"Shirley wants to marry you" said Lucy.

"She does?" replied the sleepy boy.

"If you marry me Stan Lucy will live with us and you will get two sluts instead of one"

"Ok" said Stan.

The wedding was a big affair. Doris invited all her friends. Lucy went with them on their honeymoon and let Stan fuck her after he did Shirley.

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