Twins make their sister and mother pregnant

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : THis story is completely fictional!

One of Betty's twin brothers made her pregnant and she didn't know which one. If her mom found out she would kill them.

"I think she's got milk in her tits" said Jake.

"No way" replied Frank.

Jake squeezed his sister's breast until it squirted milk.

"You're right" said Frank.

Both boys sucked her breasts like babies. Betty lay there on her bed and enjoyed herself. Having her nipples sucked by her brothers made her excited.

"Oh god, fuck the hell out of me" she pleaded.

Jake was the first to mount his pregnant sister. He rode her like a jockey until he filled her hole with sperm. Then it was Frank's turn. He did her until she climaxed. Betty kissed them both and got dressed before her mom got back.

"Are you having contractions yet?" ask Maris.

"Not yet mom, but my breasts are full of milk"

""I'll have to buy a breast pump" sighed the woman.

When Maris drove to the drug store the twins undressed their sister and fucked her again. She was on her hand and knees and they turns fucking her from behind. Her milk engorged tits swayed back and forth leaking milk with the rhythm of their thrusts. She felt like a happy cow! When they were done filling her hole with sperm they sucked her nipples until she climaxed.

"I love you both" she whispered.

Jake fucked her again and made her climax. Maris came home early because he couldn't find a breast pump. She saw her daughter having sex with her brother and shouted.

"Jesus Christ, you nasty slut!"

Frank stuffed his prick back in his pants and ran to the bathroom. Jake was still had his prick in his sister's cunt. He pulled it out and squirted cum on the floor. Maris now knew who made her daughter pregnant. It was one of the twins.

"The damage is done so you might as well continue" sighed the woman.

"You're not mad?" ask Betty.

"I want grand kids" she replied.

Betty lay on her back and rubbed her belly.

"I hope it is a girl" she cooed.

"I want a grandson" replied her mom.

Frank came from the bathroom and said.

"I bet I'm the dad"

"I am" said Jake.

The kids were happy that their mom wasn't mad at them. They kissed their sister and sucked her breasts while she watched. Maris had her hands in her panties playing with her cunt.

"Mom, do you want to get fucked?" giggled Betty.

"Yes" she whispered.

Betty took her mother's blouse and bra off exposing her fat breasts. The twins felt them and pulled her nipples. Maris undressed and lay on the couch trembling. She hadn't had sex since her husband divorced her. When Frank stuck his prick in her she climaxed so strong she peed. Betty giggled and said.

"I've always wanted to piss on Frank"

Maris paid no attention to what her daughter was saying and climaxed again.

"OOOOOhhhh fuck meee!" screamed Maris.

Jake grabbed Betty and stuck his prick in her mouth. She sucked it until he filled her mouth with sperm. That night Frank slept with is mom and Jake slept with his sister. The next night they switched partners. The happy women were delighted. Betty had a baby boy and named him Carl. Then her mother got pregnant. After the baby sucked Betty's breasts she let her brothers have the rest. One day her mom ask her daughter.

"I want to see what breast milk tastes like"

Betty pulled her nightgown down and let her mom suck her nipples.

"Do you like it?" ask the girl.

"Yes" replied Maris.

"Mom can I want to eat your cunt"

Maris kissed her and stuck her tongue in her mouth. Then she lay on the floor and spread her legs. Betty licked her mother's pregnant cunt until the woman climaxed. She pulled her head back and ask"

Can you pee in my mouth?"

Maris peed and her daughter swallowed it.

"Do it to me" begged Maris.

Betty squatted over her mother's face and released her bladder. The yellow piss went in her mom's open mouth and on her face and breasts. Then the girl lay on the floor and let her mom suck her pussy. The twins were watching them with amusement.

"I'm glad we have such a kinky slut for a mother" laughed Frank.

Jake smiled at him and laughed.

"Mom and sis are pee freaks"

The months passed and Maris had a girl and named her Jenny.

"I'm going to teach my son how to fuck your girl? said Betty.

"We'll teach her how to be a slut" laughed Maris.


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