The wait was worth it

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What I am about to relate to you is true.

I’ll be 64 when my next birthday rolls around and they seem to roll around much quicker than when I was a youngster. I’m just an average guy and have had a fairly ordinary life. Julie and I have been married for over 30 years and the last of our kids left the nest two years ago. We all suffer disappointments and regrets in our lives, there is no perfect life after all, but the one that comes to my mind a lot is of a sexual nature. I have always been a lot more interested in sex than my wife, perhaps that’s normal in the general scheme of things, although I did experience a few wild women before I tied the knot.

During the first years of our marriage the sex was frequent but ordinary with me being the initiator and I often thought if Julie were given the choice of continuing with sex or abandoning it forever it would be a difficult choice for her. I tried various things to liven up our physical life; sex toys, erotic lingerie, which she would wear occasionally but I sensed out of obligation rather than making her horny and although she looked extremely sexy, knowing she was not really into it always took the edge off for me. She is 5’ 7” tall, slim with small, perky breasts, really nice long legs, a beautiful ass and a tight pussy topped with blonde hair. Julie is a quiet, shy and very gentle person and I began to think that perhaps she was unhappy with my performance but reluctant to say anything. Whenever I broached the subject she always said she was perfectly happy. I mentioned the possibility of swinging, saying if she was too shy to discuss it, I was open to another male, female or couple but again she had no interest. Our sex life suffered as the kids came along and we got on with providing for them, until it became infrequent and mundane at best.

With the benefit of hindsight and the experience of life I know now that she had a very low sex drive. I love my wife very much so one adjusts; I contemplated an affair but couldn’t bring myself to do it. So the years came and went and the pattern was set with me wishing things were different but accepting reality.

I retired at 60 and shortly afterwards we went on a trip to Australia and New Zealand, places Julie had always wanted to see and it was during this trip that she began to show enthusiasm for sex. Whether it was from the sense of freedom we both felt on the trip or a change in hormone levels I do not know but our lovemaking certainly increased and she became more animated and even initiated sexual activity with increasing frequency.

About a year and a half ago I joined a group that played darts at a local Golf and Curling club on Friday nights. I had played a lot growing up in England and it was good to be involved with the game I had enjoyed so much in my youth. The people, (mostly ex-pat Brits), were a fun bunch to be with. We played other groups but it was strictly for fun and we had a lot of good laughs and a few beers…typically English stuff. Julie never came with me; she didn’t drink except for a rare glass of wine, preferring to stay home a read a book. There were several women who played and other wives came along just for a fun night out. I would tell Julie about how much fun it was and encouraged her to come along. She finally agreed and came with me and had to admit she had good time. She chatted with the women mostly but at one point in the evening Alan sat next to her and they had a good old chin-wag. When we got home I asked what they were talking about and she said it was just general chat and nothing in particular. She was quite enthusiastic in bed that night and climaxed strong and loud. I thought to myself that the night out had done her good and hoped she’d attend every Friday.

I’ve known Alan for about six years, I introduced Julie to him four years ago at the funeral of his wife but otherwise she didn’t know him. He’s 62, about 5’ 6” with a good build; he works out a lot and does a bit of running. I met him at the golf club and we played together a couple of times a month but I didn’t consider him a close friend. He liked to sit with the ladies on darts night, I think he needed a bit of female company, though, as far as I am aware, it never went beyond chatting and he always went home alone.

Julie came with me on the next three Fridays and the evenings followed their usual pattern; darts, beers, laughs, Alan doing his rounds of the ladies but he seemed to spend more time with Julie than anyone else.

‘How’s Alan these days?’ I said as we were getting into bed after darts.

‘Oh, fine,’ Julie replied.
We snuggled beneath the covers and Julie twirled the hairs on my chest.

‘Alan’s a nice guy isn’t he?’ she murmured.

‘Yes, he is, I’ve always liked him. Such a shame about his wife,’ I answered.

‘I, I need to talk to you about something’.

‘Go ahead, I’m right here.’

‘You know I have been feeling much sexier since our trip. I think it must be hormones because I think of sex a lot, much more than I ever have before. I know you’ve been disappointed in the past but I have been thinking of the things you said. Remember when you suggested swinging and said if I wanted a man, a women or a couple to join us it was okay with you?’

‘Yes I do, I have always been open to it.’

‘Well….I’d like to try another man.’


‘Yes, I am very attracted to him, he’s very funny and we do have a great time at darts.

‘I’ve noticed, has he said anything?’

No, no, nothing. I think he just likes female company and I’m a good listener. I think of sex with him when we are talking get wet’

‘What do you want to do?’

‘I thought perhaps you could talk to him next Friday. I’ll stay home so it’s easier for both of you. If he is interested, makes arrangements for the weekend, I don’t think I could wait long if he would like to join us, he makes me so horny. I love you very much and this does not change that, I don’t want to be married to anyone but you. It’s just that I feel so horny and want to experience some things before it’s too late’

‘Are you sure about all this?’

‘Yes, I’m sure. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, except my love for you.’

Okay, I’ll talk with him on Friday.’

Julie swept the covers back and gave me a tremendous blow job.

All week I mulled over how I was going to approach Alan and by Friday I had plan, of sorts.

Friday night progressed as usual with Alan chatting with the ladies. He came up to me and chatted for a minute then asked, ‘Where’s Julie tonight? I hope she isn’t sick.’

‘No, nothing like that Alan,’ I replied, ‘Fancy a beer, I need to talk to you about something,’ and pointed to a table in the corner.
We sat with our beers and Alan says, ‘What’s up, nothing serious I hope.’

‘No, no, but I do need to discuss a delicate and personal issue. Can you promise me your total discretion and privacy on this matter?’

‘Wow, it sounds serious, er, yes, yes, er, of course Chris, what on earth is it?’

‘Julie and I would like you to come over to our place tomorrow night, if you are fr…’

‘Is that all, you had me scared for a moment, but why all the…’

‘There’s more,’ I said, cutting him short. I took a deep breath and continued. ‘We would like to have you join us in the bedroom.’

Alan stared at his glass of beer for a few moments then looked up at me. ‘I don’t know what to say, since Nancy died I haven’t...I mean…Julie is very attractive…and…why, why me?’

Alan took a large swig of beer as I explained our reasons. I could almost hear his brain spinning as he stared at me for several seconds. He looked around to make sure no one was in earshot half whispering, ‘You do mean sex don’t you?’

I nodded my head and he seemed to calm a little. ‘Wow, I never would have expected this, have you done this kind of thing before Chris?’

I explained this was the first time and that Julie had never had the inclination until now.

‘I guess my answer is yes but I feel the need to tell you something. Shortly before Nancy had the car accident we had discussed the very same thing. We watched a show on TV about swingers and it interested both us. The idea of being with another couple was very erotic but she had the accident before we could do anything about it.’

‘Sorry, Alan, maybe this is fate then,’ I responded, ‘shall we say 7:30?’

‘7:30 it is, oh, there’s Jim waving, must be our turn on the board, 7:30 then,’ he left the table for his darts match and played the worst game of his life.

Julie met me at the front as the garage door opener announced my arrival home. ‘Well,’ she said nervously.

I gave her a disappointed look for a couple of seconds before smiling and saying, ‘7:30 tomorrow you naughty little girl.’

She rushed into my arms and we hugged and kissed.

‘Oh, I’m so excited, I’ll never sleep tonight,’ she cried.

‘You’d better get some sleep, you have a busy night tomorrow and I know a couple of guys who are going to give you what for.’

‘I certainly hope you are both “up” for it,’ she quipped.

When we got to bed that night Julie was really horny, I ate her pussy and she climaxed twice, something she had never done before, soaking my face with her juices. She wanted to be fucked but I wanted to save myself for tomorrow night so I rode her easy, stopping when I felt the urge to quicken my thrusts. She climaxed again and seemed satisfied for the time being.

Julie spent most of Saturday cleaning the house from top to bottom to take her mind off the approaching evening. I had several errands to run and a bit of gardening to do so the day moved along nicely though the evening was never very far from my mind. We showered after supper, Julie put on a pair of designer jeans that showed off her curves perfectly and a white t-shirt with no bra, her erect nipples clearly visible against the thin material. I moved in behind her, rubbing my erection into against her ass, my hands roved over her breasts and pinched her nipples. ‘Not long now,’ I whispered as I nuzzled her neck.

Alan arrived about ten minutes early bearing gifts, flowers for Julie and a bottle of single malt for me. Being new to this kind of thing there was an air of nervous tension in the air and for a few moments we stood in silence in the foyer. ‘Let’s get these lovely flowers in water,’ Julie said, breaking the silence.

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