The Two companions : Part VI

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“Wo-cao Inara...I've broken wild horses that were tamer than that ride.” She just purred in contentment and snuggled against his broad chest. He began a slow stroking of her lovely rump and legs that gradually descended into the dark mystery of silken curls that lay at the juncture of her thighs. Mal then began a careful repetition of the stroking and patterned probing that Jorge had carefully taught him earlier.

Under the influence of the aphrodisiacs and the siren song of her own nerve endings, Inara at first did not recognize the technique that her first lover perfected on her nether regions so long ago. But then the teacher in her kicked in and she snapped to the realization that this was just too good to be the product of a gifted amateur, and she at first suspected some kind of cheap trick on Mal's part. Gradually her own arousal and the grudging admiration of his grasp of the complex technique plus the inspired riffs that he brought to the composition with his tongue and lips convinced her that Mal really was worshiping the goddess at the altar of her cinnabar gate. When he finally sucked her yin di into a wavering crescendo she sailed into a soaring all-consuming orgasm that left her shivering. The realization that Mal had taken the trouble to learn and Jorge to teach made her understand that she truly was loved and that people she truly cared about cared enough to gift her with this kind of pleasure.

Unbidden tears came to her eyes and sobs of gratitude shook her frame. Mal looked up in confusion, “I wasn't that bad, was I?”

A crooked smile broke across her tear-stained face”Oh Mal!” and she pulled him up to deliver a grateful kiss which became even more passionate until she worked down his torso to engulf his rising staff of jade in her own symphony of worship to the goddess. When she rose up to impale herself on his upthrust mast, they both embarked on a mutual labor of love that left them gasping and exhausted.

Inara finally propped herself up on one elbow and asked with a grin “Oh captain, my captain... what happens next?”

It was Mal's turn to look at her in bemusement “Truly, darlin', I have no idea.”

“Good answer, Mal.”

“Uh, Inara...'

_”Oh, no here it comes.”_ she thought.

“How am I doin'? ...I mean as your lover.” Mal asked as if he really expected a truthful answer.

_”Mal, you dummy.”_ she thought _”he really does deserve this.”_ “Well Malcolm, to tell you the truth, you're really not my type. I usually prefer my lovers to be married because it makes everything less messy. But...I forgot! You are married! Or you are according to that little piece of trash that suckered you twice, left you naked and sunburnt and nearly got us all killed. What was her name, Saffron, Yolanda,.. Bridge-work?”

As Mal detected the twinkle in her eye, he realized she was yanking his chain. He rose up to pounce on her. “You little minx... I'm gonna tickle you until...”

But she was ready and spun under him so that her toes were under his armpits before he could get anywhere near her.

“Hey, no fair!” Mal cried and clamped his arms down to pin her feet. Inara held him at bay with her powerful thighs while he hung over her pressing down. As he looked at her, dressed in nothing but a healthy glow and a sheen of sweat, his gaze traveled down from her feral grin past her heaving breasts and her lightly rounded abdomen to the thicket of dark wet curls and the swollen lower lips which still gleamed with the products of their passion.

As his body responded and his face softened from mock rage to lust, Inara also responded by gradually lowering her knees to her chest so that his rising manhood met her womanhood and he entered her welcoming love channel.

“Perfect docking Captain.” she quipped.

“Permission to come aboard, Mam.”

“Permission granted, Captain.”

As he resumed a slow but powerful rocking she embraced his well muscled broad back and buttocks with caves and forearms. With a sigh and a whisper barely loud enough to hear she murmured “You're doing fine Mal...we're both doing fine.”


Jorge had pulled out a bottle of fine old rum and was settling down to a well deserved drink in the galley. Zoe walked in and turned a chair around and straddled it to sit across the table from him. When Jorge produced a second glass and offered it to Zoe she thanked him and clinked his glass in a toast. “To the Captain and Inara getting sexed. Those two been dancin' around and snappin' at each other so long that I was considerin' gittin' em drunk and tossin' in a bunk my own self. Glad to see that you got it done up proper.”

“Thanks, Zoe; but I sense that congratulating me is not all that you're about.” as Jorge poured another round of rum.

“You're right, maistre. I trust you're aware of the old ship's tradition of gettin' a shipmate sexed when they come of age?”

“Right, adult virgins are bad luck, they invite disaster.” He leaned closer and lowered his voice “I trust that this is not for Doc Tam's ears.”

“Right, now I got my share of cashy money after our last job and I know I can't afford your normal companion rates but I figured you might cut a fellow crew mate a deal and still do her up right.”

Jorge was about to reply that he would consider it an honor to do it for nothing when River stepped down from the passage to the cockpit. “Not so fast. I'm not doing it if she isn't. She needs it more than I do. She 'ain't had no lovin' since January, February, June or July'.” quoting an old song called 'Harvest Moon' and laying a tender hand on Zoe's shoulder. “She flies true but she's been banged up pretty bad. Remember Jorge, you took an oath to offer sexual healing to the sick at heart and the bereaved.”

Zoe demurred “Oh River, bao-bei, I don't know if I'm ready.”

River just cocked her head and gave Zoe one of her 'looks' as if to say “_Right, as if I couldn't read your state of mind_.” “Besides, Wash thinks it's a great idea.”

Zoe burst out laughing “That sounds like my Man. He always did want to watch.”

River leaned close to Zoe's ear. “You can't lie to me, you're as wet as the lake region of Londinium at the thought.”

“Well as a special favor to the recently departed and even though I can't afford it I'll give you my whole bonus in a package deal. Hows a bout' it Jorge? You ever been with a couple of warrior women?” Zoe queried.

River leaned to Jorge's ear “I know about all those aphrodisiacs that you just had with 'Nara and the Cap. I know you'll do it for nothing and you know it too.”

Jorge just looked at River “I want you for my lawyer if I ever go to trial.”

River thought for a moment. She'd gotten her PhD in Math/Physics long distance at New Niels Bohr Institute when she was sixteen. What kind of obstacle was a bar exam? “Deal, consider this my retainer fee.” and shook his hand.

“Ok, Zoe, it's all taken care of. I've set the auto-pilot and the long distance proximity alarm. I've got an agreement with Kaylee that she'll keep my brother occupied if I don't go snooping around the engine room. She has something top secret going she called the 'boomer project'”

Jorge and Zoe just looked at each other. River's eyes went wide “Oh...oh my, you're boomers! That would be why he was giving Kaylee and himself anti-contraception shots.”

Zoe laughed “He'll do anything for her now since Mr. Companion here taught them how to have good sex.” and she gave Jorge a playful jab in the arm. Zoe continued “Where we gonna do all this? The spare shuttle is filled with Kaylee's spare parts since we filled up the hold with cargo.”

River answered “My room and Jorge's are out because there's no privacy in the passenger dorms. My brother or even worse: Jayne could come by. Zoe's bunk is bigger and we can lock the overhead. My brother would never think to look there.”

Zoe replied “Alright, I just cleaned up and it's presentable and I screwed enough in the trenches that I don't have any privacy issues but It's just down the passage from Jayne's bunk, aren't we gonna raise his curiosity when we all go trooping up there?”

Jorge interjected “Don't worry about him, I've got a present I've been meaning to give him that should keep him occupied for some time. You two go on ahead and I'll meet you up there.”

While they were freshening up and before Jorge arrived, Zoe asked “River, this is your night, do you want to go first?”

“No, you're my sempai and you should go first, besides human physiological responses to observation of the sex act will increase the lubrication I will need for the probable girth of Jorge's reproductive organ.”

Zoe laughed “Glad to see you got it all sussed out litl' genius-girl.”

Sometime later, River sat dressed in her usual brightly colored shift at the foot of Zoe's bed watching the other two and analyzing the butterflies she felt inside. For her whole life she had never felt anxious about what she was about to do: dance performances, piano recitals, final exams and thesis defenses had just filled her with confidence in her own competence. Why did this simple act fill her with the same emotion she felt on Christmas eve when she was a child? She had watched Zoe and Jorge's calm acceptance and appreciation of each other and even though they were both aroused, they still took care not to rush.

Zoe wanted to prolong the moment as long as possible and Jorge was motivated by professional pride in his craft. She decided to focus on their emotions and found that they too were anxious about what they were doing. Zoe was struggling with her deep-seated longings and grief for Wash and the powerful arousal she was feeling for the large black male she was presently straddling and grinding her pelvis against and on whom she impaled herself repeatedly and with increasing frequency.

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Jorge was filled with the same kind of anxiety that he felt when presenting a well crafted meal to an unknown palate and whose emotional volatility was unknown because of her too long suppression of her own grief. Of course he was also aroused from the aphrodisiacs and it didn't help that purely by chance Zoe resembled in both facial characteristics and pheromones the mother that he had tragically lost so long ago.

When they both finally surrendered to the moment and focused on the mutual sensory experience, their emotions and actions came together like a beautifully executed duet or a balletic pas-deux. To River's eyes, the climax was beautifully poetic and the tender way they supported each other afterward almost caused her to leap to her feet with cries of bravo and clapping. However, Zoe's tears and convulsive sobbing drove her to scramble up onto the bed to comfort her friend.

Both Jorge and River hugged and comforted Zoe as the carefully crafted facade and dam that she had constructed around her own grief crumbled and the pent up despair flowed out into the sheltering arms of the friends that surrounded her. Jorge held her and stroked her long curls while River kissed the tears on her cheeks and chin.

Suddenly River put her lips to Zoe's and delivered a long and sensual kiss and whispered “Wash wanted me to do that, He loves you very much and he thinks you are hot as hell.” Then she turned to Jorge “Wash wants me to thank you too and he thinks you did a wonderful job even with your limited equipment.”

Jorge looked puzzled and Zoe burst out laughing. Addressing the air above her head she admonished “Honey, it's impolite to brag in front of guests about your endowment but I love you too anyway.” To Jorge she said “Don't mind him, You did great maistre, and thanks for the tumble. Guess I'll head down to the galley and give you two some privacy.”

River put a hand to Zoe's shoulder “No sempai, I want you to stay. I watched you make something beautiful, I want you to watch me make something beautiful too.”

Rising and stepping over Zoe's supine form she stood in front of Jorge between his bent knees. Bending from the waist she lowered her face to examine his spent manhood. She hefted and examined it and ran her hand down it's slippery length and then lifted her fingers to taste the product of Jorge and Zoe's passion. “So different on my own than on other people's tongues. Ergo, I need to gain my own experience in life and not just live vicariously in other minds.”

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