The twins

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

When her father was done fucking her twin sister Jenny crawled in bed and ask.

"Do you want to have sex with me now daddy?"

"As soon as I rest honey" he said.

"Frank wore himself out on me" giggled Betty.

"Daddy likes you best"

"Why don't you girls quit arguing and eat each other's stinky cunts?"

When his daughter was finished licking Betty's pussy Frank got a hard on and fucked her.

"Oh god daddy I'm going to climax" gasp the girl.

Frank grabbed her breasts and squeezed them so hard he hurt them.

"Ouch damn Jeeesssus daddy!"

Frank emptied his balls in his daughter's love tunnel and lay beside her and gasp.

"Did that get you off?"

"It felt so good I almost peed"

The sisters knew that their dad was tired so they went shopping for high school clothes. Summer vacation was over and they needed something new and sexy to impress the boys. They bought mini skirts and low cut blouses and when they drove home they saw a boy hitch hiking and gave him a ride. He said his name was Ted and he said his car was broke down.

"We'll take you home but you have to do us a favor first" said Betty.

"What is it?"

"Fuck us both" giggled Jenny.

The girls drove to a country road and parked. Betty took off her clothes and got in back. When Ted got in back he dropped his pants the girls saw the biggest prick they had ever seen. It was at least ten inches long.

"Wow! gasp Betty.

"I think I am in love" said Jenny.

Ted aimed his prick at Betty's hole and jammed it in all the way to his balls. It was painful at first but when her hole got used to it she climaxes like never before. Ted filled her with cum and did her again and again. When he was done with her sister took her place. Jenny's pussy dilated for his prick and the boy fucked her until he couldn't do it anymore.

"Let me rest for awhile and I'll do it again" he gasp.

"We have to go home" said Betty.

"Can I see you girls again?"

Jenny wrote her address and phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to him. When the twins told their father about Ted fucking them with his big prick.

"I'd like to meet this boy" said their dad.

The next day when school started the twins dressed in their new clothes. When the school day was over they walked home.

"Did you see my math teacher face when I spread my legs and let him see my panties"

"I bet he wants to fuck you" giggled Jenny.

"I'd let him do me, he's cute"

When the girls got home an old car was parked in their driveway, it was Ted.

"My daddy wants to meet you" said Betty.

He followed the girls into the house and the first thing Frank ask was.

"Is this the boy with the big cock?"

"They told you about it?" ask the shocked boy.

"I guess my prick is too small for them now" he laughed.

"We've been having sex with our daddy since mom died" said Betty.

"He fucked us when we were ten" giggled Jenny.

Ted didn't know what to say. These girls were beautiful and he wanted them even if he had to share them with their dad. Their father got some beer from the refrigerator and they drank and talked.

"Do you have a job Ted?"

"I work in a steel mill" he replied.

"I bet that pays good"

"Not for long they are closing down?

"Why is that?"

"Factories can get steel cheaper from foreign countries? he sighed.

"Do you want to work for me?"

"I need a job"

"What will I do?"

"I own a used car lot and I need a salesman"

"I'll take it" said the boy.

"Do you want to see his giant cock daddy?" ask Betty.


Betty unzipped Ted's pants and pulled out his prick. Then she played with it until it was hard. Frank looked at the boy and said.

"I wish I was hung like that"

"I guess I'm lucky" he replied.

"I want to watch him butt fuck you dad" said Betty.

"I've never done that before"

Janet got her face cream an when Ted dropped his pants she greased his prick. Frank undressed and got on the floor on his hands and knees and offered his ass for sex. Ted pushed hard until his penis slid all the way in.

"UNNNNgghh!" grunted Frank feeling pain.

The boy fucked him with all he had until Frank's cock got hard and spewed cum on the floor.

"Daddy's prick went off" said Betty.

"I get excited when I watch men fucking men" said Nancy.

Ted spilled his sperm in Frank's rectum for the last time and rested.

"I'm proud of you daddy, I didn't think you could do it" said Betty.

"It made me feel like I was going to shit" he laughed.

That night Frank slept with Betty and Ted slept with Nancy. The next day Ted moved in with Frank and his girls. Ted used them for sex whenever he wanted and that made them happy.

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