The perfect job

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

When her nephew graduated from high school he went to visit his aunt Ida because his mother said her sister was lonely after her divorce. One morning she walked in on him while he was jacking off. When he saw her watching him he couldn't hell himself and squirted sperm. Then he covered himself with the sheet. Ida took off her nightgown and got in bed with him. When Jim grabbed her breasts and sucked them she pulled him on top of her and helped him guide his prick in her hole and fucked her until he filled her cunt with sperm.

"Did you like my pussy Jimmy? she ask.

"I want to do it again" he replied.

"You can do me anytime you want honey" she cooed.

Jim had sex with his aunt Ida all day and slept with her that night. The next morning after his aunt sucked his prick he said.

"I want to live with you"

"I would like that honey but my sister would have a fit"

"Mom wouldn't care, she's always telling me to get a job and leave home"

"I know where you can get a job" said Ida.


"My boss's mother wants work done on her house"

"I'm not a carpenter"

"She old and won't know the difference"

"I'll do it, I need the money"

The next day Ida told her boss that her nephew was a good carpenter and would fix his mother's house. Harold Martin bought the lie and and thanked her. He gave her the address and said that his mom would be waiting for him. When Jim saw Mrs. Lula Martin he liked her. She was a tall woman with gray hair.

"What do you want me to do?" he ask.

"You can fix the leak in my bathroom" she smiled.

Jim didn't know anything about plumbing and made a mess of the job and made Mrs. Martin was angry.

"You don't know what you're doing" she snarled.

"I need the money" said Jim.

"I have a job for you and if you do it right I'll pay you five hundred dollars"

"What is it?"

She kissed him and said.

"I need you for sex"

Jim was shocked. The woman looked like a Sunday school teacher. She was just a horny old slut. He followed her to her bedroom where they undressed. Jim sucked her sagging breasts before he fucked her. She was like a wildcat when she climaxed. She kissed him when he filled her hole with cum she pleaded for him to do it again. Jim screwed the woman until he was exhausted then lay beside her and rested.

"Was that worth the money?" he ask.

"It will be when you eat my pussy"

Jim had never done that before and did the best he could.

"Lick my clit" she demanded.

When he licked her clit she climaxed again.

"Oh god I love that" she whispered.

When she was done with the boy he ask.

"Can I go home now?"

She gave him the money and said.

"I think the women at my club would like to have sex with you"

"I'll do it for money"

When Jim went home he told his aunt what he did.

""I bet my boss doesn't know his mom is a slut" she laughed.

"She has some friends she wants me to service"

"Oh my god you're a male prostitute" gasp Ida.

"I like the job" laughed Jim.

That night he ate his aunt's cunt before he fucked her. She returned the favor by sucking his prick and fell asleep in his arms happy and content. The next morning Jim got a phone call. It was one of Mrs. Martin's friends and she wanted him for sex. He wrote the directions down and kissed his aunt.

"I'l be back as soon as I can"

"Don't wear yourself out on the old bitch" she said.

Her name was Louise and she said she was a retired school teacher. She was overweight and had huge breasts.

"I haven't had sex since I quit teaching grade school" she said.

"Too bad" said Jim.

"I let the boys fuck me after school and I miss that"

"I wish you had been my teacher"

"You're a nice boy" she smiled.

"Do you want to do it now or talk first?" ask Jim.

"Let's talk and then have sex" smiled the woman.

Louise told Jim that she was a teacher in an exclusive boys school and one day she saw two kids sucking each other off in the school library. She showed them how to have sex with a woman, they told the other boys and that's how it started.

"Would you like some whiskey before we do it?"

"Yes please" replied Jim.

When he drank the whiskey Louise led him to her bedroom where they undressed. He sucked her breasts first and the she got in bed and spread her legs.

"Mrs Martin said you would do something special before you stick your prick up my cunt"

"Do you want me to eat your pussy?"

"Oh god yes" she gasp.

When he licked her clit the woman moaned with pleasure. Jim slurped and spit in her hole for lubrication, then he fucked the old woman with all he had. Louise closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride. When Jim filled her pussy with sperm she kissed him and ask.

"Can I see you again?"

"Anytime you want"

"How about next week?"

"Ok with me" he replied.

Louise got her purse and gave him five hundred dollars. He kissed her good-bye and went home. That night when he told his aunt about Louise fucking her school boys it made her so horny she pulled her nephew on top of her and had sex with him until his prick was too limp to use. The next morning the phone rang again. It was Mrs. Martin and she wanted to know if Jim and his aunt wanted to have a drink with her. He said yes and Ida was nervous.

"I wonder what she wants?"

"I don't know" said Jim.

Ida put on her best dress and nylons. She didn't wear panties or a bra. She wanted that old woman to know she was a horny incestuous slut. When Jim and his aunt went into the house they saw Mrs. Martin and her friend Louise nude and kissing.

"Come join the fun kids" said Louise.

"Am I included?" ask Ida.

"Of course you are sweetheart, you can eat my pussy"

"I'm not a lesbian" she protested.

"I'll pay you a lot of money to make love to me"

The thought of having sex with a woman old enough to be he mother excited Ida.

"I'll do it" she whispered.

She followed Lula to her bedroom trembling with sexual anticipation. When she took her dress off Mrs. Martin smiled.

"I like girls that don't wear undergarments"

"I'm not a girl Lula I'm a woman"

"You're a fiesty little bitch" she laughed.

Ida smiled and said.

"Spread your legs you old whore so I can go to work"

When she ate the woman's hairy cunt she loved it. Sex with a woman was more exciting than sex with a man. She was proud of herself when she made her climax. Ida licked her clit and when she climaxed this time she peed on her face.

"Can't you wait until I'm done?"

"If I want to piss on you I'll do it" said the defiant woman.

Ida giggled like a school girl and said.

"Do it again"

Lula emptied the rest of her piss into her lover's mouth. Then she kissed her and whispered.

"I wish you were my daughter"

"Why didn't you marry someone and have babys?"

""I had a lot of boyfriends but I never found one I would like for a husband" she sighed.

Ida snuggled up to her and sucked her breasts like a baby.

"I think I'm in love with you" she whispered.

The next morning Ida and Lula made love again and when they were done they went to see what Jim was doing. When the opened the bedroom door they saw Louise on her hands and knees being butt fucked.

"Oh my god Jimmy" laughed his aunt.

"Louise likes nasty sex" said Lula.

"When we go home I want him to do it to me"

Jim heard what his aunt said he emptied his balls in the woman's rectum.

"I've got a present for you and Jim" smiled Lula.

"What is it?"

"It's in the garage"

Ida followed her to the garage while Jim got a blow job from Louise.

"Do you like your Cadillac?"

"You bought this new convertible for me?' gasp the astonished woman.

"You and Jim deserve it" she smiled.

Ida kissed the woman on the lips and thanked her. When they went home she put the top down and let Jim drive.

"Mrs Martin is a doll" said Ida.

"I like Louise the best" he replied.

"Is that because she lets you ass fuck her?"


That night Jim rammed his prick up his aunt's rectum and fucked her until he was exhausted. Ida cleaned her shit off his prick with her tongue and slept like a baby. The next morning Doreen used her key to get in her sister's house. She wanted to surprise them. She heard noise from the bedroom. She opened the door and saw her son on top of her sister with his prick up her hole.

"Jesus Christ, how long has this been going on" she cried.

Jim was so startled he pulled his prick out of his aunt's pussy and squirted sperm on the bed.

"Take your clothes off and join the fun" said Ida.

Doreen stormed out of her sister's bedroom and found some whiskey. She sat on the couch and drank from the bottle until she was drunk.

"I want you to rape the bitch" said Ida angerly.

"Do you think she will call the cops?"

"She doesn't want to see you in jail"

They went to the livingroom and Jim grabbed his mother and tore her dress and bra off.

"What are you doing?" she screamed.

Ida slapped her sister and wrestled her to the floor. Jim pulled off her panties and shoved his fingers up her cunt.

"Stop it Jim" cried his mom.

Ida grabbed her sister's breasts and pulled them until she saw tears in her eyes.

"You're hurting me you slut"

"Hold her legs apart so I can eat her cunt"

Doreen knew her protests were useless and let them abuse her. When Ida ate her pussy she was surprised when she climaxed. Then Jim fucked his mother's wet hole until he his prick went limp.

"Are you still mad at us" ask Ida.

"Not anymore" she cooed.

Jim helped his mother up and they talked. Ida told her sister that Jim fucked old women for money.

Do you like to do that Jim?"

"Yes mom, I love it"

That night Jim fucked his mom and then his aunt. When he left to screw his clients she and her sister made love. Doreen was proud of her boy. He had found the perfect job...

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