The fishing trip

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The fishing trip

By NastyOldSlob.

Terri decided to go on a weekend fishing trip with her dad before he had to go back to work. She got in the motor home and they drove to the lake. When George found a spot to park it was almost dark.

"We'll start fishing early tomorrow" said George.

Terri looked for her sleeping bag and could not find it.

"Daddy did you pack my sleeping bag?"

"No, I thought you did"

"Oh my god, what will I do?" said the girl.

"You will have to sleep with me"


"Don't worry honey, we will keep our clothes on" he laughed.

"I wish you would get a motor home with more than one bed" scolded Terri.

"I don't have that kind of money" he replied.

Terri climbed in bed with her father and fell asleep. She woke up before dawn when her dad unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. Terri pretended she was asleep and let him feel her breasts. When he tried to suck her tits she kissed him.

George was horrified that he got caught.

"I'm sorry Terri, I don't know what came over me" he stammered.

"Shut up and fuck me" whispered the girl.

Both Terri and her dad undressed. She spread her legs and George sunk his prick in his daughter's wet hole. Terri had climax after climax until her dad lay beside her exhausted.

"Was my pussy good?" ask Terry.

"Yes" replied George.

Terri got dressed, lit the propane stove and made coffee. father and daughter sat at the foldout table and talked.

"When did you first have sex?" ask her dad.

"In grade school" she replied.

"That soon" said her surprised father.

"My teacher broke my cherry" laughed Terri.

"That son of a bitch" growled George.

"I loved him" she sighed.

"Did he molest any other young girls in your school?"

"Oh my god yes, he did three of us one day"

"Why didn't the girls tell their parents?" ask George.

"Because they liked it and didn't want him to get in trouble"

George decided to let the conversation drop.

"Do you want to fish?"

"After you fuck me again" she cooed.

George had sex with his daughter. This was getting to be a habit that would be hard to break. Finally he emptied his balls in her cunt and they fished for most of the morning. Terri caught four catfish. George cleaned them and put them in the cooler. Finally it was time to leave and they drove home.

"Did you catch any fish?" ask Doris.

"I caught some catfish mom"

"We will have them for dinner" she replied.

Terri thought about her father and knew that they would have sex again. Now that they were incestuous lovers there was no turning back.

When dinner was over Terri waited until her mom washed the dishes. She unzipped her father's pants and sucked his prick until it filled her mouth with sperm. Then she kissed him and whispered.

"I love you daddy"

George zipped his pants up just in time before Doris came into the room and said.

"Are you two going to stay up all night?"

When Terri went to bed she heard her mom's cries of passion. Her daddy was fucking the hell out of her. She got her hair brush and shoved the handle up her pussy and fucked herself with it. She knew her father didn't dare come to her room and have sex with her. She would have to wait until they were alone. The next morning Terri got dressed and went downstairs. Her mom and dad were already up.

"Hi honey, did you sleep well?"

"No, you made too much noise mom"

"I'm sorry Terri, when you get married you will understand" she blushed.

Doris ask her daughter if she wanted to go shopping with her.

"Next time mom" she replied.

As soon as her mom left Terri pulled her panties off and said.

"Let's do it before she gets back"

George dropped his pants and bent his daughter over. He shoved his hard prick up her cunt as far as he could.

"NNnumph" groaned the happy girl.

Terri had never been fucked from behind. It was nice! She urged her dad to do it harder and he complied. When he was done Terri kissed him and ask.

"Can you do it again?"

"I have to rest sweetheart" he panted.

Terry lay on the couch and spread her legs.

"Lick my cunt daddy"

"That will get my prick hard again" he laughed.

George ate Terri's pussy and made her climax. Then he got another hard on and fucked her until he had to rest.

"I need another man to satisfy me"

"Do you like black men?" ask her dad.

"Yes, do you know one?"

"I work with one, his name is Tyrone"

"Do you think he would do me?"

"I know he would, I've seen him with white women" said her father.

The next day at work George took Tyrone aside and told him about his daughter.

"My god you pervert, I would love to fuck her" he boomed.

George knew his wife was going to visit her sister tomorrow. He told Tyrone that they would be waiting for him. After work he helped Doris pack and kissed her goodbye.

"Is he coming daddy?"

"He'll be here soon sweetheart" smiled her dad.

Terri got dressed. She put on a short blue skirt and a white blouse without a bra or panties. She wanted to look like a tramp.


When Tyrone rang the doorbell Terri trembled with excitement. George let him in. He was huge! He was well over six feet tall, large framed and muscular.

"Is this the slut I'm going to have sex with?"

"That's me" giggled Terri.

George got some beer and they drank and talked. Finally Terri couldn't wait and said.

"I'm ready Tyrone, fuck the shit out of me"

Tyrone smiled at the impatient white girl.

"Take your clothes off bitch, I want to see what I am getting"

Terri hastily undressed.

"You look nice" said the black man.

"Thank you" replied Terri.

Then Tyrone took off his clothes exposing his huge black cock. It must have been at least nine inches long.

"OH MY GOD!" gasp Terri.

"Let me fuck her first before you wreck her cunt" laughed her dad.

Terri lay on the couch and let her father mount her. Maybe his cum would lubricate her hole and get her ready for that huge prick. Terri climaxed when George went off in her hole. Now it was Tyrone's turn and she trembled with anticipation and fear. When he rammed his prick in her hole until it entered her womb. Terri screamed.

"My god you're killing me!"

"Shut up whore" growled Tyrone.

George sat on a chair and played with himself. He took perverted pleasure seeing his daughter in pain. Tyrone pounded his prick in Terri's cunt again and again until he made it bleed. He was an animal! Terri was whimpering like a new born puppy. Tyrone filled the girl with sperm and did her again. He bit her breasts and forced his tongue in her mouth. This was more like rape than consensual sex. George got so excited watching Tyrone ravage his daughter he ejaculated on the floor. Suddenly Terri trembled and screamed in climax.

"Oh god help meeeee I'm going to pisssss!"

Tyrone could feel the warm pee on his prick and balls and filled her with cum for the last time. He rolled onto the floor and lay there completely exhausted. Terri watched the cum with tinges of blood ooze from her hole.

"I think I am in love with you" she mumbled.

"Can I fuck you now?" ask her father.

"Oh my god daddy, my sore pussy needs to rest"

"I hope you are proud of yourself Tyrone, now I don't get my piece of ass" growled George.

The black man smiled at him and said.

"Your daughter is the best piece fuck I ever had"

Terri heard what he said and blew him a kiss. The men let Terri rest. Tyrone kissed her and stroked her hair. George fixed her a whiskey and soda. Terri felt pampered and was glad for their concern. When Terri felt better she ask Tyrone and her dad if they wanted some pussy.

"Suck our pricks Terri and give your cunt a rest" said Tyrone.

She gave them both blow jobs. Terri loved the taste of sperm. That night she slept with her dad and her new lover. She dreamed that she was pregnant and Tyrone was the father. She woke up when Tyrone sucked her breasts.

"Hi Tyrone, want to fuck me?"

"I don't want to hurt you" he whispered.

"Do it to me sweetheart, I'll get used to that big prick of yours" she cooed.

Tyrone turned the girl on her side and fucked her from behind. George woke up and watched.

"Take it easy on her Tyrone, I want some too"

"You're next daddy, I promise" giggled Terri.

George got out of bed. His black friend was making his daughter climax and moan softly. Her eyes were closed and her face was flushed. She was beautiful! When Tyrone got his nuts off he let George have her. Terri was in a dream state of erotic pleasure. Suddenly George pulled his prick out of his daughter's hole when he heard the front door open. He knew It was his wife. He hurriedly dressed and ran downstairs.

"Hi baby, I didn't know you were coming back so soon"

"Jenny is pregnant"

"I didn't know your sister was married" said George.

"You don't need to be married to get pregnant" laughed his wife.

George was stalling for time. He wanted Tyrone and Terri to be dressed before Doris saw them. Terri and Tyrone came from the bedroom. The black man had a sheepish grin on his face and Terri's hair was a mess. Doris took one look at them and knew what they had been doing.

"Mom, this my boyfriend Tyrone" she said nervously.

"Hi Tyrone, did my daughter show you her bedroom?" she said sarcastically.

"Yes" he replied.

The black man was a handsome devil and Doris didn't blame Terri for sleeping with him. George tried to change the subject.

"I work with Tyrone and I wanted him to meet Terry"

"Would you like a drink Tyrone?" ask Doris.

"Yes thank you"

Doris got some vodka and fixed drinks. Soon everyone was drunk.

"Do you like my new boyfriend mom?"

"Yes" she replied.

"He has a huge prick" giggled the girl.

"I don't need to know that"

"I dare you to show it to my mom" said Terri.

Tyrone looked at Doris and smiled.

"Do you want to see it?"

"Why not" she laughed.

The black man dropped his pants and shorts exposing his prick. He played with it until it was hard as a rock.

"My god it's huge!" gasp Doris.

"Would you like that thing in your cunt?" ask Terri.

Doris looked to her husband for approval.

"Is it alright with you?"

"Yes" he replied.

Terri smiled to herself. She was glad that her mom was such a horny slut when she was drinking. Now the bitch couldn't disapprove of her having sex her dad. Doris stood up and let her husband undress her.

"Suck her tits, she likes that" said George.

Tyrone kissed the willing woman and sucked her breasts. Doris was so excited she felt weak in the knees. The black man pushed Doris to the floor and forced his prick in her hole.

"Jeeesusss" she hissed.

Tyrone fucked her with long slow strokes taking his time to make it last. When the first big climax hit Doris she screamed. Then they came in delightful waves. Never before had she felt this way. George was not the lover that Tyrone was. Terri lay next to her mom and spread her legs for her father. Doris watched her husband make love to Terri and realized that this was not the first time that they had done it. She smiled at them with approval and turned her attention to Tyrone. Now he was fucking her cunt with all he had. Doris was so surprised when his prick touched her womb she had another climax. When Tyrone was finished her she lay next to him and watched her husband make love to Terri. Doris kissed Tyrone and whispered.

"My god I am in love with you"

"Terri loves me too" he laughed.

"She can stay here and sleep with her father, I want to go home with you"

Terri heard what her mom said and answered.

"It's alright with me mom as long as you bring him back on weekends, I want his prick in me after daddy is fucked out"

Doris agreed to her daughter's demands and lived with Tyrone. Every weekend they got together and had a great time.

the end

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